Regna | 9 Jun 11:23 2014

Ejabberd errors on second node

Hello all.

I have 2 nodes:
1: ejabberd <at> cecilia (
2: ejabberd <at> iris (
Both running ejabberd-2.1.13 with odbc mysql from same packages,
mariadb-10.0.10 (master-master multi-source replicated), same configs
with only difference being ip addrs and node name in ejabberdctl.cfg.

On 2'nd node, when I try to start ejabberd, I get this error:
Endless loop of those.

configs: ejabberd.cfg:

Randy Bush | 8 Jun 06:06 2014

[error] <0.37.0> <at> ejabberd_config:get_plain_terms_file:169 Unexpected error

rebooted server for first time in some months.  ejabberd starts but dies
in 30 seconds or a minute before i can log in.  this is what is in error.log

 [error] <0.37.0> <at> ejabberd_config:get_plain_terms_file:169 Unexpected error

googled a bit but found little.  clue bat please?

FreeBSD 9.2-STABLE #3 r265167


raj | 30 May 06:25 2014

Architecture of chat server

Hi Everyone,

I am Raj, and current working on the architecture of chat server which is
based on ejabberd. I have gone through lot of links and reviews but did not
find any satisfactory answer. Kindly help me if anyone can replies to the
1.What kind of load balancing should we use to handle large amount of
traffic. A cisco based dedicated hardware or Built-in functionality for load
balancing offered by Ejabberd
2.Can we use VPS server on cloud instead of dedicated server to handle heavy
3.I want to deploy the firewall first and after that redundant load balancer
which will be connected to cluster of XMPP server. Those XMPP servers will
be connected to database server.  Please suggest if any other equipment is

looking for ward for expert comments in order to avoid mistake.....
Best Regards,

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Vineet Pandey | 29 May 06:43 2014

Unable to use p1_prof


I am using ejabberd to study its scalability and check how it can work with noSQL db for a term project (due in a week no less :) ). I have downloaded the recent code tarball and I have built it on Mac OS X. 

I need to profile ejabberd code to understand the time taken by different functions. Since ejabberd provides p1_prof, I have tried enabling it to no avail. Steps I have taken:

* make clean; make debugtools=true; sudo make install; ejabberdctl start; ejabberdctl debug; p1_prof:help(). OUTPUT: ** exception error: undefined function p1_prof:help/0
* same as above, but replace 'make debugtools=true' with 'make debug=true'

* Which flag to pass with make? The makefile does not seem to have any 'debug' case. 
* Also, upon starting ejabberdctl debug, doing "im()." starts the monitor but Modules->Interpreter gives OUTPUT: "Error when interpreting: roster.DCD: No BEAM file". I suppose I need to build and install the code with correct flags to enable toe debugging too. 
* I also checked with adding "-define(ejabberd_debug, true)" in include/ejabberd.hrl, but doesn't help

If someone could mention how to enable p1_prof() and im() (to view the modules in debugger), that'd save me lot of time and I'll owe you a beer. 


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Badlop | 27 May 18:40 2014

Re: ejabberd_xmlrpc: Unknown call

Where did you read the command "check_password" exists?

Did you check it is available?
For that try in the command line: ejabberdctl help


On 22 May 2014 17:39, Kaspar Janßen <mail <at>> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running ejabberd 14.05 build from source but I have a problem with
> ejabberd_xmlrpc.
> On every request I get:
>  <at> ejabberd_listener:accept:313 (#Port<0.6286>) Accepted connection
> ->
>  <at> ejabberd_xmlrpc:build_fault_response:342 Error -112
> Unknown call: {call,check_password,
> I am at the end of my knowledge. I am searching for hours but I still
> can't find any good documentation describing how to do it except this way:
> ejabberd.yml:
> ...
> include_config_file: "/etc/ejabberd/xmlrpc.cfg"
> xmlrpc.cfg:
> {acl, xmlrpcweb, {user, "xmlrpc-web", "hostname"}}.
> {access, xmlrpcaccess, [{allow, xmlrpcweb}]}.
> {listen, [
>   {{4560, ""}, ejabberd_xmlrpc, [{maxsessions, 10}, {timeout,
> 5000}]}
>  ]}.
> As you can see, I have dropped the authentication and I am trying to use
> localhost. Maybe you can give me a hint what I am doing wrong.
> Kind Regards
> Kaspar Janßen
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Vladimir Stafievsky | 27 May 11:54 2014

ejabberd_xmlrpc slow work

Hi all!
We've ejabberd (13.12) cluster on 4 nodes with ejabberd_xmlrpc / 
mod_admin_extra enabled modules and extauth via php script. When we try 
to execute 5-10 commands per second via xmlrpc, such as set_vcard 
(change nickname) or set_vcard2 (change avatar) ejabberd starts failing 
xmlrpc requests (don't write to log any errors). It's just test now, but 
we need to execute many various requests (with high rps rate) via xmlrpc 
in the future.
Could you please help to find what's the "bottleneck"?

FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE-p2 #0: Tue Apr 29 17:06:01 UTC 2014 
root <at> amd64
Erlang R16B03-1



Vladimir Stafievsky
mail-to: vladimir.stafievsky <at>
alexander | 17 May 14:17 2014

negative session duration


i'm running ejabberd 2.1.10 on a ubuntu 12.04 lts, using the plain 
vanilla dist packages.

once in a while there is problems with services connected via xmpp.

i'm running xmpp pings(xep 199) now to check status.

when trouble starts and i run "ejabberdctl connected_users_info" some 
entries have a negative value in the last column(session duration).

any idea?


Jérôme Sautret | 13 May 15:15 2014

[ANN] ejabberd Community 14.05: the culmination of a year of change

Before getting into technical details of version 14.05 changes, let's
summarize an amazing year of ejabberd development.

