jrandom | 9 Sep 18:09 2006
Picon is available

Hi y'all, we've got a new release ready for your
enjoyment, stuffed with zzz's great work improving i2psnark,
Complication's SusiDNS and NTP fixes, and a spattering of
bug fixes and configuration adjustments.  The release is
backwards compatible, and upgrading is highly recommended.
As always, the full list of changes is up at

Two of the configuration adjustments are worth brief mention
here - I've disabled the dynamic router keys code (which would
change your router identity every time you restart the router),
as the benefits visible are negligible and the drawbacks
aparent.  In the future it may be revisited, but for now it
doesn't help.

Another change is to disable the tunnel load testing, which
basically floods tunnels at self-tuning rates with the intent
of getting more precise local speed profiles.  At the moment,
we're relying more substantially on the published peer tiers,
so for the moment, this artificial load isn't helping.  Down
the line it may be reenabled, but we'll cross that bridge when
we reach it.

Installation and update instructions for this release are up  <at> 

As an aside, we'll be having our dev meeting this coming tuesday
as well, with updates on whats going on.

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jrandom | 12 Sep 13:18 2006

weekly status notes [sep 12]

Hi y'all, here's our *cough* weekly status notes

* Index:
1) and net status
2) I2PSnark
3) Syndie (what/why/when)
4) Syndie crypto questions
5) ???

* 1) and net status

The other day we pushed out the release, including the swarm of
bugfixes accumulated over the past month, as well as zzz's work on
I2PSnark and Complication's work trying to make our time synchronization
code a bit more robust.  Right now the network seems to be fairly stable,
though IRC has been a bit rough in the last few days (due to reasons
unrelated to I2P).  With perhaps half of the network upgraded to the
latest release, tunnel build success rates have not changed much, though
overall throughput seems to have increased (likely due to an increase in
the number of people using I2PSnark).

* 2) I2PSnark

zzz's updates to I2PSnark included protocol optimizations as well as web
interfaces changes, as described in the history log [1].  There have been
a few small updates for I2PSnark since the release as well, and
perhaps zzz can give us an overview of whats up on during the meeting

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jrandom | 14 Sep 19:27 2006

syndie comment reply

Hi y'all, I got some private email regarding the Syndie stuff, but I
think it'd be helpful to document the answers out in the open.  Lines
quoted with "> >" are me, and lines quoted with "> " are the author who
sent me the email.

> > though some posts can be trivialy decrypted by the public at large,
> I wondered which method you were envisioning for supplying the key.
> Publish it somewhere in plaintext post metadata (is there such a thing)?


> Or encrypt "public secrets" with a key obtained from a blank/default
> passphrase? From what I gathered, I thought you were meaning the former
> (supply key with post) but I wasn't totally sure.
> I wonder if a scenario would exist for which different approaches
> to this question would have different implications?

Well, there'll be support for password-based encryption, and using ""
as a passphrase will of course be supported.  So, I guess this means
that the Syndie file format/spec will handle either, though the
implementation I'm hacking on will use the former when someone picks the
option to make something readable by anyone.

> > while others can be only be read by authorized readers,
> Would this approach amount to the poster specifying
> "encrypt post for decryption by Foo, Bar and Moo"?
> Since it wasn't quite explicitly said so, I wondered
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