Rosali | 24 Apr 10:52 2014

[RCD] Configurable database table names

Hello Devs,

could you please let me know why configurable table names have been 
removed from Roundcube 1.0? Currently it is only possible to prefix 
database tables. The old method was much more flexible. Is there a 
chance to get it back?


Roundcube 0.9.x, rcube_db.php:


     public function table_name($table)
         $rcube = rcube::get_instance();

         // return table name if configured
         $config_key = 'db_table_'.$table;

         if ($name = $rcube->config->get($config_key)) {
             return $name;

         return $table;


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Thomas Bruederli | 18 Apr 17:05 2014

[RCD] Cross-folder searching

Hello devs and early adopters

We're proud to announce that a frequently requested feature finally
has been implemented: cross-folder searching as requested in

The basic functionality is now available in git master and you're all
invited to test it. The search "scope" can be changed in the options
menu that resides in the search box. Please report issues to our bug
tracker or provide pull requests if you're eager to fix things

After all it was quite a huge change in Roundcube's core because the
way messages are referenced had to be refactored. Thus it likely
breaks plugins which operate on message list selections. The Roundcube
codebase offers a utility function to process a set of messages
residing in multiple folders. Please use the following loop where you
initially use _mbox and _uid request parameters:

  foreach (rcmail::get_uids() as $mbox => $uids) {
    // do stuff here

Thanks for testing!

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Daniel Rauer | 14 Apr 17:11 2014

[RCD] Persist setting of composeoptions?

Hi everybody.

The new composer options are a great feature, but one customer would
like to have these options hidden per default.
I did not find a setting in the config file, nor is the user setting
saved to the database, but only stored in localStorage or in cookie. So
if a user closes his/her browser at the next message the composer
options are visible again.

Am I missing something?

Thanks alot,

Ps: 1.0.0 really is a great build! Stable and cool features.
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Chris Scott | 9 Apr 09:07 2014

[RCD] Responsive skin in 1.2

Hi, I just noticed the post about the responsive skin planned for Roundcube 1.2. That's very cool. I'm
curious, are you planning to make it so responsive that it will support desktops, tablets and phones with a
single skin?

If 1.1 is planned for the end of 2014, I assume 1.2 would be ready around mid-2015?


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A.L.E.C | 8 Apr 10:05 2014

[RCD] Dropping IE<=8 support

It was already announced we'll drop IE 6/7 support after 1.0. I'd like
to go further and drop also support for IE8.

By dropping support I mean removing all css/js code that handles IE<=8

I thought, if one really cares, we could create a plugin that adds
support for these versions, but personally I wouldn't spend much time on



Aleksander 'A.L.E.C' Machniak
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Roundcube Webmail Developer  []
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Thomas Bruederli | 7 Apr 22:18 2014

[RCD] Roundcube Webmail 1.0.0 released

Dear Roundcube users

We’re very proud to announce the stable version 1.0 of Roundcube
Webmail. After more than 8 years since the project was initially
published, we now feel confident enough to name it one-dot-oh. From
the last stable version we added to following new features:

* Cleaned up the configuration into a single file
* Importing email messages and contact group assignments
* Advanced LDAP address book functionality
* A toggle to switch between HTML and plaintext view
* Save drafts in local storage for recovery
* Canned responses to save and recall boilerplate texts
* Improved keyboard navigation in messages list
* Optimized UI to work on tablet devices
* Attachment reminder plugin

Furthermore we were busy cleaning up the codebase, fixing a lot of
bugs, making it more stable and writing more documentation.

With this release, we’d also like to introduce the Roundcube plugins
repository at This central platform
should help you find the right plugins for your Roundcube installation
and it makes it simple to keep them up-to-date. The installation and
update mechanism is based on Composer [1] and Packagist [2].

We’d also like to encourage plugin developers to publish their plugins
on this platform. Please read the instructions [3] how to prepare your
plugin for publishing.

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Michael Heydekamp | 7 Apr 19:41 2014

[RCD] List dead?

Is the dev list dead? I haven't seen any post for more than a month now
(last post was on Feb 28th).


Michael Heydekamp
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Emmanuel Dreyfus | 25 Feb 15:27 2014

[RCD] saving draft to HTML 5 local storage


If the client looses connexion while the user is composing an e-mail,
the message will not be sent once finished. And if the user closes 
Roundcube tab, it gets lost. It would be nice to regularly save the
message that is being written to HTML5 local storage.

Is there already a way to do that?


Emmanuel Dreyfus
manu <at>
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Phil Weir | 23 Feb 14:35 2014

[RCD] contextmenu plugin new version - cal for testers and feedback

Hi everyone,

I am rewriting my contextmenu plugin. The current version is suffering from
being old code which has just been added too over and over.

The new version has a couple of big changes from the old one: firstly the
new code is much more efficient - so it doesn't affect loading times so
much. The other is that the context menu is generated from toolbars and
links in the UI - everything is client side now.

I think this is good because it means the context menu uses the same
functions as the core for popup menus and the folder selector, no code
duplication. It also means that there is less styling and things like that
for me to do and items added to the toolbar by other plugins will
automatically show up in the context menu.

If you are interested please try out the new version (it requires Roundcube
v1.0-RC or git-master) available here
p and let me know what you think or if you find any problems. All feedback
is welcome.



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sbremal | 20 Feb 18:29 2014

[RCD] $rcmail_config['default_host'] = array('ssl://mail.%s:993', 'ssl://%s:993');


What should be changed in the source that the above line functions correctly?

I have different e-mail accounts with different IMAP host name patterns: some use mail subdomain, others do not. Would be glad to see this working. Thanks!

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Michael Heydekamp | 17 Feb 23:18 2014

[RCD] URLs with 8bit chars?

Roundcube does not fully recognize URLs with 8bit chars, they are being
truncated upon the first occurrence of any such 8 bit char. But much to my
surprise, they do exist and they do work - at least in FF 27.0.1. For
instance this one:äder-celle/164864248.html


(And no, I didn't buy the car... ;))


Michael Heydekamp
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