Richard Konrad | 5 Sep 16:57 2002

[sylpheed:15773] links don't work

I'm new to sylpheed and I like it very much.  However, I'm not able to get to my browser to open with clickable
links.  Does that not work with this program?

Thanks for any advice


Jorge Van Hemelryck | 5 Sep 21:41 2002

[sylpheed:15774] Re: links don't work


Do you use netscape ? Otherwise, you might have to specify the
command-line that you use to run your browser in Configuration -> Common
Preferences -> Other...


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Kevan Shea | 5 Sep 22:45 2002

[sylpheed:15775] A couple questions

First is it acceptable to post support questions here if they may be claws specific?

If so:
I compiled claws-0.8.2 with GCC-3.1 and immediately after sending it errors out with:
Gdk-ERROR **: Fatal IO error 9 (Bad file descriptor) on X server :0.0.

The message gets sent but sylpheed dies.


Kevan Shea

Joseph Zitt | 5 Sep 22:41 2002

[sylpheed:15776] Adding Email Addresses and Filters

This is quite minor, but I tripped over it several times today, and it
brings to mind another issue:

In adding new addresses to the address book, I have made the same
apparent mistake several times: after entering the person or list's
name in the Name tab, I have gone over to the Email Addresses tab
and entered the email address, then pressed OK without remembering
to press "Add". There is no "Add" button on the first panel (and I have
yet to find a use for the third, so, reasoning from other interfaces, 
I seem to unconsciously figure that pressing OK should do the adding,
or at least (less desirably) as whether I do indeed want to abandon 
what I entered.

I propose that the default behaviour be that if the user has entered a
new email address in that field, pressing OK should add that address.
I can't think, off-hand, of what else the user might want to do by
entering an address in that field. The only other action might be to
modify an existing address, but the user would have had to have first
selected the address to be modified, then clicked "Modify" for that to
be so.

Similarly: if I set up a condition and action for a new filter in the
window for creating filters then press OK without having pressed
"Register", the entry is lost. Here, also, entering new information in
that area, without having first selected another filter to modify,
quiteunambiguously shows that the user want to add a new filter. I
propose that the default action should add the filter, or at least ask
for confirmation, rather than losing the user's work.


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Tom Pittman | 5 Sep 22:54 2002

[sylpheed:15777] Re: links don't work

On Thu, 5 Sep 2002 14:57:47 +0000
Richard Konrad <rekonrad <at>> wrote:

>I'm new to sylpheed and I like it very much.  However, I'm
>not able to get to my browser to open with clickable links. 
>Does that not work with this program?

Have you tried to DOUBLE-CLICK the link?  That's the way mine

My browzer entry is: /usr/bin/opera -newwindow '%s'

This will vary depending on your browzer.


Distrox | 5 Sep 23:12 2002

[sylpheed:15778] Re: Previewing a message marks it as already read

Hello you all,

	I was away for a few days, but I'm happy to see people really like
discussing these things, thanks for all the opinions :-)

	Of course, we all have different points of view about what is helpful or
not; in my case I completely agree with the following reasoning:

---Manfred Usselmann said: ---
Regularly I have not enough time to read all my mail at a time but 
instead do a quick check for important mails I nevertheless have to 
handle immediately. Since this is not always obvious by looking at 
subject and sender, a quick glance at the message text in the preview 
pane tells me if I can leave this message for later. So in this case it 
is handy if the message remains unread if I jump to another message 
within a few seconds.

	And why? I work as a sysadmin in an office, and after struggling with my
boss I convinced him of making the move from Windows to Linux; many of my
coleagues are used to Outlook-like features, and since I "obliged" them to
use Sylpheed, they're aaaaaalll the time telling me they've got the
problem that Manfred Usselmann described.

	And even me have that problem: as I receive a lot of mail, I've got a
quite complex hierarchy of folders with their subsequent filters to get
email in them, and many times I need to just read a few lines, and if
interests me, let it unread for later.

	Somebody suggested using color labels for this, but tell me: if you've
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Andre Costa | 5 Sep 23:47 2002

[sylpheed:15779] Re: Previewing a message marks it as already read

Hi Distrox,

On Thu, 5 Sep 2002 23:12:00 +0200
Distrox wrote:

> 	But how about a **very very** simple feature:
> 		* Don't automatically mark as read
> 	I think this won't hurt anyone and believe is really easy to
> 	code...
> I'd like some impressions on this, but this IS a helpful  feature, not
> bloat.

Personally I wouldn't want it, but as long as it is a configurable option,
I'm ok because I could stick to the current behavior. One question,
though: how would you then mark messages as read? Right-click + Mark +
Mark as read? If so, would this be a reasonable trade-off?



Steven P.Ulrick | 5 Sep 23:55 2002

[sylpheed:15780] An issue with filters

I am new to Sylpheed and I must say that I enjoy it very much.  I didn't
realize how slow Evolution really was until I switched to Sylpheed :)

But on to my question: When I set up filters for the mailing lists that
I belong to, everything goes along fine for a day or so, and then I will
discover messages from mailing lists in my inbox that I had already set
up filters for.  The first thing I do is check to see if the address I
used to set up the filter occurs in the header, and (This is the
problem) many times (not every time) it does.  So I set up another
filter with the same address, select all messages in the inbox, and
choose "filter messages", and many times (not every time) this works,
and the messages are sent to the proper folders.  Just for instance, I
belong to a mailing list called "HWG-techniques", and one called
"HWG-basics", and because of this problem, I have six different filters
between the two lists.  If this is operator (me) error, feel free to let
me know.  If not, I would really like your help on this, because I never
had an issue like this with Evolution, I just set up one filter per
mailing list, and never had a problem.  And if you need me to take the
time to copy the exact syntax of the duplicate (?) filters, please let
me know and I'll do it tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I've tried as hard as I could to resolve this on my own :)

Thanks in advance for your help :)
Steven P. Ulrick

Distrox | 6 Sep 00:36 2002

[sylpheed:15781] Re: Previewing a message marks it as already read


>though: how would you then mark messages as read? Right-click + Mark +
>Mark as read? If so, would this be a reasonable trade-off?

	As there is a Shift+! to "mark as unread", there should be another
hot-key combination to "mark as read". This way you could take two
opposite approachs to reading your messages:

	1) I'd like to have them all marked as read as I preview them. If
it interests me, I press Shift+! and leave it as unread for later
returning to it.

	2) I'd like to have them all marked as UNread as I preview them. If
it DOESN'T interest me, I press Shift+whatever and leave it as read to
forget of it till the end of times :-)

	The first way is the default one, the implemented one, but if you think
about it carefully, the second one is more natural and intuitive: I don't
 like software deciding for me that I've read a message until I say so!!!

	And if you have a problem like mine, that get so many messages that
cannot keep track of all issues in my head, you've got to read them
(preview them) many times in different moments, and it's more natural and
easier that until I don't say so, it remains unread.

	I really think this is a reasonable feature, not forcing the user to
just one approach that is not so natural, I believe.

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Philipp Sieweck | 6 Sep 00:50 2002

[sylpheed:15782] Message Filter bug


When i made in Version 0.8.2 a message filter rule that moves the message to another folder and my mailbox is
the standard mailbox, sylpheed doesn't move the message. I moved the message manually und then i filtered
the messages again and sylpheed moved them back to the first folder.