satori | 1 Nov 01:32 1999

[mw] Best dressed - indy - oct 30

I like Dan Doormouse.
He spins good records.
He is a good deejay.

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House of Babylon | 1 Nov 01:08 1999

[mw] On November 12th - YOU WILL BURN!

On Friday November 12th, 1999
In Bloomington Indiana


 <at>  The Hot Spot

A 17+ club that on the second friday of every month
is letting MYSTERY MIXX tear shit up!

The first night (Nov 12th) presented 
by Mystery Mixx will include:

THREEJAY - UndaGround Elements - Disco House
SLATER HOGAN - Musique Boutique - Deep House
CHOCOLATE: The Freaky AfroNaut (tm) - Funky Tech-House (Fusion)
K-STEP - House of Babylon/Subwarped - Jungle Tricknologist
KID K-1 - GrooveCore Productions - Progressive Techno
JOSH HOLMES - Scarab Records - Jungle

Brought-to-you by Mystery Mixx
but call HofB  <at>  317 592 9236
for directions on the day of 

$10  <at>  door
$7 w/ college ID

10-11     Kid K-1
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Panked | 1 Nov 01:25 1999

[mw] Future djs

who are some djs or live acts you people would like to see or see again in 
the future?

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Papa Bear | 1 Nov 02:09 1999

Re: [[mw] The CAFFEINE Non-party]

House of Babylon <houseofbabylon <at>> wrote:
> On behalf of the House of Babylon we'd like to apologize to those
> wanting to go to CAFFEINE.  However, we do not know why the party
> was cancelled.  An explanation?
> We were called about three months ago and asked to be  
> a "support line" for this guy's first party.  We 
> volunteered some other out-of-state numbers for him 
> to call.
> Amongst other things, he didn't do it.  Imagine our
> surprise when the fliers not only had only two 
> numbers on it, but also didn't differentiate between
> the main info line and a support line.
> And, b/c BUNK rarely ever called people back, most 
> other inquiries were directed to us.  Unfortunately,
> we had (nor have) any answers.
> We have gotten a myriad of inquiries regarding the 
> cancellation of CAFFEINE.  And, unfortunately, we
> simply don't know why it was cancelled.  
> My guess:  No space/venue.
> Anyways, the CAFFEINE party was not a House of Babylon
> event.  Any questions regarding the party should be 
> directed to BUNK  <at>  317 738 0330...  good luck getting
> a returned phone call.
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Hugh G. Blaze | 1 Nov 02:59 1999

Re: [mw] arno, dica and chrise are haunting my dreams

I'm no Freud, but I'd say this dream means you ARE WAY TOO BIG A FUCKIN NET 
Just a guess.

>I had the strangest dream last night, and I thought I'd share it with you
>all... I had a dream that I had a party at my house, and that I was
>showing everyone around the neighborhood and dica and chrise were bored,
>until they saw the golf course, then they got excited because they were
>going to be able to play golf. The got so excited that they kisseed the
>grass and rolled around in it and stuff.. then Arno and Soozi stole a golf
>cart and went zooming around the neighborhood...
>Then cut later to the party, where chrise and dica were spraying everyone
>who walked by my house with a garden hose and Arno was setting stuff on
>fire in my front yard. Pixie and Tres were drunk and Doris was still the
>queen of rave. And Matt Demmon was spinning booty house inside. Then my
>alarm woke me up. I'm not kidding, this was a real dream I had last

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Papa Bear | 1 Nov 03:38 1999

Re: [[mw] in response: ravers outlasting hippies]

satori <satori <at>> wrote:
> I remember someone saying somethin along the lines of 
> the rave "movement" has outlasted just about every other
> social movement in americas recent history, including the hippies.
> let me say there is a reason for the beginnings of the hippyish
> movement the govt and police forces didnt care about the drugs as they
> kept it amongst themselves, they just overlooked them for the most part
> then the hippies decided to start standing for something(which actually
> makes them a movement) a change in how we live and look at things, and 
> how seriously we take the establishment.
> Yes raves have outlasted, because we have nothing to stand for.  The govt
> takes longer to notice us because we arent vocal, at most we stand for 
> do drugs, listen to music, dance.
> yeah how hedonistic, but not much depth to it, and so as the movement with
> no movement we have done pretty well...but now they have realized that we
> are the closest thing to a movement our generation(s) have, so...unless
> those malitia people start something we are going to be targetted on next
> especially since the media has shown people that SOMETHING is happening, 
> people will want to know WHAT
> micah
> -
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RaVeR1420 | 1 Nov 03:42 1999

Re: [mw] wtw3?

for some reason i went to this party.
left at 9pm got there at 2... or 1... damn you daylight savings.

everybody was drunk.
but they didnt wrestle.
oh well at least i got in free (thanks for that)

i guess the funnest part was when they decided it was time to burn shit, and 
i heard a conversation that will change my life forever:

"Burn your Bra!"
"Im not wearing a bra"
"but theres food in it"

and for that i thank you.

-the only KID who was at wtw3

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Ross Wolinsky | 1 Nov 04:18 1999

[mw] Kompress... anyone from Columbus area goin?

i'm lookin for a ride to Kompress... i'm in the Columbus area (OSU.. ick) 
and am willing to chip in for gas and stuff... i'm clean, housebroken, and 
enjoy long romantic night walks on the beach... :) please mail me privately, 
and maybe we can work something out (hopefully)... :) thanks


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Dan Sharp | 1 Nov 04:28 1999


I am tired, This is just to let you know.. Tommorrow I will write the full 
review.. This party sucked like no other.. The production crews on this 
party need to be banned. I witnessed atrocities like no other party... After 
this party.. I am closed to convinced that the scene is dying if not dead, 
and people care about nothing but their own shallow selves..

    Nothing was good about this party what-so-ever...

Throw a DEE DAY 5, believe me.. I will be there handing out flyers telling 
people not to go.. This crap has got to stop.. Its unforgiveable..

       Til the review tommorrow..
                sleep tight, and never support these pricks again..

                       Remember the name ----~~> DAN SHARP (0_o)
                                its time I showed people what one
                                 person can achieve..

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[mw] Fwd: kompress net meet!!!!

ok people after deciding on #mw-raves this is where we are meeting...

> From: "Bekka" 
> To: 
> Cc: 
> Subject: kompress 
> Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 22:42:22 -0500 
> X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00.2314.1300 
> Some of us have decided to meet up before the windsor.  (sorry
> playstation..heh)  So if u think u might be hungry or have some time to
> are the directions...
> We are going to meet up at a bar & grill at 10 james can drink lots
> of beer and look cool at the party!
> from the tunnel: 
> turn left onto Park st. there will be a light right there.  Turn left onto
> that's called Ouellette Ave.  It's kinda busy and has a bunch of
> lights.  Keep driving for about...uh i don't know how long...u'll pass all
> kinds of stuff..including CAA and a Wendy's on the right.  A little further
> up u'll come to a major intersection at Tecumseh Rd.  Keep driving...go over
> the hump and stay on the right. Soon the street merges with Dougall Ave. 
> You'll want to merge onto this street.  Stay on the right...a little ways
> down u'll see a sign for E.C.Row Expressway.  I'm almost positive that the
> first one will say E.C.Row West...keep goin STRAIGHT.  Right after the West
> onramp will be the one to go EAST.  Take this one!!  Get on E.C.Row, heading
> east.  The first exit will say Howard Ave.  Keep goin to the next exit.  It
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