ricky gutierrez | 30 Jul 00:35 2015

Offtopic - apps

Hi list , anyone know any apps that support XEP-0166, for Android and
IOS  , I am disappointed of Bria for ipad!




Jérôme Sautret | 29 Jul 10:57 2015

[ANN] ejabberd 15.07 released: Summer Progress

This month’s ejabberd release contains many fixes and a few
improvements. This is a consolidation release that help us pave the
way to exciting new features coming at end of the summer.

Since we released our Message Archive Management support in ejabberd
15.06, we have been impressed by how quickly our users did adopt this
feature. It helps us make the implementation more robust and more
complete, thanks to your feedback. This release thus improves ejabberd

We have also been very happy by the feedback received on our brand new
installer for Windows, and for the .deb and .rpm packages. They are
still beta, but thanks to your feedback, we could improve them
tremendously. So, keep the feedback coming!

And of course, all this work on installers help us improves our tool
to deploy and build ejabberd contributed modules. Contributed modules
can now include their own configuration snippet, which are dynamically
loaded by ejabberd.

Overall, this version should be easier and even more enjoyable to run
and we all hope you will like the progress.

* Changes

** Message Archive Management (XEP-0313)

*** Add “complete” attribute to MAM final response
*** Fix mod_mam compatibility with RSM
*** Changed mam iq get to set as specified by XEP-0313 v0.3
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Gauri Padbidri | 22 Jul 13:50 2015

Ejabberd 15.06 and MAM response

Hi Guys,

We have recently upgraded to Ejabberd 15.06 for supporting Message 
Archiving. We are using MySQL for message archiving. MySQL stores archived 
messages (we can see them listed in MySQL Table named "archive")... 
However, we are getting a NOT SUPPORTED response from the server. response 
for the stanza is as follows : 

Please see attached screenshot for the Ejabberd Server response : 

Can you give us pointers on what configuration / stanza attributes might 
be missing from our side while fetching message archives ?

Any pointers would be great help. Thanks !
vedant agarwala | 7 Jul 10:32 2015

Handle support Queues


I want to add a feature for my chat operators to handle messages from users, similar to how a support chat would work. Many users would request to chat with the 'operator' but in fact they would be chatting with one of the many operators. On the backend, I will route a new user's message to one of the available operators.

From what I have searched there is nothing like this in ejabberd. If there is, please point me to it so that I can build my work on top of that rather than starting from scratch.

If I start from scratch, I know I will need to a module for it. But I have a couple of questions:
  • Would the XMPP client (for the operator) need some create/handle additional packets to signal availability per resource
  • I'm thinking to have a singe username (say 'operator') with which the clients can chat. Is there a better way?
  • mod MAM is a necessity
  • I want to be able to add routing based on simple text analysis and gradually add automated replies. Won't be adding this now but I want my implementation to have space for this.
  • Some other things I haven't thought about as yet ;-)

There was a similar post: https://www.ejabberd.im/node/3170 
Any feedback, guidance are more than welcome.

Vedant Agarwala.
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Jérôme Sautret | 25 Jun 14:46 2015

[ANN] ejabberd 15.06: Message archive, configuration checker and new packages


ejabberd 15.06 includes over 100 changes since the last release two
months ago. Among those changes it includes several major new

* New features

The focus of this release is archiving and easier configuration.

** Message Archive Management support

Message Archive Management (aka MAM, defined in XEP-313,
http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0313.html) is now the de facto standard
for message archiving in XMPP world.

ejabberd now comes with its own full feature message archiving implementation:
– It support both version 0.2 and the more recent version 0.3 of the protocol.
– It support Mnesia internal storage and relational database backend
(aka odbc, but actually use native drivers).

To enable it, simply add mod_mam in ejabberd modules configuration
section, telling it to use your configured relational database.

    dbtype: odbc

Please, also check the sql directory to find about the table to add to
your relational database:

MAM relational storage is supported for MySQL, Postgres and SQLite.

** Configuration checking on launch

ejabberd is sometime difficult to configure, especially when you want
to define complex setup. After having changed the configuration file
to support YAML format, we now introduce a new feature to help you get
your configuration right.

On ejabberd launch, you will now see report about possible
misconfiguration, with explicit error message.

