Erik Hetzner | 17 Apr 21:01 2014

Ten years (personally) of WL

Hi all,

I have been using Wanderlust for just over 10 years (!) now. I’ve sent
thousands of messages and read many, many more. The stability,
reliability, and abundance of features that WL displays are very

Thanks to everybody who has worked on WL over the years. I am very
grateful for the work you have all done, and I am looking forward to
many more years with WL.

best, Erik


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Niall O'Reilly | 15 Apr 11:29 2014

Occasional problem displaying message


I'm having a problem which occurs often enough to be a nuisance, but
not frequently enough either for me to see what the cause might be or
for me to decide that WL sucks just as badly as any other MUA.

What I'm seeing is that the "*WL:Message*-nnnnnn" buffer presented
with dead whitespace prefixed to the beginning of the message, before
the first header line ("To:").

By "dead", I mean that this whitespace cannot be traversed using arrow
keys, C-B, or M-<; the cursor simply cannot be moved back beyond the
beginning of the first header line.  C-L doesn't help either.

Sometimes, the whitespace exceeds the size of the message-buffer
window, so that nothing of the message is shown. In this case, if the
message is long enough, some combination of C-V and C-L may help.
Success in displaying the message seems to depend on finding a way to
position the message so that the first header line is scrolled off the
top of the window.

The Emacs I'm running (on OSX Mavericks) is a recent download from  I've installed wanderlust using el-get.
Versions are shown in the "User-Agent:" header above.

I'ld appreciate any helpful advice.

Best regards,
Niall O'Reilly

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Randy Bush | 3 Apr 09:12 2014


running on mac/mavericks with pgg.  if i call pgp-decrypt, i get

Loading pgg...done
call-interactively: Autoloading failed to define function pgg-decrypt
Making completion list...

i can encrypt, sign, and pgg-decrypt-region if i first c-x c-w the
message body to a writable buffer.

clue bat, please


andrés ramírez | 17 Mar 03:18 2014

store nntp folders as Maildir by default

Hi Guys.

Here a happy wl user for at least three years now. Almost two years
ago. There was splited my single emacs session (daemon), on two
daemons. Why was done that?. The reason is simple wl hangs up my emacs
session for a few seconds when pressing s for
'wl-folder-check-current-entity'. As ths wl 
setup include 4 imaps accounts, and almost 30 nntp news sites (thanks
to gwene).

A year ago the 4 imap accounts where moved to offlineimap, wl can
still be used for reading them. So what keeps the second emacs session still
running, the nntp news. If it were possible to store by default this
accounts as maildir. Then a cron could be established to run
'wl-folder-check-current-entity' on the second emacs session every x
minutes, and read still the news on my first emacs session as
maildir. That would be awesome as, when working without X, it is a
little cumbersome to be moving between the two emacs sessions, and do
not even think about copying text to put on an email from the first
session to the second emacs session (acknowledged screen could be helpful on
this, but screen and the emacs keybindings are not friends C-t is
keeped for emacs).

Is It posible to store the nntp accounts as Maildir by default?
Andres Ramirez.

Thomas Narten | 13 Mar 14:44 2014

wanderlust error: Cannot resize the root window of a frame

I've run into an odd bug.

I'm ssh'ed into a remote machine, running emacs there (ubuntu). When I
invoke wanderlust, and try to display a message, I get the error
"Cannot resize the root window of a frame".

repeat by, go to summary mode for  particular folder. Delete all
windows but the summary one. hit SPC, ".", etc.

Rather annoying, as I run into this pretty much right away.

I can get around the problem by splitting the summary window (so there
is more than one window within the frame).


I got wanderlust up and running under Ubuntu 13.04. I used el-get to
install wl and its various dependencies.

I do not run into the above error when running emacs on my laptop (running

Seems rather obscure.  Googling for "Cannot resize the root window of
a frame" gets only a handful of hits.



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Thomas Narten | 11 Mar 05:09 2014

Installing wanderlust on Ubuntu 13.04


I have wanderlust running on one linux system, and thought it would be
easy to get it installed on a different one running Ubuntu 13.04. But
no such luck. :-(

When I try to invoke wl, I get the error "Package pgg is obsolete!".

