Richard Anvil | 23 Apr 16:44 2012

News on 4AD history book

I have just recieved the following email from Martin Aston on an official history of 4AD book he is writing;

Hi Richard,

Good to hear from you. A quick summary of the book, then. I'm telling the story of 4AD, but more the years from
when Ivo and Peter Kent started the label in 1980 up to when Ivo sold his share back to Beggars in 1999 - in
other words the years that 4AD became a phenomenon, something that is still revered, adored and
influential to the present day. There will be closing chapters on what's happened to the label since Ivo
departed, but just as much on what's happened to Ivo and various other characters involved since. 

It's the first book I know of on 4AD, and given Factory, Creation and Rough Trade all have books on them, it's
about time 4AD got the same treatment. In any case, I've been writing about music for over 25 years, and have
written numerous features and reviews of 4AD bands and with Ivo. I have done various press bios on various
4AD signings too, and also the sleevenotes for the 1992 compilation Lilliput. And I wrote the This Mortal
Coil feature in MOJO at the end of 2011. So I hope I'm well qualified enough for the commited 4AD fan..

I'm interviewing as many people as possible, including Ivo and Vaughan Oliver (both already done), and
every band you can think of, unless someone suddenly doesn't want to take part, but so far, so good. 

With such a book, I am more telling the story of 4AD than the story of each and every individual artist and
band, however there is much crossover in terms of each artist/band's relationship with the label, at the
start and as time went on, and how one impacted on the other. 

The book is being published by HarperCollins and should be out summer of 2013, maybe a little earlier if it
all works out. 

And thanks for spreading the word

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Peter Olson | 25 Apr 02:29 2012

Re: News on 4AD history book

Exciting news! Wasn't there an aborted book on the label a few years back? Seems I remember reading about it;
even seeing pre-press images...

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