For example, suppose there is a typo on the registration_timeout
option, you’ll get the following error in the log file:

16:15:20.487 [error] unknown option 'registrtion_timeout' will be likely ignored

This can be of great help when trying to understand why an option is
not taken into account.

** Windows installer

The Microsoft Windows installer is back, as a beta version. Windows is
not a good platform to run a production ejabberd server, for various
reasons. However, many users are developing on Windows or want to try
ejabberd from their Windows Desktop. Building ejabberd on Windows is
very complex, so we decided to finally update our packaging to bring
latest ejabberd to Windows users. The installer is 64 bits only, it
supports Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The installer is still considered experimental. For example, we did
not yet sign the installer with Windows developer account to become a
trusted developer. This may come depending on the feedback we get
regarding our Windows version.

Please, send us your feedback and contributions!

** RPM and DEB packages

We have been providing for years a binary installer that includes
everything you need to run ejabberd. It includes all the dependencies
and a minimal version of Erlang, independently from the one installed
on your system.

We now provide the same binary packaging as RPM and DEB for 64bit
Linux. This is generated from the same source so it includes its own
minimal version of Erlang and doesn’t have any dependencies on other
packages. This is still a work in progress, it means that your
feedback is welcome. The packages can be downloaded from ProcessOne
ejabberd download page:

We hope that this is another step in making ejabberd simpler to deal
with and even more ubiquitous. It should also help you stay up to date
and always be able to run the latest ejabberd version.

** Improvements

We now have an installer for contributed modules since ejabberd 15.04.
In that new release, we’ve improved automatic compilation of external
modules, it’s now more robust and able to handle more complex modules.

Documentation now includes supported protocols with versions by
parsing directly modules source code.

* Changelog overview

Here is a complete changelog. We’ll detail some of these changes in
the coming days with follow up blog posts.

** Message archiving

- Add support for message archiving in Mnesia or relational databases.

** Protocol

- Document protocol support and version inside each module and use
that info in documentation
- Remove deprecated XEP-0090 Entity Time and XEP-0091 Delayed Delivery
- Don’t add body element to MUC subject messages
- Do not bounce normal messages sent to unavailable resource

** Admin command-line tool

- Fixed several ejabberd commands
- Allow password with ‘;’ passed in ejabberdctl
- Improve ejabberdctl external module install code, allows better error checking
- New ping ejabberdctl command to check if the node is up and running
- New commands for Multi-User chat management: get_room_options and

** Configuration

- Add config validation at startup
- Fix include of non yaml config files
- New option hide_sensitive_log_data to hide client IP address in log
- New option net_ticktime, to fine tune Erlang cluster networking
- New option max_users_presence in mod_muc, to avoid broadcasting
presence packet from users after a chat room has reached a given size

** Elixir

- Add correct package version for mix

** Security

- New options to configure your own custom Diffie-Helman parameters:
dhfile and s2s_dhfile

** PubSub

- Enforce definition of pubsub node max_items
- Fix pubsub/odbc crash on remote user unsubscribe
- Fix use of publish_only affiliation with odbc backend

** Multicast

- Pick first local multicast service, otherwise remote

** Databases

- Fix anonymous user login, it wasn’t stored in anonymous mnesia table
- Fixed some string/binary issues in ejabberd_odbc
- PostgreSQL storage: added missing sm (session manager) table

** Packaging

- Microsoft Windows 64 bits installer
- Provide RPM and DEB binary packages for linux 64 bits.

** Clean up

- Remove obsolete doc and win32 files

* Feedback

As usual, the release is tagged in the Git source code repository on Github:

The source package and binary installers are available at ProcessOne:

If you suspect that you’ve found a bug, please search or fill a bug
report on Github:


Jérôme Sautret
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Muruga Prabu M | 25 Jun 11:46 2015

PEP Help


1. Broadcast profile picture and status changes to all users who have presence subscription to the publishing contact

2. If a subscribed user is offline when an event is published, it should be received the next time they come online

3. If a subscribed user is online when an event is published, it will be delivered immediately

4. If an event has been received by the subscriber once, the same event shouldn’t be sent to the subscriber

The above functionalities are similar to WhatsApp functionality to notify users about profile picture and status changes.

