JonathanSylvestre | 18 Sep 15:33 2014

mouse cursor and font smooting.

Hi Guys,

I'm a new user of freeRDP now testing the solution to use it at my office. Almost look's perfect except two things.

Font smoothing: I know it should be smoother when I add parameter +fonts. When I run xfreerdp /u:username
/v:hostIP /f /multimon  +clipboard /network:lan +fonts I don't find any difference in font. The font is
not bad, but not clear  as It can be.

Furthermore, I have a problem with Text Select cursor. The cursor is half transparent in application
outlook, browsing, text editing, etc..... Is that a known issue?


Jonathan Sylvestre

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John Wesorick | 16 Sep 20:21 2014

Clipboard Redirection Adding Characters

 Sorry if this is a dupe. I sent this a couple times, but didn't see it in
the archive.

Whenever I use FreeRDP to connect to a Windows server, copy some text and
paste it on Ubuntu 14.04, it adds a somewhat random character to the end of
the string. i.e. here are the results of copying the word "sandwich" in
Windows and pasting it into different applications on Ubuntu.

In Chrome, outside of Google Hangouts, it doesn't seem to show up *visibly*,
but if I paste and then hit backspace, no character is deleted the first
time it's pressed. This causes issues when pasting into forms, as the
contents are not valid. In other applications, it doesn't show up at all,
visible or not (gedit, virtman, Firefox). I built it from Github with the
newest master:
$ xfreerdp /version
This is FreeRDP version 1.2.0-beta1 (git n/a)

and also tried the 1.1 stable branch:
$ xfreerdp /version
This is FreeRDP version 1.1.0-beta1 (git n/a)

I followed the recommended compilation procedure in the wiki:
sudo make install

Is there some sort of compatibility option I'm missing or something?
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Thomas Calderon | 16 Sep 18:44 2014

Using DVC channels from logon screen

Dear All,

I have developed a Dynamic Virtual Channel plugin for xfreerdp, the code is
working well in "classic" use cases.
However, I am facing issues when the plugin client code (executing on the
RDP server) is ran while the RDP session is not authenticated.

This happens when you connect to the RDP server using legacy "rdp" mode.
The graphical logon screen is displayed and my plugin code runs. The issue
is that very early in the client code, I have an "Invalid descriptor" error
when using WTSVirtualChannelOpenEx.

I am wondering if you are allowed to use DVCs while the user has not yet
authenticated himself.
Could anyone confirm this ?

Although using a static virtual channel would provide a workaround, I would
rather not use such channels since they are limited.


Thomas Calderon
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Peter Watkins | 15 Sep 21:43 2014

rdpsnd_server_handle_messages function signature

Maybe you can help me out with this one too, Bernhard:

It looks like you refactored rdpsnd_server_handle_messages so that it
returns >1, 0, or -1. However, the old function signature is still in

This is giving me a compile error (since the signatures are the same except
for the return type). Can I safely remove the old function signature that
returns BOOL?


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Peter Watkins | 15 Sep 18:41 2014


I’m attempting to compile FreeRDP on OS X Mavericks with the hope of
contributing to the OS X server someday. These are the options I gave to

cmake -G "Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug

When I make, I get the following error:

[  1%] Building C object
In file included from
/Users/user/src/FreeRDP/winpr/libwinpr/synch/synch.h:134:2: error: unknown

WAITORTIMERCALLBACK is defined in winpr/include/winpr/synch.h, and
winpr/libwinpr/synch/synch.h includes this. So now I’m a bit at a loss as
to why GCC thinks WAITORTIMERCALLBACK isn’t defined. Anyone else compile on
OS X recently? Anything obvious I’m doing wrong?


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Heiko Wundram | 12 Sep 15:58 2014

Protocol overview Hyper-V RDP (vmconnect)

Hey all,

I'm currently in the process of trying to write a small proxy/wrapper 
application which exposes the Hyper-V RDP vmconnect access as a generic 
RDP protocol access, and I'm trying to either find documentation on 
which protocol adaptations are required. Looking through the FreeRDP 
sources has been a great help, but before I continue, I'd like to verify 
that I've understood the process that the client connect differs from 
standard RDP:

1) Client opens the connection and sends the PCB with the VM-ID.
2) Client starts TLS on the channel.
3) Client does connection/security negotiation through the TLS channel, 
with predefined protocol NLA, but without (re)setting up TLS after the 
negotiation has completed successfully.
4) All following client/server exchanges are as though the connection is 
a standard RDP connection through the TLS tunnel.