Last year we made major changes in our development, release and support process.

ejabberd now has two faces:

- ejabberd community is now improving at a very fast pace with changes
coming from the community. That version improved a lot over the year.
It has a slower memory footprint, gained many new features and several
XEP support. We switched to modular rebar build system. Documentation
has been improved. Overall, it is a great basis to build innovative

- ejabberd commercial is more stable and scalable than ever and we
have pushed its scalability both in term of number of supported nodes
than in term of users supported on a single machine. ProcessOne is
managing more and more deployments for our customers with it, and that
kind of partnership with our customer just works, making everyone
happier. Rock solid platform managed by a team of experts.

For this latest release, we are very happy to see two new major
contributors, Holger Weiß and Tsukasa Hamano. Congratulations!

Now, we are going further, exploring the realm of Voice Over IP and
SIP. ejabberd was the reference on messaging and now if can help you
place calls over SIP. Please, read that again :)

We have integrated a SIP proxy / Registrar in ejabberd that makes
possible, using the same credentials, to pass SIP calls with a SIP
client as well (for example your Android phone). We had a STUN service
and integrated TURN to make VoIP easier in most contexts. This is just
the beginning and we are waiting for your feedback to make things even

Note: ejabberd is also still compliant with Jingle pure-XMPP VoIP. It
is just a matter of choice. We let you use the protocol you prefer in
to pass your call. However, we do not bridge SIP and Jingle. This is a
pain and in most deployments only one protocol will be used.

And finally, in a world where security is critical, we tightened our
security to increase the default level of robustness of crypto
algorithm used.


ejabberd Community 14.05 has great new features, several improvements
and many bugfixes over the previous 13.12 release:

ejabberd now includes support for:
- XEP-0198: Stream Management (EJAB-532)
- XEP-0321: Remote Roster Management (EJAB-1381)
- RFC-3261: SIP proxy/registrar
- RFC-5766: TURN: Traversal Using Relays around NAT (EJAB-1017)

There are several improvements regarding encryption:
- Add option to specify openssl options
- Fix extraction of host names from certificates
- Fix certificate authentication for incoming s2s connections
- Fix handling of certificate verification errors for incoming s2s
- Handle "s2s_use_starttls: required_trusted" the same way for outgoing
- Support certificate verification for outgoing s2s connections
- Check TLS state before requesting SASL EXTERNAL
- Log TLS status for outgoing s2s with SASL EXTERNAL
- Verify host name before offering SASL EXTERNAL

Just to mention other improvements:
- New ejabberd command: disconnect_user/2
- New Bash completion script for ejabberdctl, experimental (EJAB-1042)
- Don't provide current password in webinterface
- mod_register_web: check same acl as mod_register.
- Document and enable mod_carboncopy (XEP-0280) by default
- Make it possible to get/set vCards for MUC rooms
- Add Travis CI configuration file

And many many bugfixes all over the source code, most of them were
introduced when ejabberd was updated to use binaries.

We would like to thank specially Holger Weiß for his XEP-0198 feature
and varied bugfixing, and Tsukasa Hamano for his bugfixes.

This release requires at least Erlang/OTP R15, and works perfectly
with R16B03. It should work correctly also with the new R17.

As usual, the release is tagged in the Git source code repository on:

The source package and binary installers are available at ProcessOne:

If you suspect you found a bug, search or fill a bug report in Jira:
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[Digital^Dude] (R | 8 Apr 20:36 2014

get_presence not working

Hi all,

I am unable to find out how to make use of

on ejabberd (any version) especially 13.12 to which this particular reference to the documentation exists...

Any hints?
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Xavier Beaudouin | 7 Apr 12:31 2014

mod_shared_roster_ldap and posix account like LDAP ?

Hi there.

I am trying without success to make some mod_shared_roster_ldap to work with my OpenLDAP.

My schema is vey simple with 2 ou :


Sample user :

# User TOTO, people,
dn: cn=User TOTO,ou=people,dc=mydom,dc=com
cn: User TOTO
gecos: User TOTO
givenName: User
l: Paris
loginShell: /bin/sh
mail: user.toto <at>
o: Horizon Software
objectClass: top
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: posixAccount
objectClass: shadowAccount
postalCode: 75009
uid: utoto
uidNumber: 17
street: 13 rue La Fayette
homeDirectory: /home/tcollet
title: The User
departmentNumber: One departement
gidNumber: 7003
telephoneNumber: +33 1 42 12 12 12 
sn: TOTO
homePhone: 701


With some groups :

# paris, group,
dn: cn=paris,ou=group,dc=mydom,dc=com
description: Paris Users
gidNumber: 10000
cn: paris
memberUid: utoto
memberUid: utata
memberUid: ubla
objectClass: posixGroup
objectClass: top

# bangkok, group,
dn: cn=bangkok,ou=group,dc=mydom,dc=com
description: Bangkok Users
gidNumber: 10004
cn: bangkok
memberUid: auser
memberUid: cuser
memberUid: suser
memberUid: tuser
objectClass: posixGroup
objectClass: top

Ejabberd has been configured to use email as login.

All login works, but I connot figure what kind of parameters to make to populate mod_shared_roster_ldap to
get several groups :



Do you have a nice idea ?



Xavier Beaudouin - Senior Network and System Administrator
Yash Shah | 2 Apr 18:42 2014

Pubsub Error: Feature not implemented

Hi Please help me on this issue,
Whenever I create a node and then want to configure it, I get this error:

<error code='501'
<feature-not-implemented xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/>

Please help me how can I get rid of this error.

PS: I have already enabled mod_pubsub & mod_cap

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