Esa Ruoho | 28 Feb 01:31 2015

did you used to like Merck? Do you like unboxings?

Well, here's two of your favourite things (one, if you only like unboxing videos, or if you only like Merck Records)

So, Phase#2 of the Lackluster Indiegogo crowd funding campaign is over - with U-Cover CDs (Phase1, unboxing at ) and Merck Records CDs (Phase2, unboxing just there) taken care of. Phase#3 is to pick up 73 deFocus vinyl from London, UK, where they have been hiding away for a decade. I kid you not.

Anyone who pitches in, even a dollar, will get these albums as digital downloads (FLAC/MP3):

Lackluster: Slice
Esa Ruoho: Spaces
Lackluster: Lexicon of Goods
Lackluster: Merck Package

and to celebrate the Merck Records CDs arriving, also:

Lackluster: Showcase
the two previously unreleased Lackluster EPs and if we reach $1888, 1 live recording of Ambient Drones (Esa Ruoho) and 1 live recording of electronic music (Lackluster).

3 days left. If ya like, now'd be a great time.

Incidentally, here's an interesting writeup about the campaign that just got published:

Clint Anderson | 28 Feb 01:28 2015

dj producer

offtopic but
if anyone of you happen to like hellfish & producer... 

Clint Anderson
Systems Engineer
kent williams | 27 Feb 22:08 2015

Re: Re[2]: Is the UK of the birthplace of IDM?

Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton invented IDM, EDM, ICBM, and AIDS.

On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 1:28 PM Ruslan Troknyuk <zippykid <at>> wrote:
I think we can find roots of IDM in every country of the world not only in UK

I am the king of IDM when I am artist so I think so, sorry 

Ruslan Troknyuk

Пятница, 27 февраля 2015, 15:10 UTC от kent williams <chaircrusher <at>>:

Since this list was started EXPLICITLY to discuss the music of the Warp Artificial Intelligence series (and related music), and Warp is UK label with primarily a UK roster at the time, yes.

Nothing is born ex nihilo; the Warp AI artists were heavily influenced by Chicago House and Detroit Techno sounds that were being imported into the UK in the late 80s, in addition to US hip hop.

On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 8:40 AM stubbornstorm <stubbornstorm <at>> wrote:
I was wondering if you could really say that there's an origin country of
IDM. What do you think?

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stubbornstorm | 27 Feb 15:40 2015

Is the UK of the birthplace of IDM?

I was wondering if you could really say that there's an origin country of
IDM. What do you think?

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kent williams | 27 Feb 07:46 2015

Worst user48736353001 tracks

So far, I've found a couple that I don't have much use for.
24 Squalitude Acid -- giant arrythmic distorted farting noises over a beat you can barely follow.  A room clearer for sure.
9 Square Dance -- this is like a very skillful production of deliberately awful, dorky music.  Everything about it is bitter and cloying as saccharine.
Anthony Papavassiliou | 27 Feb 01:55 2015

IDM List archives

Hello list,

I'm trying to access to old IDM List archives on, but only some of the topics will open.

Do you know where we can browse the entire archives ? If its not done yet, I really think that having a dump somewhere would be great for science :)
As an example, I'm trying to find when the first(s) occurence(s) of drill and drill'n'bass appeared.

But i can not read most of the post that could contain some uses of the word or expression before or after this date.

I also found topics with the names "anti-drills" and "drills", later in 1997, but could not read what is inside :(

Also, if you have any other information/source from inside or outside the IDM List about the word "drill" from the drill'n'bass, feel free to message me :)

A. Papavassiliou
Sam Loschl | 26 Feb 22:59 2015

50 Shades of Rave

greetings, just released a big batch of new tracks (50.) If any of you guys are interested in giving me feedback, I'd really appreciate it. I've been working on this, non-stop, for about 3 months. It was a really fun little project, which will probably conclude my releases under PHNV.

some equipment i used (alongside a shit stack of ableton patches) to make this:
Korg Electribe EA-1
Korg M01-Workstation (Nintendo 3DS app)
MC-303 Groovebox
1989 Dot-Matrix Gameboy (LSDJ Tracker)
Mackie ProFX 8 channel mixer
Akai EIE

i'm poor as shit, earning minimum wage as a cook/living independently. Even so, i have developed a compulsive habit of spending almost all my spare $$ on equipment. It has been difficult to build the setup that I want, but i'm getting closer. My intention for this album was to have it be a bit of a farewell to my computer for a while, as i have enough stuff to make some primitive hardware grooves. I might do some tape recordings next!!

