Vladimir Stafievsky | 10 Jul 10:17 2014

mod_shared_roster and high cpu usage

Hi all!
I have a strange problem:
Load average / CPU usage on server rising abnormally after 50-100 shared 
roster groups added. Tested with db_type mnesia and odbc. I use 
mod_shared_roster with odbc (mysql) right now. There are a lot of 
"select opts from sr_group where name=XXX" queries.
Clients cann't get roster from server or getting it very slow. When i 
truncate sr_group table everything is ok:( Cann't understand what's the 
problem. Please help to find it.

I need to create 200k-300k shared roster groups with millions members - 
is it possible?
Thank you.



Vladimir Stafievsky
Peter Schwindt | 5 Jul 16:14 2014

node name already occupied ctl-ejabberd

Dear list,

is there anything that can be done against upper mentioned notification
that occurs in the logs almost every five minutes? I guess this is a
result of running a few munin checks against our ejabberd, but...? :)

Thanks in advance,


ejabberd 14.05, from git somewhen in June.
Vladimir Stafievsky | 26 Jun 07:48 2014

export_odbc command

Hi all!
I've got an error when trying to export mnesia tables:

ejabberdctl export_odbc HOST /tmp/FILE.sql
Problem 'error undef' occurred executing the command.
Stacktrace: [{mod_caps,export,[<<"HOST">>],[]},

ejabberd 14. Any ways to export mnesia db correctly?



Vladimir Stafievsky
Stuart Cracraft | 20 Jun 00:26 2014

ejabberd load test


I'd like to use a load tester with ejabberd.

So far, I've explored jmeter, tsung, jab_simul, testsuite and another.

These have either had obscure and complex config files, poor doc, or
a lack of basic things like latency and statistics or some combination.

Anyone know of a good, straightforward ejabberd load test with good doc?


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Randy Bush | 19 Jun 22:51 2014

s2s tls exception

i am following http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Securing_XMPP

it seems some significant xmpp player(s) have not turned on tls for s2s.
i need to be able to configure an exception for tls being required.
clue bat please?

Saravanan Bellan | 14 Jun 00:49 2014

s2s dns srv lookup override

One of the domain we are trying to federate has a s2s dns srv record.
But we are trying to use an alternate server which has the same domain
name for testing purposes. 

Is there some configuration where I can tell ejabberd s2s to 
not use dns srv but to use local hosts file or some other 
host record for a domain. 

I tried to specify customizations and specify the lookup order in the 
/etc/ejabberd/inetrc file, but still s2s seem to use the dns srv record.

This is what I tried for the inetrc file, 
(Is inetrc file even used for s2s lookup?)

{file, hosts, "/etc/hosts"}.
郎咸武 | 12 Jun 03:46 2014

Is the ejabberd Community 14.05 supports Jingle?

Hi list,
   Is the ejabberd Community 14.05 supports Jingle?
   But i can not find any Jingle code in the ejabberd resource.
   Thanks for any idea.


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Regna | 9 Jun 11:23 2014

Ejabberd errors on second node

Hello all.

I have 2 nodes:
1: ejabberd <at> cecilia (cecilia.int.bakka.su)
2: ejabberd <at> iris (iris.int.bakka.su)
Both running ejabberd-2.1.13 with odbc mysql from same packages,
mariadb-10.0.10 (master-master multi-source replicated), same configs
with only difference being ip addrs and node name in ejabberdctl.cfg.

On 2'nd node, when I try to start ejabberd, I get this error:
Endless loop of those.

configs: ejabberd.cfg: http://paste.bakka.su/v/O
	 ejabberdctl.cfg: http://paste.bakka.su/v/E

mnesia:info(): http://paste.bakka.su/v/6I
Randy Bush | 8 Jun 06:06 2014

[error] <0.37.0> <at> ejabberd_config:get_plain_terms_file:169 Unexpected error

rebooted server for first time in some months.  ejabberd starts but dies
in 30 seconds or a minute before i can log in.  this is what is in error.log

 [error] <0.37.0> <at> ejabberd_config:get_plain_terms_file:169 Unexpected error

googled a bit but found little.  clue bat please?

FreeBSD 9.2-STABLE #3 r265167


raj | 30 May 06:25 2014

Architecture of chat server

Hi Everyone,

I am Raj, and current working on the architecture of chat server which is
based on ejabberd. I have gone through lot of links and reviews but did not
find any satisfactory answer. Kindly help me if anyone can replies to the
1.What kind of load balancing should we use to handle large amount of
traffic. A cisco based dedicated hardware or Built-in functionality for load
balancing offered by Ejabberd
2.Can we use VPS server on cloud instead of dedicated server to handle heavy
3.I want to deploy the firewall first and after that redundant load balancer
which will be connected to cluster of XMPP server. Those XMPP servers will
be connected to database server.  Please suggest if any other equipment is

looking for ward for expert comments in order to avoid mistake.....
Best Regards,

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Vineet Pandey | 29 May 06:43 2014

Unable to use p1_prof


I am using ejabberd to study its scalability and check how it can work with noSQL db for a term project (due in a week no less :) ). I have downloaded the recent code tarball and I have built it on Mac OS X. 

I need to profile ejabberd code to understand the time taken by different functions. Since ejabberd provides p1_prof, I have tried enabling it to no avail. Steps I have taken:

* make clean; make debugtools=true; sudo make install; ejabberdctl start; ejabberdctl debug; p1_prof:help(). OUTPUT: ** exception error: undefined function p1_prof:help/0
* same as above, but replace 'make debugtools=true' with 'make debug=true'

* Which flag to pass with make? The makefile does not seem to have any 'debug' case. 
* Also, upon starting ejabberdctl debug, doing "im()." starts the monitor but Modules->Interpreter gives OUTPUT: "Error when interpreting: roster.DCD: No BEAM file". I suppose I need to build and install the code with correct flags to enable toe debugging too. 
* I also checked with adding "-define(ejabberd_debug, true)" in include/ejabberd.hrl, but doesn't help

If someone could mention how to enable p1_prof() and im() (to view the modules in debugger), that'd save me lot of time and I'll owe you a beer. 


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