Artie Qewpie | 18 Jul 18:43 2014


Hello There,

Please enjoy this music video called MΩLT I made for no particular 
reason at all:

30mb; safe for work. not porn, but obviously not work, neither. I should 
probably also throw in an epilepsy warning: It is, as I imagine Guy 
Ritchie would say, quite "flash."

Furthermore: The music is not my track, that is not me in the video, and 
I didn't ask either of those dudes permission first, neither. It's not 
that I'm a rebel so much as I'm simply impulsive you see


--arturius qewpie
that which is, is wat

Patrick Matte | 18 Jul 03:52 2014

Lusine - Arrterial

If someone hasn't seen this yet, this is really good.

Clint Anderson | 16 Jul 18:47 2014

weird al... old skool

weird al performing live with just an accordian and a guy with a box... and some bicycle horns and kazoos
another one rides the bus

Clint Anderson
Systems Engineer | 16 Jul 16:49 2014
Jimg <at> <jimg <at>>

Subject: New Plastikman?

New Plastikman?

Is this old news?  Plastikman EX?

-Jim G
Jordan Meinecke | 16 Jul 06:35 2014

Did anyone else listen to Shadow of the Beat?

Shadow of the beat, Nanokaravan specifically.

Radio Web MACBA | 14 Jul 10:33 2014

New podcast: PROBES #8, curated by Chris Cutler

New podcast: PROBES #8, curated by Chris Cutler


In this eighth instalment, Chris Cutler presents modifications of string instruments that seek to move away from tonality while maintaining coherence.






In the late nineteenth century two facts conspired to change the face of music:

the collapse of common-practice tonality (which overturned the certainties

underpinning the world of art music), and the invention of a revolutionary new

form of memory, sound recording (which redefined and greatly empowered the

world of popular music). A tidal wave of probes and experiments into new musical

resources and new organisational practices ploughed through both disciplines,

bringing parts of each onto shared terrain before rolling on to underpin a new

aesthetics able to follow sound and its manipulations beyond the narrow confines

of ‘music’. This series tries analytically to trace and explain these developments,

and to show how, and why, both musical and post-musical genres take the forms

they do. This programme explores ways to coax some highly unusual sounds out

of strings.  

You can find the complete series here:

Clint Anderson | 13 Jul 19:14 2014

the gasman - hiding place #2

is really great
just came out
idm af

Clint Anderson
Systems Engineer
eldad tsabary | 4 May 01:34 2014

Yodel in hi fi

Yodeling in hifi 
A telematic yodelling / sound art jam session on air right now:

Yodel – EA – OH! 
A 6-hour internet jam with bart plantenga, Eldad Tsabary and guests, inspired by the book Yodel in Hi Fi by
bart plantenga
May 3, 2014, 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm (Eastern time)

You are invited to experience the performance in one of the following manners:
Webcast on NAISA radio:
Live at Concordia Music Department's electroacoustic classroom (MB building, 1450 Guy Street, 8th
floor, room 245) (Free admission)
Live at the NAISA Space #252  <at>  Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie Street, Toronto, after 8 PM (admission $5)

A six hour internet jam with sound artists and vocalists participating from around the world. Inspired by
the book Yodel in Hi Fi by bart plantenga, Yodel - EA – OH! Plays on the long distance communications
origins of Yodeling to create cross-cultural links between artists in real time around the globe. 

Participating artists include Andreas Monopolis (MoCM), Bart Plantenga, Girilal Baars, Primal Barber
Trio, Polsick (aka Pablo Anglade) and Agustín Spinetto, Adam Tindale, d0kt0r0 (a.k.a. David Ogborn),
Forever Moonlight, Marc Sloan & Maggie Ens, Noise Intense Funtastic Telematic Yodellers (NIFTY), Scot
Bullick, Biting Eye (aka Ben Bridges), James Bailey, Mark McCawley, Eric Boivin, Zazalie Z. (aka
Nathalie Dion), Kutzkelina (aka Doreen Kutzke), and others.
eldad tsabary | 3 May 06:57 2014

A list of live electroacoustic ensembles

Hello all,

If you're in a live electronics ensemble or know of such an ensemble that is not on this list, it'd be super nice if you could add it here (in the additions tab). 

The list includes electroacoustic ensembles and mixed ensembles that have a substantial live, communal (3 performers minimum) electroacoustic component (laptop, tablet, analog synth, DIY, etc.)

Many thanks 


Dr. Eldad Tsabary, Assistant Professor
Electroacoustic Studies, Music Department
Director, Concordia Laptop Orchestra
Concordia University, Montreal
President, Communauté électroacoustique canadienne / Canadian Electroacoustic Community
eldad.tsabary <at>
514-848-2424 #5163 (office)
514-884-8902 (cell)

Brian Behlendorf | 2 May 06:24 2014

Some small IDM list changes...

Hi from your friendly neighborhood local idm list owner.  Recently, Yahoo 
(and now AOL) have made life harder for folks like me by implementing 
something called DMARC - google "DMARC Yahoo" if you want the gory 
details, but it has to do with how mailing lists relay mail, and Yahoo's 
desire to fight spam, with ordinary mailing list subscribers like you as 
collateral damage.  There are a bunch of complicated solutions proposed, 
but the simplest one is to avoid making any changes to messages when they 
go through the list.  So, I'm experimenting with that here - the subject 
line used to say "[idm]" and no longer does, and there used to be a 
trailer with unsubscribe information at the bottom of every email, and 
there no longer is.  There are still mail headers with that info, though. 
Hopefully this works - we'll know when someone from a  <at> address 
posts, and it gets through to not only another  <at> user, but to 
 <at> users,  <at> users, and others on major services that 
implement DMARC.

Sorry if this is confusing, or if you have to change your mail filters to 
accomodate.  Hopefully you don't even notice anything wrong, but thought 
I'd at least let you all know.

ObIDM: I've been enjoying Wooky's "Montjuic" quite a bit recently.  Retro 
without being sappy.  I'm also amazed at how well Moderat's done with II - 
wish I'd caught them at Moogfest, or in Brooklyn this last weekend.


Radio Web MACBA | 25 Apr 09:36 2014

New podcast: PROBES #7.2 A musical selection curated by Chris Cutler.

New podcast: PROBES #7.2 Auxiliaries.
A musical selection curated by Chris Cutler



The PROBES Auxiliaries collect materials related to each episode that try
to give a broader – and more immediate – impression of the field. They are
a scan, not a deep listening vehicle; an indication of what further
investigation might uncover and, for that reason, most are edited snapshots
of longer pieces. We have tried to light the corners as well as the central
arena, and to not privilege so-called serious over so-called popular
genres. This auxiliary investigates preparations for percussion and
extended techniques for piano.

You can find the complete series here: