Ajay Chenampara | 20 Dec 22:32 2007

Cricket Scaling

Im trying to plot the 95th %ile . I am using the cricket-95.pl. Everything works great except when I try to
plot n/w utilization along with the o/p of the cricket-95 script.
The script spits the output directly in the Mbps value, whereas the ifInoctets and ifOutOctets are that - octets.
I'm sure im missing something very simple. Can someone who has done this help out?

This is a sample o/p

Retrieved data for s1-0 (1): 741264675,3860053289,20.67

where the first 2 values are ifIN and ifOUT. The third is the 95th.

The cricket config I have is :

targetType      95th-percentile

        ds                      =       "ifInOctets, ifOutOctets, 95th-percentile"
        view                    =       "Octets: ifInOctets ifOutOctets, 95th-percentile: 95th-percentile"

datasource      95th-percentile
        ds-source               =       "exec:0:/%root-dir%/scripts/fetch.pl -1day AVERAGE %rrd-file%"
        rrd-ds-type             =       DERIVE

where fetch.pl is a modified cricket-95.pl

Appreciate any pointers.

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Ed Ravin | 26 Dec 06:35 2007

Solaris dtrace and Cricket

Is anyone using Cricket to collect statistics from a Solaris box using
dtrace probes?  It looks like there's a lot of interesting information
that could be graphed that way...

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