Clint Anderson | 29 Aug 16:52 2014

documentary about techno music production

this behind the scenes documentary shows how techno music is actually produced

(sorry i had this stuck in my head all day)

Clint Anderson
Systems Engineer
Seth Branum | 26 Aug 22:37 2014

New William S. Braintree album

My friend W.S. Braintree just dropped a new album of his trademark baroque-dance IDM. 

I figured a few peoples on here might dig it :)

Innerflight Music
Chang Terhune | 26 Aug 15:29 2014


The big question to me i how does Druqxs hold up 13 years later. That's kind of a big signifier of how the man's work is developing or possibly stagnating.

Just thoughts...

- Chang Terhune
"I don't think a great book has yet been written on computer." - JG Ballard

Writer, Yogi, Musician.
Not necessarily in that order

David Newman | 25 Aug 11:08 2014

I Feel Weird .....

Hi All

I am doing a remix entitled “I Feel Weird’ for matthias grumble

I have a request.

I’d love to incorporate your voice saying “I Feel Weird” and a short explanation why as part of the remix.

The remix will be released on audiobulb records.

Please send wav files to contact <at> via

Get in touch if you’d like to talk this through

Many thanks for your participation

David Newman / autistici
dwnewman <at> | exploratory music | music sync specialist

Clint Anderson | 24 Aug 19:53 2014


Is psytrance dead now?  I sort of miss it.

Green nuns of the revolution
astral projection
dark nebula
Hux flux
Infected mushroom (just did a track for lady gaga)
S.u.n. project

I miss any good ones?

Sham Beam | 22 Aug 02:42 2014

Re: new aphex album!

so what does "syro" mean?

On 8/22/2014 4:41 AM, Mark Schieldrop wrote:
> I have not heard it but if I did I'd say there are parts of extreme
> brilliance that I will listen to over and over and parts I will skip
> just as much because they are grating. And that's Aphex to me to me all
> along. So that's good.
> Sent from my iPhone
> On Aug 21, 2014, at 1:13 PM, Alan Lucas <alucas <at>
> <mailto:alucas <at>>> wrote:
>> Hahaha. You're assuming that sides 2-6 are even going to be cut. This
>> is Aphex, after all.
>> On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 1:12 PM, Derek Piotr <piotrmain <at>
>> <mailto:piotrmain <at>>> wrote:
>>     it's coming out on triple vinyl so i'm sure length won't be an issue
>>     On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 1:10 PM, Alan Lucas <alucas <at>
>>     <mailto:alucas <at>>> wrote:
>>         I just hope that the numbers at the end of each track are BPM
>>         and not seconds. I'd love for this to be longer than a 27
>>         minute album. Of course, RDJ album was only 33 minutes, so...
>>         On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 1:00 PM, Benoit Colin
>>         <bntcolin <at> <mailto:bntcolin <at>>> wrote:
>>             ..."the most celebrated and influential electronic
>>             fartist" ... LOL
>>             Le 21 août 2014 18:27, "Clint Anderson" <clinta <at>
>>             <mailto:clinta <at>>> a écrit :
>>                 i figure its supposed to look like a spam email that
>>                 gets past your filters all the time heh
>>                 Clint Anderson
>>                 Systems Engineer
>>                 On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 11:16 AM, Albert Coroleu
>>                 <acoroleu <at> <mailto:acoroleu <at>>> wrote:
>>                     Why all those spelling and date errors on the
>>                     press note?
>>                     "Began in the late 1780s and 90s"
>>                     "a full-length, 20001's Druikqs*"*
>>                     *"*Syria,"
>>                     ....
>>                     2014-08-21 18:14 GMT+02:00 Justin
>>                     <ytbmusic <at> <mailto:ytbmusic <at>>>:
>>                         I preordered vinyl. Looking forward to it.
>>                         Have no idea what it'll sound like really but
>>                         warp vinyl tends to be mastered well so the
>>                         quality of sound will at least be high.
>>                         Hopefully it's mastered from an analog source
>>                         if there is one.
>>                         On Thursday, August 21, 2014, Clint Anderson
>>                         <clinta <at> <mailto:clinta <at>>>
>>                         wrote:
>>                             i for one enjoyed the 'press release' that
>>                             accompanied it
>>                             Clint Anderson
>>                             Systems Engineer
>>                             On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 11:07 AM, Albert
>>                             Coroleu <acoroleu <at>> wrote:
>>                                 Preorder
>>                                 2014-08-21 18:06 GMT+02:00 Alan Lucas
>>                                 <alucas <at>>:
>>                                     Kind of looking forward to it.
>>                                     On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 12:05 PM,
>>                                     Clint Anderson <clinta <at>>
>>                                     wrote:
>>                                         heh
>>                                         j/k cuz im 1000% sure every
>>                                         one of you has already heard
>>                                         about it
>>                                         any thoughts?  random
>>                                         comments?  sick jokes?
>>                                         Clint Anderson
>>                                         Systems Engineer
>>     --
>> <>
>> <>


