Clint Anderson | 17 Nov 16:28 2014

spending too much money on records

man im bad, got some extra cash this weekend and then got carried away buying vinyl of course!

Ital - Endgame
Objekt - Flatland
from Jeremy over at Experimedia (thanks Jeremy!)
i did scour the web and he had the best prices anywhere and always great friendly customer service :)

then got some used bits

"you'll never get anywhere playing with that bloody drum machine" by Railway Raver
JamRolyPoly by Rubber Jonny (which in MY opinion is an AFX alias)
Qtio by Brothomstates (i had the CD but it was $4.99!  how could i say no?)
Bogdan Raczyinski - I Will Eat Your Children Too (one of his best and most fucked up 4 track EPs)

funny story, in the early 90s i went on IRC and talked with Bogdan a couple times randomly, really nice guy.  YEARS later, like maybe 4 or 5 years ago, I worked at a place, sitting next to a guy who actually was best buddies with Bogdan in highschool and used to hang out with him after school.
small world.

Clint Anderson
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Clint Anderson | 14 Nov 21:42 2014

fav record stores in the US?

i personally like Bent Crayon and Experimedia but they don't always have everything in the world... discogs is good of course but a lot of stores it seems dont necessarily list their entire stock on discogs and some stores inexplicably aren't even on discogs :)
anyone have any favorite little record stores for techno and electronic stuff in the US of A that are online and do mail order?

Clint Anderson
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David Newman | 12 Nov 08:28 2014

Matthias Grübel - The Longest Year In History

Matthias Grübel - The Longest Year In History

This dynamic electronic work was recently featured on Mary Anne Hobbs Radio 6 show and is garnering well deserved interest.

The Longest Year In History is available as CD EP + WAV download or WAV only. The download includes four remixes by Calika, Autistici, Ed Phase & Zachov.

Track listing:
01. Into Clouds
02. Sing
03. Close
04. I Felt Weird
05. Sing [Calika Low End Remix]
06. I Felt Weird [Autistici Favourite Remix]
07. I Felt Weird [Ed Phase Remix]
08. Sing [Zachov Remix]

The Artist
Berlin-based musician and producer Matthias Grübel mainly works as a composer soundtracking theatre productions. Projects outside the theater stretch from radio plays to audio-installations. Earlier releases include albums and EPs as Phon°noir and Telekaster. The Longest Year In History marks Grübel's first release using his real name as well as his first collaboration with Audiobulb.

The Longest Year In History
The spaces we enter define the speed of our lives. The Longest Year In History maps out all of these spaces. Our apartments and the windows we look through, looking at clocked day-to-day routines. The club, where existence is eternal, in synchronized infinity. The trains we ride, letting go of the routine while we are being moved, indulging in a shift of time and space... Matthias Grübel provides the soundtrack for our twisted sense of time and movement. He plays Sehnsuchtstechno for the calendar inside your heart.

The Longest Year In History is released as a CD EP and extended digital download including remixes.

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Clint Anderson | 11 Nov 18:03 2014

clark talks about his album

Zombiefly | 10 Nov 23:16 2014

"the producer"

since when did electronic music artists become "producers"? every media outlet now refers to artists as this... why? it's doing my head in... I think i need some sleep :/

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Radio Web MACBA | 10 Nov 14:59 2014

New mix: PROBES #9.2, by Chris Cutler, exploring extended techniques for percussion and winds.

New podcast: PROBES #9.2, by Chris Cutler

This mix by Chris Culter explores extended techniques for percussion and winds.


The PROBES Auxiliaries collect materials related to each episode that try to give a broader – and more immediate – impression of the field. They are a scan, not a deep listening vehicle; an indication of what further investigation might uncover and, for that reason, most are edited snapshots of longer pieces. We have tried to light the corners as well as the central arena, and to not privilege so-called serious over so-called popular genres. PROBES 9.2 explores extended techniques for percussion and winds.
Clint Anderson | 9 Nov 18:35 2014

music history

i admit i just find retro pictures of women working on huge incredibly sophisticated computers hot
Clint Anderson
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Clint Anderson | 9 Nov 18:34 2014

flooding idm with crap, an interview with laurie spiegel

i found this fascinating.  laurie has been around synths and electronic music since its inception, literally in the places where the innovation was happening at places like bell labs, working with morton subotnick, playing on actual mainframe music making computers, the works... and at heart being a guitar strumming folk musician, the sheer breadth and depth of this interview and the concepts that she expresses, i dunno... you should really read it if you are interested in what a really incredibly educated musician thinks of the evolution of electronics and music.

Clint Anderson
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Clint Anderson | 9 Nov 18:30 2014

metamatics - instamatic

did anyone notice metamatics dropped a new LP?
i wasnt ever a huge fan in the past, i think i remember hearing it and being like "oh more cheesy happy idm bleeps" 
but being as i recognized the name and with respect for all those who have just held out that long and stayed around i decided to check it out
and the melodies do have a whole other layer of depth to them, and cover a wide and deep range of moods and feelings -- and are also backed by a ton of solid and thoroughly complex 'idmy' rhythms and beats, i was instantly taken from the minute i started listening and now this album has suddenly jumped up my internal charts significantly...
if i HAD to compare it to something maybe like a dark, gloomy, moody and aloof Plaid

Clint Anderson
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Seth Branum | 8 Nov 23:05 2014

Xtraplex / Clean Error

Anyone on here a fan of Xtraplex or Clean Error records? 

Looking for suggestions of similar labels that I might not know about yet :)

Innerflight Music
Esa Ruoho | 8 Nov 19:45 2014

Interview: Flying Lotus - Inside The Mind of a Mad Beat Scientist (Rolling Stone)