Christian Kruse | 5 Sep 10:29 2014

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Thomas Narten | 4 Sep 16:06 2014

quickly displaying mime/html messages in browser

One thing I haven't figured out how to do in WL is easily/quickly
extract the HTML part from a mime message to a file and then open a
browser window to display it. I.e., do this all with one key stroke.

I've poked around some, but know almost nothing about how WL displays
mime and the magic that surrounds all that.

I can use extract of course, but it prompts for stuff and I have to
provide the file name to save the html too. But for some messages,
using a browser to display the contents just works the best.

I'd be quite happy with a single key stroke that just takes the html
section of the current message and saves in the equivalent of
/tmp/foo.html and then directs the browser to open the URL.



Thomas Narten | 4 Sep 04:12 2014

recovering unsaved work?

I suspect I know the answer, but thought I'd ask anyway.

If you have made a bunch of folder changes (refile, deletes, etc.) but
have not executed them via "x", and then have a power failure, all
your work is lost. Right?

Does wl have some sort of auto save mechanism for checkpointing
operations that haven't actually been committed?

(Nope, it was not me, but it was someone who is transitioning to wl
and did exactly the above...)


Randy Bush | 20 Aug 17:15 2014

pgg key choice


pub   2048R/B83A02ED 2006-03-09 [expires: 2015-01-10]
uid                  Randy Bush <randy <at>>
uid                  [jpeg image of size 10407]
sub   2048R/F0F6969F 2006-03-09 [expires: 2015-01-14]
sub   4096R/EA37E360 2014-02-12 [expires: 2015-01-10]


(setq pgg-gpg-user-id "B83A02ED")

C-c C-x v, aka mime-edit-set-sign, signs with EA37E360 when i want it to
sign with the rsa key, B83A02ED

clue bat please


Manabu Ori | 4 Aug 13:20 2014

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Manabu Ori | 4 Aug 13:20 2014

manabu.ori <at> is added to <wl <at>>

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Randy Bush | 16 Jul 16:43 2014

how to open local mbox

i have an mbox file fetched off the net.  my localhost, a laptop, is not
running an mta.  i can not open it as a + as it is an mbox.  clue bat


Juliusz Chroboczek | 13 Jul 15:39 2014



I've put some code to add RSS/Atom/OPML support to Wanderlust that is
somewhat simpler to use than the existing shimbun backend on:

Just dump this somewhere in your load-path, byte-compile it, and say
something like:

    m a rss:

To avoid slowing down Wanderlust, you'll probably want to add "^rss:" to
your wl-auto-uncheck-folder-list.

We don't do any local caching, so if you want to keep a local version of
your notifications, you'll need to use a pipe folder:

    m a |rss:|+lwn

Finally, you can also use a feed as an access group; this is only expected
to be useful with OPML catalogs and syndicated Atom feeds:

    m A rss:

I'm using this for real work (tracking activity on our local GitLab
instance), and I've been running it with no issues for two weeks now, so
you should expect this code to be reasonably stable.  This is supposed to
handle both RSS variants (1.0 and 2.0), all two of the three Atom variants
(XHTML, double-encoded HTML, but not binary).  There are some formatting
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Herbert J. Skuhra | 6 Jun 00:41 2014

Invalid base64 data


via a mailing list I received a base64 encoded message with a
signature at the end added by the list software. No multipart!

--- message --- 
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64


You received this mail because you are subscribed to xxx <at> yyy
To unsubscribe, send a mail to: xxx+unsubscribe <at> yyy
--- end ---

Wl fails to display the message with the error:

This entity can't be decoded.  Invalid base64 data

The message displays fine in Gnus. Obviously the fix is in

((eq encoding 'base64)
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Juliusz Chroboczek | 27 May 15:04 2014

Re: About Wanderlust threading

>>> I wrote the code that modifies msgdb's structure and makes msgdb to
>>> keep multiple parents's Message-IDs.  The code has been committed in
>>> my repository.

Thanks a lot for that, Kazuhiro.  It does exactly what I need, and
it's one of the two patches I'm using that make it painful to come
back to unpatched Wanderlust.  David, I strongly support merging this.

I think you should add a comment to elmo-message-entity-field, to
explain why you're treating the references field specially.  Ditto in

I don't quite agree with your elmo-msgdb-get-references-from-header.
I'd siply say

  (let ((irt (elmo-msgdb-get-message-ids-from-header "in-reply-to"))
        (ref (nreverse (elmo-msgdb-get-message-ids-from-header "references"))))
    (if (and irt (equal irt (car ref)))
      (cons irt ref)))

and kill the variable elmo-msgdb-prefer-in-reply-to-for-parent, which
is no longer useful now that we can handle both fields at the same time.

Thanks again, Kazuhiro, this has made my INBOX much cleaner.

-- Juliusz

Juliusz Chroboczek | 26 May 22:52 2014

Re: IMAP parse error

> elmo-imap4-read-response: Wrong type argument: listp, "IMAP server information: Mailbox is at 90% of quota"

Heh.  Funny.

Please try this (completely untested).

diff --git a/elmo/elmo-imap4.el b/elmo/elmo-imap4.el
index 964dc06..0b9346b 100644
--- a/elmo/elmo-imap4.el
+++ b/elmo/elmo-imap4.el
 <at>  <at>  -1582,8 +1582,9  <at>  <at>  Return nil if no complete line has arrived."
 				  (match-string 2)
 				  (match-string 3))))
 	    ((search-forward "ALERT] " nil t)
-	     (message "IMAP server information: %s"
-		      (buffer-substring (point) (point-max))))
+	     (let ((message (buffer-substring (point) (point-max))))
+	       (message "IMAP server information: %s" message)
+	       (list 'alert message)))
 	    (t (list 'unknown))))))

 (defun elmo-imap4-parse-data-list ()