Linux Remoteapp broken?

I found some difficulty in launching RemoteApp on Linux patform.

My mini solution: 


After refactoring, which was carried out seems to run androyd and IOS modifications in linux broke
In principle, they can be run. One focus in the implementation I found, but I would like to clarify with
Remote APP linux question open? 

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Joseph Benraz | 20 Aug 10:42 2014

Missing dependencies

I'm trying to bring up the environment (in windows) to compile
FreeRDP-WebConnect, I have some missing dependencies!

I appreciate your time if you answer the following short questions:

   1. pthread: is what i need here:
   https://sourceware.org/pthreads-win32/#download ?
   2. boost::tuple ( boost), is this what I need: http://www.boost.org/ ?0
   3. png.h that you use in png.hp : missing , where I can find it?

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Rhys Evans | 19 Aug 23:09 2014

Connection Through Gateway Server


I am having an issue connecting to a RDS farm behind a pair of RD Gateway servers, previously (a while back) I
was able to connect although it was a bit iffy. I currently keep getting a 0x2000D error. Any ideas ?

I have been through multiple versions, updating regularly. The software does work when connecting to
other servers directly.

Some details:

OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS fully up to date

FreeRDP Version:  This is FreeRDP version 1.2.0-beta1 (git 1.2.0-beta1+android7-558-g589eb)

Connection string:  xfreerdp /w:1565 /h:855 /t:gatewayserver.fqdn /g:gatewayserver.fqdn
/v:servername.fqdn /cert-ignore  /sec:nla /d:domain /u:username /p:password


I have attached a log of an attempted connection. I have replaced some of the identifiable information.

Any help is appreciated

Thanks in advanced

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ablandin | 14 Aug 17:52 2014

RemoteApplication mode implementation in FreeRDP-Webconnect


I'm currently trying to implement the RemoteApp mode, and in second time
the Clipboard Redirection, in FreeRDP-Webconnect but the use of the FreeRDP
API, and especially the use of channels, is really obscur.

I think I found an interesting line to follow, but I still miss

I can start a session in FreeRDP in a RemoteApplication mode (no
wallpaper, no taskbar, no icon), but I can't start/execute a standalone

If I let an application open after a RemoteApplication session in FreeRDP,
I am able to access it from my Webconnect session, but that's all.

For now, the implementation consists of these pieces of code, based on the
implementation found in the X11 client :

In the RDP::PreConnect callback :

> m_rdpContext->channels = freerdp_channels_new();
> m_rdpSettings->RemoteApplicationProgram = strdup("||wordpad");
> m_rdpSettings->RemoteApplicationMode = TRUE;
> m_rdpSettings->RemoteAppLanguageBarSupported = TRUE;
> m_rdpSettings->Workarea = TRUE;
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Christopher Kurtis Koeber | 13 Aug 00:06 2014

Using FreeRDP with Home PC/Live Accounts ...


I have some home PCs using Windows 8.1 that I would like to connect to using

The problem is that the usernames for these PCs come in the form of
"username <at> live.com".

I would like to use the commandline form of FreeRDP (xfreerdp); what is the
form that I should enter these usernames in?



Christopher Kurtis Koeber

Apricode - Alberto Gregorio | 12 Aug 14:33 2014

RemoteApp in OSX


We are currently trying to use FreeRDP to connect from OSX with parameter "app" (RemoteApp). When using a
Desktop connection everything works quite fine, however, once this setting is applied, the Application
becomes completely irresponsive and getting any work done impossible. Do you have any ideas about how
this configuration can be applied without the whole system becoming unusable?
Yang Hong | 10 Aug 01:08 2014

Re: WebConnect: Keyboard layouts, Clipboard, RemoteApp

Hello Dominique.

Thank you very much for your confirmation of the unstable wsgate server issue.

This is why I wrote the E-mail to abstract the attention on this wsgate server crash issue, because I notice
that the contributors of Webconnect-FreeRDP (wsgate) are NOT aware of this core issue. Unfortunately my
software development experience of C++/Web server is NOT strong enough to fix this server crash issue
caused by EHS server.

I have built the wsgate server (based on EHS server) and Guacamole (based on Apache Tomcat) server using the
original source code.

wsgate server crashes arbitrarily, while Guacamole server can work stably.
However, Guacamole requires administrative-intensive work, while wsgate server is much more flexible. 

