Kronstudios | 2 Apr 14:03 2002

Will you review this new Music?


We have just made 3 new songs availble for you to
download at  You have our permission to put
these songs on a cd for private and promotional uses. 

The first song you should download is called "Hot Ass

The second song is called "What You Really Want"

Then third song is called "High"

Thanks for your  feedback 


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nymh | 2 Apr 20:36 2002

for trade: "clustered and clipped" & "breakdown"


i've got these two canadian 4AD promo comps in excellent condition, and i'm
lookin to trade.

i'm looking for lush's "gala" and pale saints' "in the comforts of
madness", but feel free to make me other offers (no cd-rs please).


                                                  happiest   when

bgmailorder | 4 Apr 16:34 2002

New AV Deck playlist

just to let everyone know, the playlist has changed on 
and now includes the Tanya Donelly/David Narcizo interview I did last 
month, as well as more new Breeders tracks (new single 'huffer' out the 
end of this month)

also, some of you may or may not be interested, but there's also some 
tracks from Rothko, who have recently signed to Too Pure - think I've 
seen them mentioned on here or on the 4ad boards.... plus a load of 
other Beggars Group bands...



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shane | 6 Apr 06:11 2002

Pillows "Kim Deal" Translation, please?

Is there a Japanese listie here willing to translate the lyrics of "Kim
Deal" by The Pillows for me?  I would greatly appreciate it!



 shane | shane <at> |


nymh | 10 Apr 05:47 2002

neil halstead in ottawa apr.20

is this show going to happen or what?

there is still no venue listed on the 4ad site, can't find nothin on the
mojave 3 site, and there's been not a peep of this show here locally.
nobody seems to know anything about it.

what gives?

lots of people want to get excited...


                                                  happiest   when

twp7titit | 10 Apr 12:11 2002

Wolfgang Press

I'm looking for Wolfgang Press' rarities... I f anyone can help!!

rins4 | 10 Apr 22:13 2002

items wanted

Hi all

i buy/sell/trade 4AD records etc - if anybody is after anything in 
particular please e mail me directly

i am also looking to buy items as well

i am particularly after the following :

 Various - Mai Pen Rai CD 
(1993) UK 4AD: (NONIPR1)

Various - ...and dog bones, too CD 
(1992) UK? 4AD: (21512)

Various - Shaving the Pavement CD 

The Fast Set - Junction One 7" 
(1980) UK 4AD/AXIS: (AXIS1)

Shox - No Turning Back 7" 
(1980) UK 4AD/AXIS: (AXIS4)

please e mail as appropriate



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crushreality | 10 Apr 22:49 2002

Discount Tickets to Daniel Ash in Santa Ana, CA - 4/16


We are one of the bands scheduled to open for Daniel Ash at The 
Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA on April 16.  We have a limited 
amount of discounted tickets available for purchase to this show.  
tickets at the door are $20, alot more if you buy them through 
ticketmaster, but we have them for [/b]$15[b].  If interested, you 
can buy them by emailing us at crushreality <at> or calling us 
at (949) 487-5461.  Thanks.  we are honored to be playing with such a 
legend as Daniel Ash and look forward to playing with him on the 
16th.  Hope to see you all there.

omannn2002 | 11 Apr 12:32 2002

some old stuff desperately wanted...can you help?

Hi there,

I am after a few old things on 4ad or related to that label. So if 
you are selling any of these - see below - or can point me in the 
right direction, I'd be very grateful.

This is what I'm after:

1.) Dutch Vinyl magazine, which had the Cocteaus flexi. I have the 
flexi but not the magazine.
2.) Pale Saints - Children Break. Again I have the flexi but not the 
3.) Cocteau Twins recording of their live show at Ratinger Hof in 
Düsseldorf/Germany promoting Garlands. That must have been in '82 
or '83.


Mike Lintner | 12 Apr 14:05 2002

RE: Digest Number 712

you could try here..

> Message: 1
>    Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 10:11:31 -0000
> I'm looking for Wolfgang Press' rarities... I f anyone can help!!
> ________________________________________________________________________
> ________________________________________________________________________
> Message: 2
>    Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 20:13:33 -0000

> i buy/sell/trade 4AD records etc - if anybody is after anything in 
> particular please e mail me directly