Richard Anvil Peat | 18 Feb 11:50 2011

Modern English UK & European Tour - Can You Help?

Hello, I have found your email address on the web and I wondered if you might be able to help. As a fan I have set
up the Modern English website and fan forum and if you weren't aware the original line up have
reformed and last year did a short US tour. I have just been speaking to Steve Walker (keyboard player from
Modern English) and the band are eager to organise a UK and European tour for this year but as they are having
to organise it all themselves (no tour manager) any help in finding venues that would be interested in
holding a Modern English gig would be most welcome. I wondered if you had any '4AD fan' contacts' around the
UK and Europe you could forward this request onto? We are aware that Modern English i
 sn't as well known in Europe as they are in the US so venue size of about 200 would be best (no stadiums and no
pubs please). If any of your contacts have a venue or have the contact details of a local interested venue to
you in the UK or Europe then they can email me at richard.anvil <at> .
Also if anyone is willing to help promote the tour once dates and venues have been arranged they can also also
drop me a line.

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I R O N F L A M E | 27 Feb 02:52 2011

[ironflame] ROBERT X. PATRIOT / EZH - Split-7" OUT NOW! => LISTEN!

After the ultra-limited luxurious hand-made collectors edition of the GERECHTIGKEITS LIGA EP  'Vom
Nachteil geboren zu sein“, IRONFLAME is now proud to present the second volume in their RE-DOKUMENT SERIES:

         7"Single in gold, silver or green vinyl, hand-numbered & strictly limited to 111 copies each.
         special 6mm-spine colour cardboard jacket with metallic printer's colors
         incl. Poster, 2 postcards, 2 buttons, 3 stickers & Insert)
         comes in crystal clear original japanese protective vinyl sleeve with re-sealable flap
===   IRONFLAME [IF//RE002/S]

[A]   ROBERT X. PATRIOT: a collaborator of The Electric Hellfire Club, Boyd Rice and Warcom, ROBERT X.
PATRIOT made quite a name for himself in the mid nineties by appearing on such cult samplers as 'How
Terrorists Kill', 'Men and Mice' and 'Psychick Wolves ov Midgard'. Not to mention his own infamous and
much sought-after 'Dogs Leg Rising' album, a rather tongue-in-cheek „tribute“ to the
World-Serpent-Family, as such titles as 'Freya Aswynn's Basement', 'Hitler in Khakis', 'Ou est Klaus
Nomi', or 'Vichy Toast Sunrise' clearly suggest.
  But the best kept secret about ROBERT X. PATRIOT probably is his long-burning passion for the synth pop of
the early 80s: think Ultravox, Duran Duran and all the heroes of the Electronic New Wave movement. A genre
he will be associated with forever after the release of this single… Then not only is 'Gold, Silver,
Green' clearly destined to become an all-time hit, it is also and without exaggeration or
self-indulgence a true HYMN which will soon find its place on every playlist of every party, every
webradio and every podcast of the ever-growing Minimal-Synth- / Electronic-New-Wave scene!

LISTEN to 'Gold Silver Green':

[A]   EZH: known in the Hamburger underground of the late eighties as the editor of bad taste / nonPC / music
fanzine “I.d.A.f.”, EZH has been active since the early nineties as a DJ for Electro, New Wave and
Post-Industrial and made quite a stir in 2000 with his 9:30mins long technoid monster 'Slumber' (only
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