Adhamh Findlay | 1 Nov 04:53 2005

Re: Fix for sqlite and session problems

Yeah this actually didn't work for me either!  I thought it did but I'm
getting other weird problems.  I found it interesting that no one has chimed
in to say that they have sqlite actually working...  Can the developers
actually speak to these problems?  I likely won't have time to debug this
myself for a couple of days at least.  (Yes, I really really really don't
want to use MySQL.  It seems like over kill.)

BTW, php5 has sqlite 2 compiled into it and uses that to create the
database.  If you want to inspect the database created by roundcube then you
have install sqlite 2 command line tools.

Your exact message appears to actually be related to permissions.  Does the
user that your web server run as have write access to this directory?

On OS X the web server (appache 1.3) runs as www.  So I had to:

"sudo chown www:www ."

You'd have to do the analogous to home/roundcube.

Still waiting for someone to say they have a working sqlite install...  :-)


On 10/31/05 7:39 PM, "Robi" <rob.markovic <at>> wrote:

> Adhamh,
> I found your sql session table patch and added it to my sqlite3 db,
> but I'm still having problems getting it running..
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