Cameron Kaiser | 16 Sep 06:56 2014

Re: [gopher] Yioop GPLv3 Search Engine now supports gopher (fwd)

Sent to me by the maintainer (who, by coincidence, was one of my math TAs
many years ago in undergrad). The search engine is open-source, so if you
were interested in running your own gopher search engine but were a little
wary of Jughead or the old Veronica source, you can try this.

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Hi Cameron,

If you go to then settings and select Gopher Test Sep 12 and click
save then go back to the search page and search, you'll get my test crawl
that started with a list of 30 gopher sites. I didn't force the crawl to stay on gopher
sites and it seemed after the first 50 thousand or so pages it was mainly crawling
http sites, but for some search you get a flavour of the gopher results. For
example, if you search on the word gopher or floodgap you definitely get gopher
results. It did make page caches, I'll get around tomorrow to figure out why they aren't
showing up right now.

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Cameron Kaiser | 15 Sep 15:31 2014

[gopher] I'll just leave this here


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Cameron Kaiser | 4 Sep 19:53 2014

[gopher] Groundhog zipcode service

Floodgap Groundhog, the weather service, now has a zipcode-based forecast
service. This is still somewhat experimental but I think it is working well
enough to release. It will continue to exist side-by-side with the state-region
drilldown; I have no plans to retire the older service since the data they
provide is different.



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Brian Koontz | 27 Aug 23:24 2014

[gopher] Come join us on freenode, channel is #gopherproject

This is my pseudo-semi-annual reminder that we are always looking to hang
out with other gopher afficianados on freenode channel #gopherproject.  



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IRC: channel #gopherproject
Marco Romoli | 19 Aug 18:37 2014

Re: [gopher] Gopher-Project Digest, Vol 53, Issue 2

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Nuno Silva | 3 Aug 20:08 2014

[gopher] Linking to gopher on the web


I am updating my website, and I wanted to link to my gopherhole.

But I would like to have some nice, simple way to say "this may not
work" just in case the reader does not have a gopher client installed
(which, sadly, is now more frequent than some years ago...)

Does anyone have suggestions or ideas?


Nuno Silva (aka njsg)
Espoo, Finland
Pete Ley | 6 May 10:07 2014

[gopher] How do you consume gopher sites?

So I'm pretty new to gopher overall, and I'm wondering how people keep
up with gopher sites. I have a few people from SDF whose gopher sites I
check up on and they're bookmarked on my gopher clients. I also check
the SDF Phlogosphere to see if there are any new ones being updated. 

I know there's more to gopher than SDF and people who maintain gopher
sites outside SDF probably have them read by others, and I guess I'm
just wondering how people discover these sites and where I can find
more. I'm always looks for more interesting content on gopher. 

Thanks and sorry if this question seems kinda dumb. 
Cameron Kaiser | 10 May 06:29 2014

[gopher] back online

Back online. We still have a glitch with the second core on the new backplane
but that can wait until the vendor can get to it on Monday.


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Cameron Kaiser | 9 May 01:58 2014

[gopher] Update on downtime

Looks like the mainboard blew, taking the RAID array with it. I'm not sure
how recoverable it is right now -- the new backplane arrives tomorrow.
Most of the server is backed up, but the MySQL databases will probably just
be rebuilt from scratch for efficiency, so even if I can get the gopher
server up in a couple days it might be somewhat longer for Veronica to be


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Cameron Kaiser | 3 May 04:01 2014

[gopher] emergency downtime

The POWER6 running had a meltdown (looks like a bad RAID
card). Parts won't be in until next week, so the old Apple Network Server is
temporarily running limited portions of the website and mail. However, there's
too much on the gopher server for it to handle that. Sorry. Hoping to get it
up and running on Tuesday or Wednesday.


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Mateusz Viste | 15 Mar 22:02 2014

[gopher] Motsognir gopher server: version 1.0.4 released

Hi all,

Today I released a new release of my gopher server called "Motsognir".

Motsognir is a robust and easy to install open-source gopher server for 
Unix-like systems. It is is a standalone daemon that supports 
server-side CGI applications and PHP scripts. Motsognir is entirely 
written in ANSI C without external dependencies which makes it extremely 
portable (Linux, BSD, Raspberry Pi...). Supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

The version 1.0.4 brings two improvements:
  - Server-side params are passed to dynamic gophermaps (CGI, PHP) now,
  - Dynamic gophermaps (CGI, PHP) can be used as a global (server-wide) 

The software can be downloaded either via its gopher site:

Or on sourceforge: