Danton Medrado | 29 Jun 03:04 2015

Tradução Português do Brasil

Olá pessoal,
Meu nome é Medrado, e estou começando o projeto de tradução do site
Freenet para português do Brasil (pt-br).
Ainda estou me adaptando ao Git, mas logo eu aprendo.

Forte abraço


Danton Medrado

Devl mailing list
Devl <at> freenetproject.org
Steve Dougherty | 27 Jun 22:35 2015

Freenet 0.7.5 1468-pre4

Freenet unstable testing prerelease 1468-pre4 is now available. Inserts
are pending and I will reply with keys once they are available.

In the absence of critical bugs this is the last prerelease before the
stable release on 2015-07-11. If you've been waiting to try a testing
release until it settled down or until all the official plugins worked,
all official plugins work, so now is the time to do so! Note that
automatic downgrading is not supported, so if you want to go back to
1467 without losing the upload and download queue back up master.keys,
persistent-temp-*/ and node.db4o* before upgrading (see
https://wiki.freenetproject.org/Program_files ).

If a plugin which is not compatible with 1468 hangs while loading and
cannot be unloaded, shut down Freenet, remove its entry from
pluginmanager.loadplugin in freenet.ini, and start Freenet again.

If you'd like to help test upgrading over auto-update, set the
auto-update key of a 1467 node to:

USK <at> 7oujRHSeR4m~99Dv~trRUj11s7sYGuiEDS-KPjvHYW4,j~OOXsiNXTId25H-NQeeEzbTSPAOLkdJD39WXcYq5BQ,AQACAAE/testing-jar/1467

(At the time of this writing the insert is not yet complete.)

This keypair was used only to insert this testing update and has since
been discarded, so you'll need to restore the previous key to continue
getting updates.

* There is a new tray app with some useful features that is included
  with new installations [0]. If you are using the existing Windows tray
  app you can download the new one here [1]. No need to put it in a
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Florent Daigniere | 19 Jun 17:25 2015

IntelliJ IDEA license


Our IDEA license is about to expire; they've changed the licensing model
to a per-user one... I need a headcount.

Who needs one? 
So far I have operhiem1 and Bombe on the list; If you need one too
please reply in private, possibly before Monday.

Devl mailing list
Devl <at> freenetproject.org
Steve Dougherty | 17 Jun 15:49 2015

[RFC] remove fproxy.allowedHosts

Any thoughts on removing (in 1469 or later - scope creep bad!)
fproxy.allowedHosts? Not to be confused with
fproxy.allowedHostsFullAccess, this is a list of IPs / netmasks outside
of which FProxy closes the connection immediately after accepting it. [0]

Why does the functionality exist? This seems like a confusing way to
poorly reimplement a firewall's job. Unlike fullAccessHosts which will
respond with a 403, the user gets no feedback.

The motivation for this is twofold - if a feature is useless it should
probably be removed, and it cost jeffpc and I two hours to figure out
why FProxy was immediately closing connections when he had added
intending it to mean all addresses.

- Steve


Devl mailing list
Devl <at> freenetproject.org
Juiceman | 2 Jun 16:37 2015

Donation page on website

I have been meaning to bring this for a while.  The donate page shows our
balance $10K+ or whatever. In my mind this actually discourages donations.
"eh. The project has enough money for now... my $10 isn't gonna make a

People respond to goals. We figure out what monthly amounts we need to fund
at full paid developer level and display that as a progress bar.  Thoughts?
Devl mailing list
Devl <at> freenetproject.org
Gerard Krol | 31 May 22:49 2015

New Freenet website (almost finished)

Hello everyone!

It has been a busy weekend and now the new Freenet website is almost
Take a look: http://realitysink.com/freenet/en/
The source is on Github: https://github.com/gerard-/freenet-website

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback. As you can see in the readme there
are some things left to do. Some minor licensing stuff needs to be finshed
and the site will have to be translated. It uses gettext so that should be
quite easy. All content that was on the freenetproject.org site has been
migrated over and we can probably re-use most of the translations.

Comments & pull requests are welcome!

