Abdallah Dhaou | 26 Nov 12:52 2015

Add device / SNMP error

Hello everyone,

Im installing cacti on Debian wheezy, the installation went smooth , but 
I got problem when I add new device, I get always SNMP error . I would 
like to know how to correct this error .

Any suggestion is very appreciated.




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Paul Beard | 25 Oct 04:33 2015

Subject: mysqldump and LOCK TABLES?

Something seems bad wrong here. 
mysqldump -uroot -p cacti --skip-lock-tables 

LOCK TABLES `cdef_items` WRITE;
/*!40000 ALTER TABLE `cdef_items` DISABLE KEYS */;
/*!40000 ALTER TABLE `cdef_items` ENABLE KEYS */;
Error: Couldn't read status information for table colors ()
mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'show create table `colors`': Table 'cacti.colors' doesn't exist (1146)

echo 'show tables' | mysql -uroot -p cacti 

colors <- ??
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motaz bashier | 21 Oct 18:02 2015

snmp does not return data

Dears cacties ,

Greeting , 

I've spend about 4 hours trying to figure this out and I've
seen a lot of people with the same problem.  

SNMP not re-pulling the new interfaces not displaying . 

Any help would be appreciated.


Anton Gorlov | 20 Oct 15:55 2015

empty item in template selector

How i find and remove empty menu item?

in source code of page

<select id='graph_template_id' name='graph_template_id'
value='0'>Any</option><option value=''></option> <option
value='18'>Cisco - CPU Usage</option>

cacti-user mailing list
cacti-user <at> lists.sourceforge.net
Peltokangas Mikko | 11 Oct 16:02 2015

Good guides with snmp?

I would like to have some good guide to add some snmp-measured values to cacti. Is there any in internet?


Mike - st257 | 11 Sep 16:43 2015

Cacti Data Query not functioning on second associated graph template

Hello Cacti Users,

I have created an XML Data Query which works for my first associated Graph
Template, but not the second.  The information I'm harvesting are mostly
strings in this case, so I'm using |query_NAME| to display them in a

I've confirmed the second graph has the same associations as the first,
though it only refers to one DQ field and not three DQs like the first
Graph Template.  For kicks, I added another field to the first GT and it is
populated fine, so the data is definitely cached/retrieved (plus I see it
via Verbose Query on Device info).

Is there a reason that a DQ cache is not available to a newly associated
Graph Template?

[ Note: I just tested with the SNMP - Interfaces DQ and have modified a
working graph. So this points to something I'm missing or did in the wrong
order? :-( ]

Timeline:  I've had the DQ XML in place for a few days now and recently
added another "input" field to the XML (which I'd like to display on the
second graph).


//  SilverTip257  //
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el_es | 23 Aug 18:08 2015

Vertical line at 24h before current time


I've increased my RRA Archive display from 86400 to 115200 seconds 
(the 'daily' one) so it shows me last 32 hours. 

(e.g. for net traffic displays it can give us perspective of 
how it went 24h before)

I'm looking for a way to insert a line indicating exactly 24h before
the end of graph (or generally : to insert a line at exactly x seconds
before the end of graph).

So that it effectively displays a vertical line showing us exactly the 
last 24 hours.

Problem is, rrdtool expects HH:MM in VRULE value;

How can I make up HH:MM from anything available in the host system?

(cacti Version 0.8.7i)

Kind Regards

Giles Coochey | 18 Aug 14:24 2015

Are the forums down?

It appears that forums.cacti.net is down?

Anyone confirm or know?

frank | 3 Aug 10:58 2015

Fwd: Bug tracker question

Hi All,

I submitted a Private security-related bug to the Cacti bug tracker
earlier last week and haven't had a response on it yet, though I see
responses have been posted for bugs newer than mine.

Just to confirm, are these bugs visible to developers? If so, shall I
leave it there, or would it be better to contact a developer directly?


PGP key:

Nitzan Zaifman | 7 Jul 08:19 2015

Cacti data sources and graphs not created (complex)


General / summary:
One of my data queries doesn't work. It's a new one but the same one works on one host and not on another
(actually doesn't work on a couple of others tried).
>From initial (as far as I could) analysis - the data query does not create the graph and data sources
correctly on the effected host(/hosts) and rrd is not created (nor does poller ever retrieves the data).

How do I see a log of a new graph creation (from device -> data query), not the poller events (that aren't,
there are none).

I've took example of two hosts: "Peach" and "Orange", both trying to add the same generated data queries
(from script server) graphs.
It all works well as expected in "Orange", but does not in "Peach"
I've included everything in screenshots (those are temporary internal lab servers so I don't mind) so
you'd get the full picture.
The two differences I can see tell between the two are:

1.       "Peach"'s (not working) MVSnew dataquery is significantly larger (150 items, 75 rows) vs. "Orange"'s
one (8 items, 4 rows).

2.       Peach has a lot of script server data queires, about 65, vs. very little on Orange.

DataQueriesMvsnew.PNG - shows MVSnew dataquery configuration with its associated graph templates
"Active" and "Rate".
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Greiner Martin | 1 Jul 18:18 2015



We are allready using spine,
but the balancing from hosts to processes/threads seems not to be the best.

The first 20 seconds, the system will be under heavy load,
but later only two spine processes are running and it will already take about 230 seconds to complete one run.

Do you have any suggestions about optimization?

Technical Support
General Information
Date      Wed, 01 Jul 2015 17:59:34 +0200
Cacti Version     0.8.8c
Cacti OS               unix
SNMP Version NET-SNMP version: 5.4.3
RRDTool Version             RRDTool 1.4.x
Hosts    1252
Graphs                 22991
Data Sources     Script/Command: 1467
SNMP: 4369
SNMP Query: 24725
Script Query: 73
Script - Script Server (PHP): 3
Script Query - Script Server: 575
Total: 31212
Poller Information
Interval                300
Type      SPINE 0.8.8c Copyright 2002-2014 by The Cacti Group
Items    Action[0]: 42417
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