Hi, Harvey and all,

Thanks for the input.  I'm having difficulty in following what seems to 
be extremely simple instructions.  For example, Harvey:  You directed me 

  I have difficulty even getting to FRETBOARD.  I turn on the Z6S and I 
have [1]GUITARS, [2]CHORDS, [3]GUITA03, [4] GUITA04, ... through 
[8]GUITA08.  No sign of FRETBOARD anywhere.  However you've mentioned in 
the material [manuals] and elsewhere that EDIT is the start of so many 
processes so I press EDIT.  And sure enough:  I find FRETBOARD on button 5.

  So I press FRETBOARD and look for TUNINGS, and it's nowhere to be 
seen.  However TUNE/TRANS shows on key 5.  So I press key 5.  Now I see 
TUNING on key 3.

I press TUNING and get MAP 1 on button 1; TUNINGS on button 2; PRESETS 
on button 3 and EDIT on button 4.  So that appears to be the "... button 
to the right of
the word 'Preset' and scroll to the 6-stringBass tuning..." that you 
mentioned.  However I must not be at the right place because I can't 
find any 6 string bass tuning.  On this screen I can see maps 1 through 
map 8 and the notes for every fret from zero [open] through 24 and I 
can't find anything resembling BEADGC.  Of course only the OPEN, 12 fret 
and 24 fret would give this sequence.

So where did I fall off the wagon?  Is there some way I can actually 
follow " FRETBOARD/TUNINGS/PRESET" that you mention?  I have done a 
factory reset...

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Hi.  The group seems to be pretty inactive.  And the Ztar group I found seems to be totally over-run with spam.  I have bought a used Z6S and need to ask some questions.  Any Ztar users still on this group?



Posted by: res075oh <at> verizon.net

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MG 510 MG 500 PG 300 PG 310 PG 380

Hi    guys   I  was  pleased  to see  a  renewed  interest  in  the   Casio  range 

I have  a   small  fleet  of  them   
MG 510     x  3 

MG  500    x  1v>

PG  300    x 1

PG 310    x  1 

PG 380    x  1

 I  no  longer  use  them  so  if   anyone  has  an  interest  please feel free  to    discuss

The   500   is   a nice    example   and  the   380    is  near   mint 

Seasons  greetings 

Brian  Brockie  

London  England  

Posted by: Brian Brockie <brian_vesa <at> yahoo.co.uk>

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Casio MG 510 controllers

Dear Group,


I have an old Casio MG 510 Midi guitar controller (http://www.drpickup.com/ MG500_510.pdf) that I haven't used in years and would like to use it for a project in Logic Pro X. I have not been able find drivers for it and when I contacted Casio their response was "we had an old MG-510 from 1987 however we do not have drivers for anything that old and we do not even have someone available that was working here when those were sold. WE have no work arounds, 





Anyone on this list have any suggestions on making this controller work? I am using a MOTU 828 interface with a new MAC Mini…


Thanks in advance for your assistance!!!!


Posted by: dossl <at> linkspllc.com

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Opportunities: Rolf Spuler† left inventions/workshop/parts/company

english version below

Rolf Spuler, einer der ungewöhnlichsten und genialsten guitarrenbauer ist am 18. April 2014 gestorben.
er hat die modernsten methoden für seine instrumente angewendet: 3D design, CNC, SMD elektronik, piezotonabnehmer für jede saite…

zum vereinfachen bieten wir 6 gelegenheiten an, aber viel mehr kombinationen sind möglich, also was immer dein interesse ist, bitte nimm kontakt auf! mailto:matthias <at> paradis-guitars.com

1  die firma Schweizer firma Rolf Spuler GmbH übernehmen
    mit oder ohne inhalt

2  diese werkstatt ev. mit inhalt mieten: http://youtu.be/hGwgXnhqpM4
    zum gitarren bauen oder irgend etwas anderes
es gibt auch zimmer in der WG daneben. ein toller ort, weil man Frauenfeld locker per velo und Zürich direkt per S8 erreicht, aber auch wald hinter dem haus mit wasserfall…

3  konzept oder teile wie beschrieben auf http://paradis-guitars.com in deine instrumente einbauen.
    Rolfs mitarbeiter haben sich anerboten dazu zu helfen und haben ein Forum gegründet: http://paradis-guitars.info (Rolf wollte nicht, dass wir seine modelle weiterbauen)

4  die ganze elektronik übernehmen. Matthias wird die pickups bauen. 
    Rolf hat noch ein modulares PCB system für in die gitarren entwickelt, das er kaum anpries.

5  webshop für gitarrenteile einrichten
    ein plan von Rolf war, all die teile, die er hergestellt und zusammengesucht hat, anderen gitarrenbauern anzubieten.

6  auf reparaturservice für Rolfs gitarren spezialisieren
    Rolf hat etwa 350 instrumente gebaut, die für einen standard gitarrenshop nicht einfach zu reparieren sind. wir sind bereit mit schemen und teilen und rat zu helfen.

