Jared | 30 Oct 17:08 2007

11/04/07 :: ESA and Synnack at the Enormous Room! Slow Motion Sundays

Slow Motion Sundays

Boston's IDM and Downtempo bi-monthly

Every second and last Sunday of the month.
9pm-1am, 21+ NO COVER

This month:


Live PA by Electronic Substance Abuse and Synnack!

Suggested donation is $3, help us support IDM in Boston!


Electronic Substance Abuse - Electronic Substance Abuse was born in
2004 in order to try and make the transition from one extreme
independent music genre to another. E.S.A. was also born to make the
dancefloor a slightly less pleasant place to be and to create an
unbearable sense of darkness and overall not niceness ;-) Originaly
I..J.Blacker, sole member of ESA was part if the underground black
metal scene in England releasing demo's and touring the stench filled
rock club circuit for four years. A descision to walk a variataion of
the left hand path was taken and after being seduced and drawn in by
rythmical noise acts such as Converter and Sonar...I made an exit from
the BM and DM scene to develop my own style of harsh yet intelligent
electronic music. After playing live alongside many of the genre's
finest including 'Scrap edx' and 'Mimetic', a signing was made to Hive
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Philip Sherburne | 30 Oct 17:19 2007

Re: idm Digest 30 Oct 2007 16:08:43 -0000 Issue 3141

well, i guess you can just add it to your sell list, no? :)

On Oct 30, 2007, at 5:08 PM, idm-digest-help <at> hyperreal.org wrote:

> Well, Mr. Sherburne didn't see fit to opt for much infinity-in- 
> variation with his own mnml debut, I must say. I'd slot it as sub- 
> par run of the mill, instantly forgettable, wasted vinyl.
> Maybe a few ghosts could have inspired some life into it - ?

philip sherburne

Alan Lockett | 31 Oct 12:03 2007

Re: essential listening?

Aphex twin-Select ambient works vol.1; Black dog-Bytes; Tri 
repetae-Autechre; ISDN-Future Sound of London; Music has the right to 
children-Boards of Canada; Soup-Bola; Atol scrap-Arovane; 
Interstate-Monolake; Pub-Summer; Lusine icl-Condensed; Loess-Loess; 
Helios-Unomia; Proem-Negativ; Gridlock-Formless; Quench-Punctuated

15 there - not intended as 'Best' or even a 'My Favourite Blah'... just 15 
that came to me.


--On 30 October 2007 16:52 -0700 Hamza Tayeb <htayeb <at> sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> I'm asking for a list of say 15 or 20 paradigmatic releases in the last 
decade or so.

Alan Lockett (Senior Language Co-ordinator - EFL)
Language Centre, University of Bristol,
30-32 Tyndall's Park Road, Bristol, BS8 1PY, UK
tel: +44 (0)117 3310914 e-mail: Alan.R.Lockett <at> bristol.ac.uk
rednetic | 31 Oct 12:45 2007

Re: essential listening?

Artificial Intelligence on Warp Records 1992 - the starting point

Hamza Tayeb wrote:
> Hi all,
>     I'm a relatively new listener when it comes to whatever this thing is
> that the term IDM denotes (I know there is controversy over it).  If its
> true that its more of a listening community than a genre (which may or may
> not be the case), then...umm...what does that community listen to?
>     In other words, I'm asking for a list of say 15 or 20 paradigmatic
> releases in the last decade or so.  I'll be expecting differences of
> opinion from the many different commentators here, which is all part of
> the fun anyway (in the end it will just mean more familiarity with what is
> out there, which is the point).
> Peace,
> H. Tayeb


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