Karma or Triton extreme

I read some where the Triton Extreme  came fully loaded with  All the 
Board option that are available for Karma, and Triton.  You Get Dance 
extreme, Future loops, Vintage Synths, and all the others, plus all 
the classic Triton sounds in one Triton Extreme.  All you need is a 
Moss board, and buy some extra memory for the sampler In a Triton 
Extreme right?

I could  sell my karma, save and get the Triton extreme. Or I can Buy 
Other Karma  and load it with two more exb cards, To get some 
different sounds.

If the Karma function smokes the  dual appegeators in the Triton 
extreme maybe I would think about just geting another Karma.

I'm quite bored of the sounds now, I find them to be really  sounds 
of the 90's. Thank God not too much Cheese, But still.

The M3 is got the sounds  of NOW!  I love the  M3 but there Is No 
Earthly whay I could afford it.

The Only things I can afford is THe TRiton Extreme, The TR 
workstation or  the Roland Juno -G.  

I really want some new sounds!

Or wait until they come out with a another Lower  priced New Karma!

Or wait 5 years exercise and take my vitamins so I live long enough 
to buy a M3 with the price down about $1,100 dollars.

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Steve | 25 Feb 00:56 2008

Re: Karma or Triton extreme

I am also waiting to be able to afford the M3 or the next
gen M...karma something...M2 or M4 ...or whatever they
call the MO competitor when it arrives. Actually, the
Karma was a breakthrough but I agree...if everyone on
the planet can make the same sounds where is the unique
value in the Karma....you must find it within you in your
sense of sound design, melody, rhythm and harmony.

I did sell my Karma and Motif for exactly that reason...
I did not want to be like everyone else and while I 
miss them, I console myself with a Korg Micro X
and an Alesis Fusion, which I find gives me the most
fun nowadays. I might return to the Karma if I cannot 
get the M3 technology for less than 2-2.5K. I am waiting.
Almost got one for 1400 on ebay but someone trumped
me in the last 10 secs....good move by whoever.

Korg will want to compete with their parent company,
Yamaha with the MO and baby motifs so I am hoping they
will come out with a Karma II or M4 at half the price. I
can give up sampling if new sounds can be loaded...
Still watching the clock.


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