radish | 1 Jun 03:29 2008

Re: Does Squeezebox work via Apple Time Capsule

Define "work".

The problems previously were with the wireless portion (i.e. using TC
as a router) - that's now resolved. AFAIK no-one has yet managed (or
tried?) to run SC on a TC, I'd be surprised if it were possible.


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cjn1962 | 1 Jun 04:02 2008

Re: Cannot synchronize multiple players

Thank you very much for the reply - yes, I am using stream.mp3.  I had a
feeling that might be why - thanks for clearing that up.



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Michael Herger | 1 Jun 07:50 2008

Re: Where to send suggestions

> 1k+ favorites with just the title of the track?

Favorites are not playlists (But you can make a playlist a favorite ;-)). I think the initial design of the
favorites did make this a bit clearer: you were able to assign one item to every one of the 0-9 buttons on the
remote. 10 items. No more. Now you can have more of them, but I don't see any reason why anyone would want more
than a few dozens.



cronshd | 1 Jun 09:05 2008

iTunes Playlists


How can I use my iTunes playlists in SlimServer?

I am using SlimServer 6.5.4.

I have my iTunes folder on NAS, mapped to Z:\music

I have tried a few things like leaving the field blank for iTunes
playlists in SlimServer (and copying the iTunes xml files from C: drive
to Z:).

Is there an easy, step by step guide for doing this? It seems like it
should be quite a basic, straightforward thing to do. Not sure why it

Am I missing something?



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MvmntInGrn | 1 Jun 12:09 2008

Working my to to 5.1

I've am going to be buying the following speakers for use with my
Playstation 3.


So thats step one, but what now? Do I need other cables or a receiver?
Trying to  find out figure out if the Digital SoundTouch™ Control Panel
IS a receiver?

Quite confused, any help appreciated.


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beginners mailing list
Uluen | 1 Jun 13:03 2008

Re: Where to send suggestions

Thanks for explaining this to me Michael. Obviously I don't use the
favorites like intended :)

I have 41k+ songs, adding tracks to favorites makes it easier to find
them later, when making playlists.
Artist info missing from the favorites is really my only complaint with
the SB, other than that it's a fantastic piece of kit.


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Yanntoe | 1 Jun 13:20 2008

Re: Uk Music Service

Probably a "Doh!" question, but, I've downloaded Last.fm to my pc and it
plays fine.
I've set all the settings I can find on the SqueezeNetwork and
SqueezeCentre to what appears to be the right ones. I've downloaded the
SqueezeScobbler download.

Last.fm appears on the SB's and is set as a favorite.

Trouble is, it won't play on the SB's.  On the favorites menu, when
Lastfm is selected it gets as far as "Checking Stream" but no sounds


Can anyone help?




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jimzak | 1 Jun 13:41 2008

Re: I cant get squeeze center to start - anyone else had this?

I could not get SqueezeCenter to install within a relatively new install
of Windows XP SP2.

So I used another computer with exactly the same operating system
instead and SC installed easily and now works well.

Apparently the "fatal" flaw in all of this is the finicky nature of

Perhaps a future upgrade will overcome this limitation.

Do a search for "Squeezecenter starting" to check on other folks
frustrations and solutions.


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moley6knipe | 1 Jun 15:17 2008

Re: iTunes Playlists

How are you getting your music into Squeezecenter?  If you've just told
it the location of your music folder and haven't ticked the "use
itunes" options, then it'll just scan your music.  If you leave the
music folder box empty and tick "use itunes" then SC will simply read
the itunes library.xml file, and that's the thing that contains the
itunes playlists.



2 x SqueezeBox 3 | 1 x SqueezeCenter 7 | 1 x Win XP Pro SP2 | 1 x Happy
listener :-)
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Michael Herger | 1 Jun 15:47 2008

Re: I cant get squeeze center to start - anyone else had this?

> So I used another computer with exactly the same operating system
> instead and SC installed easily and now works well.

I'd bet there are differences between these two machines. AV scanner? Firewall?

> Perhaps a future upgrade will overcome this limitation.

I'm working on better anlysis of the underlying system. If you could find out whether there was such a
difference between the two, this would really help us a lot.

Also, if you could run and post the results of
on the machine which didn't like SC, that could already give us some pointer.