Marck Pearlstone | 1 May 15:00 2011

TBDev Mission Statement

Greetings Dev Listers,

This is your monthly message from the moderation team to remind you
of the primary purpose of this discussion list.

To review the list rules, follow the link at the end of this message.

Before  posting a question to the list, please check The Bat! User's
FAQ  at:  and  the list
archive  at <at> To
join the list, send a message to

                                             TBDEV Mission statement
The  TBDEV  list  has  been  set  up  for  the purpose of discussing
programming  issues  relating  to The Bat!, particularly issues that
deal with writing plug-ins.

Simply  send  messages to mailto:TBDEV@... to send it
to the whole list.

See  the  notes  at the end of this message for details about how to
manage your list membership or to leave the list.

It  would probably be a good idea for you to set up a folder to keep
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