Petter Olsson | 13 Feb 09:09 2014

Password "expire" weirdness


We are having what I would call a minor issue that however is, to me at least, very interesting. First, our environment.

ejabberd 2.1.10
OpenLDAP authentication
Windows clients running Pidgin

One of our users receives a password will expire in 4 days notification, every single day. It is always four
days and this value never changes. Is there any sort of caching on the ejabberd server I should be aware of?


Petter Olsson
Systems Engineer
Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry
Hans-Knöll-Strasse 10, 07745 Jena, Germany

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Здравствуйте, появится ди когда-нибудь поддержка общего списка контактов из LDAP на одном ejabberd сервере с разными виртуальными хостами?

Best regards

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Matthias Rieber | 15 Jan 22:45 2014

ejabberd and PEP


I've updated ejabberd to the lastest community edition (13.10). I would 
like to use PEP and like most versions before it didn't work for me. But 
this time I want to find out, what I'm doing wrong :-) So I started now 
with an empty database and the default config file which seems to be 
appropriate for PEP:

   mod_caps: {}
     access_createnode: pubsub_createnode
     ## reduces resource comsumption, but XEP incompliant
     ignore_pep_from_offline: true
     ## XEP compliant, but increases resource comsumption
     ## ignore_pep_from_offline: false
     last_item_cache: false
       - "flat"
       - "hometree"
       - "pep" # pep requires mod_caps

As client I've taken Psi+ 0.16.5042 which works for instance with, as far as I know, also an ejabberd server. Then I did:

1. Connect/Disconnect/Connect to the Jabber server, to make sure that 
CAPS are cached.
2. Set my activity. I see an <iq set> <iq respose> which seem to be 
3. I expected that I receive a message with the acctivity, but there was 
no message.
4. I've reconnected the client and then I have received the last 
activity that I've set.

Any ideas what's my error? I tried several different options, like the 
node plugins and nodetree, but the behaviour didn't change.

Yan Brenman | 10 Jan 21:55 2014

Problem creating/joining MUC

My web client is trying to join (and if such doesn't exist then create I 
assume) the MUC on the ejabberd XMPP server,
which I installed and configured on my local machine. I am using Strophe 
"emuc" plugin for that.
Unfortunately I suspect MUC doesn't get created successfully since I am 
not getting the "onPresence" callback handler
call, which I do get if I point to the XMPP server setup by Jitsi for 
their demo.
Based on stated above I think there is a strong reason to believe that 
everything is correct with the code and that I am
missing some configuration option in jabberd server. I went through the 
ejabberd documentation but didn't find anything
for the mod_muc module which I think I have configured wrong.
Since I am very new to the ejabberd server I would greatly appreciate if 
somebody could point me what kind of configuration
I am missing. Any advise would be a great help.

Thank you very much
cao.xu | 8 Jan 12:26 2014

Does ejabberd support verify_peer on c2s ports


I want my ejabberd server to verify peers’ certificate file when configured as starttls, but I found ejabberd didn’t support the verify_peer option in the configuration of c2s. And the source code also proves that(from ejabberd_c2s.erl):

    TLSOpts = [verify_none | TLSOpts1],
    IP = peerip(SockMod, Socket),
    %% Check if IP is blacklisted:                                                                                                                                                   
    case is_ip_blacklisted(IP) of
        true ->
            ?INFO_MSG("Connection attempt from blacklisted IP: ~s (~w)",
                      [jlib:ip_to_list(IP), IP]),
            {stop, normal};
        false ->
            Socket1 =
                    TLSEnabled ->
                        SockMod:starttls(Socket, TLSOpts);
                    true ->

So my question is, does ejabberd support verify_peer now, or dose the tls module support the verify_peer option?


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Sergej Pupykin | 17 Dec 18:52 2013

ejabberd-13.12 and mod_archive_odbc


did anybody set up recent ejabberd with mod_archive_odbc? On my
configuration it just does nothing. No crashes and no messages in
Jérôme Sautret | 16 Dec 17:16 2013

[ANN] ejabberd Community 13.12 released


We are pleased to announce a new stable release of ejabberd, ejabberd
Community 13.12.

It has several bugfixes over the previous 13.10 release, and a few new features:

*   New OpenSSL ciphers option in c2s, s2s and s2s_out
*   mod_roster: new access rule to restrict roster modification
*   mod_pubsub: support for data migration from mnesia to odbc
*   ejabberd_xmlrpc included

As usual, the release is tagged in the Git source code repository on

The source package and binary installers are available at ProcessOne

If you suspect you found a bug, search or fill a bug report in Jira:

Please note this branch requires at least Erlang/OTP R15, and works
correctly with R16B03.
Gadi Srebnik | 16 Dec 10:30 2013

Implementation of message to unavailable resource

I have noticed that ejabberd is violating 6121 rfc - in sending message to resource that is not online.
Seems that it uses the most available resource instead of sending 503.
Is there's already a patch for it?

Best Regards,

Gadi Srebnik, 
VP Communications

m: +972545929261
p  :+97236878752
e : gadi <at>
w :

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niaojuuu | 6 Dec 09:12 2013

About ejabberd 13.10 concurrent users

I have tested the ejabberd 13.10,
the concurrent users cannot more than 200,000 for one machine with no error log.
when I user clusters, the concurrent users cannnot more than clusters*200,000
the cpu used less than 40%. and free memory has more than a half of total.
I have changed configure file and os limit big enougth.
I am ensure the the concurrent users can be improved at least double .
for more, the same machine can support 450,000 concurrent users by OpenFire.
test tools: tsung
What's the problem? Thanks very much.
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孙明欣 | 4 Dec 13:06 2013

Re: Sending messages via send_message_chat

You can try xmlrpc module to send message.
From: Peter Binnig
Date: 2013-12-04 15:08
To: ejabberd
Subject: [ejabberd] Sending messages via send_message_chat
I tried to create a corn-job to set the motd every day on a new output
of "fortune" but I could not figure out how to do that.
Every thing I tried resulted in "Error: the command "send_message_chat"
requires 15 less argument." or
Problem 'error {case_clause,{'EXIT',{{badmatch,{error,{fread,character}}},
{rpc,'-handle_call_call/6-fun-0-',5}]}}}' occurred executing the command.
Stacktrace: [{ejabberd_ctl,call_command,3},
The second error occurs with "&(fortune) as message argument, but not
every time I think it has something to do with multiple lines in the
message, because one line messages get set properly.
Can anybody give me any advice?
Peter Binnig
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ejabberd mailing list
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