Xia Qingran | 1 Apr 06:33 2009

Re: 100 mb per c2s connection (+patch)

On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 1:52 AM, Mickael Remond
<mickael.remond <at> process-one.net> wrote:
> Hello Anton,
> The socket send timeout and disconnection features was only going to be
> pushed in ejabberd 2.1, because the send timeout API require a recent
> Erlang R12 version.
> Fully supporting that API will require dropping support for Erlang R11.
> This is the type of thing we have pushed to customer however that have
> made the switch to R12 and that will go into 2.1 version.

Hi, Mickael

Can you open your release schedule or milestone of ejabberd?
I want to know what time I can run 2.0.5 or even 2.1.0 instead of 2.0.3.

Best regards,

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JayaPrakash | 1 Apr 07:19 2009

Re: [ejabberd} ejabberd_component connection

Thanks for your quick response.
Here, I need to say that dev.ongobiz.com is localhost.
Even then ejabberd is not able to connect to Opensips server.
Do you have any idea how to connect these.


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 17:04:45 +0400
From: Konstantin Khomoutov <flatworm <at> users.sourceforge.net>
Subject: Re: [ejabberd] ejabberd_component connection
To: ejabberd <at> jabber.ru
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JayaPrakash wrote:

>   {5347, ejabberd_service, [
>                            {ip, {127, 0, 0, 1}},
> modparam("xmpp", "xmpp_host", "dev.ongobiz.com")
> ERROR:xmpp:net_connect: connect() failed: Connection refused

Ejabberd listens on localhost and your component tries to connect to a
possibly non-localhost address to which dev.ongobiz.com resolves.

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