timecelnet | 1 Sep 02:12 2009

[August Album]Silver II

http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/50656 http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/50656 

Track-by-track review

Nightmare being relevantly distorted in amongst the somnabulistic wanderings
of the human subconscious. Esc would be a handy key to have available in
some dreamstates. I quite liked that as an intro. Once the right key is
pressed we may have The Pleasure of Awakening. That, if nightmares were
apparent, would be a relief. Though we perhaps should not assume that even
so, waking might not be the best option. However, all that aside, the track
is pretty optimistic and bright. Endow Yourself, an interesting proposition.
The idea I suspect would be easier than realising the reality of such
gratuitousness. Again, the track has a positive air for the most part.

OCD sounds so familiar, something about the basic melody of it. In some ways
the track may mimic the internal functioning (or malfunctioning) of the
cerebral nerve net. Makes me think of Lady MacBeth! Classic case. Piano
graces the ears, with the onset of Buddha Bar. Such serenity seems unlikely
in any of the bars I have encountered, though it is a nice feeling all the
same. I am more inclined to envisage a river-side inn, sat watching a
sunset. Smkjpp Window Watcher has a lovely start, which settles into a
fairly large, flowing expression in electronic form. Seems to be a well
controlled emission of creative energy.

Pain, as a musical concept, almost seems out of place, as this has been so
far, a mostly positive experience. However, a quick look at the tracklist
proves that there is quite a lot of ideas covered, positive and potentially
negative. Some sort of equilibrium? Pain is a big issue for many people and
takes many guises. Here there is perhaps an infolding, searching for an
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Max & Mark | 1 Sep 18:55 2009

[pertin_33] bleupulp - blue grey green and pink (beatport)

Here is my new LP / kinda dub techno 


cat: pertin_33

artist : bleupulp

title : blue grey green and pink

track listing

1- panta-v2

2- panta-v3

3- panta-v1

4- live at p-em 2005 (edit 2)

5- last-v1

6- last-v2

7- last-v3


Blue, Grey, Green and Pink, is Quebec producer Maxime Tanguay's 

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binary dilemma | 2 Sep 06:44 2009

Purchase Binary Dilemma Releases From n5MD


I finally shipped some copies of the E.Stonji, Funckarma, and Yard 12"s to
Go there to get some cheap copies from a great site!

Shop by label "Binary Dilemma"*

While you're there, buy some of the other great music from the store. There
is a lot
to choose from.

Check out clips of E.Stonji, Funckarma, and Yard at:


Karajabola | 2 Sep 12:22 2009

Warp 20 Boxed Set arrive?

Anyone got there's yet?  I believe it supposed to be showing up rather  
Neil Walsh | 2 Sep 12:23 2009

Re: Warp 20 Boxed Set arrive?

bleep.com says release date is 25th September, so another few weeks to go.


On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 11:22 AM, Karajabola<karajabola <at> gmail.com> wrote:
> Anyone got there's yet?  I believe it supposed to be showing up rather soon
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michael bergeron | 2 Sep 16:01 2009

Re: Purchase Binary Dilemma Releases From n5MD

picked these up late last year. solid releases from some good talent. keep
up the good work!

On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 11:44 PM, binary dilemma <binarydilemma <at> gmail.com>wrote:

> Greetings!
> I finally shipped some copies of the E.Stonji, Funckarma, and Yard 12"s to
> n5MD.
> Go there to get some cheap copies from a great site!
> *http://www.n5mailorder.com/*
> *
> Shop by label "Binary Dilemma"*
> While you're there, buy some of the other great music from the store. There
> is a lot
> to choose from.
> Check out clips of E.Stonji, Funckarma, and Yard at:
> *www.myspace.com/binarydilemma*
> -Chad
Chris | 2 Sep 17:12 2009

Yard-Swaggle Dub out now on Kahvi

New Yard release came out at the end of August.  Here's what Kahvi is 

"The missing link between early 90's techno and modern IDM."
"Classic styling."
"A classic tribute"
"Open your mind, listen and learn some musical history"


and coming up soon on Yard Rec this fall:

-Yard-DFPRMX CD limited handmade packaging w/ remixes by Karri O., 
Anders Ilar, Celer and more..
-Anders Ilar-Stories of Old CD w/ remixes by Yard & Adam Johnson

Esa Ruoho | 2 Sep 17:31 2009


while im waiting for formatnoise to put out "the scattered harvest ep"
(netlabel) and for project mooncircle to put out "from the shelves of..." as
a digital download,  i put  cdr#2,container,spaces,wrapping,slice,wywiwyn
and places  up as 192/320/wav on junodownload

so far it seems like a nice system and uploading via ftp was effortless.
some minor cms niggles on osx, but there they are. i wont be adding showcase
or repulsine ep on there,  but might eventually add compcomp  on, if i find
the wavefiles for those, that it.

well, im off to dinner. just press play randomly

*Play All: * Juno
 | M3U<http://www.junodownload.com/playlists/builder/cc7d602f8c5f34c5b783201fa0a7666c.m3u>
Derek Crofut | 2 Sep 23:10 2009

alias project - spoken word wanted

"an alias, that which is an alternate title for a person or object. another
name that denotes a new purpose for a familiar thing. this new title may be
the result of decisions or pressures either internal or external, and
typically affects the associations or properties of that person or object at
least somewhat dramatically. this new title can be a symbol of change or can
simply occur because the old name has been issued to a replacement object."

the above paragraph is being read by dozens of people, compiled, mixed and
mastered into a single piece for my new album due out in february, 'alias
splinters routine'. my point is to connect as many voices as possible to a
single thought. if you'd like to send me an mp3 of yourself reading the
above paragraph, please do so. i will gladly include you. i would also
really appreciate it.


‹‹you and I are not snobs. We can never be born enough››
- e e cummings
Peter Heide | 6 Sep 04:10 2009

Re: Re: Floating Points - fabric mix

holy shait, great little mix

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this stuff.. this stuff..!!

On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 4:22 AM, Paul Chillage <paulchillage <at> gmail.com>wrote:

> This is amazing too. Joyful electronics.
> Play here:
> http://soundcloud.com/floatingpoints/floating-points-mix-mary-anne-hobbs-bbc-radio-1-21-01-09
> Download here:
> http://soundcloud.com/floatingpoints/floating-points-mix-mary-anne-hobbs-bbc-radio-1-21-01-09/download
> Floating Points//mix//Mary Anne Hobbs//BBC Radio 1 - 21/01/09
> Tracklisting:
> Floating Points – ‘Cycle 11 DUB’ (unreleased)
> Floating Points - ‘KG beat’ (unreleased)
> Floating Points – ‘Peroration feat. Fatima’ (unreleased)
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