shammi kaplesh | 2 May 05:36 2014

FreeRDP Video and audio lag when playing videos greater than 480P.

                 I have cross compiled freeRDP and running this on
freescale imx6 quad core. But there is video lagging and audio lagging
when playing videos geater than  480p.  at 480P stil there is small
lagging in audio.But on my x86 pc i am able to play videos upto 720p
smoothly with minor audio lag.In my case WIndows 7 PC is acting as a
Server and imx6 board running linux as acting as a client.
Please help me to resolve this problem.

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Yee Keat Phuah | 30 Apr 10:21 2014

IBM i Access Keyboard Issue


I am facing an issue that is similar to which have been closed.

When accessing the IBM i Access Emulator (version 7.1) through freerdp, I
get the error

PCSWS037 - Initialization of the keyboard table failed. The session may not
be fully operational.

When I try to set the keyboard to US within the application itself, then it
gives me the error

PCSKBD110 - The system keyboard (type=0, subtype=4) is not supported.

which is similar to the one in the issue 489.

I have tried the first recommendation from the issue to change the
settings.c file and recompile version 1.0.2. However, I still get the same
first error. And the second error have now become

PCSKBD110 - The system keyboard (type=1033, subtype=4) is not supported.

I have tried compiling version 1.1.0 and then adding the
/etc/winpr/HKLM.reg as suggested by the issue, but I get the same error

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Clay Thomas | 28 Apr 04:08 2014

Connection Broker and Round Robin DNS

Hey all!

I'm running into an issue with FreeRDP closing when I connect to a Server
2008 R2 RDS farm that has a Connection Broker and round robin DNS. I am
using the latest testing FreeRDP package included with OpenThinClient V2.
Currently, the farm has NLA disabled and I am not passing any login

When I make the connection, the standard Windows login screen appears. I
can login and authentication takes place successfully. However, more often
than not, FreeRDP will close at this point with no errors or warnings. I
think I have it traced down to instances where the initial connection
attempt happens on a RDS Host server, but after authentication, the
connection is redirected by the Connection Broker to another RDS Host

Instances in which the connection is redirected to the same server that the
initial connection is made to do not cause FreeRDP to close, and the remote
connection works as expected.

Is this a known issue, or am I missing a configuration option?

Thank you for any help or direction that you might have.
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Matt Kurtgis | 24 Apr 00:05 2014

Chromebook support

I was curious if there are plans to create a google app for FreeRDP to work with chromebooks.  Right now the
options for RDP clients is extremely limited and performance seems poor.  

Matt K

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Niki Kovacs | 10 Apr 17:06 2014

FreeRDP + Remmina vs. Windows 2008 Server : some problems


Since I'm new on this list, allow me to introduce myself. My name is 
Niki Kovacs, I'm 47 years old, and I'm the manager of a small 
Linux-based IT company in South France.

Some time ago, I've installed a Slackware-based TSE client prototype for 
a french company. The machine is running Slackware 14.1 with a 
stripped-down Xfce desktop and FreeRDP/Remmina. Its sole purpose is to 
connect to the company's Windows 2008 server.

As far as the connection is concerned, everything is running very well. 
After three weeks of intensive testing, we're facing two annoying problems.

1. In the remote Windows Server session, two important keyboard 
shortcuts don't work: Alt+Insert and Ctrl+F5. This is a major annoyance, 
as they are both used all the time in the company's accounting software.

2. Another misfunction in the remote Windows Server session is the fact 
that the cursor suddenly becomes white-on-white invisible in 
applications with a white background. For example, in an MS Word or MS 
Excel document, the cursor is invisible, and the secretary doesn't know 
where she will type something. This doesn't happen when connecting from 
a Windows client. I tried to change the main mouse pointer theme in 
Xfce, but to no avail.

I'm grateful for all suggestions, since now I'm clueless.