This message has been posted to the Freenet dev mailing list and to the FMS
boards Freenet and Freenet.promo. Please reply on the FMS Freenet board if


Devl mailing list
Devl <at> freenetproject.org
Steve Dougherty | 31 May 22:40 2015

Freenet 0.7.5 1468-pre3

Freenet unstable testing prerelease 1468-pre3 is now available.

It is more progress toward 1468. Compared to 1468-pre2 it primarily
contains updated builds of official plugins. Library, Spider, and
WebOfTrust should now function. The two remaining plugins are
FlogHelper, which needs updated backup and restore support, and
ThawIndexBrowser, which needs build and NPE fixes.

To use this prerelease either shut down your node and replace
freenet.jar (or whatever is in wrapper.conf classpath), or run

    update.(sh|cmd) testing

to download it over clearnet. Inserts are pending and I will reply with
keys once they are complete.

Fred changes since 1468-pre2:
Bert Massop (5):
      SplitFileInserterStorage: provide linear upper bounds on chooseBlock
      SplitFileInserterStorage: adapt chooseBlock to coding standards
      SplitFileInserterStorage: separate random iteration logic
      Add unit tests for RandomArrayIterator
      SplitFileFetcherStorage: use RandomArrayIterator for segment choice

Matthew Toseland (1):
      Fix bucket leak on non-persistent inserts.

Steve Dougherty (8):
      RandomArrayIteratorTest: add missing EOF newline
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Gerard Krol | 27 May 15:30 2015

Impressions of Freenet & The shortage of contributors

Hello Freenet team,

After a hiatus of 5 years I have become interested in Freenet again. We all
have different goals with Freenet, mine is to provide a system that will
prevent totalitarian regimes from appearing and to possible topple such
regimes if they already exist. I have identified a good pseudonymous forum
system as the easiest and best method for this. I am also very interested
in the technical challenges like routing algorithms and wondrous stuff like
distributed hashtables and bloom filters.

I understand that I may act like the "new guy" that knows best. It is not
my goal to offend anyone. I like a good discussion and I feel that frank
words help to reach the core of the matter more quickly. I also try to be
really good at receiving criticism, but please remind me of that when I

My first impressions of Freenet when I returned where:
1. It's much faster!
2. The website and Freenet look as uninviting as ever
3. What happened to Freetalk?

I have since discovered the fate of Freetalk. It seems that some design
flaws (also in the Web of Trust) were the reason it was removed. Developer
shortage has kept it from reaching its potential.

I have spoken to some people on IRC and it seems that there is a real
shortage of contributors to Freenet. I think this is the point that needs
to be addressed first. Among my various interests is also a keen interest
in marketing so I'd like to be involved in that. If we can get more
developers all other goals will be much easier to reach. Honest marketing
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Gerard Krol | 25 May 21:10 2015

FMS code review

Hello everyone,

I decided to get back into some Freenet hacking for a bit. Nobody knows
when I'll disappear again so enjoy it while it lasts ;)

After getting interested in meshnets/darknets again I did some research and
decided that a Freenet like system with forums would be the best bet
against oppressive regimes. I took a look at Freetalk and got it to build
again, but it seems Freetalk is quite dead and WoT progress isn't great

Then I took a look at FMS and I was pleasantly surprised. It works well and
is fast. The only downside seems to be that it is written in C++ and so a
bit harder to include in the main Freenet distribution by default. I think
it would be good for Freenet to have a default and official forum system.
If anything, Freetalk should implement the FMS protocol so it is
inter-operable. No need to reinvent/reprogram the wheel when we have
something that works fine.

After a small discussion on IRC it turned out that a code review would
help. I was quite curious myself how FMS worked so I took a few hours to
browse through the source. I will also post this to the FMS board so please
add some trust to my FMS identity so people can actually see my post:
SSK <at> cptAO5z0rfUEzlwdyUggtoXdaeQ9XIZzrNBCvBteTDQ



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Steve Dougherty | 16 May 17:43 2015

Freenet 0.7.5 1468-pre2

This is continued progress toward 1468. It fixes race conditions in
SplitFileInserterStorageTest and some problems with the queue getting
stuck. It also includes a new and still unstable API (pending feedback)
for synchronous bidirectional FCP and inter-plugin communication. See
PluginRespirator.connectToOtherPlugin() and FredPluginFCPMessageHandler
for details.

