Arne Babenhauserheide | 25 Jan 15:44 2015

long hanging fruit: size limit for darknet messages


If you’d like to do some smaller scale volunteer work on freenet which helps with some problems which crop
up in real darknet usage (likely with one-day solutions for someone who knows the source), improving
darknet N2NTM's could be a pretty high-impact change: 


Several of my darknet contacts reported that they lost a message due to the size limit, and that’s an
extremly frustrating experience which sours the otherwise working friend-to-friend communication
over darknet messages.

Best wishes,
A man in the streets faces a knife.
Two policemen are there it once. They raise a sign:

    “Illegal Scene! Noone may watch this!”

The man gets robbed and stabbed and bleeds to death.
The police had to hold the sign.

…Welcome to Europe, citizen. Censorship is beautiful.

   ( )

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Abhinav Gupta | 22 Jan 10:27 2015

Error in compiling fred.

Hello Everyone,

I was trying to compile fred after downloading it from the GitHub.

When I run *ant -lib lib, *I get a build failure. I have attached the
output for the same.

I guess the problem is with the JUnit, the CLASSPATH that I have set is


Also when I execute *ant -lib lib -Dtest.skip=true, *BUILD SUCCESSFUL is
the output.

Could you please help me out with this.

Thank you very much,

Abhinav Gupta.
    [javac] C:\Users\abhinav\Documents\GitHub\fred\test\freenet\crypt\AEADBucket error: package junit.framework does not exist
    [javac] import junit.framework.TestCase;
    [javac]                       ^
    [javac] C:\Users\abhinav\Documents\GitHub\fred\test\freenet\crypt\AEADBucket error: cannot find symbol
    [javac] public class AEADBucketTest extends TestCase {
    [javac]                                     ^
    [javac]   symbol: class TestCase
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xor | 20 Jan 23:08 2015

Filesharing development

Short summary of the discussion with the original author:
He wants to help with implementing a filesharing app on top of Freenet. He 
originally wanted to go for Torrent over Freenet, but I said that its doubtful 
whether it makes sense to try to force Torrent to do something which it wasn't 
designed for (anonymity).

(Bertm: CC to you due to your recent video streaming work, search below for 

On Tuesday, January 13, 2015 06:12:16 PM Christopher Bonnie wrote:
> You can publish my concept as much as your like, transparency is a big
> thing for me. 

OK great, CCing to the development mailing list.

> Yes I can see when you explain it in detail that torrenting
> wouldn't be the best method of file sharing due to the risk it poses to the
> person and since freenet is designed to be anonymous it's best to leave
> something that could cause an exploit out of it.

Great that we can agree upon developing something Freenet-based without force-
involving torrent :)

With regards to the implementation, I have the following suggestion:
Separate it into two components:
1. File upload tool. The user specifies a folder whose content to share. The 
tool automatically uploads the contents of the folder, and keeps monitoring it 
for new files. This is the easier tool of both.
2. File publishing tool. The more difficult part. I would suggest recycling one 
of our existing forum system implementations, to publish files as attachments 
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Abhinav Gupta | 18 Jan 19:54 2015

Java/ C++ bugs for beginners

Hello :)

I would like to contribute and I am good at coding in Java and C++.
Since I haven't contributed to any open source project earlier, I wanted to
know if there are any issues in Java/ C++ projects that I can start with.

Thank you :)

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Arne Babenhauserheide | 16 Jan 21:57 2015

adding freenet to funding-platforms?


In recent years quite a few new funding platforms appeared, and since people actually donate there, it
might be useful to allow funding Freenet development on them.

The amount of money per platform is likely not that high, but if it’s low maintenance, even 2 Bitcoin can
make quite some difference: They can support 1-3 weeks of paid development. And for example the Patreon
proved that their model is a working solution for funding creatives: there are now several dozen artists
working full-time with funding over Patreon.

So I think it could be worth adding Freenet to some of the funding platforms (as long as the maintenance
burden for that is low - very low).

What do you think?

 <at> Ian: And especially, what do you think as manager of the Freenet Project Inc?

Best wishes,

1w6 sie zu achten,
sie alle zu finden,
in Spiele zu leiten
und sacht zu verbinden.

Devl mailing list
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xor | 8 Jan 22:26 2015

WOT background-jobs review semi-finished; help with remainder appreciated

TL;DR for potential reviewers: Unit tests not reviewed yet. Code is here: [1] 
Please add an "ACK upon this file" to the end of each file.

Hello bertm,

the background jobs [0] review [1] is now finished for everything except the 
unit tests - it might make sense for me to wait with reviewing the unit tests 
until the remaining changes to the core are done, so you get this mail 
I can proceed to review the tests nevertheless if you want to work off the 
suggested changes in batch including unit tests.

If someone else wants to step in to review the tests, so I have more time 
available for finishing the remaining WOT blockers, feel free to do so.
Please add an "ACK upon this file" to the end of each file which you have 
In case anyone is interested in even further work:  I have discovered some 
weirdness in the backend fred code, which I commented upon at [4] and [5]. 

