simple | 4 May 19:39 2016

[gopher] BSD Talk 'Down the Gopher Hole'

Not an interview, just a general introduction to Gopher by the creator                                                                            
of the BSD Talk podcast.  The second half is the audio from an interview
of the developers of Gopher at University of Minnesota.
Walter Vermeir | 30 Apr 00:11 2016

Re: [gopher] Overbite in the Android Play Store?

Op 29-04-16 om 20:21 schreef Kevin Veroneau:
> Hello,
>    I did a search in the Play Store for Overbite and there were no app
> results.  I recently created a Dev account for the Play Store, and am
> wondering if anybody would be opposed of me uploading Overbite for
> Android into the Play Store?  It would be free and ad-free of course.

I think this is a great I idea. I make me no illusions that this will 
result in a massive new influx of new gopher users. But it will increase 
the potential exposure to "Gopher" and just be more easy to install it.

If you would work on the app I have a feature request; a bookmark function.

Kevin Veroneau | 29 Apr 20:21 2016

[gopher] Overbite in the Android Play Store?


  I did a search in the Play Store for Overbite and there were no app results.  I recently created a Dev account for the Play Store, and am wondering if anybody would be opposed of me uploading Overbite for Android into the Play Store?  It would be free and ad-free of course.

  If there is interest, the Play Store uploads require large artwork in order for the APK to be accepted...  I'm barely an artist and would like to best represent Overbite.  If there are any large images for Overbite, or anyone who would be willing to contribute the required artwork for this, that would be great.

  I may over time update the client to support other Android devices natively, like Android Wear watches and of course the infamous Android TV platform.  Additional features I'd like to implement in the Play Store release are the ability to use the client when clicking on gopher: schema links, and for Gopher proxy links.  Android API fully supports this, and used by many apps, including browsers.  I'd also like to add a proper "Share" function, as this is a staples android feature currently absent from the Overbite client.

  I also plan on releasing a special GopherCon version, which would basically be the Overbite client, but with a menu item to connect directly to the GopherCon conference room.  So you can easily browse around Gopher sites, while listening and taking part in GopherCon talks in real-time.

  I'll be doing more Android related development over the weekend, so I throught I'd bring this up now, to see if there's interest in me working on this as well.

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Delfi Ramirez | 29 Apr 19:23 2016

Re: [gopher] GopherCon 2016

Hi all:

Not everyone resides, by now in the Americas. Count me in.

Sat -Sun are ok


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On 2016-04-29 17:27, Kevin Veroneau wrote:

Reviewing the signature count, I believe we shall go ahead with GopherCon 2016.

I don't want to place it into extreme short notice.  Tonight I will look at the calendar and see which day in July or August will work best.  I assume a Saturday or Sunday would be best for most people here.  I personally a work a Monday to Friday job.

If anybody has suggestions for which day, please advise.  I know not everyone here resides in the Americas, so timezone differences will also need to be accounted for.

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Sent:April 29, 2016 5:45 AM
Subject:Re: [gopher] GopherCon 2016

On 25/01/16 19:06, Kevin Veroneau wrote:
I have put up a gopher mole petition to get signatures for those interested in
participating in a GopherCon 2016!  I know it's a bit of a short notice, but I
figure it will take place in the summer and will be a teleconference GopherCon,
rather than a huge in-person event.  I have placed more details on how it will
progress on the mole's page.  If you have any comments, suggestions,
questions, and/or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.


If enough signatures are gathered, then we will go through the planning from
there.  Such as looking for presenters to present their gopher related
projects and/or content.  Ideas for presentations could be how to install and
configure gopher servers in various operating environments, to history lessons
on gopher from when you were younger, and how much gopher was different back
them, to best practices on creating an optimum gopher server layout.  I look
forward to hearing all your suggestions and potential presentation ideas.

I would hope that Cameron Kaiser would be a presenter to talk about his long
experience with the gopher protocol, and his efforts at keeping floodgap alive
all of these years.

Any updates on this issue?


