Lenny_Nero | 17 May 15:03 2011

Re: BNR3


> I have been using BNR for a good number of years. I assume I have been
> using BNR2 (the original downloaded file - BNR2beta14.7.exe). How do I
> upgrade to BNR3?
> Marty Weitzman

As said the bnr web site is a good place to start...

But as a quick start, get the BNR 3 .exe/install file.

Then you can get the bnr2.ini file from your other (BNR2) install and use
that (COPY it) to save all of the info being put in again, it just needs
to be named BNR3.ini.

Also I have posted many .bat files that allow you to tune the sqLite page
files to the best that your computer can work with, you need teh
sqLite.exe to do this.



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Lenny_Nero | 17 May 15:13 2011

Re: BNR Replacement?

stormblade31 said

> This is a discussion that has already taken place. Do a search for
> better filtering or Feature Request and you'll see the posts from 2008
> on this very topic.
> For the lazy this was the last post I made on the topic. Not gonna
> rehash. Use what ya like and enjoy. And yup I'm still using BNR3.
> http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/bnr1/message/20284
> --- In bnr1 <at> yahoogroups.com, Lenny_Nero <Lenny_Nero <at> ...> wrote:

Strange ...my NNTP reader has posts going back to 2005 which must have
been the last time I pruned the posts and I cant find any on
filtering. Other than the .nix version, I might check the Y groups, but
TBH they are too much like hard work to read over news.gMane

I also cant see how this could be an area which BNRx is lacking as it has
almost perfect reg-ex filtering power.

But as NNTP index sites are 10 a penny now good filtering is not something
a NNTP downloader 'really' needs, unless the user cant work reg-ex then I
'spose it could be seen to be lacking.

Also a post from 3 years back cant have any new NNTP downloader info in

As I said in all the many years I have been using BNRx there is nothing
that can come close.
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stormblade31 | 17 May 15:40 2011

Re: BNR Replacement?

Yup BNR does the job and is why I continue to use it years after development on it has stopped. As for what it
"really" needs that's subjective. The authors saw that it could use a few things as did I and acknowledged that.

But it does the job I need it to do and as long as it does it will remain used. However, I acknowledge that others
may like to see more features built into their reader of choice which is why I mentioned the only one I'd
played with that had some nice features and leave it to them to see whether it has something they want that
BNR doesn't have.

Regex is familiar to me. In fact if you look in the Files section you'll see that I contributed a few very
simple filters to help beginners.

I use regex at work and used to use it back before the Web when I had to use gopher to search the internet. But
it's not something I'd expect the average user to be comfortable with and even some programmers don't like

Even with BNR's filtering support it fell short of what I was trying to do and when I asked the authors for help
I was told that I couldn't do that with the current filtering in BNR and that they had plans to improve or
replace it. 

That doesn't mean it was broken just that I was trying to do something a bit more advanced that it could do.
That too was in the past posts. Not going to look em up again though.

But with all that said I still use it and will continue to use it until something changes and I can no longer use it.

Not to mention, I've moved away from Usenet to be honest and use emule / bit torrents far more. 

So I can not give any in depth comparison between BNR and say NewsManPro as I don't really use it. When I did
look I saw that it was able to do what I wanted without having to use any external indexing options but I still
prefer BNR.

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stormblade31 | 17 May 15:45 2011

Re: BNR Replacement?

I don't have a link to the discussion between Jeff and I. Don't really feel like searching honestly but in the
link I did provide previously here's a quote from Jeff:

"That is where I plan to someday put the new filtering system that will supercede and replace the current
Kill/Want filters."

This was after the posts about the limitation of the current filtering system. He acknowledged that the
kill/want filters, while adequate, had limitations. Otherwise why replace with a new filtering system?

Anyway, it's all a moot point now honestly. 


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