After I have spent more than one month to read through the source code of both wsgate and Guacamole very
carefully, I believe that wsgate source code is NOT the root cause of wsgate server crash. Instead, based
on my C++ software development experience, I can make sure that the source code of EHS server should be the
root cause of wsgate server crash.

My conclusions can be implicitly confirmed by the following two facts:
(1) When EHS server was originally developed in 2000 and the development was terminated in 2005. At that
time, HTML5 is not yet the topic of mainstream media.

Quote from Wiki of HTML5 "Although HTML5 has been well known among web developers for years, it became the
topic of mainstream media around April 2010".     

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Erfane Arwani | 9 Aug 10:02 2014

WebConnect: Keyboard layouts, Clipboard, RemoteApp


First I would like to thank you for the great efforts you made on FreeRDP and Webconnect.

We're currently adding 3 features to Webconnect-FreeRDP:
Keyboard layouts. Now we support PC-Fr and PC-US on any Windows browser, but we will add the others (Mac-Fr
for example).
HTML5 Clipboard Redirection (with a widget)
HTML5 RemoteApp with canvas rescaling 
We're facing difficulties implementing the Clipboard Redirection, but we’ll figure out something.

Here’s a screenshot with RemoteApp capability:

You can find our repository here:

There is a branch for RemoteApp:


Joseph Benraz | 6 Aug 13:19 2014

- Design change for Reusable on windows OS (especially servers)

Hi Guys,
How are you? , please read all before start respond :)

Again, I had some time to dig in FreeRDP to use it for one of my projects,
BUT once again I frustrated due to leak of info and complex design :( .

   - *What I planed to do:*

Due to current FreeRDP & FreeRDP-WebConnect design and implementation
(codeis too Mixed), I couldn't use it in my project (winservice) as it
writing in C# (also Java could not work as well), so I have to separate the
code in FreeRDP-WebConnect (and take ONLY the FreeRDP wrap) to be able to
use it in my own existed win service. I have a win service written in C#,
and already connected to website and implement its own websocket protocols
and p2p.

   - *Why I failed*

Due to current FreeRDP & FreeRDP-WebConnect design and implementation, it
is almost IMPOSSIBLE to use it easily but have to implement and/or connect
to libraries and re implement the long and complicate initialization.

So current FreeRDP-WebConnect is USELESS since it is not designed to be
reused by other languages/implementations, the implementation is a one
piece of code and almost impossible to take of only the FreeRDP wrapper and
move it to my project.

Lack of documentation, I could not find ANY thing that explain how to use
FreeRDP, what is the initialize steps and be able to call connect and get
updates to pass to client. The Windows wfreerdp project do some long steps
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Charu Bansal | 4 Aug 06:37 2014

Error in running cross compiled xFreeRDP executable on arm cortex-a9 board (Linux)

Hi All,

I have cross-compiled FreeRDP for target board (arm cortex-a9 and Linux). When I am running cross compiled
FreeRDP executable on board then it is giving below mentioned error:
xfreerdp: error while loading shared libraries: ../../common/libfreerdp-client.so: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory

I have used below mentioned 'cmake' steps for cross compilation:
cmake -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS='-mfloat-abi=hard -dM'
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/home/vm1/dependencies/arm_depend/ -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug
-DCMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME=linux -DZLIB_INCLUDE_DIR=/home/vm1/dependencies/arm_depend/include
-DGobject_LIBRARY=/home/vm1/dependencies/arm_depend/lib/libgobject-2.0.a -DGlibConfig_INCLUDE_DIR=/home/v
-DCMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/poky/1.5.1/sysroots/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/usr/lib/ -DWITH_X11=yes

I am getting below mentioned warnings also at compile
warning: ../common/libfreerdp-client.so, needed by ../libxfreerdp-client.so, not found (try using
-rpath or
warning: ../../libfreerdp/core/libfreerdp-core.so, needed by ../libxfreerdp-client.so, not
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vanloswang | 1 Aug 05:48 2014

The possibility of adjust URBDRC Client source code to support windows

After deep into the urbdrc related source code, I try it out that USB Mass Storage device redirection is more
or less working with some bug by using the FreeRDP-stable-1.1 release. But the urbdrc client and libusb
wrapper code only support under Linux. The key point is that these code use udev APIs to enumrate usb
devices, check hotplug, and get device infos. The same functions is also avaliable in libusb APIs, maybe
we can replace these handles to use libusb. The pthread APIs and functions in semiphore.h and unistd.h are
used by these code, and they could adjust to cross platform. 
Any suggestions? Is it possible to do this job? Thanks for your reply firstly.
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