caron.jones1 | 22 May 09:07 2016

cool stuff

I've read about some cool things recently and I though you might be inerested too, here is the link <>

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Salutations siblings2

koenivb <at>

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Adam Hartfield | 14 Jan 03:04 2015

Big family pic from Adam's

I cropped it. If you want the original, let me know.

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koen.beeuwsaert | 11 Aug 17:38 2013

I muse aloud

Didn't know this was on YouTube! 
I knew about this documentary, but never saw it!

Part 1 ( and the next four parts are on the right.


Koen Beeuwsaert | 2 Aug 02:24 2013


 8/2/2013 1:24:28 PM


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leechew | 16 May 22:22 2013



Jeremy | 26 Feb 04:11 2013

Re: tracy's synopsis of the jane siberry salon in joplin, missouri PART 4

Wowee, Tracy. Thank you for sharing all of that. Magical stuff, even for
someone such as me who has somewhat fallen off the Jane bandwagon, having felt
kind of disconnected from her 21st-century output.

I would love to see the video -- the dropbox method sounds fine by me.

So happy for you, and for Joplin too!


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Subject: tracy's synopsis of the jane siberry salon in joplin, missouri PART

part 4:

if you want to know about
 the show - you are just going to have to contact me
to see the video. ok? OR, i can add you to my dropbox folder and you can
download it.
i was in total bliss during the whole show, and just, well, it was like
blissful shock. my wonderful friend, jill, who sat near to me, said she tried
so hard to get a photo of me watching jane, because it was nothing short of a
look of total bliss.
the show started at 8 with the opening guest (the phenomenal Janell
Sitton-Coats) playing for about 15 minutes, somewhere around 10pm the concert
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Tracy Allan Cope | 4 Feb 16:17 2013

Re: did y'all see this???!!!

A Jane is comin'. jane is comin'. jane is comin'. aw, o, o, o, o, to. My. Town. To us a-a-a-a-all. To us all.
That's right!  No one will be left behind! Not the least of sparrows. Prepare yourself get ready. Don't give
up get ready! Here we go get ready!!


On Feb 3, 2013, at 7:39 PM, "orange-clouds <at>" <orange-clouds <at>> wrote:

> Please join us for an uplifting evening of songs about being alive on this
> beautiful planet, 2013. B 
> Jane Siberry, Celebrating the "Three Queens Trilogy".
> Saturday, February 9, 2013 8pm B Suggested ticket price is $30 payable at the
> door. B Please contact tracycope199 <at> to reserve your seat.(or if you
> would like to come at a reduced price or take advantage of a sponsored
> ticket.)
> RESERVATIONS ONLY B - contact tracycope199 <at>
> Acclaimed Canadian Singer/songwriter Jane Siberry B www.janesiberry.comwill be
> sharing her joy of music and life with us on Saturday, February 9, 2013 at 8pm
> at Unity Church of Joplin, 204 North Jackson Ave (-A- Street and Jackson Ave)
> in Joplin, Missouri 64801.B 
> Opening guest is Janell Sitton-Coats
> note from Tracy:
> I have been following Jane Siberry's music since 1992. B She has taken me with
> her (through her music over the years) on a wonderful spiritual journey
> through this thing called life! (or we are just on the same wavelength!) She
> is wonderful, this is a big deal! B You MAY know her song "Calling All
> Angels". Her latest work is more like story telling with some spoken word and
> song. B Very uplifting, fun, and thought provoking. B  This event is worth 3x
> the ticket price to hear and meet Jane Siberry. B I hope you can make it!
> contact tracycope199 <at> for more info and to reserve your seat.
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Tracy Allan Cope | 24 Jan 17:01 2013

Re: Love (over and over)

Ben!! Baby!!

So glad to hear about your norden!!!!!!

Siblings - please know as ben has said you also comfort me more than you can

Much love,

On Jan 24, 2013, at 9:26 AM, "Ben Thomas" <bfthomas <at>> wrote:

> hello everyone!
> she's not coming to oosa's (usa's) Midwest, so i have to live vicariously
thru you all.  i miss the posts, i'm not on facebook, so i miss a lot of her
comings and goings.  i still get tour and music updates, but cannot 'friend'
her.  altho, i still count her as a 'bestie'!
> as i do you siblings.
> it's been a long time, we're a bit longer in the tooth, but hey! teeth are
> and sometimes, the longer, the better!
> teeth i mean!!
> that last bit sounds like i have a speech impediment.  which i do.  and
suffered thru years of 'speech therapy', which was just me and a couple of
other gay kids.  amazingly, we never thought there was any problem
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koen.beeuwsaert | 23 Jan 18:43 2013

Love (over and over)

Hi everyone!

It's been a while, hasn't it?
But I've got a perfect excuse to write y'all.
Did anyone happen to see this:

I was thrilled, excited and in seventh heaven. And not just because of Jane's appearance. But really for so
many reasons.



Sheila Rieser | 11 Jan 05:38 2013