7  maschinen, bauteile, holz, unfertiges…
    falls sich niemand für das gesamte material interessiert, werden wir die einzelteile ab mitte August verkaufen. wir haben schon eine liste von interessenten angefangen…

bitte kopier dieses mail an alle die sich dafür interessieren könnten oder andere kennen die sich interessieren könnten, mailing lists…

Rolf Spuler, one of the most unique and genious guitar makers died on April 18. 2014
He used the most advanced methods to make 350 guitars: 3D design, CNC, SMD electronics, piezo pickup for each string… 

the resulting 6 opportunities below are a simplification. any combinations are possible, so whatever interest you have, please contact us! mailto:matthias <at> paradis-guitars.com

1  taking over the Swiss company Rolf Spuler GmbH 
    with or without content.

2  rent this place: http://youtu.be/hGwgXnhqpM4 with or without content
    for building guitars or whatever you want.
there are free rooms in the main house if you want to live there. an amazing place, because Frauenfeld can be reached by bike and Zürich by S-train - and the forest with waterfalls starts behind the house…

3  adapt any of the concepts or parts described at http://paradis-guitars.com for your instrument.
    all professionals that worked with Rolf are willing to consult and started this forum: http://paradis-guitars.info (Rolf did not want that his models would be built by others)

4  take over the whole electronics. Matthias will continue making the pickups
    Rolf developed a modular PCB family to build into the guitars that was not promoted yet.

5  creating a webshop with all the guitar specific parts
    one of Rolfs plans was to offer all the special parts he found and created to other guitar makers. we have pictures showing what parts we are talking about in case you are interested in organizing this.

6  repairing Rolf's guitars 
    do you have a guitar repair shop that can deal with SMD electronics?
Rolf's instruments contain rather complex electronics and unsusual parts, but he left a stock of parts and all drawings and schemas his partners can consult...

7  buying specific items like machines, wood, prototypes, kits… 
    if no one takes over the entire shop, we will start to sell off its parts mid August.

please forward this mail to whomever you think may be interested or know someone interested, mailing lists etc
thank you 

Posted by: Matthias Grob <matilists <at> gmail.com>

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Passac Sentient Six Help

Hi Does anybody have a manual for the Passac Sentient Six,I’ve got the unit and guitar,but have no idea on
some of the features,somebody please help

Posted by: Brandon Newsom <bluesmexican <at> yahoo.com>

Gen 2 urock

Sorry if the is a ad topic, but urock is offering to upgrade Gen 1 to Gen 2 "guitars" does anyone have a Gen 2? Is it a improvement over the Gen 1? Gen 1 was a major disappointment for me...for 100 bucks, if I could find use for this, would be interesting...thanks guys...

Posted by: "bobby_groups <at> bobk.us" <bobby_groups <at> bobk.us>

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I fond that a simple Nashwvilel tuning can be very useful for close voicings and clusters that wouldn't involve too much Holdsworth like stretching...



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Passac Sentient six help

Hi doe anybody have a copy of the sentient six manual,I have the unit and guitar.but need info on all the features,please help I can't wait to get this on stage,thanks in advance guys..


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Reaktor jazz band

If there are any Reaktor users on the list, I've been working on some Reaktor stuff to be controlled with MIDI guitar. I am driving it using the MIDI from a Roland GR-55 and some other MIDI pedals. The ensemble imitates horns from a jazz big band, and is particularly useful if you are a jazz guitarist who can already play block chord solos a la Wes Montgomery. I've spent a lot of time figuring out how to do that, so I wanted to make the chords sound like horns. On the guitar, the drop 2 versions of block chords are playable and the close versions are not. One thing you can do with this is transpose strings up or down an octave to create close voicings from drop 2 voicings, a trick I like doing with the GR-55's internal soun ds as well.

Anyway, if anyone is interested I can post these on my web site somewhere. I haven't participated in the group very much in the past because I've been mostly playing other instruments in my band (Haken Continuum Fingerboard and keyboards). But someone wrote me an email asking about this. I got excited about it and started building stuff.

Let me know, thanks.

Mark Smart



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David Messenger | 6 May 05:45 2014

Re: Casio MG-500 2nd toggle switch next to Humbucking/Single switch

Cool, does it look factory inside?

On 5/5/2014 6:50 AM, Dag250965 <at> aol.com wrote:
It's a coil tap and works very well in changing from jangly Strat to beefy humbuckler. There is also a slight boost in volume so it can work as a solo switch on a clean, slightly crunchy sound.


On 5 May 2014, at 06:04, David Messenger <mssngr1 <at> pacifier.com> wrote:


Yah, doubtful there would be a Coil tap on a factory Casio mag PU. It's probably only a 2 wire PU.



On 5/4/2014 9:55 PM, James Meagher wrote:
David Messenger <mssngr <at> pacifier.com> wrote:

Could be a Coil tap or Phase switch...

Yeah, phase switch is my guess . . . I'll find out tomorrow when the one I bought arrives!!! The seller said nothing about a mod, but I noticed while inspecting the photos this eve that it certainly has a second toggle there. 


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