andrés ramírez | 18 Dec 03:02 2014

poodle and fastmail

Hi Guys.

This line on .folders used to work before fastmail disabled ssl 3.

%inbox:"jperez <at>"/clear <at>!	"test"

Any tips, on how to make it work again without enabling an insecure


Erik Hetzner | 9 Dec 18:36 2014

Wanderlust is installable via MELPA

Hi all,

If you have been using my package archive
( to install Wanderlust, you can now use
MELPA instead:

I will not be providing updates via my package repo any more.

If you have not been using my package archive, and you use GNU
emacs>=23, I highly advise installing via MELPA. It is easier, in my
experience, than installing via el-get or by hand. It does not require
git, make, or anything but emacs to be installed.

The only issue is that MELPA is a bleeding edge package repository, so
you always get the absolute latest version.

best, Erik
Sent from my free software system <>.

Christian Kruse | 1 Dec 22:11 2014

Error when sending mail: args-out-of-range


I get the following error when trying to send a mail:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (args-out-of-range ["pub" "e" "3072" "17" "0ADA7CF492838A76"
"1278484593" "1383905445" nil "u" nil nil "sca" nil nil nil] 15)
  signal(args-out-of-range (["pub" "e" "3072" "17" "0ADA7CF492838A76" "1278484593" "1383905445" nil
"u" nil nil "sca" nil nil nil] 15))
  (condition-case error (mime-edit-translate-buffer) ((error quit) (switch-to-buffer the-buf)
(unless mime-edit-debug (kill-buffer buf)) (signal (car error) (cdr error))))
  (let* ((str (buffer-string)) (separator mail-header-separator) (the-buf (current-buffer))
(buf-name (buffer-name)) (temp-buf-name (concat "*temp-article:" buf-name "*")) (buf (get-buffer
temp-buf-name)) (pgp-processing mime-edit-pgp-processing)) (if buf (progn (switch-to-buffer buf)
(erase-buffer)) (setq buf (get-buffer-create temp-buf-name)) (switch-to-buffer buf)) (insert str)
(setq major-mode (quote mime-temp-message-mode)) (make-local-variable (quote
mail-header-separator)) (setq mail-header-separator separator) (make-local-variable (quote
mime-edit-buffer)) (setq mime-edit-buffer the-buf) (setq mime-edit-pgp-processing
pgp-processing) (run-hooks (quote mime-edit-translate-hook)) (condition-case error
(mime-edit-translate-buffer) ((error quit) (switch-to-buffer the-buf) (unless mime-edit-debug
(kill-buffer buf)) (signal (car error) (cdr error)))) (goto-char (point-min)) (if
(re-search-forward (concat "^" (regexp-quote separator) "$")) (replace-match ""))
(mime-view-buffer) (make-local-variable (quote mime-edit-temp-message-buffer)) (setq
mime-edit-temp-message-buffer buf))
  (let* (attribute-values (orig-buffer (current-buffer)) (current-point (point)) (config-exec-flag
wl-draft-config-exec-flag) (parent-folder wl-draft-parent-folder) (mime-display-header-hook
(quote wl-highlight-headers)) (mime-header-encode-method-alist (append (quote
((wl-draft-eword-encode-address-list To Cc Bcc Resent-To Resent-Cc Resent-Bcc From))) (if (boundp
(quote mime-header-encode-method-alist)) (symbol-value (quote
mime-header-encode-method-alist))))) mime-view-ignored-field-list
(Continue reading)

John Owens | 20 Nov 17:59 2014

best practices for wanderlust+gmail

There are terrific guides to setting up Wanderlust with Gmail. What
I'm missing, though, is best practices for how to *use* Gmail with
Wanderlust given its differences from traditional IMAP. Any thoughts
from those who have been using it for a while would be appreciated.

- Gmail uses labels not folders. How does this impact WL usage? Is it
  typical to use 'O' to set a label, possibly several labels, and then
  archive the message?