Cheers from the sunny South of France,

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Jörn Frenzel | 10 Apr 00:04 2014

latest stable (1.1) on debian wheezy

Hi guys,

i have build freerdp latest stable (1.1) from git on debian wheezy. It runs 
so far, but:

- it constantly eats one of my cpu-cores (100%), even when the session idles
- it does not play sound, even not when i explicitly turn it on
- the session does not terminate when i logout in windows, it's waiting 
inside the logout-screen forever

So far i have tested it with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008R2  - with 
the same results.

Some more details about my OS, hardware and build process:

I use wheezy with packages xserver-xorg* from sid (unstable) to get vdpau 
support for my graphic card ([Radeon HD 6320] [1002:9806]). Once i tried it 
without sid-packages, but i had the same result.

As you can see, i want all the features enabled.

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Gabor Moczar | 8 Apr 18:58 2014

Converting RDP streams to video files


We are looking for a solution which would allow us to convert RDP streams to
video files, so users can play back the remote session later.

Basically we have a network capture file containing the decrypted raw RDP
stream and we need a solution which can take out the screen information as

Do you guys know anything which would help us to create this tool?



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Patryk Małek | 1 Apr 01:34 2014

Logging in to Ubuntu Server behind Microsoft RDP Gateway

Hi guys,

I am trying to connect (from my Ubuntu machine) to Ubuntu machine that I
have reserved at my Uni.

I have received .rdp file with credentials where I have

   - Microsoft  RDP gateway
   - Gateway's credentials
   - hostname of the machine
   - password to the machine
   - domain
   - application string (or id or I do not know what that is )

> remoteapplicationname:s:ubuntu 12.04 v2.1 [60 GB HDD]
> remoteapplicationprogram:s:||6118667e-b926-11e3-92eb-00155d020101ssh_sr
After running xfreerdp with */g: /gd: /gu: /gp: /v: * I get the Windows
login screen and after successful login I will get logged out and xfreerdp
will terminate.

After adding
*/app-name:ubuntu\ 12.04\ v2.1\ \[60\ GB\ HDD\]
/app:||6118667e-b926-11e3-92eb-00155d020101ssh_sr *

I will get the same behavior but on the console I will also get :
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Frédéric Beuserie | 28 Mar 19:39 2014

scripting freerdp


i'm currently looking for tools that can help us monitor the end user experience of one RDS solution.

Besides a few proprietary solution, I'm studying the possibility to extend freerdp to make it scriptable.

what we need is:
- gather some timing during the session into a separate file descriptor during the client run
- tcp connection openned: x ms
- session negociation: x ms
- login accepted: x ms
- desktop fully displayed: x ms
- logoff done: x ms

and also possibly simulate mouse click to, ex, open word, type some sentence and then save the file.
mesuring delay between display refresh rate

I know there is multiple issue here.
- remote desktop refresh rate is not necessarily the same as "how well the user experience is", but it should
be a good indicator.
- since this is one graphical env. i don't know if it's even possible to mesure something between one
"request" in the gui (eg: click somewhere) and the "response" (eg: one windows 
- and probably a toon of other issues i don't think of because i don't know well the internal of RDP.

but, what do you think ? is that theoriticaly possible ? how much effort should be put on this ? or better is
there previous attempt at doing this ?

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cheb hasni | 28 Mar 12:51 2014


Daniel Zabel | 27 Mar 14:50 2014

Re-2: FreeRDP and primary diplay in an Multimon enviroment

Hi Marc-André,
thanks for the clue.

I found the following part on line 193:

primaryMonitor = 0; 

Would it work when I set it to 1?

Bot now I have the next problem. Where can I find it on my system?

Daniel Zabel

        processed by David.fx 
Subject: Re: [Freerdp-devel] FreeRDP and primary diplay in an Multimon enviroment (27-Mrz-2014 14:30)
From:    Marc-André Moreau <marcandre.moreau <at>>
To:      d.zabel <at>

Hi Daniel, 

The code which handles this is in xf_monitor.c:

It is assuming that the leftmost monitor is always the primary monitor. I guess one thing that could be
improved on would be to detect from X11 which one is the primary monitor.

On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 8:50 AM, Daniel Zabel <d.zabel <at>> wrote:

Hello everyone,
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