Christopher Allan Webber | 18 Nov 17:42 2015

[GMG-Devel] Trac is back in action!

Simon Fondrie-Teitler has done the much needed work of removing spam
accounts from our Trac instance and setting up anti-spam techniques
correctly.  So far, it looks like it's working!

This means we can go back to using the issue tracker for things, people
don't need to ask me for accounts, and the issue tracker is being much
faster than it was before due to less DB bloat.

THANK YOU Simon for doing this!  I attempted and failed earlier... it's
nice to see someone much more capable than myself set things straight.
I really appreciate your hard work, and I'm sure so does everyone else!

Let's hope this keeps the spammers at bay for a while!
 - Chris
ayleph | 18 Nov 06:18 2015

[GMG-Devel] Possible fix for gst-stream-error-quark: This file is incomplete and cannot be played

I've been plagued by a particular video processing issue since we
switched to gstreamer-1.x in. Some files (specifically mp4 files) which
processed fine using the gstreamer0.10 code from earlier GMG versions
now failed to process. A user of my instance brought that up again last
week, and I was able to spend some time debugging the problem. I think
I've come up with a simple solution. If anyone else has experienced this
issue, try the change I added to the trac ticket [1] and let me know if
it helps. I've optimistically added a v0.8.1 milestone, but it would be
nice if someone else could try it before then.

On a related note, I've discovered that every sniffed media file gets
copied to a temporary file in /tmp. I'm curious why this is necessary.
If someone uploads a 1GB file to my instance, does GMG really need to
copy that "file-like object" to a temp file to sniff the file type
before deleting the temp file? And if it's really necessary, could we
somehow tie this into the normal workbench stuff so that all of my GMG
files are contained in expected locations, instead of files being
created in /tmp? That way I can size my /var/lib/mediagoblin partition
appropriately and not have to worry about files eating up space in /tmp.
Or am I misreading the code?




[GMG-Devel] GMG Bug Triage Day (Thu November 19, 2015 00:00)

GNU MediaGoblin Bug Triage Day

Where: IRC #mediagoblin on
When: All day long

Help us triage bugs! Find bugs that are old, forgotten, unverified and in other states of
not-quite-doneness. Help them on their way by giving them a friendly nudge!

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Join us as we scour the GNU MediaGoblin issue tracker for bugs that need some help.

Bug Triage Day is a bi-weekly meeting every other Thursday.
Sebastian Hugentobler | 13 Nov 10:58 2015

[GMG-Devel] LDAP Integration

Hi all

I patched the ldap integration for my needs and now I'd like to know if
there is interest to merge it back. As I am inexperienced with ldap it
would not hurt if someone with more knowledge could take a look at the
changes :) (especially concerning security implications of which I am

There are some new config keys:

- LDAP_USER_ATTRIBUTE: was hardcoded as *uid*, should fix issue #924 (I
hope I got the correct issue). Mandatory.

- LDAP_UID_SEARCH_FIELD: take the username from this attribute. I needed
this when I used email addresses as login names. Optional.

- LDAP_USER_FILTER: an ldap filter. I use this to determine group
membership. Optional.

How I am using it: I've got an openldap server which I use for owncloud,
email, git and prosody authentication (and now for mediagoblin too).
Whether a user has access to one of the services is determined by group

Thanks for your thoughts,



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ayleph | 13 Nov 08:22 2015

[GMG-Devel] Issue tracker SSL certificate has expired

The SSL certificate for has expired. Due to the
site being configured for HSTS, it isn't possible to accept the expired
certificate and connect anyway. This renders the issue tracker unusable
until this is resolved.


Christopher Allan Webber | 11 Nov 18:24 2015

[GMG-Devel] Should MediaGoblin be present at FOSDEM? You decide!

Hello everyone,

I have some upcoming news, and I'm looking forward to sharing it... it
relates to MediaGoblin 1.0, and something that I believe will help us
get to that goal by early/mid next year.  But you'll have to wait till
next week (I hope) to hear that one!  (I'm not allowed to say yet.)