- It seems popular to "archive" everything in Gmail (possibly after
  it's labeled). Do wl/Gmail users have a particular setup so that 'o'
  always goes to the archive, or another keystroke?

- Searching (IMAP search) in one giant archive seems like a headache.
  Any setup that makes WL searching more tractable, or do users just
  turn to Gmail's (excellent) online search through their mail?



Thomas Narten | 11 Nov 16:19 2014

resetting underlying IMAP connection

Occasionally IMAP hangs and I have to CTRL-G and restart the
operation. Things usually restart OK then. This typically happens
after resumming from a laptop suspend, restarting a VPN connection,

Occasionally, doing the above doesn't work. I.e., restarting the
operation results in the same hanging. Exiting and restarting WL takes
care of the problem.

Is there a direct way to reset/close/restart the underlying IMAP
connection without exiting WL?


Kazuhiro Ito | 6 Nov 14:57 2014

Default interactive folder search (Re: Modify wl-summary-pick to reduce IMAP traffic)

Please see

This change reduces IMAP traffic.  But it increases other protocols

So, I implemented alternate default for interactive folder search.

If elmo-folder-search is called with setting NUMBERS argument to t,
IMAP folder uses server-side search (same as the current default for
non-interactive search), and other folders search from msgdb
containing messages (same as the current default for interactive
search).  Please see attached patch.


Kazuhiro Ito

Attachment (diff.diff): application/octet-stream, 11 KiB
Kazuhiro Ito | 6 Nov 09:46 2014

IMAP folder doesn't sync with deleted messages

When IMAP server's messages were deleted by other client, Wanderlust
doesn't sync with deleted messages until more new messages are added.

elmo-folder-list-messages-plugged method of elmo-imap4-folder seems
not to assume that messages can be deleted by other client.  I'm not
sure that the problem can be resolved without full sync.


Kazuhiro Ito

Greg Bognar | 6 Nov 03:50 2014

WL and org-store-link

Hi all,

This could be more of an org-mode question, but it is relevant here too.

Earlier today, I upgraded to GNU Emacs 24.4.1 (on Debian testing).  After
the update, org-store-link stopped working in WL summary buffers with the
message: "No method for storing a link from this buffer"

You can use org-store-link to create a link to a message for insertion in an
org-mode buffer (e.g., todo list).

Before the update, org-store-link worked without problems with WL.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?


Randy Bush | 3 Nov 02:54 2014

macosx / 22.3 carbon

i am running macosx 10.10, 22.3 carbon emacs (because i can not stand
the gadgeted aqua etc), and an old pieced together semi/elmo/wanderlust.

if i wanted to jump to erik's latest and greatest, is there a simple
recipe, or is the culture still 19 git repositories, four makes, a
tethered goat, and oh, it only works for linux and windows?


tb | 1 Nov 13:17 2014

Pending operations won't execute

Hi all,

I have been an avid user of wanderlust for a couple of years now, after
migrating across from mew, but recently experiencing a curious problem that I
can't seem to fix. I have one particular directory which has 2 pending
operations in it, but whenever I try to go to the folder, smtp tries to flush
the actions and fails, returning the following argument:

Wrong type argument: stringp, nil

Similarly, when I try toggling the plug status, I get a message to say that
there are 2 operations pending and a dialogue to ask if I want to execute them,
but then a message saying that 0/2 operations were performed
successfully. Because I can't navigate into the affected folder, I have no way
of checking what the operations are from within emacs, and no relevant
messages are displayed in the *Messages* buffer. Also, I can't view other
messages in the affected folder (the folder view won't scroll, and I can't
display any of the messages for that folder). Any suggestions as to how to
fix/diagnose the problem?

Many thanks,


Tim Baldwin
ARC Future Fellow
Department of Computing and Information Systems
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010, Australia

Tel: (+61)-3-8344-1363

tb | 1 Nov 13:07 2014

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Tim Baldwin
ARC Future Fellow
Department of Computing and Information Systems
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010, Australia

Tel: (+61)-3-8344-1363