Barry Warsaw | 3 Nov 14:47 2008

U-Liners <at> IOTA

Hi everyone.

Just a quick reminder that the U-Liners will be playing at the IOTA  
Club this Saturday night.

TIME: 9pm -- 12:30am
MORE: 2832 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22201
IOTA Club & Cafe

Opening for us will be Memphis 59.

And don't forget to vote early and often <wink>.

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Barry Warsaw | 15 Nov 04:33 2008

The Underliners <at> Red & Black

Hi everyone,

This Sunday night we've got kind of a new one for you!  I'll be  
playing with the Underliners at The Red and the Black, a new cool bar  
in NE DC.  The Underliners are kind of a mixed mutt of U-Liners and  
Cravin' Dogs, with me as the transpecies bridge between the two.  Joe  
Uehlein, myself, as well as Tom Helf and John Penovich.

The Red & The Black
1212 H Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C.

I'll also be playing with the Cravin' Dogs on the Warren Zevon tribute  
at the Barns of Wolf Trap on Friday November 21st.  Unfortunately the  
show is already sold out, so hopefully you have your tickets already :).

Look for new Dogs gigs in 2009!


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