schliep | 21 Oct 17:26 2014

p1_tls asynchronous issue

p1_tls will send tls records out of order when a muc creates a lot of 
traffic. This happens very consistently for me.

What was the reason the ssl application in otp was not used?

Mike Schliep
sergio | 21 Oct 17:06 2014

s2s starttls


I have ejabberd 2.1.10 with {s2s_use_starttls, true}.

And it's not able to establish s2s with other server with allowed
starttls in the absence of common tls ciphers. It doesn't try to
establish unencrypted connection in this case. But it should.

Could anybody confirm this bug? Has it already been fixed?

How could I fix it for 2.1.10 ejabberd?


liudanking | 20 Oct 08:34 2014

errors in error.log about table caps_feature and muc

Hello, everyone,

I have deployed a small ejabberd cluster with 3 nodes in AWS. And It works fine, except that there is some error information in error.log.

error 1: <0.411.0> with 0 neighbours exited with reason: {aborted,{no_exists,[caps_features]}} in gen_server:init_it/6 line 330

error 2: 05:58:57.199 [error] failed to get rooms: {error,<<"Unknown Host">>}

As to error 1, I think the reason is that the table caps_feature is missing. After I create a dips_copies of caps_feature, error 1 is gone. But I am not quite sure whether the solution is right. And furthermore, what is the function of table caps_feature?

As to errro 2, I could only figure out that it is about muc. But I have no idea what is the specific reason. Anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks in advance!

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Gadi Srebnik | 19 Oct 16:54 2014

TCP SYN rate

I am currently handling high volume of connections (>100K per server) and having problem with too many SYN and not enough SYN/ACK responses.

How many SYN per sec can Ejabberd/erlang can handle?
What can I scale (RAM, CPU, another server) to achieve better SYN handling to avoid retransmissions from clients?


Gadi Srebnik
VP Communications
 m: +972 54 5929261

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Gaurav Jain | 18 Oct 21:24 2014

OpenSSL might not be installed error


I am very new to ejabberd and erlang

While sending a login request from iOS client, I observe following error in logs:

2014-10-18 12:08:17.828 [info] <0.434.0> <at> ejabberd_listener:accept:309 (#Port<0.5807>) Accepted connection ->
2014-10-18 12:08:17.853 [error] <0.442.0> Unable to load crypto library. Failed with error:
"load, Library load-call unsuccessful."
OpenSSL might not be installed on this system.

2014-10-18 12:08:17.854 [error] <0.443.0> The on_load function for module crypto returned {error,{load,"Library load-call unsuccessful."}}
2014-10-18 12:08:17.854 [error] <0.441.0> gen_fsm <0.441.0> in state wait_for_feature_request terminated with reason: call to undefined function crypto:rand_bytes(16)
2014-10-18 12:08:17.854 [error] <0.441.0> CRASH REPORT Process <0.441.0> with 0 neighbours exited with reason: call to undefined function crypto:rand_bytes(16) in p1_fsm:terminate/8 line 759

Please help me resolve.
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Mariusz Rutkowski | 16 Oct 14:34 2014

PostgreSQL and odbc driver


I'm trying to set up my ejabberd 14.07 with postgresql odbc driver for 
authentication of users.
Everything works fine, from DB side(i see ejabberd queries). 
Unfortunately, connecting to server failing with:

2014-10-16 08:32:58.737 [error] <0.680.0> gen_fsm <0.680.0> in state 
wait_for_feature_request terminated with reason: no try clause matching 
{selected,["password"],[["testtest"]]} in 
ejabberd_auth_odbc:check_password/3 line 62
2014-10-16 08:32:58.737 [error] <0.680.0> CRASH REPORT Process <0.680.0> 
with 0 neighbours exited with reason: no try clause matching 
{selected,["password"],[["testtest"]]} in 
ejabberd_auth_odbc:check_password/3 line 62 in p1_fsm:terminate/8 line 759

Does anyone could point me some hints how to solve that?

Best Regards,
Randy Bush | 16 Oct 14:32 2014

poodle and linux versions

running 2.1.11 on ubuntu
want to deal with poodle
instructions we found are for 14.07
should we build 14.07 on a debian and move to it?
i.e. is this constructive forward progress?

oon arfiandwi | 11 Oct 00:29 2014

ejabberd with riak db, no vcard_search bucket? so can't search vcard

Hi All,

I'm integrating ejabberd with riak database,
all functions are running well, until i want to try vcard search.
now, my main purpose is setup search vcard function with riak db backend.

I install ejabberd on CentOS 6.5 
with installer from
I install riak db from rpm version riak-2.0.1-1.el6.x86_64

I use Adium discovery browser, and the vcard user search already shown.
my mod_vcard configuration on ejabberd.yml are
  host: "search. <at> HOST <at> "
  search: true
  matches: 10
  allow_return_all: true
  search_all_hosts: false
  db_type: riak

This is the riakdb condition few mins after starting ejabberd and register user & room:

I read the mod_vcard.erl from the source code [1],
and it shown 2 buckets vcard and vcard_search.

After I update email, avatar, add friend, and so on:

I still can't find the vcard_search buckets,
is there anything that i have missed?

thank you for the help.

Oon Arfiandwi

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Yiorgis Gozadinos | 6 Oct 10:08 2014

Migration from 2.* to 14.* trouble with pgsql


I am trying to finally move a 2.1.13 installation to the 14.07 release.
My trouble starts with pubsub and odbc using Postgres. Aside from that I can authenticate properly, and see that users created are stored in the db as well.

