Luke Ingerson | 29 Oct 09:32 2014

[gopher] Video of interview with the developers of Gopher

Howdy all

Just seen this:

It¹s been on YouTube for a couple of years but it is new to me so thought
I¹d share it. 

Edward Vielmetti | 18 Oct 14:20 2014

[gopher] new gopher-only free public access system




       Welcome to, the all-gopher tilde site!                               


       If you're interested in getting an account on, send an               

       e-mail to rev.null <at> containing your desired username and               

       ssh public key with the subject "".                                   


       Here is a list of users:                                                        


 (DIR) amd                                                                            

 (DIR) cmr                                                                             

 (DIR) emv                                                                             

 (DIR) englishm                                                                        

 (DIR) ketsuban                                                                        

 (DIR) max                                                                             

 (DIR) mgoh                                                                            

 (DIR) rev                                                                             

 (DIR) vilmibm                                                                         


( ~emv is me )

Edward Vielmetti +1 734 330 2465

Gopher-Project mailing list
Brian Koontz | 17 Oct 23:12 2014

[gopher] Resolving .gopher domains on Android

It's possible to resolve .gopher domains on your Android phone...and, it
works with Overbite for Android (thanks, Cameron, for not mindlessly
filtering TLDs).  Install the SetDNS app and select one of the OpenNIC
server pairs.  Test with either Overbite or your browser.  You can even
register a .gopher domain at register.gopher right on your phone.  

I'd be interested in hearing about your experience.  Overbite is lightning
fast, rather impressive.



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Brian Koontz | 16 Oct 20:57 2014

[gopher] .gopher domains available (free, of course)

No, you won't find them in the ICANN namespace because I simply didn't have
USD185,000 to pony up for that.

However, you can have your very own .gopher domain, which I think is sorta
cool even though I'm probably the only one in the world who accesses my
gophersite with gopher://pongonova.gopher.  No, this isn't a money-making
scheme, just a little side hobby of mine I've been working on since about
2000 with an altroot called OpenNIC.  It's offered up to the gopher
community in the same spirit that folks keep updating and distributing
their gopher clients and servers.

You'll need to point to an OpenNIC nameserver to resolve the .gopher
domain.  A handy list of servers close to you (hopefully) can be found at (you'll still be able to resolve ICANN TLDs
as well).  If you want the goodness of dnscrypt and/or IPv6 resolvers, we
have that too (

Register a domain at http://register.gopher and have fun.



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Edward Vielmetti | 14 Oct 14:06 2014

[gopher] Looking for recommendations for a gopher server for a public access internet system

So, .

I'd like to run gopher there, suggestions for a gopher daemon that knows how to serve pages out of people's ~/public_gopher directories?

Bonus points if it's packaged for Ubuntu.



Edward Vielmetti +1 734 330 2465

Gopher-Project mailing list
Mateusz Viste | 5 Oct 14:04 2014

[gopher] Motsognir gopher server v1.0.5

Hello all,

Today I released a new version of the Motsognir gopher server.

// quick reminder: what is Motsognir //
Motsognir is a robust and easy to install open-source gopher server for 
Unix-like systems. It is is a standalone daemon that supports 
server-side CGI applications and PHP scripts. Motsognir is entirely 
written in ANSI C without external dependencies which makes it extremely 
portable (Linux, BSD, Raspberry Pi...). Supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

The new version, v1.0.5 is available from the Motsognir's home page:

What's new in v1.0.5 [05 Oct 2014]:
  - Sanitizing the environment before calling a CGI/PHP children 
(contributed by Matt Lewandowsky),
  - Fixed the $HOME, $USER and $USERNAME environment variable when 
dropping root privileges (contributed by Matt Lewandowsky),
  - Added support for setting a custom http error file (HttpErrFile),
  - When logging IP addresses, IPv4 addresses are logged as 'normal' 
(short) addresses instead of IPV6MAPPED addresses,
  - The 'GopherHostname' setting is not mandatory anymore. If missing, 
local server's IP will be used automatically,
  - Support for custom IP binding (allows to use multiple gopher 
instances on a single server).

Cameron Kaiser | 13 Oct 23:21 2014

[gopher] The Edge of Gopherspace is reached

Today the Veronica-2 robot terminated with no additional prospects to
investigate. Has The Edge Of Gopherspace been reached?


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Brian Koontz | 10 Oct 00:50 2014

[gopher] gopher client library for android?

Anyone know off the top of their head if there is an open-source gopher
client library that will run under android?  I've found one proprietary
gopher client, but that's it.  



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Cameron Kaiser | 16 Sep 06:56 2014

Re: [gopher] Yioop GPLv3 Search Engine now supports gopher (fwd)

Sent to me by the maintainer (who, by coincidence, was one of my math TAs
many years ago in undergrad). The search engine is open-source, so if you
were interested in running your own gopher search engine but were a little
wary of Jughead or the old Veronica source, you can try this.

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Hi Cameron,

If you go to then settings and select Gopher Test Sep 12 and click
save then go back to the search page and search, you'll get my test crawl
that started with a list of 30 gopher sites. I didn't force the crawl to stay on gopher
sites and it seemed after the first 50 thousand or so pages it was mainly crawling
http sites, but for some search you get a flavour of the gopher results. For
example, if you search on the word gopher or floodgap you definitely get gopher
results. It did make page caches, I'll get around tomorrow to figure out why they aren't
showing up right now.


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Cameron Kaiser | 15 Sep 15:31 2014

[gopher] I'll just leave this here


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Cameron Kaiser | 4 Sep 19:53 2014

[gopher] Groundhog zipcode service

Floodgap Groundhog, the weather service, now has a zipcode-based forecast
service. This is still somewhat experimental but I think it is working well
enough to release. It will continue to exist side-by-side with the state-region
drilldown; I have no plans to retire the older service since the data they
provide is different.



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