Sase Puckovski | 31 Oct 04:13 2014

DSPH Sounds #200 - on air now!

Hey IDM heads! Its 200 editions since DSPH Sounds started to sound! To celebrate this occasion, we are airing a special 12-hours edition of our radio program containing a precise selection of some of our all time favorite tunes, from artists and labels we've been constantly rotating on the radio during the our 4-yeas on-air existence!

Its already going on for 4 hours and will be online 8 hours more! Feel free to tune your ears here:
[Also on FM 103.00 around Skopje region]

More info here:

Cheers from Skopje!
Sase [DSPH]

Seth Branum | 31 Oct 02:43 2014

Improvised Halloween ambientz from Seattle

Hello friends,
 Myself and fellow IDM-lister, Gel-Sol, have this ambient improv experiment that we've been conducting for almost 5ive years now called Monster Planet.

 We just put out an album from one of our special Halloween shows from a  few years back for FREE (or donation if you're feeling generous).

BTW, if anyone on this list lives in the Seattle area and would like to come play one of our shows (3rd Mondays <at> Rebar), please hit me or Gel-Sol up. SYNPROV CORP is always looking for new recruits.

Innerflight Music
Clint Anderson | 30 Oct 16:28 2014

new clark album

what does everyone think of the new Clark album?
i really like it, he's referring to it as his eponymous album which i dunno what it has to do with ponies but its good

Clint Anderson
Systems Engineer
Clint Anderson | 30 Oct 15:40 2014

shinichi atobe - butterly effect

also if you were / are a fan of basic channel, there is a whole story here of demdike stare apparently being a huge fan of Ship Scope release by Shinichi Atobe so he tracked him down in japan and apparently the dude had a bunch of tracks laying about unreleased.
i checked it out and i was really impressed by the quality and overall 'basic channel-ness' of the release, its really something

Clint Anderson
Systems Engineer
Jonathan Coote | 29 Oct 21:01 2014

Dissertation on Björk, Remixes and Technology

Hi guys,

For my Music degree I wrote a dissertation on Björk's Medúlla (2004). The thesis is an attempt to synthesis (or compare) socio/technological approaches to music with music analysis.

I thought many of you may be interested in it as I spend a lot of time discussing remixes (especially in chapter 4) as well as the recording studio and vocal technologies.

Would be great to here your feedback!

Brandon Tallent | 29 Oct 19:56 2014

new resynthesize ep

Hey guys, 

Long time since I've posted here.  This isn't strictly IDM but I figure as a longtime subscriber I have some leeway.  I just released a new 5 track house/techno EP that is the manifestation of a whole slew of more dance oriented music I've been into over the past couple of years.  Check it out here:

and purchase it here: 

It should be available on spotify etc in the next couple of days as well. 

I also released another ep last year that is probably more in line with what a lot of you guys are into:

would love to hear feedback on any of it :)

brandon / resynthesize

Clint Anderson | 28 Oct 20:18 2014

alarm will sound w/ dancing people

alarm will sound performs selection of acoustic covers of IDM tracks while dance troupe dances IDMishly

(i personally am not a huge fan of covering electronic tracks with 'real' instruments, but maybe you are?)
either way the dancing at around 11:30 or so is insane

Clint Anderson
Systems Engineer
Aleks tresorg | 27 Oct 19:20 2014

Dvoinoi, new album "Keep it Sample" preview

Hi guys!
I would really like to have some opinions on this if you have some time.

Were doing this live (this is a small bit of an untouched recording), we are putting together an album by dec/jan, right now it is all digitally processed but in the near future we are hoping to get some analog gear, eurorack most probabbly. 

Thanks for being such a great community!!
(I read n listem to almost everything :)
Jeff Davis | 26 Oct 20:55 2014

Happy Birthday Lackluster

Thor's Magic Bathtub, still a glittering gem of a track.


Jeffrey J Davis
jeff <at>

jeff <at> jeffreyjamesdavis

andypop | 26 Oct 15:29 2014

We Play Garage Compilation (Elastica Records)

Clint Anderson | 24 Oct 22:51 2014

ultrademon - .xvx files

sounds kind of like aphex but not
definitely in the same vein though

Clint Anderson
Systems Engineer