David Griffith | 22 Jun 09:39 2016

[gopher] seeking non-zombielicious gopher daemon

Can someone recommend me a gopher daemon besides pygopherd?  It constantly 
has at least two zombies going at all times.  I could have sworn I 
reported this somewhere, but I see no traces of it.

I guess I'll send in another report.


David Griffith

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Cameron Kaiser | 21 Jun 22:36 2016

[gopher] Floodgap Groundhog now offers Australian weather forecasts

For our users down under, Floodgap Groundhog now offers local and regional
weather forecasts from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology as an experimental
service. I'm looking at Canada next.




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kaltheat | 21 Jun 16:06 2016

[gopher] gopher2http

Hi all,

I toy with the idea of making some (yet to come) gopher stuff available for my non-gopher friends (they
really exist :D ) and I look for a way of "translating" gopher into http. I'm aware of that there already are
some sites[1][2] doing this for the whole gopher world (that's not what I want - I want the traffic to remain
between me and my friends) and that there are some gopher servers which provide gopher- and http-view on
the hosted gopher pages (but I want to stick to Motsognir).
To cut a long story short: are there any free/open-source solutions (some cgi scripts for instance) I can
put on a webserver or (if not) are you aware of some libraries (perl, php, python, ...) for gopher page
translation or do you have another idea on how to solve this problem?


[1] https://gopherproxy.meulie.net/
[2] http://gopher.floodgap.com/gopher/
Héctor Abreu | 28 May 20:18 2016

[gopher] Questions about the UMN gopher client


I am using the UMN gopher client that comes with Debian, Raspbian and Lubuntu distros and tried to contact the email address it shows on its help page (gopher-WrTMxSeDnuhg9hUCZPvPmw@public.gmane.org) but it is bouncing my messages. I just have a question about the "Connect to a new Gopher Server" window's Selector fiel d, since it won't connect me to any gopher server unless I leave blank that window. For example, if I try to connect directly to the following link:

The "Connect to a new Gopher Server" window will take me to that server if I leave Selector blank, but if I want to go directly to the mentioned document it will not connect me but will tell me that the resource can not be found. I tried by filling out Selector with /0/gopher/relevance.txt  or  0/gopher/relevance.txt  or  /gopher/relevance.txt and other combinations without success.

I find this old client very interesting and practical for the command line, but since very few people talk about it in this list I was even wondering if the UMN gopher  client is still maintained today.

Thank you in advance for any info.



Gopher-Project mailing list
Cameron Kaiser | 21 May 07:19 2016

[gopher] fld.gp: now shorten those Gopher URLs for social media

It's time we had a shortener for Gopher links, and this one is designed
so that the same resource, no matter if Gopher and HTTP, will get you to
the right place. Perfect for social media that has no idea what a Gopher
link is and the clueless people who run those sites.

Try it out on itself:




fld.gp links may be considered permanent, but see the ToS.


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J. R. Johnstone | 13 May 01:57 2016

Re: [gopher] gopher server security. WAS: gopher hosting

Long time lurker here. Though I do appreciate the work you all do to keep gopher going.

I am thinking of running a gopher server on a VPS I have with Linode.

I wanted to gauge all your guy's opinions about how secure it would be to host a gopher server on a VPS that also had web sites.  What I am getting at is do you think modern gopher servers are secure enough or should I isolate it to its own VPS?  I understand nothings truly secure,  I have a firewall set up, I monitor traffic and the like.  Just general thoughts you might want to share.

Warmest regards,

J. R. Johnstone

On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 4:11 PM, Adam Thompson <arthompson1990 <at> gmail.com> wrote:
On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 08:20:51PM +0200, chals wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 10:26 PM, Fernan Bolando <ve4feb-Cyn6bMzNSQ8@public.gmane.org> wrote:
> > Hi all
> >
> > which gopher host are you guys using? I been looking at a few, but I am
> > not sure how to compare them.
> >
> Some of us are using sdf's free gopher servers to host our sites (even
> if we have our own private servers at home).
> If you happen to be in Europe, you can take a look at sdf-eu's server.

Agreed.  I personally use both sdfeu.org and my own gopher server which is running pygopherd on a raspbery pi.  Super simple to set up and the pi can handle the load with ease.

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Gopher-Project mailing list
Cameron Kaiser | 12 May 03:08 2016

Re: [gopher] Overbite in the Android Play Store?

> Thank you Cameron for your blessings. My Google Play development account is
> already set-up and the support link and email for my Dev account is set to
> an  <at> veroneau.net email address. __So no worries there. __I will keep the
> source available for my forked version as well.
> Everyone else: __I should have a version uploaded into the Play Store
> sometime this weekend, and will announce it's availability on this mailing
> list thread.

I hadn't seen an announcement on this, but I wanted to note that it shouldn't
be named Overbite Android, since I still do intend(tm) to do further work
on it on the future once I actually have free cycles.


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Brian Koontz | 10 May 23:26 2016

[gopher] (Late) semi-annual #gopherproject IRC reminder

Dear fellow Geomyidae:

This is your semi-annual reminder (12 months late, sorry) about the
long-running, award-winning #gopherproject channel on freenode IRC.  Yes,
IRC and gopher go hand-in-hand like sweet and tea!  



Don't have gopher?  Visit the world's first wiki-based gopher proxy!
IRC: Freenode.net channel #gopherproject
Fernan Bolando | 27 Apr 22:26 2016

[gopher] gopher hosting

Hi all

which gopher host are you guys using? I been looking at a few, but I am
not sure how to compare them.

Jaruzel | 27 Apr 12:13 2016

[gopher] New Gopher Client for Windows

Hi Guys,

Long time Gopher lurker here.  I’ve finally got around to finishing up my 
Gopher Client for Windows. It’s not quite ready for release, but it’s 
almost done. I hope to have a downloadable copy in a couple of weeks.

As a teaser for the final thing, here's a screenshot of it in action, let 
me know what you think?


I'm also working on a Windows Service based Gopher server, but that's 
really not finished yet.

Totally interested in your thoughts!


Matt Owen [Jaruzel]
Michael Beaveridge | 18 Apr 03:02 2016

[gopher] motsognir UserDir=

I have the line UserDir=/home/%s/public_gopher/ in my motsognir.conf file, and
motsognir running as a daemon on ubuntu 15.x under xinetd. I have the directory
public_gopher in my /home/username

directory and no matter what I try I can't get naught but an error (Forbidden!)
when trying to go to it with the link:
gopher://gopher.mydomain.tld/1/users/myusername or without the /1 or using
/home/ or anything. What have I done wrong? Thanks.