1. Is the above possible using PEP in ejabberd ? 
2. What ejabberd configuration should I use.
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Muruga Prabu M | 24 Jun 13:18 2015

Problem in PEP

The configuration below is the pubsub configuration that I use


    access_createnode: pubsub_createnode

    ## reduces resource comsumption, but XEP incompliant

    ignore_pep_from_offline: true

    ## XEP compliant, but increases resource comsumption

    ## ignore_pep_from_offline: false

    last_item_cache: false


      - "pep"

      - "hometree"

      - "flat" # pep requires mod_caps


1. Notify users in my roster of profile picture or status changes (similar to WhatsApp)


1. I publish the custom event from the client.

XML stanza sent from client

<iq id='Uhs9z-110' type='set'>



        <publish node='https://temp.com/userinfo'>

            <item id="U6z3olw0JI5UPAU2">









XML stanza received as reply

<iq from='bob <at> temp.com' to='bob <at> temp.com/Smack' id='Uhs9z-110' type='result'>



        <publish node='https://temp.com/userinfo'>

            <item id='U6z3olw0JI5UPAU2'/>




I also received the published event within a message stanza.

The problem is when ever any contact who has a presence subscription to the publishing client comes online, I receive the following message stanza

<message from='bob <at> temp.com' to='bob <at>'>



            <items node='https://temp.com/userinfo'>

                <item id='MP5OuH4hqxcl2Oyl'>









            xmlns='urn:xmpp:delay' from=bob <at> temp.com/Smack' stamp='2015-06-24T10:57:43Z'>



Why am I receiving the same message stanza that I published when ever any of my contacts who has presence subscription to me come online ?

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e7p | 20 Jun 03:53 2015

Backup is not possible using ejabberdctl in version 2.1.11


although I don't know, if the problem may be fixed in newer versions of
ejabberd (2.1.11 is the currently available version in the ubuntu
repository) I may ask, how to resolve the following error:

As I try to migrate an ejabberd to a new host, I wanted to change the
node-host of the jabber node. I followed the instructions from the
documentation chapter "Change Computer Hostname" but got an error when
trying to back up the old node.

# ejabberdctl --node ejabberd <at> phoenix backup /tmp/old.backup
Can't store backup in "/tmp/old.backup" at node ejabberd <at> phoenix:
{"Cannot prepare checkpoint (replica not available)", [pubsub_last_item,
{{1434, 764649, 118530}, ejabberd <at> phoenix}]}

While starting and connecting to the old node works very well, backing
it up leads to this error. Though no backup is generated.

We use LDAP authentication in our configuration and have
mod_shared_roster activated.

What is causing this failure and how could we now generate our backup to
finally change the nodename?

Kind regards,
ricky gutierrez | 18 Jun 22:24 2015

Ejabberd different domains

Hi list , I have a question I want to share with you and to clarify my
ideas, I have in a domain A company with 200 users on my ejabberd, now
ask me to call another branch B I have users with ejabberd and mount
another server and including they can be seen, how could you do this

Ejabberd handles virtual domain, but my boss want each branch have
their own server, but they both look and communicate with each other.

like this:

AliceA ==== Are you ok? ===> BobB

BobB ===== Yes ====> AliceA




ricky gutierrez | 11 Jun 22:09 2015

Fix DOC "multicast"

Hi list , I'm testing with multicast, and I saw that there is an error
in the doc, with the default configuration generates an error

x error on line 693 at position 1: could not find expected ':'
2015-06-11 13:56:12.368 [error]
<0.37.0> <at> ejabberd_config:get_plain_terms_file:211 Cannot load
/opt/ejabberd/conf/ejabberd.yml: Syntax error on line 693 at position
1: could not find expected ':'

default doc

     host: "multicast.example.org"
     access: multicast
     limits, "> [ {local,message,40}, {local,presence,infinite},
{remote,message,150} ]."


limits: "> [ {local,message,40}, {local,presence,infinite},
{remote,message,150} ]."



Jatin | 10 Jun 20:59 2015

connect nodejs as proxy to ejabberd server


I want to connect my nodejs server as a proxy to ejabberd server.  So the mobile clients will register and send chat messages, group chats, notifications etc via my nodejs server.  And then nodejs server would analyze the message and then send it to ejabberd server and ejabberd server would send the message to the recipient.
So, what modules or technologies do you recommend for this?
is it bosh? node-xmpp-bosh? If yes, how? All the examples have one user login (jid) but nodejs is proxyin on behalf of the mobile apps.

Please let me know.

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