Differing from the general client/server setup, the TLS connection is 
set up before and not after the security negotiation, and as such - from 
what I gather looking through the FreeRDP sources - it should be 
sufficient to implement a proxy which does the connection setup with the 
client (i.e., handles the client's security negotiation), and after that 
has completed with the setup of the TLS channel and forced the client to 
use NLA, passes all data "as is" through the two TLS channels (which of 
course are separately set up, i.e. the proxy "breaks" the encryption).

Am I correct in this understanding? Thanks for any hints (also 
concerning protocol specifications for the Hyper-V adaptations, which I 
couldn't find) in advance!
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Adam Kessel | 1 Sep 23:52 2014

No audio on OS X Mavericks on 1.2.0-beta1

Using 1.2.0-beta1 (git d37a) from brew HEAD on Mavericks. No luck 
getting audio to work--I just get this error:

[16:51:33:799] [16577:184983552] 
[ERROR][com.freerdp.channels.rdpsnd_process_connect] - no sound device.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting?

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Linux Remoteapp broken?

I found some difficulty in launching RemoteApp on Linux patform.

My mini solution:

After refactoring, which was carried out seems to run androyd and IOS modifications in linux broke
In principle, they can be run. One focus in the implementation I found, but I would like to clarify with
Remote APP linux question open? 

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Joseph Benraz | 20 Aug 10:42 2014

Missing dependencies

I'm trying to bring up the environment (in windows) to compile
FreeRDP-WebConnect, I have some missing dependencies!

I appreciate your time if you answer the following short questions:

   1. pthread: is what i need here: ?
   2. boost::tuple ( boost), is this what I need: ?0
   3. png.h that you use in png.hp : missing , where I can find it?

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Rhys Evans | 19 Aug 23:09 2014

Connection Through Gateway Server


I am having an issue connecting to a RDS farm behind a pair of RD Gateway servers, previously (a while back) I
was able to connect although it was a bit iffy. I currently keep getting a 0x2000D error. Any ideas ?

I have been through multiple versions, updating regularly. The software does work when connecting to
other servers directly.

Some details:

OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS fully up to date

FreeRDP Version:  This is FreeRDP version 1.2.0-beta1 (git 1.2.0-beta1+android7-558-g589eb)

Connection string:  xfreerdp /w:1565 /h:855 /t:gatewayserver.fqdn /g:gatewayserver.fqdn
/v:servername.fqdn /cert-ignore  /sec:nla /d:domain /u:username /p:password


I have attached a log of an attempted connection. I have replaced some of the identifiable information.

Any help is appreciated

Thanks in advanced

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ablandin | 14 Aug 17:52 2014

RemoteApplication mode implementation in FreeRDP-Webconnect


I'm currently trying to implement the RemoteApp mode, and in second time
the Clipboard Redirection, in FreeRDP-Webconnect but the use of the FreeRDP
API, and especially the use of channels, is really obscur.

I think I found an interesting line to follow, but I still miss

I can start a session in FreeRDP in a RemoteApplication mode (no
wallpaper, no taskbar, no icon), but I can't start/execute a standalone

If I let an application open after a RemoteApplication session in FreeRDP,
I am able to access it from my Webconnect session, but that's all.

For now, the implementation consists of these pieces of code, based on the
implementation found in the X11 client :

In the RDP::PreConnect callback :

> m_rdpContext->channels = freerdp_channels_new();
> m_rdpSettings->RemoteApplicationProgram = strdup("||wordpad");
> m_rdpSettings->RemoteApplicationMode = TRUE;
> m_rdpSettings->RemoteAppLanguageBarSupported = TRUE;
> m_rdpSettings->Workarea = TRUE;
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