Claus Assmann | 17 Sep 05:09 2005

sendmail 8.13.5 available

Sendmail, Inc., and the Sendmail Consortium announce the availability
of sendmail 8.13.5.  It fixes some bugs and adds support for various
newer operating system versions.  For a complete list of changes
please see the release notes below.

Please send bug reports to sendmail-bugs-2005 <at>
and general feedback to sendmail-2005 <at> Please
send security reports to sendmail-security <at> using PGP

The version can be found at

MD5 signatures:

2659473af89127900511397cf05d535a sendmail.8.13.5.tar.Z
43a45d5f3537a757a7cd1699a0e394fe sendmail.8.13.5.tar.Z.sig
f4550d8dcc55771f4a81e999c7d6df20 sendmail.8.13.5.tar.gz
564bbe27d41be7570a7640ed8a2a9caf sendmail.8.13.5.tar.gz.sig

You either need the first two files or the third and fourth, i.e.,
the gzip'ed version or the compressed version and the corresponding
sig file.  The PGP signature was created using the Sendmail Signing
Key/2005, available on the web site ( or
on the public key servers.
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