Kim Holviala | 24 Sep 08:31 2015

[gopher] Gophernicus 1.8 released (gopher server)


Thought I'd test whether the list still works by announcing an irrelevant tiny bugfix in Gophernicus that
was fixed in 1.8 that I released yesterday. I got a bugreport for a corner case where executable cgi-style
gophermaps didn't work in directories with spaces in them, and that's now fixed. It wasn't a complete fix
as directories with caret (') will still not work - but if that discussion ever comes up I'll just blame the
user for "doing it wrong" :D


If you were using the git version, you'll know the drill.

- Kim
Pete's iPad | 3 Sep 19:37 2015

Re: [gopher] Kickstarting an Android gopher client

I'm a happy Overbite user but i'd also welcome a native Android client, especially if I could change font
sizes and colours.

Incidentally, my mobile provider O2 routinely blocks any port below 1024 so I have to fire up my portable
WiFi access point to use it anyway. Anyone else had this?
James Mills | 3 Sep 16:35 2015

[gopher] IOS Client App?

What about an iOS App?

I've been unable to find one in the Australian Store
(let alone any other store? Can you still change stores?)

Gopher-Project mailing list
Edward Vielmetti | 12 Jul 14:48 2015

[gopher] Looking for Docker-ready Gopher servers for ARM (Raspberry Pi)

Hello, I am using Docker on my Raspberry Pi and am looking for a suitable
Gopher server for that environment.

I see that James Mills has built an x86 Docker version of


which I expect would be relatively straightforward to move over to a 
base image based on 

but seeing as I haven't done that yet I'll wonder if anyone else has any bright



Gopher-Project mailing list
Mateusz Viste | 12 Jul 09:04 2015

[gopher] Motsognir gopher server v1.0.7

Hello all,

I released the version 1.0.7 of my Motsognir gopher server today. This 
is mostly a maintenance release.

v1.0.7 [12 Jul 2015]
  - Support for secondary parameters passed to CGI scripts (when both a 
search string AND a '?' URL is used),
  - Added a configurable secondary query-delimiter character (SecUrlDelim),
  - New CAPS token: 'ServerDefaultEncoding',
  - Implemented a configurable 'Paranoid mode' for serving only 
world-readable files,
  - Fixed a slight memory leak,
  - Significantly improved performances when reading data from CGI.

Kevin Veroneau | 16 Jun 01:11 2015

[gopher] Gopher/NNTP hybrid server

I am currently debating on starting a new project which would essentially marry the Gopher protocol with NNTP(USENET). So, you can easily browse all the forums via a gopher client, and post articles and posts via the USENET protocol.

I really like what gopherChan was able to do, but the only downside was the requirement of HTTP to post articles via a command line tool. It would be really cool to have a complete forum built using technology from the same era. It would also be a proper place to archive this mailing list.

Looking at RFC 977, it looks pretty simple to implement. What are your thoughts on this type of Gopher server? It wouldn't be just a mole, but a Gopher server and NNTP server hybrid listening on both ports.
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Gopher-Project mailing list
Kevin Veroneau | 15 Jun 21:48 2015

[gopher] Gopherpedia is officially broken

It is indeed a sad day for Gopher, as one of the most widely used gopher sites is dead. Hopefully Muffinlabs can spring into action with a fix, so that us Gopherites can get our Wikipedia fix in plain text once again. Until that glorious day, I guess we'll need to get our fix using the legacy HTTP protocol method.
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Gopher-Project mailing list
Kevin Veroneau | 5 Jun 02:34 2015

[gopher] Gopher's been quiet for awhile

Is everybody on this list still alive? Or hasn't there been any new developments on Gopher as of late? No new spectacular Gopher announcements? Will Gopher have a booth at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo showing off GopherVR running on either Google Cardboard or the Oculus Rift?

On a side note, has anybody created a fuse module for Gopher? If not, I may tackle that, as I think it would be interesting to see.
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Gopher-Project mailing list
Cameron Kaiser | 20 May 03:14 2015

[gopher] OverbiteFF to be updated for Fx41

Mozilla is deprecating the old NewChannel API (which OverbiteFF, since it
implements its own protocol, depends on) and starting in Fx41 use of the old
NewChannel family of functions will generate an assertion in debug builds.
It will work fine in release builds, but obviously that won't be for long.

To fix this will require porting to the new API. That means, sadly, we must
leave Firefox 3.6-37ish behind (the new API is present in both 38ESR and
standard release builds, so TenFourFox users will be able to use it).

For this version I am also thinking of implementing whois:// and finger://
and there will be a few optimizations made.

Just a heads up.


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  Cameron Kaiser * Floodgap Systems * * ckaiser@...
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Walter Vermeir | 25 Apr 17:04 2015

[gopher] OverbiteFF - Mozilla FTP Directory Style


This is nothing new but I do not think I have seen it posted on this 
list. Maybe of interest to some;

A way to make the gopherholes when using OverbiteFF presented a bit 
differently. You first need to install the plugin "Stylish" to make it work.

I personally prefer the default layout instead of this.

What I do like of it is that the background is not pure white but a bit 
gray. That is more comfortable to look at.

simple | 23 Apr 21:18 2015

[gopher] Adding TLS and/or SSL support to Gopher

New thread for an important topic :)

Looking in my OS's /etc/services file it appears there are several
available ports in the 700-799 range:

#                   703               Unassigned
#                   708               Unassigned
#                 717-728             Unassigned
#                   703               Unassigned
#                   708               Unassigned
#                 717-728             Unassigned
#                 732-740             Unassigned
#                   743               Unassigned
#                 745-746             Unassigned
#                 755-756             Unassigned
#                   766               Unassigned
#                   768               Unassigned
#                 778-779             Unassigned
#                 781-785             Unassigned
#                   786               Unassigned
#                   787               Unassigned
#                 788-799             Unassigned

As for implementation of the concept, I feel it should be done in a way
that doesn't shut out existing gopher clients/servers.

Perhaps adopting some sort of external client+server proxy model would be
the best starting point such that, for example, someone with a lynx(1)
browser could install a "secure_gopher" proxy on their computer such that
their now local port 70 requests are SSL-wrapped and sent on to a
corresponding "secure_gopher" proxy server listening on the new gopherS
TLS encrypted port (785 maybe?). Probably it's already doable using
opensshd and SOCKS, just need to pick a port.

The above approach would not preclude others from basically incorporating
the proxy model into their new clients and servers for an all-in-one

For making it officially part of Gopher World I think it means a new RFC
for "secure gopher" or at least adding the spec to the existing gopher
RFC; I don't know which would be easier.

Jeff / gopher://