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barana . | 9 Apr 07:20 2016

Re: [gopher] [gopher 2.0]

Dead in america & russia maybe, for the six million other ppl on earth, it still my have relevancy. just like gopher & fido do.Where I live 1 hr from my capital city in a  first world country ,Australia, we are rolling out fibre to every home....
Yet for just one example, the huge horticultural industry here in the tropics runs on fax!, people look at me strange when i tell them i cant receive  text msgs because i have  voip phone sitting on a  data sim in my phone, & when I tell them send me  email instead, people(not  all) my age & under stare straight thru me in horror thinking about jumping on their desktop machines looking up hotmail on the 'Netscape' to send me  email to their phone.
I move into  a house in town for 100gb dsl the cheapest i can get is $90/month with $60 connection. & I live in the central town of the 3rd biggest population centre of my state which is 2000+km long........
Reality is fellas that america is currently blessed by God & it shows. 10usd for unlimited fiberoptic?
Most people in 3rd & 2d world stilll use sms.Or in the case of North korean doctors treating aids patients , FIDO.
that is.. internetworked dialup BBS.
the innovation imo has stopped from the first world.the task, fellas seems to have fallen to our hands.
Onya Kevin, great job mate.

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Subject: Re: [gopher] Gopher 2.0?

On the Sat, Jan 23, 2016 at 07:46:54PM +0100, NN NN blubbered:


> > By that measure, *anything* involving Gopher is 'rather useless'.
> Maybe. But I would like to say that an unlimited internet
> connection is far cheaper.  SMS messages are very expensive.
> As communication type they are dead at least 5 years.

I don't know about you, but I have unlimited SMS/MMS. Along with
unlimited calls and Internet, that is.

CU, Venty

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gopher4all | 2 Mar 22:25 2016

[gopher] Gopher servers in the world according to Shodan


Apparently "Shodan is the world's first search engine for
Internet-connected devices".

Somebody sent me this link: ("Search for port:70 gopher
returned 93 results on 01-03-2016").

They scanned 93 Gopher servers and according to them US and Germany have
the most servers.

I have no idea how reliable this is. I don't know if my server was
counted, AFAIK my gopherspace is not search-able by
Veronica-2 yet.

巫白雪 | 28 Feb 21:39 2016

Re: [gopher] Gopher-Project Digest, Vol 70, Issue 10

I took the time to thank the Metafilter devs for bringing their gopher site back, and encourage them to develop it.  I'd never heard of the site before.  It looks like a welcome contribution to gopherspace.

More thanks can be tendered via:

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   1. Re:  gopher:// (Randall Wood)


Message: 1
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2016 20:19:16 +0300
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It hit HackerNews [1] today, so I was able to gather some info.  From
Metafilter]s own page [2] there are some really funny FAQs.  Simple
answer is: it wasn't hard to do and they had the RAM/resources, so why
the hell not?  Sweet answer.

Above all, check out the conversation on Hacker News that ensued. [3]
Lots of sweet nostalgia for gopher, and just a little bit for Usenet too.



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Randall Wood | 26 Feb 08:16 2016

Re: [gopher] gopher://

Wow!  I've only just begun digging in - very cool!  Is there some
history to it?  How did this come to be?


On Thursday, February 25, 2016 08:54:56 AM Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> That is all.
> gopher://
巫白雪 | 10 Feb 21:58 2016

[gopher] Gopher-Project Digest, Vol 70, Issue 6

There is

script called gophermail, search for archive called gophermail.tar.gz.
Actually it needs just adding a few lines of code to cut off spam, I
don't remember why I did not do so.

Mr. Pavlov, I may in fact have seen gophermail before... this does ring a bell.  :p  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Thanks, I found it and downloaded it.  The readme is pretty straightforward.  Someday I hope to set up a server and run this.  Please keep developing gophermail!  Looks pretty nifty. 



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巫白雪 | 9 Feb 13:40 2016

Re: [gopher] Gopher-Project Digest, Vol 70, Issue 5

There used to be, some time ago. I don't know what happened to it.

That's too bad.  I'd hate to see such a resource lost to all time.  If you come across it, please let me know.  An email gateway would be super useful. 


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巫白雪 | 8 Feb 23:34 2016

[gopher] Email Gateway

Howdy Gopher Kids,

Is there an email gateway for fetching Gopher pages?  I didn't find anything.  Has anyone ever built this?



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