Cameron Kaiser | 22 Feb 23:55 2015

[gopher] knock it off

If someone on this list is running, please stop with hitting
the root menu every 4-5 seconds ASAP or I will blackhole that IP.


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NN NN | 11 Feb 16:29 2015

[gopher] Question

For what reasons is Gopher needed if there are FTP and HTTP?
Mateusz Viste | 9 Feb 10:36 2015

Re: [gopher] This game I have been working on might be of interest to Gopherites...

I am not visually impaired, but I totally agree - reading this 'pseudo 
retro' font is a real pain for me as well.

Other than that, the project seems cool, and even quit advanced 
technically. Nice idea!


On 09/02/2015 03:45, James Mills wrote:
> Holy hell Kevin you can write!
> (PS: I don't enjoy reading looong articles/messages!)
> One thing; please pick a better/different front on the Web UI.
> (Being visually impaired reading that font it quite hard!)
> Not really sure what the "goal of the game" is as such
> perhaps you can give a quick run-down of what to expect?
> Look forward to BETA codes.
> cheers
> James
> James Mills / prologic
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> On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 11:49 AM, Kevin Veroneau <kevin@...
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Kevin Veroneau | 9 Feb 02:49 2015

[gopher] This game I have been working on might be of interest to Gopherites...

Hello fellow Gopherlings!

  I believe you might have recalled that I brought up and we all briefly 
discussed the possible development of a MUD made by us Gopherians.  Well, long 
before I even had such an ill conceived idea that would ultimately never come 
into fruition.  I was working on a Massively Multiplayer Online Hacking 
Universe Game, or shortened to just MMOHUG.  You won't find this MMO genre 
type anywhere yet, as I am hoping that mine will be the first to market!  
Although I have been working on it since 2012, and it has gone through a 
couple complete redesigns, I feel that now the game is taking the right 
direction.  Originally, it was going to be a web-based game, but I noticed 
that this market was already crowded and noticed the vast inferiority of web-
based games in general.  In order to build real-time apps and games on a 
website, you needed some rather complex code, both in the front-end and the 
back-end...  This led me to rewrite the game completely using standard 
stdin/stdout terminal programming in Python.  This version of the game 
actually came along ways until I realized how it wouldn't scale very well.  
You see, each user would log in via a standard telnet connection, and telnetd 
forks the actual application I wrote.  For each connected player, the amount 
of resources grow!  If I really wanted to take the game into the MMO type 
category, I needed to slim down the server component alot!

  Now the server side is entirely written and listens on a TCP port directly, 
no forking needed.  I wrote a couple threads to manage some in-game stuff, but 
that's about it.  The game currently is about 10MB of RAM when idle, which is 
pretty good.  Each new connection doesn't increase the total size by much, as 
each player's persistent state doesn't take very much memory or resources.  
This also has the benefit of me being able to write a custom telnet client to 
make the game more appealing to those who don't want to use telnet, or my web-
based terminal app.
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Cameron Kaiser | 8 Feb 05:32 2015

[gopher] GopherVR 0.5

0.5 fixes a lot of problems with XQuartz on Mac OS X and a number of major
issues with the client as a whole. Still additional work to be done, but a
big improvement.

Binaries available for Mac OS X 10.4-10.10 (PPC and i386), and Irix 6.5+.
This version also incorporates an OpenBSD port.



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Jacob Dahl Pind | 21 Jan 10:10 2015

[gopher] mass crawle

could the owner of , please let the bot crawle a little less 
aggressiv, there is no pause between selector requests.

Jacob Dahl Pind | | fidonet 2:230/38.8
kaltheat | 8 Jan 00:45 2015

[gopher] History and future of "the gopher project"


I recently asked similiar questions in IRC (#gopherproject on freenode), but
without sufficient responds. So here again (with wider audience?):

What was "the gopher project"?
What is "the gopher project"?
How is "the gopher project" related to Debian (the mailing list runs on a
debian domain)?
What should "the gopher project" be?

I can't find informations on the purpose of "the gopher project". If it really
is a project it should have its own gopherhole.

I am kind of new to gopher and maybe these questions were already discussed
somewhere (please give me a hint in that case). But if I'm allowed to give my
two cents to the discussion of the purpose of "the gopher project", it's this:

The project should reflect the history, present and future of gopher as a
protocol and gopherspace as the usage of the protocol. Speaking of the future
this would mean that it could coordinate new developments (protocol, software,
services) and "recruiting" of new users/developers. To be able to do this sort
of things the project (as any project) needs a structure and people creating
and taking part in this structure. Maybe one can think of "the gopher project"
as a W3C for gopher (I must admit that I don't exactly know how the W3C works
and what it does).

What do you think?

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Mateusz Viste | 7 Jan 00:23 2015

[gopher] Gopher-FAQ update

Hi all,

I received a contribution to the Gopher-FAQ from a user named kaltheat. 
He kindly cleaned up the FAQ from some dead links, and fixed a few things.

I used the occasion to make some changes, too. I removed some questions 
that were really out of date, and added a few new ones, related to 
subjects that were appearring on the gopher-project mailing list.

The latest version of the gopher-faq is available here:


Of course, I will happily accept any contributions - the document would 
still need to be polished (best to send modification as patches, either 
to the gopher-project mailing list or the comp.infosystems.gopher 

Mateusz Viste | 7 Jan 00:11 2015

Re: [gopher] GopherMole - a gopher media crawler

This a mail that is one week old (apparently it was stuck in some 
moderation queue on the mailing list) - the GopherMole spider does 
present the stats menu server list as a clickable menu since then.


On 01/06/2015 11:54 PM, James Mills wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 2, 2015 at 10:46 AM, Zachary Lee Andrews
> <zcrayfish@...
<mailto:zcrayfish@...>> wrote:
>     Would it be possible for your statistics menu to actually link to
>     the found servers instead of displaying them are informational text?
> +1
> James Mills / prologic
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Zachary Lee Andrews | 2 Jan 01:46 2015

Re: [gopher] GopherMole - a gopher media crawler


Would it be possible for your statistics menu to actually link to the 
found servers instead of displaying them are informational text?


P.S.: I sent this to your email as well as the list because my posts are 
always sent to the moderation queue and never seem to get approved.

 >Hello list,
 >Here's a quick update on GopherMole - I worked on it since my last 
 >post, and made a few improvements:
 > - a 'statistics' page, where one can see some interesting numbers
 > - support for PDF documents (although sadly, not many PDF files in 
the >gopherspace contain proper metadata to identify them)
 > - random searches (as in "give me 10 random mp3 files")
 >  gopher://
 >Interesting fact: my spider arrived to the end of the visible 
 >gopherspace, and found out there are 43'575 menus out there, spread 
 >over 134 servers. These are definitely not very high numbers.
 >I'm curious to know whether the spider missed any servers - the full 
 >list is available on gophermole (in the "statistics" menu). If you are 
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Zachary Andrews | 27 Dec 06:29 2014

Re: [gopher] Local Veronica?

> gopher://
That file no longer exists on my server; it hasn't been up there for a
while anyway... Besides it's very likely it came off of boombox or
some other server which had been corrupting files when it was up. :(