When trying to query or create nodes (anything pubsub really) I get the following on my logs.

10:03:23.303 [error] transaction return internal error: {aborted,{undef,[{node_flat_odbc_odbc,options,[],[]},{nodetree_tree_odbc,raw_to_node,2,[{file,"src/nodetree_tree_odbc.erl"},{line,357}]},{mod_pubsub_odbc,tree_call,3,[{file,"src/mod_pubsub_odbc.erl"},{line,4778}]},{mod_pubsub_odbc,'-transaction/4-fun-0-',3,[{file,"src/mod_pubsub_odbc.erl"},{line,4821}]},{ejabberd_odbc,execute_bloc,1,[{file,"src/ejabberd_odbc.erl"},{line,435}]},{ejabberd_odbc,run_sql_cmd,4,[{file,"src/ejabberd_odbc.erl"},{line,351}]},{p1_fsm,handle_msg,10,[{file,"src/p1_fsm.erl"},{line,581}]},{proc_lib,init_p_do_apply,3,[{file,"proc_lib.erl"},{line,239}]}]}}

I also tried to compile and copied the .beam files over to /lib/ejabberd/ebin but it does not seem to make any difference.

I would really appreciate any help as this is the last thing stopping me from migrating.
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Chris Fortmüller | 17 Sep 18:06 2014

ejabberd bosh broke for some reason on my server

Hi All,

I am running ejabberd 2.1.11 ( I couldnt find any newer windows Installer) on my Amazon Web Services Windows Server 2012 machine.

I have a strophe.js xmpp client, which logs in using this code:

var conn = new Strophe.Connection(""); // ejabberd
    conn.connect(data.jid, data.password, function (status) {
        console.log('callback being done');
if (status === Strophe.Status.CONNECTED) {
alert('Connected successfully');
        } else if (status === Strophe.Status.DISCONNECTED) {

This used to work, until for some reason, today it broke. I have no idea why, but now, status never evaluates to Connected or Disconnected, so it just enter the else clause, wirting "error" to the console.

I can reach the BOSH service at above URL (

and can also see that BOSH is started in the web admin of the server.

For completeness, here is my bosh configuration, from ejabberd.cfg:

 {5280, ejabberd_http, [
                         {request_handlers, [
             %% {["web"], mod_http_fileserver}
                {["xmpp-httpbind"], mod_http_bind}


and here is my modules section:

%%%   =======

%% Modules enabled in all ejabberd virtual hosts.
  {mod_adhoc,    []},
  {mod_announce, [{access, announce}]}, % requires mod_adhoc
  {mod_caps,     []}, 
  {mod_configure,[]}, % requires mod_adhoc
  {mod_disco,    []},
  %%{mod_echo,   [{host, "echo.WIN-LV4K7BSUPJO"}]},

So yeah, up to today it was working, now its not working anymore. All ports are open on the AWS machine, so that should not be an issue. Also, I am able to connect to an openfire server that I sometimes run on the same machin (but never at the same time as ejabberd), using, of course, a modified BOSH URL in that case.

Anyone any idea why I cant connect to the ejabberd server via BOSH anymore? I already reinstalled ejabberd several times, with no success


best regards,


*(P.S.: I would also be interested in w)hether there are any newer installers for windows, as I said, 2.1.11 was the latest I could find)
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Jiejing.Zhang | 1 Sep 18:37 2014

XmlRpc failed on some commands, seems require auth, but how?


I have an issue when using ejabberd 14.07 (latest, also 13.02) do some ejabberd and xml_rpc to build my application. 

I can use xmlrpc to list user's roster when I development on Mac(14.07), but when I deployment it to Ubuntu server, I cannot get the correct result back from xmlrpc.

The error message is like:

`2014-08-19 05:15:47.159 [error] <0.545.0> {xmlrpc_http,171,{ejabberd_xmlrpc,handler,{'EXIT',{{badmatch,no_auth_provided},[{ejabberd_commands,check_access,2,[{file,"src/ejabberd_commands.erl"},{line,402}]},{ejabberd_commands,'-check_access_commands/5-fun-0-',5,[{file,"src/ejabberd_commands.erl"},{line,373}]},{lists,'-filter/2-lc$^0/1-0-',2,[{file,"lists.erl"},{line,1271}]},{ejabberd_commands,check_access_commands,5,[{file,"src/ejabberd_commands.erl"},{line,371}]},{ejabberd_commands,execute_command,4,[{file,"src/ejabberd_commands.erl"},{line,308}]},{ejabberd_xmlrpc,do_command,6,[{file,"src/ejabberd_xmlrpc.erl"},{line,350}]},{ejabberd_xmlrpc,try_do_command,6,[{file,"src/ejabberd_xmlrpc.erl"},{line,313}]},{xmlrpc_http,eval_payload,7,[{file,"src/xmlrpc_http.erl"},{line,166}]}]}}}} `

And I have checked the source code, and I found it seems caused by the execute_command require an auth information. 

But I don't know how to pass auth information in xml_rpc, also I don't find any example by google. 

I have posted my entire config & error log  & test script in

But I don't get response for about 2 weeks.

Could some one give some tip on this issue.


Best regards,
Zhang Jiejing
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