Anyway, thanks!
<3 <3

P.S. On another note, any recommends for affordable monophonic analog keyboards. I started playing keyboards for a local punk band (with a microkorg, which honestly works pretty well). I could really hear a yamaha cs-5 or something alike going well with it. something with some aggressive saws and squares
andypop | 26 Feb 19:40 2015

Andypop - Space Funk (L2S Recordings)

Some Garage? 

SPACE FUNK (L2S Recodings)

Release Date: 02/03/2015
“Digital White Labels” available 23rd February Exclusively from Juno Download

Andypop returns to L2S for a 2 track EP with title track Space Funk featuring Georgette. The perfect track for DJs and dancefloors alike, with it's driving bass pulse, tight beats, smooth atmospheres and vocal snippets, smoothly blending Garage with elements of Breaks and Electro to awesome effect. Accompanying is Handle With Care, an althogether heavier and darker affair, with Grimey overtones, noisey melodies and insistent drum programming for the more discerning of dancefloors.

1) Andypop: Space Funk feat. Georgette
2) Andypop: Handle With Care

Jeff Davis | 26 Feb 19:37 2015

Re: 313 Digest 25 Feb 2015 14:55:43 -0000 Issue 4276

Ed -

Awesome again.  Nothing personal but it only took me a half second to
switch over to the mix from the old Mike Paradinas tracks I was
listening to on Soundcloud (which are pretty much shite so far).

Any mix which opens with some Lardossian Cruiser is good in my book.