I got to this point by running:

% git clone
% git clone
% git clone
% git clone
% git clone

I tested w3m from within emacs, and it seemed to work OK (i.e, it
loaded URLs)

I then tried invoking wl and got the error. This seems to be a known
problem of sorts in Ubuntu. says:

> The SEMI package ships with an out of date version of pgg which does
> not, for example, support gpg-agent. Unfortunately, at least on
> Ubuntu, this outdated PGG overrides the version shipped with Emacs
> 22.
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David Pirrò | 18 Feb 12:58 2014

Tracing of SMTP session?

Dear All,

Since a few days I have problems sending emails with attachments (pdf,
small ones ~ 1.0M) from another mail address. When I try, emacs
hangs. After some minutes I have to press C-g and quit... I have no
problems sending attachments from this (gmail) address.

The problem is that I cannot say where the problem is ... :) I don't
know where it hangs. Since I have to C-g no trace of the smtp session
is created. I would be nice to have some trace of what is happening
and at what point everythings hangs up. Having that information would
help to communicate with my sysadmin.

Is ther a way to get such "trace"?

Thank you very much for your help!


Kazuhiro Ito | 8 Feb 13:33 2014

Re: S/MIME with Wanderlust

> > BTW, your emacs is customized not to display CR character.  I expect
> > emacs to display CR as '^M'.  I think your customization is not
> > suitable for debug.
> Hmm, any idea where I would need to look for this unsuitable
> customisation. I hardly use the built-in customisation system and do
> everything by my init file. There CR must be masked somewhere in a
> kind of hidden or implicit way.

I don't know about such package.  If you want to dig,
confirm that 'emacs -Q' shows CR character first, then try commenting
out part of your init file and find the cause.


Kazuhiro Ito

David Pirrò | 5 Feb 18:20 2014


Dear All,

As I'm new to this list I intruduce myself. My name ist David and I've
been using wanderlust under OSX and now under Debian for some time
now (ca. 1 Year). 

After some refinement steps, at this point almost everything works

Still I can't get one minor thing to work.
So here is my question: 

I'm using the following in my init.el for setting up the reply draft:
;; reply to just the author
(setq wl-draft-reply-without-argument-list
      '(("Reply-To" ("Reply-To") nil nil)
	("Mail-Reply-To" ("Mail-Reply-To") nil nil)
	("From" ("From") nil nil)))

;; reply to all
(setq wl-draft-reply-with-argument-list
      '(("Followup-To" nil nil ("Followup-To"))
	("Mail-Followup-To" ("Mail-Followup-To") nil ("Newsgroups"))
	("Reply-To" ("Reply-To") ("To" "Cc" "From") ("Newsgroups"))
	("From" ("From") ("To" "Cc") ("Newsgroups"))))

So, the problem is that when I'm using reply to all, my own address is
also always in the CC field. Is there any way to forbid that?

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David Pirrò | 5 Feb 18:05 2014

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Richard Lewis | 5 Feb 13:18 2014

Office 365 "BAD Command received in Invalid state."

Hi there,

My employer recently sold out their email provision to Microsoft using
that company's Office 365 'cloud' offering. This service provides an
IMAP implementation with which I'm having some problems.

I regularly find that I can't establish a connection when I first try;
it takes up to 10s of attempts over several minutes before Wanderlust
successfully manages to retrieve new message headers. For as long as
the connection is left open it works fine. Each of the failed attempts
results in this error message:

"BAD Command received in Invalid state."

I have IMAP debugging enabled and have pasted the full log below.

The Web seems to suggest that this could be a password encryption
setting problem on the server side. (My employer has not been very
helpful in attempting to debug this; they (understandly) argue that
they don't support Wanderlust.) However, it seems from the
'capability' response that only PLAIN is supported, so I can't really
experiment further in that direction. I've also tried switching been
SSL on port 993 and STARTTLS on port 143; doesn't make any difference.

Any suggestions what might be going on here?


Richard Lewis
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