Theodore Ruegsegger | 10 Dec 21:08 2007

Allowing DHCP service to virtual machines

I use Guarddog as a firewall on my Kubuntu Gutsy laptop.

Now I've installed VirtualBox and I find that my virtual machines
can't get DHCP service unless I disable the firewall.

I s'pect this is a trivial tweak but, alas, DHCP isn't one of the
protocols that I can turn on and off between zones. On the "Advanced"
tab there's a DHCP box with two options:

Enable DHCP on interfaces:
Enable DHCP server on interfaces:

Each option has a check box as well as a text box where I can enter a
comma-separated list of interfaces. The first one contains eth0 (by
default, I think, but I've had GuardDog a while).

I've attached some more details about my situation. They're
VirtualBox-specific but it seems the problem lies with GuardDog.

So now I have three possible interface names to give to Guarddog, and
I tried enabling them all in both options:

x Enable DHCP on interfaces: vbox0,br0,eth0
x Enable DHCP server on interfaces: vbox0,br0,eth0

My virtual machine (also Kubuntu Gutsy) still can't get an IP address
from DHCP. When I disable the firewall, it gets the address in a
couple of seconds.

I tried adding a user-defined protocol, UDP, ports 67 & 68,
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Frédéric COIFFIER | 17 Dec 13:03 2007

Add the '6to4' protocol in networkprotocoldb.xml


Currently, the '6to4' protocol (IP protocol = 41) isn't in the Guarddog 
Is it possible to add it with something like that :

<protocol name="ip6to4">
  <longname>IPv6 tunnel to IPv4</longname>
  <description>IPv6 to IPv4.</description>
  <classification class="net"/>
    <ip source="client" dest="server" protocol="41" direction="both">
      <description>IPv6 to IPv4 protocol</description>


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