Jeffrey J Davis

jeff <at>


On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 11:39 AM, edward thompson <ed612313 <at>> wrote:
> hi guys,
> Smashed out a solid 3 deck UR mix the other day… Over 3 hrs
> Ended up using samples of Mad Mike from the NZ Radio interview :) Thanks for
> that...
> 1. UR - Drexciya - Aquatacizem
> 2. UR - Drexciya - Smokey's Illegitimate Report
> 3. UR - UR on MIR
> 4. UR - Fugitive from Tibet
> 5. UR - Zero is my country
> 6. UR - Unabomber
> 7. UR - Andre Holland - They Will Never Know
> 8. UR - Abandoned Building In Mono_Original Mix
> 9. UR - Andre Holland_Inversions_Original Mix
> 10. UR - Jaguar
> 11. UR Jaguar Riff
> 12. UR - Windchime
> 13. UR - As free as you want to be
> 14. UR - Andre Holland - Im In
> 15. UR - Blake Baxter - Visions of you
> 16. UR - Elimination
> 17. UR - Gamma Ray
> 18. UR - Beauty of Decay
> 19. UR - Back to Nirvahna
> 20. UR - Magnetic Timetable
> 21. UR - Code Red
> 22. The Martian - 808 State
> 23. UR - The Safety is Off
> 24. UR SID 003 - Lunar rhythms
> 25. UR - Track 1 SID
> 26. UR - Drexciya - S.I.D-005. Dr. Blowfin's Experiment
> 27. The Martian - The Intruder
> 28. UR - Drexciya - Dr Blowfins' Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres
> 29. Drexciya - Species of the Pod
> 30. UR - Drexciya - Aquatic Bata Bumps
> 31. UR - Drexciya - Aquabahn
> 32. UR - Electric Soul - X2
> 33. UR - Mad Mike - Twista
> 34. UR - Sweat (SID 01)
> 35. UR - Maroon
> 36. UR - Drexciya - Andrean Sand Dunes
> 37. UR - Mirage
> 38. UR - Final Frontier
> 39. UR - Illuminator
> 40. UR - The martian - Ultraviolet images
> 41. UR - The Martian - Dreamdancing
> 42. UR - The Aztec Mystic mix in
> 43. UR - Octave One - Daystar Rising
> 44. UR - Aztlan
> 45. UR - The Martian - Skypainter
> 46. The Martian - Stardancer
> 47. UR - The Seawolf
> 48. UR - Suburban Knight - Nocturbulus behaviour
> 49. Jeff Mills - Step to Enchantment
> 50. UR - Sonic Destroyer
> 51. Jeff Mills - The Bells
> 52. UR - Panic
> 53. UR - Jupiter Jazz
> 54. UR - Deep Space 9
> 55. The Martian - Red Atmospheres
> 56. UR - Hi Tech Jazz
> 57. UR - Body Soul
> 58. UR - Greater than yourself
> 59. X102 Jeff Mills
> 60. UR - Big Stone Lake
> 61. Mad Mike Interview NZ Radio
> 62. UR - Amazon
> 63. UR in Utrecht
> 64. UR - The Punisher
> 65. Public Enemy - Burn Hollywood Burn
> 66. Mad Mike Interview NZ Radio
> 67. UR - Feat. Yolanda - Your Time Is Up
> On 26/02/2015, at 1:55 AM, 313-digest-help <at> wrote:
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> Digital (re)-issue of my EP from 2001
> 105156 by: kent williams
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> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> From: kent williams <chaircrusher <at>>
> Subject: Digital (re)-issue of my EP from 2001
> Date: 26 February 2015 1:55:41 AM AEDT
> To: do id <idm <at>>, list 313 <313 <at>>
> I tried to start a label beginning about 15 years ago.  I probably would
> have kept releasing vinyl, but 9/11 happened which seemed to suck the life
> out of the dance vinyl world, I lost my job and didn't have $1500 to press
> records, and after that, well, the whole world changed.
> But weirdly, I've been selling this record again in Europe through Discogs,
> so hey maybe it's time has finally arrived.
> I miraculously still had the digital masters on a backup disk, mastered them
> digitally, and uploaded them to BandCamp.  As far as I can detect, no one
> ever digitized and uploaded them before; whether that means I slipped it
> into the marketplace just before digital music really caught on, or maybe
> DJs thought it qualified as a secret weapon to hoard, I dunno.

Clint Anderson | 26 Feb 15:57 2015

new clark ep

Radio Web MACBA | 26 Feb 12:25 2015

OBJECTHOOD, a series of podcasts about new perspectives on the role of the object in contemporary art and philosophy.

OBJECTHOOD is a series of podcasts about new perspectives on the role of the object in contemporary art and philosophy.

OBJECTHOOD #1. featuring interviews with Graham Harman and Luciana Parisi

Curated by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros

A historical overview and some new perspectives on objects in contemporary philosophy and art. Featuring interviews with Graham Harman and Luciana Parisi.


This podcast is about objects, but more importantly, it is about some of the recent theories that offer new conceptualisations of objects in contemporary philosophy and art. This first episode features philosophers Graham Harman and Luciana Parisi. Harman's object-oriented ontology opposes Kant's anthropocentrism and the scientistic standpoint, in defence of a radically broad notion of objecthood; while Parisi looks at the relations between things and data, between macrophysical objects (or blobjects, as Karim Rashid called them) and the algorithms that create them.

OBJECTHOOD #2. Featuring interviews with Florian Hecker and Erick Beltrán

Curated by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros






This podcast is about objects and, more importantly, about some recent new theoretical conceptualisations of objects in contemporary philosophy and art. In this second episode, sound artist Florian Hecker discusses the idea of sounds as objects and the notion of decomposition in his recent chimerical pieces, and Erick Beltrán addresses different aspects of epistemology, the self and identity that have been part of his artistic practice.  

OBJECTHOOD #3 coming up soon, with an interview with Martin Holbraad and an artistic intervention by choreographer Quim Pujol