Barry Warsaw | 10 Jul 23:25 2012

upcoming shows

Hi folks, a couple of reminders about upcoming shows.

This Saturday, July 14, the U-Liners are paying tribute to Woody Guthrie's
100th birthday with a show at the Takoma Park Civic Auditorium.  The fantastic
Magpies are opening the evening, then we'll play a set, and we'll likely close
the night with a raucous selection of songs together.  The show starts at

Tickets are $15 and it's nearly sold out, so if you want to come, buy them
now.  The show is sponsored by the Institute of Musical Traditions, and
tickets are available at

Also, on Thursday, July 12, I'll be hanging with some friends in Bethesda, at
the Box Bar & Grill, 7525 Old Georgetown Road.  I'll be part of the house band
for a night sing-and-play along, so you are invited to bring your
instruments.  This is the first time we've tried it, and I think we'll have a
projector to put the chords and lyrics up on a floor-to-ceiling screen.  At
least I hope so, because I have no idea what we're going to be playing, but
they should be "classics" :).  We start at 8pm and go to 10pm, and there's no

Don't forget that on Thursday, August 2nd, the U-Liners will be at the
Hamilton in DC for the first time, playing our annual Jerry Garcia tribute.
Actually this year, we'll be joining the fantastic John K Band, and one other
for a great night of diverse Dead and Garcia tunes.

Looking ahead to September, the U-Liners will be at JV's in Falls Church on
the 22nd.
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Barry Warsaw | 29 Jul 18:34 2012

U-Liners this Thursday - Jerry Garcia Tribute

Hi folks, just a reminder and an gentle noodge.  The U-Liners will be playing at our annual Jerry Garcia
tribute this Thursday, August 2nd.  This year, we'll be part of a triple bill with the fantastic John K Band
and On The Bus.  You might know John from his work with Dark Star Orchestra and Furthur (Weir and Lesh, so he's
definitely "bringing the Dead cred" :).

The show should be really great, and we have Eli Gonzales joining us again on sax, and the wonderful Becky
Warren joining us on vocals.  Only... get your tickets now!  Don't wait like the Woody Guthrie tribute.  I've
heard the show is almost sold out.

See you there!

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