Juliusz Chroboczek | 17 May 19:13 2015

About elmo-rss

Since Kazuhiro-san has been so kind as to merge my RSS/Atom code into 
Wanderlust, I guess I may as well say a few words about how to use it.

# Quick start

Before you continue, please update to the latest git version of WL, and 

   m a rss:https://github.com/wanderlust/wanderlust/commits/master.atom

and browse Wanderlust's recent commit history.  Mouse-2 on the URL at the 
bottom of a message should open a browser with the full commit.

# How I use it

I start a normal day by checking my mail (both private and professional) 
and a number of work-related maling lists.  I then check my inbox on our 
local GitLab instance (a git-related web service), and, usually but not 
always, my notifications on Github.  This means that I need to start 
a stupid web browser and visit two stupid websites.

In principle, I could set up mail notifications for both gitlab and github 
and filter them into dedicated mailboxes.  Ideally, however, I'd prefer to 
pull updates over NNTP or IMAP.  While neither site offers a proper 
protocol, they do provide RSS/Atom feeds, which are almost as good.

With elmo-rss installed, I just put the following into my .folders file:

   rss:https://github.com/jech.private.atom?token=TOPSECRETCODE "github"

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Juliusz Chroboczek | 16 May 20:10 2015

Sending format=flowed


I've just put together a simple hack to send out format=flowed e-mail from 


If you're not familiar with format=flowed, it's a format of e-mail that 
works well with traditional mailers while allowing controlled wrapping on 
devices with small screens (such as handheld devices).


In order to use that, just put format-flowed.el somewhere in your 
load-path, then say the following in your .wl:

   (require 'format-flowed)
   (add-hook 'mime-edit-translate-hook 'format-flowed-translate-message)

David, Kazuhiro -- should I integrate this with SEMI and submit it for 

-- Juliusz

Akiko Inomata | 6 May 09:12 2015

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otaznik | 4 May 17:53 2015

Lost refiled messages

Hi All,

I am trying to recover lost messages refiled by using old rules.  I
was forced to change login information to use quotes because it
stopped working after one upgrade.  It's been going on for a few years
before I noticed.

The correct new folder name is in the format:

    %INBOX.FOLDER:"user <at> domain.tld"/login <at> mail.domain.tld:993!

Here's one refiled message I found in cache but it is no longer
available in Wanderlust:

.elmo/cache/1F/f81575946c8a40269fd9f866ca09935e00000000 <at> mm1

.elmo/refile-msgid-alist for f81575946c8a40269fd9f866ca09935e00000000 <at> mm1:
    %INBOX.FOLDER:user <at> domain.tld/login <at> mail.domain.tld:993!

There is only difference in quotes.  Once I refile and close
Wanderlust it's gone.  Is there anything I can do or try besides
copying the cache files and using those?

Any tips are welcome, thanks.


otaznik | 4 May 17:52 2015

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Neal H. Walfield | 27 Apr 14:22 2015

epg choosing wrong encryption keys


I've been transitions from mailcrypt to epg over the past few weeks.

It's been reported to me multiple times that epg chooses the wrong
keys to encrypt to.  Initially, I thought that it would choose the
wrong key when I didn't have a key with the corresponding email
address locally.  (In this case, mailcrypt would complain.)  But, I
just sent an email to someone whose key I have on my keyring (Werner
Koch <wk <at> gnupg.org>) and it instead choose "Sam "Eddie" Couter
<eddie <at> debian.org>" (which, of course, is also on my keyring).

The only other pattern that I've recognized is that this has happened
when I sent the mail to multiple people.  I typically use a to: line
for each recipient.  I don't know if this is the problem.

Also, if the key is not trusted, I just get an prompt: "Use untrusted
key y/n" (approximately) and I don't know which key is meant.

If there is an issue tracker that I should be using instead or perhaps
another mailing list, please point me to it.



Niall O'Reilly | 21 Apr 12:44 2015

Trouble with encryption


This will likely spill over into other questions, including:
  - what versions I have of various components,
  - where best to obtain WL, and
  - how best to maintain it.

FWIW, according to what appears in *Messages* following C-x C-e,
I seem to have

"GNU Emacs 24.4.1 (x86_64-apple-darwin13.4.0, NS apple-appkit-1265.21)
 of 2014-10-20 on builder10-9.porkrind.org"
"Wanderlust/2.15.9 (Almost Unreal)"

I believe I used el-get to install Wanderlust.

The immediate problem is that a message containing PGP-encrypted
parts is truncated after the first attachment (which is just a header
with "Version: 1".  ISTR that this used not to be how things worked,
but don't have enough encrypted e-mail traffic that I can say when
(or even, with certainty, if) something changed and what could have
triggered the change.

My work-around is to use wl-summary-display-raw (",") and copy the
fragment of interest to another buffer where I can successfully
decrypt it.

Hints welcome.  Thanks in advance.

