Victor R. Volkman | 20 Dec 01:01 2004

New Owain Phyfe recording in the works!

This just in from the Nightwatch publicist.... A little something to Drive the Cold Winter Away
(its -10 degrees fahrenheit as I write this in Michigan).

Yep.  There's a new compact disc on the horizon for Nightwatch Recording.  Owain Phyfe and company are
presently laying the groundwork for an all Spanish CD featuring repertoire from Mexico and South
America.  It's a departure from the usual Renaissance presentation Phyfe and friends have offered in the
past.  However, according to Phyfe:  "The same spirit that originally attracted me to Medieval and
Renaissance repertoire, I'm finding in many of the songs of South America and Mexico.  ...For many years
now, at Rio Blue's home in Texas (aka Nuevo Chile), we have all gotten together one evening a week for
Spanish-Gypsy Night.   This album has been growing out of that experience."  Phyfe declined to offer up the
title of the upcoming recording explaining that "nothing is written in stone yet."  What is known is that
Chilean comrades Rio Blue and Charry Garcia are expected to play a major r
 ole in the assembly of this collection. (See photograph below)  Expected release date: sometime in 2005,
maybe 2006. That doesn't appear to be written in stone either.

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