Lenny_Nero | 19 Nov 02:47 2009

Re: Cross-Post Control

Dave Warren said

> On Wed, 28 Oct 2009 03:54:16 -0700, Jere Wessell <jhwessell <at> cox.net> was
> claimed to have wrote:
>>Looking for a way to control cross-posting to newsgroups.
>>If I mark a file as "read" in one group, I would like it marked as
>>"read" in all groups.
> It's been a few years since I used BNR2/3, but going from memory, BNR2/3
> uses a single database for all posts regardless of newsgroup, crossposts
> only exist once in the database, and as a result this already happens.
> I'm certain someone will correct me if I'm wrong though :)

Yep, you are correct cross post are sorted with one click, multi posts are



Imagine if there were no hypothetical situations...


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