Christian Grothoff | 16 Nov 23:34 2006

GNUnet 0.7.1pre0 released

This is not a usual GNUnet maintenance/feature release, but the first 
milestone release towards 0.7.1 to get community feedback. Most of the work 
so far has gone into improving APIs and the overall structure of the code. 
The changes have resulted in the addition of additional dependencies. GNUnet 
now requires libcurl, Guile 1.8 and dialog 1.0-20051207. As a pre-release, it  
lacks various major features (and probably makes up for those by having a few 
more quirks than usual).

In particular, upgrading to GNUnet 0.7.1pre0 is more work than usual GNUnet 
updates, read the UPDATING file for details.  

You can download the code from the URLs given below.   
Note that you need GNU's libextractor, the latest version is 0.5.16.