When the Library plugin is not loaded the search box on the bookmark
page is now hidden instead of suggesting it be loaded. This is due to
the lack of active search indexes, which made searching slow,
unreliable, and not give useful results.

This does not include plugin updates for purge-db4o compatibility.
Though all but ThawIndexBrowser now compile they have not been tested,
and including them would have added many more hours to the time taken to
make this release.

To use this prerelease either shut down your node and replace
freenet.jar (or whatever is in wrapper.conf classpath), or run

    update.(sh|cmd) testing

to download it over clearnet.

CHK <at> 33gMN6FzVGfb13yUSVYmSbLWEDmF-Cr9Xv8ReceWpo0,UruBYAZ1WjtkF~TEG6mR~7jwG17nIJcXqyZoDOiBMEM,AAMC--8/freenet-testing-build-1468-pre2-snapshot.jar
CHK <at> I63iVCniN7lrSorxxBovziQITmPrYsofEN~2eoDNaUA,k9HtXgGe9Ps-jMadHffgA42t1OU7tFJA0fKiIaHPSH8,AAMC--8/freenet-testing-build-1468-pre2-source.tar.bz2.sig
CHK <at> daUKvgDMkplSO8s2Ma8cpCBb9Ozv1LK9dmqZkOoIqCw,i3jF4yr~KRvdRRDkG0i9Ok12y~fCJXB5dwLG1sOWyrY,AAMC--8/freenet-testing-build-1468-pre2-source.tar.bz2
CHK <at> I63iVCniN7lrSorxxBovziQITmPrYsofEN~2eoDNaUA,k9HtXgGe9Ps-jMadHffgA42t1OU7tFJA0fKiIaHPSH8,AAMC--8/freenet-testing-build-1468-pre2-source.tar.bz2.sig

Additional information on build 1468 can be found in the previous
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Arne Babenhauserheide | 4 May 21:47 2015

reviewed sharewiki plugin


Over the past few months I fell in love with Sharewiki, because it is easy, convenient (more convenient for
small sites than the drupal I use for my clearnet pages!), provides what Freenet needs (i.e. a
bookmark-link, and easy backups) and most importantly it just works.

It only uses proven, fast and scaling functionality (no WoT necessary, though it links to /chat/ to guide
people to places where they can announce their page) and it just works (I already said that, but it’s
worth repeating, since it works without any complex setup or wait times: Start it, click “add site”
and you can start with your site right away).

So I reviewed sharewiki and replaced the GPL-incompatible textile library it used with an LGPL one
(actually the predecessor of the mylyn stuff it use).

I provide the plugin on my sharewiki site (random_babcom¹) and at github:

- sharewiki-b21.jar: CHK <at> 5I6Szzhvi4XFiYN~AZ3Gs~2wZsKnAi2d8PpRAziBfNI,VWmcEbE1x1AaN5KWupIydSuJJij782wqmwmezAXkcqs,AAMC--8/sharewiki-b21.jar
- sharewiki-b21-src.zip: CHK <at> IVZwDAB7NPc34IsRk4ILVxsolGvFWFxJ-lo~KCGU8Ls,QIG2JO-7GlKLU9qh99MaYGAazUZX0oxNv-xIFyhV3Jg,AAMC--8/sharewiki-b21-src.zip
- https://github.com/ArneBab/plugin-sharewiki

To test it, go to the plugins page ( ) scroll to
the text field under “load unofficial plugin from Freenet” and enter the sharewiki key: CHK <at> 5I6Szzhvi4XFiYN~AZ3Gs~2wZsKnAi2d8PpRAziBfNI,VWmcEbE1x1AaN5KWupIydSuJJij782wqmwmezAXkcqs,AAMC--8/sharewiki-b21.jar

It would be nice if someone else could try it. I think it’s already good enough to be included as official
plugin, and it should be pretty low maintenance.

I’d even go as far as *loading* it by default. Though we might want to change the name (since it isn’t
really a wiki).

What do you think?
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