Greg Bognar | 10 Apr 11:22 2015

Message buffer names

Hi all,

When I read an email in WL, I have at least three buffers open: Folder,
Summary, and the buffer that contains the message.  But when I do C-x C-b,
only Folder and Summary are listed.  The message itself is in a hidden 
buffer whose name is something like _*WL:Message*-281649 (where the _ is

I don't see the point of this behavior.  In fact, I often work with multiple
messages, and I want them to be listed and available for buffer switching.
Ideally, the message buffer should be called something like Message: <subject>.
I don't see why this should cause any problems -- in the worst case, you
would have to close manually the buffer of a message that has been deleted
in the Summary buffer.

Is there a good reason for making the message buffer hidden?  Is there a way
to set the name of the message buffer to something that Emacs doesn't hide?
Even better, can the buffer name be constructed from, e.g., the subject?


Neal H. Walfield | 9 Apr 12:24 2015

Configuring epg


I'm using Jessie's wl-beta package (version 2.15.9).  I have multiple
secret keys.  In my .gnupg/gpg.conf file, I've set:

  default-key 0xAACB3243630052D9

Both gpg and gpg2 respect this:

  $ echo | gpg2 -s | gpg2

  gpg: Signature made Thu 09 Apr 2015 12:20:46 PM CEST
  gpg:                using RSA key 0x7223B56678E02528
  gpg: Good signature from "Neal H. Walfield <neal <at> walfield.org>" [ultimate]
  gpg:                 aka "Neal H. Walfield <neal <at> gnupg.org>" [ultimate]
  gpg:                 aka "Neal H. Walfield <neal <at> g10code.com>" [ultimate]
  Primary key fingerprint: 8F17 7771 18A3 3DDA 9BA4  8E62 AACB 3243 6300 52D9
       Subkey fingerprint: C03F A641 1B03 AE12 5764  6118 7223 B566 78E0 2528

When I try to sign a message using wanderlust (using
mime-edit-enclose-pgp-signed-region), it uses my old key.  I tried
setting epg-user-id as follows:

  (setq epg-user-id "0xAACB3243630052D9")

But that didn't change anything.

Any ideas?



Pavel Kretov | 31 Mar 17:08 2015

Name and location for ~/.folders file

Hello to everybody.
I've just finished setting up (that took pretty long, unfortunately)
and started to use Wanderlust, but there are some things I just cannot
really understand:

 ― Who had named folder configuration file ~/.folders?
 ― Why is it supposed that name is good and nobody else would want to use it?
 ― And finally, how can I move it to, say, ~/.emacs.d/wl-folders?

The same applies to ~/.wl, I cannot believe nobody thinks its easy to
miss "WL" acronym with, for example, "wireless" (my wireless driver
kernel module is actually called so) or anything from the
list found on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WL?

――― Pavel Kretov.

Pavel Kretov | 31 Mar 16:30 2015

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> $BG'$G$9!#K\Ev$KEPO?$7$FNI$$$N$J$i$3$N%a!<%k$K(BREPLY$B$7$F$=$N$^$^Aw$C$F2<(B
> $B$5$$!#(B
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> $B$N$h$&$J%j%/%(%9%H$rAw$C$F$b$i$C$F$$$^$9!#L>A0$O1Q8l(B($B$H$$$&$+%m!<%^;z(B)
> $B$,4|BT$5$l$F$$$^$9!#$^$?A43Q%9%Z!<%9$J$I$N%3!<%I$,$"$k$H%(%i!<$K$J$j$^(B
> $B$9!#$$$o$f$k(BASCII$BJ8;z$NHO0O$G=q$$$F2<$5$$!#(B
> $B$=$N0lEY$a$NEPO?%j%/%(%9%H$KBP$7<!$N$h$&$J%U%l!<%:(B($B$3$N?t;z"-$O$"$/$^(B
> $B$G$bNc$G$9(B)
> 	confirm 84682771 Anne Shirley
> $B$r4^$`!X$3$N%a!<%j%s%0%j%9%H$KEPO?$r$7$F$b$h$$$+!)!Y$H$$$&3NG'$r5a$a$k(B
> $B%a!<%k$r0lEYJV$7$^$9!#$3$l$O!V>!<j$K%a!<%j%s%0%j%9%H$XEPO?$5$l$F$7$^$&!W(B
> $BEy$N$$$?$:$i$X$NM=KI:v$G$9!#(B
> $B$"$J$?$,$3$N%a!<%j%s%0%j%9%H$X$N;22C3NG'$N%a!<%k$r<u$1$H$C$?$J$i!"(B
> 	confirm $B%Q%9%o!<%I(B($B?t;z(B) $B$"$J$?$NL>A0(B
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> $B%k$7$F2<$5$$!#$=$&$9$k$H$"$J$?$N3NG'$,F <at> $i$l$?$H$_$J$7!"%5!<%P$O$"$J$?(B
> $B$rEPO?$7$^$9!#(B
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