For the review results please notice two things:
- I am sort of ashamed of having done an insane amount of comments. As always, 
please don't feel like I'm trying to nitpick. I merely want to provide you as 
much service as I can by writing down everything which comes to my mind during 
- I have already added "Not a blocker" to many comments which you don't have 
to change if you don't want to. Looking back at how much time it took me to 
review this already (reviewing threaded code is more work than I had 
imagined), I would like to amend the list of things which you don't have to 
change, to reduce further time needed for reviewing the changes. The amendment 
is as follows: Please postpone major refactoring to a secondary pull request. 
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Steve Dougherty | 7 Jan 04:11 2015

Freenet 0.7.5 1468-pre1

Not a great deal of changes in this one - just the 1467 bug fixes as
well as continued work toward the absolutely massive purge-db4o release.
This release cycle has been way, way longer than I would like. It's
taking so long in part because purge-db4o required API changes which
necessitate updating every plugin. Going forward I will be very loud and
angry at proposals which break API.

It would be helpful to have feedback on:

* Does uploading large (> 2 GiB) files work? Problems with that due to
  integer overflows should now be fixed.
* Any issues with odd results when changing physical security levels?
  There were some bugs filed about that before purge-db4o and it'd be
  good to know if they survived this client layer rewrite.
* Any issues or strange things when upgrading from pre-purge-db4o
  builds? I suspect problems with being prompted for passwords which
  were never set - has anyone else seen this?
* Any instances of stalling download / upload queues? Part of this is
  poor UI - it gives the age of the last successful block, (not yet [0]
  but it will) but not the last attempt. [1] Is anyone up for adding
  that? :)

KeyUtils is updated to support purge-db4o. Thanks saces! As far as I
know most official plugins still need to be updated - patches are
appreciated! I got sources from PurgeSite [2] for ThawIndexBrowser,
but have yet to look into its contents much. I cannot find sources in
the Library jar it says there are sources in. I see no author listed -
who wrote these? Saces?

Please let us know of any problems (or lack thereof).
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Arne Babenhauserheide | 5 Jan 13:06 2015

“apt-get over #freenet works fully”


I wanted to share the news from rfreeman here, too:

    “apt-get over #freenet works fully” → 

Key points:

- “use Freenet to distribute online updates” 
- “most secure hosting option”

The mempo folks report, that you can now update the privacy-focussed
Debian derivate Mempo over Freenet!

That means it is now possible to get reproducibly built kernels
checked by anonymous (and therefore hard to pressure) contributors and
updated over Freenet, whose effectively immutable datastore ensures
that what you get is what was checked.

Best wishes,

Unpolitisch sein
heißt politisch sein, 
ohne es zu merken. 
- Arne (

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Steve Dougherty | 1 Jan 22:49 2015

C# Tray App (Probably) Feature-Complete

The C# Windows tray application is now more-or-less feature-complete.
Feedback and suggestions would be appreciated! In the coming days I plan
to document this more and do a more thorough writeup of its capabilities.

Signed binary:

To test it put it in the directory Freenet is installed in. It will add
a tray icon which controls the node, similar to the existing tray
application, but shinier.

For instance, this one distinguishes between a clean shutdown and a
crash, and has a more informative response to crashes. It supports
launching Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE in privacy mode. It's around
800 LOC. (Not counting those the resources and Windows Forms designer

Currently if Freenet takes more than 3 seconds between being started and
FProxy listening on its port a balloon tip will pop up to show that
Freenet is starting. 3 seconds might be a bit short, but my hope was to
maintain a sense of interactivity. (On my machine FProxy takes ~1.6
seconds after starting to listen on its port.) On that note the refresh
rate of the startup page should be increased - it seems like it's
currently around 10 seconds, which is a long time to stare at it.

- Steve

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Steve Dougherty | 27 Dec 20:01 2014

[RFC] Freenet at 2015 OpenITP Circumvention Tech Festival

Hi all,

Are people interested in meeting at the 2015 OpenITP Circumvention
Tech Festival? It's March 1-6, 2015 in Valencia, Spain. [0] I expect
to be able to attend.


Arne Babenhauserheide | 17 Dec 21:02 2014

Autostart on Startup


I just had one of my new darknet contacts call me, saying “my Freenet site does not work anymore. It says the
host localhost does not exist.”

I was stupefied for a moment, until I realized that my darknet contact had just restarted the computer for
the first time since installing Freenet. Then I was completely helpless: How do you start Freenet on
Windows? It’s hard enough to explain on GNU/Linux (“go into a shell and ...”), but on Windows it’s
a mystery to me.

And for me that settles the debate about autostarting Freenet by default or not: Yes, the installation
should by default make Freenet start automatically on startup. Anything else is a support nightmare.

Best wishes,
Celebrate with ye beauty and gather yer friends for a Pirate Party!
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