Sham Beam

Chris Taylor | 21 Aug 22:59 2014

joey anderson

i feel like this guy hasn't received enough attention. check out his record After Forever, lots of Artificial Intelligence style melodies over techno and house (but not straight forward) backdrops. Deep, cosmic, and emotionally ambiguous (kinda like the best Aphex Twin)

Clint Anderson | 21 Aug 18:05 2014

new aphex album!

j/k cuz im 1000% sure every one of you has already heard about it
any thoughts?  random comments?  sick jokes?

Clint Anderson
Systems Engineer
eldad tsabary | 4 May 01:34 2014

Yodel in hi fi

Yodeling in hifi 
A telematic yodelling / sound art jam session on air right now:

Yodel – EA – OH! 
A 6-hour internet jam with bart plantenga, Eldad Tsabary and guests, inspired by the book Yodel in Hi Fi by
bart plantenga
May 3, 2014, 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm (Eastern time)

You are invited to experience the performance in one of the following manners:
Webcast on NAISA radio:
Live at Concordia Music Department's electroacoustic classroom (MB building, 1450 Guy Street, 8th
floor, room 245) (Free admission)
Live at the NAISA Space #252  <at>  Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie Street, Toronto, after 8 PM (admission $5)

A six hour internet jam with sound artists and vocalists participating from around the world. Inspired by
the book Yodel in Hi Fi by bart plantenga, Yodel - EA – OH! Plays on the long distance communications
origins of Yodeling to create cross-cultural links between artists in real time around the globe. 

Participating artists include Andreas Monopolis (MoCM), Bart Plantenga, Girilal Baars, Primal Barber
Trio, Polsick (aka Pablo Anglade) and Agustín Spinetto, Adam Tindale, d0kt0r0 (a.k.a. David Ogborn),
Forever Moonlight, Marc Sloan & Maggie Ens, Noise Intense Funtastic Telematic Yodellers (NIFTY), Scot
Bullick, Biting Eye (aka Ben Bridges), James Bailey, Mark McCawley, Eric Boivin, Zazalie Z. (aka
Nathalie Dion), Kutzkelina (aka Doreen Kutzke), and others.
eldad tsabary | 3 May 06:57 2014

A list of live electroacoustic ensembles

Hello all,

If you're in a live electronics ensemble or know of such an ensemble that is not on this list, it'd be super nice if you could add it here (in the additions tab). 

The list includes electroacoustic ensembles and mixed ensembles that have a substantial live, communal (3 performers minimum) electroacoustic component (laptop, tablet, analog synth, DIY, etc.)

Many thanks 


Dr. Eldad Tsabary, Assistant Professor
Electroacoustic Studies, Music Department
Director, Concordia Laptop Orchestra
Concordia University, Montreal
President, Communauté électroacoustique canadienne / Canadian Electroacoustic Community
eldad.tsabary <at>
514-848-2424 #5163 (office)
514-884-8902 (cell)

Brian Behlendorf | 2 May 06:24 2014

Some small IDM list changes...

Hi from your friendly neighborhood local idm list owner.  Recently, Yahoo 
(and now AOL) have made life harder for folks like me by implementing 
something called DMARC - google "DMARC Yahoo" if you want the gory 
details, but it has to do with how mailing lists relay mail, and Yahoo's 
desire to fight spam, with ordinary mailing list subscribers like you as 
collateral damage.  There are a bunch of complicated solutions proposed, 
but the simplest one is to avoid making any changes to messages when they 
go through the list.  So, I'm experimenting with that here - the subject 
line used to say "[idm]" and no longer does, and there used to be a 
trailer with unsubscribe information at the bottom of every email, and 
there no longer is.  There are still mail headers with that info, though. 
Hopefully this works - we'll know when someone from a  <at> address 
posts, and it gets through to not only another  <at> user, but to 
 <at> users,  <at> users, and others on major services that 
implement DMARC.

Sorry if this is confusing, or if you have to change your mail filters to 
accomodate.  Hopefully you don't even notice anything wrong, but thought 
I'd at least let you all know.

ObIDM: I've been enjoying Wooky's "Montjuic" quite a bit recently.  Retro 
without being sappy.  I'm also amazed at how well Moderat's done with II - 
wish I'd caught them at Moogfest, or in Brooklyn this last weekend.