Niall O'Reilly | 29 Jul 22:08 2015

Message display broken


Message display has gone bad for me, following an unfortunate upgrade.
I hope someone can point me along the way to fixing things.

	OSX Yosemite 10.10.4 (likely not relevant).
	Emacs version 24.4 (9.0)
	Package installation and maintenance: el-get
	After recent (el-get-update-all), I'm having trouble.

	MIME entities are not being recognized.
	Consequently, where I'm used to seeing a reasonable attempt at
	formatting some entities and a one-line representation of
	others wrapped in '[...]', I now see raw message text, which
	may be quite troublesome to read.

	Also consequently, the function invoked by the 'v' key
	(mime-preview-play-current-entity) has nothing to work on.

	If el-get is not the maintenance tool I should use, what is?

	Which package (I'm guessing semi) should I focus on?
	Is there some way for me to determine whether my installed
	packaged are at good and compatible versions?

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Randy Bush | 28 Jul 03:17 2015

ops fail

2 pending operation(s) exists.  Perform now? (y or n) 
Flushing queue....1/2.
Auto plugged off at localhost:143
Flushing queue....2/2.
0/2 operation(s) are performed successfully.

how do i find out what these ops are?


Erik Hetzner | 25 Jul 18:32 2015

Fwd: [Emacs-MIME-en:1001] FLIM smtp.el and NTLM authentication bug?

Hi all,

I thought this might get a better response on the WL list.

best, Erik

From: Sekuri J <sekuri.j <at>>
Subject: [Emacs-MIME-en:1001] FLIM smtp.el and NTLM authentication bug?
Date: 2015-07-24 15:42:25 GMT

I got a base64-decode error using WL while trying to authenticate using NTLM with smtp server which supports this mechanism. I traced this to the "smtp-primitive-auth" function in FLIM's smtp.el.

In it, there's a call to base64 decode the server's response (line 516 of smtp.el) to client's "AUTH NTLM" request:

(sasl-step-set-data step (base64-decode-string (nth 1 response)))

If the server responds with "NTLM Supported" (which it does in my case), the base64-decode-string function throws an error.

To get around this, I've edited line 516 to ignore-errors:

(sasl-step-set-data step (ignore-errors (base64-decode-string (nth 1 response))))

Is there a better way to do this?

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Randy Bush | 15 Jul 05:43 2015

deleting a deleted message

i am processing a long list of wonderful messages, e.g. the 120 syslogs every gmt midnight
i am madly deleting away
oops!  i need to go back and see that last one, C-p
ok, that was boring, let's continue what i was doing
i hit delete
boing!  i tried to delete a deleted message, bad citizen!

how can i get it to just shut up and go to the next message?


Erik Hetzner | 13 Jul 05:32 2015

Re: Wanderlust seems to crash/freeze when I access imap?

Hi Chris, (ccing the list)

Thanks for helping to get this worked out. I’m sorry nothing so far
has worked, but I guess the good news is it seems to be a genuine bug.

Is there a chance you can update your backtrace? I’m trying to look
into the issue further, but the function causing the error was removed
3 years ago:

I assume the backtrace will have changed with your upgrade. Thanks.

best, Erik

On Sun, 12 Jul 2015 19:39:59 -0700,
Chris Morrow <morrowc <at>> wrote:
> On 07/12/2015 11:46 AM, Erik Hetzner wrote:
> > On Sat, 11 Jul 2015 20:43:15 -0700,
> > Chris Morrow <morrowc <at>> wrote:
> >>
> >> elmo-msgdb-directory is a variable defined in `elmo-vars.el'.
> >> Its value is "~/Emacs/Wanderlust/Elmo"
> >>
> >> (once wl is loaded)
> > 
> > It is possible that you have a corrupted msgdb. You could try clearing
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Chris Morrow | 11 Jul 08:23 2015

Wanderlust seems to crash/freeze when I access imap?

In particular, my Inbox :( which is not cool.

The error I see thrown is:

The basic sequence I see is
  1) start emacs
  2) start wl
  3) get folder-list
  4) select inbox
  5) prompt about 'too many messages' (not on all clients though?)
  6) start building msgdb
  7) fail with above error message.

How should I go about debugging this further?

Chris Morrow | 11 Jul 07:55 2015

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I have added the following address as a new member
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> Please reply to this email to confirm subscription.
> Please ensure 
> confirm 201507111455378052321416336 morrowc
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Satoshi Yoshida | 6 Jul 12:40 2015

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Kenichi Okada | 4 Jul 06:32 2015



The opeartion of 'wl-folder-suspend' is different
from the original one due to a modification? of 'delete-windows-on'.
I'm not sure when it was modified..

A draft buffer is shown after wl-folder-suspend in the present
function, but originally it should be not a buffer related to wl.
I'll attach a patch as follows to make it back to the original purpose.


Kenichi Okada

diff --git a/wl/wl-folder.el b/wl/wl-folder.el
index 6b1f3ec..4d71d2c 100644
--- a/wl/wl-folder.el
+++ b/wl/wl-folder.el
 <at>  <at>  -2307,6 +2307,7  <at>  <at>  Use `wl-subscribed-mailing-list'."
     (bury-buffer summary-buf))
   (dolist (draft-buf (wl-collect-draft))
     (bury-buffer draft-buf))
+  (switch-to-buffer (other-buffer))
   (delete-windows-on wl-folder-buffer-name t))

 (defun wl-folder-info-save ()

Juliusz Chroboczek | 17 May 19:13 2015

About elmo-rss

Since Kazuhiro-san has been so kind as to merge my RSS/Atom code into 
Wanderlust, I guess I may as well say a few words about how to use it.

# Quick start

Before you continue, please update to the latest git version of WL, and 

   m a rss:

and browse Wanderlust's recent commit history.  Mouse-2 on the URL at the 
bottom of a message should open a browser with the full commit.

# How I use it

I start a normal day by checking my mail (both private and professional) 
and a number of work-related maling lists.  I then check my inbox on our 
local GitLab instance (a git-related web service), and, usually but not 
always, my notifications on Github.  This means that I need to start 
a stupid web browser and visit two stupid websites.

In principle, I could set up mail notifications for both gitlab and github 
and filter them into dedicated mailboxes.  Ideally, however, I'd prefer to 
pull updates over NNTP or IMAP.  While neither site offers a proper 
protocol, they do provide RSS/Atom feeds, which are almost as good.

With elmo-rss installed, I just put the following into my .folders file:

   rss: "github"

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Juliusz Chroboczek | 16 May 20:10 2015

Sending format=flowed


I've just put together a simple hack to send out format=flowed e-mail from 

If you're not familiar with format=flowed, it's a format of e-mail that 
works well with traditional mailers while allowing controlled wrapping on 
devices with small screens (such as handheld devices).

In order to use that, just put format-flowed.el somewhere in your 
load-path, then say the following in your .wl:

   (require 'format-flowed)
   (add-hook 'mime-edit-translate-hook 'format-flowed-translate-message)

David, Kazuhiro -- should I integrate this with SEMI and submit it for 

-- Juliusz