Meanwhile, I'm debating whether or not I should attend FOSDEM.  Over the
last year, I've mostly left my own travel expenses to my own pocketbook
rather than use up campaign funds we can use towards getting federation
work directly out the door.  However, that gets expensive.

I had proposed a number of talks surrounding the topic of "solving the
deployment crisis" (highly relevant to MediaGoblin's goals and
aspirations) for FOSDEM, but given the expense of both money and time to
fly overseas for FOSDEM attendance, I expressed that I was going to
withdraw from attending the conference this year.

However, in private I've had expression that some people would really
like me to go, and asked if I would go if we were able to get help in me
traveling.  So, if we reach $300 in donations by 2015-11-20, I'll go,
even if I pay part of the way myself (if not, the money just goes to the
project funds anyway, which isn't bad either)... if we reach much more
than that, maybe we can send Jessica, too!  (I'd really like to do this,
but spending money on wrapping up federation work has taken priority for
now.)  $100 has already been pre-pledged, so that's not far to go.

So let's try that experiment... here's the donate link, and if you think
MediaGoblin's attendance at FOSDEM is :

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[GMG-Devel] MediaGoblin monthly meeting (Sat November 07, 2015 09:00)

MediaGoblin monthly meeting

Where: IRC #mediagoblin on
When: Sat Nov  7 09:00:00 2015 Pacific Time

Agenda and wiki notes are at

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the first Saturday of every month at 9:00am Pacitic Time.

Helpful links:
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Dan Krol | 1 Nov 22:02 2015

[GMG-Devel] Tags/Collections for batchaddmedia


I am working on adding auto-add-to-collection to the addmedia and batchadmedia gmg commands. I'd like it for my own purposes, but I'd like to offer it as a patch as well if you all are interested. As long as I'm messaging about my main question (below), I'm curious what you all think about this, whether it's a good idea and anything I should keep in mind, before I finish and submit it.

But the main thing I was wondering was, how come even tags are unsupported in the batch version, whereas they're supported in the single item version?


Is this just a leftover to-do item? If so, I'd be happy to try to add that in as well, because again I would like it for my own purposes. Or is there some big technical complication here, and I'd just be wasting my efforts?

One thing I can think of is that you'd want to join all the requested tags and query/create them at once instead of repeatedly for each item in the list. And then there's the rollback question in case of error, but that's relevant even in the single item version.


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[GMG-Devel] GMG Bug Triage Day (Thu November 05, 2015 00:00)

GNU MediaGoblin Bug Triage Day

Where: IRC #mediagoblin on
When: All day long

Help us triage bugs! Find bugs that are old, forgotten, unverified and in other states of
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Join us as we scour the GNU MediaGoblin issue tracker for bugs that need some help.

Bug Triage Day is a bi-weekly meeting every other Thursday.
Dylan Jeffers | 29 Oct 06:11 2015

[GMG-Devel] PyPump receiving static pngs

Hi all,

Came across what looks like a weird bug. Was uploading images today via
PyPump, then downloading them and displaying them. However, recently all
my uploads started returning a static MediaGoblin png when trying to
download them. An example is in the link below. Also note that these
uploads do not appear on the MediaGoblin web client.

Dylan Jeffers | 27 Oct 10:46 2015

[GMG-Devel] PyPump MediaGoblin jpeg image error

Hi all,

Was noticing today that all the images I upload to MediaGoblin via
PyPump have the name "unknown.jpe". The image still displays on
MediaGoblin, but I'm getting errors tying to display the image on
Goblinoid because of the bad extension. I did some investigation and
looking at this code in pypump:, the line return
response.json(), shows the image is "unknown.jpe". This has me thinking
it has something to do with the MediaGoblin side of things, but would be
great to hear from someone who is more knowledgeable with these matters.