Chris Taylor | 15 Apr 07:48 2014

Joey Anderson album

is streaming here:

really dope, nails it on the second half, especially "Archer's Ceremony".
funky sci-fi shit with cool arrangements and a great ear for melody.
Neferiu Records | 14 Apr 21:44 2014

Cosmochoria w/Ilkae & Zebra <at> Kickstarter!

Hey idmlist homies. 

Just wanted to give you a heads up that Cosmochoria launched the kickstarter campaign earlier this month
and has been kicking ass — already surpassing the initial goal, we’re now working towards stretch
goals but every pledge comes with the Free 4-5 track Seeds EP from Ilkae & Zebra (a preview to the full

Not to mention, every pledge actually gets a tree planted in Burkina Faso (africa).. With almost 700
pledges so far, we’ve already got a little forest in the making. :)

Check the page out at: 

Huge love,
max tanguay | 12 Apr 13:50 2014

blog update & my new ep

good morning hypperreal

a bit of late new but i updated the pertin-nce blog, featuring many dj sets, live pa's and free releases...
(including various musical styles & some 313 stuff)

also here is my newest ep , kind of weird techno, acid, tribal, etc..
free 320 kps mp3 on

and 3$ on bandcamp

peace out


net label :
me :
Kiya Babzani | 11 Apr 18:47 2014


For those that live under a rock..

eldad tsabary | 8 Apr 00:18 2014

(amb) Blind dates, Animals, Spectrograms, and things of that nature...

This Thursday (April 10th) at 7 PM, Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk) closes its season with show of
visual music

The program includes the following pieces:

1. Blind Date with Dan Toren and Sharon Hawk Hochma
* have you ever brought a laptop orchestra to a blind date?

2. Andrew's Gem 
* follow the triangles, circles, and squares (knock, knock, Neo)

3. Zoology
* CLOrk's animal kingdom (hacuna matata)

4. Spectrology: Deliberate Disguises 
* The story as told by CLOrk

5. Beating Around the Bush
* Times are a-changin (and so do bpms)

Concordia University's Music Department
MB building
1450 Guy Street
8th floor, room 245
Montreal QC

Date: 10 April 2014
Time: 7 PM
Free admission
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Radio Web MACBA | 7 Apr 13:45 2014

Most listened podcasts - March 2014 - Ràdio Web MACBA

*Most listened podcasts - March 2014 - Ràdio Web MACBA*


It may seem obvious looking back but Eric Isaacson had no idea that a
childhood obsession with The Beatles and an armful of Daniel Johnston
cassettes would be the foundation for his work as founder of Mississippi
Records label and shop and the keeper of a uniquely free flowing record
collection that is detached from time.



*2- INTERRUPTIONS #16. On duration: silence is unavailable, please buy time
or switch dimensions. Curated by Dave Phillips. *

Dave Phillips' mix is a true assault on the senses that reflects on extreme
durations in music and our relationship with the temporality of sound.




*3- **PROBES #7. Curated by Chris Cutler*

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Esa Juhani Ruoho | 2 Apr 10:03 2014

reviews to brighten your day: Lackluster: Moments (IP013, Igloo-Pop)

Sup, reviews are fun! Here’s a few for Lackluster: Moments (01.04.2014 (ddmmyyy))

"Moody blue and dreamy ambient IDM return from Finland’s Lackluster" -Boomkat ( )

"Se puede definir este EP como la banda sonora de un funeral, en un mundo donde la muerte no tiene por que ser
algo triste." -Buenos Aliens
(translated: “You can define this EP as the soundtrack to a funeral, in a world where death does not have to
be something sad.”  )
( ) 

| Esa Ruoho | esaruoho <at> | Phone: +358403703659 | 
| skype://esajuhaniruoho | Lackluster site: | Blog: | 

Juho Hietala | 3 Apr 14:57 2014

Blamstrain "For All The Dreamers In" - new CD/LP/Digi album release & online listening party — TOMORROW Friday 4th

Hey all!

I'm releasing my proudest work called "For All The Dreamers In" on Friday through Bandcamp (

Please join me for a listening session at 9:00PM Amsterdam time (GMT+1) on my Mixlr page at Check to see what time it is in your place of residence here: 

Conceptually the album is very close to "Disfold" - it's segued and contains a lot of field recordings. On an
emotional level it's the most mature work I've ever put down on a record, and contains a lot of live playing
after I've drawn influences in the studio from a lot of old timers' ways of recording. I started with 2,5
hours of material and ended up with 66 minutes after throwing all the boring bits out. Getting the whole
thing done was both a huge effort time wise (it took around 4 years to complete) and completely effortless
process wise, and I think it shows. It's full of the most playful, heartwarming, psychedelic and dramatic
music I've ever composed, yet at the same time it's also the most accessible record I've ever produced, and
I had truckloads of fun making every last second of it.

Honestly, I think you should be excited about this thing. I'm really, really, REALLY stoked to release it.
Can't wait till everyone can hear it on Friday. Hope to see you in the Mixlr chatroom!

Here’s a FB event so you won’t forget:

ISSARTEL Tom | 3 Apr 11:53 2014

Stockholm venues


I'll go in Stockholm next September, for a year, what are the recommended venues for IDM/electronic music
in the city or in Sweden?

Esa Ruoho | 31 Mar 21:11 2014

DJMix: Antti M: My Pet Sounds - March 2014

thought to send this around, friend made a mix
Stream& Download:


antti m
my pet sounds
march 2014

01 machinedrum. vizion. ninja tune. 2013
02 christian löffler. slowlight. antti m edit. not on label. 2014
03 rrose. waterfall. eaux. 2013
04 material object. blacklight. karateklub. 2008
05 moderat. bad kingdom. marcel dettman remix. 50 weapons. 2013
06 thomas smith. retina scan. scb edit. last night on earth. 2012
07 joel mull. open. last night on earth. 2013
08 sql & child. nootropica. outpost recordings. 2013
09 charlie may & barry jamieson. homecoming. mayhem. 2010
10 unkle. sayonara. surrender all / essential. 2012
11 jon hopkins. open eye signal. domino. 2013
12 rob clouth. the bridge and the lights. traum. 2012
13 alexi delano. girls on bicycles. minisketch. 2009
14 edu imbernon. niquel. eklektisch. 2011
15 andreas saag featuring filip leyman. leslie's vision. deeper perspective
mix. room with a view. 2011
16 new navy. zimbabwe. flume remix. future classic. 2011

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Jeff Davis | 28 Mar 22:16 2014

CLU - for fans of Burial

Damn -

how have I slept on these guys from Ireland for so long?!?!?!


Jeffrey J Davis
jeff <at>

jeff <at> jeffreyjamesdavis