LuKreme | 23 Oct 03:43 2014

Duplicate emails

Can anyone tell where in this verbose log the incoming message is becoming two messages? It appears to me
that it happens at the call to spamc which I've highlighted.

:0 fw
| spamc

procmail: [22405] Wed Oct 22 19:29:37 2014
procmail: No match on "Subject.*New List Mail$"
procmail: No match on "^FROM_DEAMON"
procmail: Assigning "READLIST=/home/kremels/.readlist"
procmail: Executing "grep,-i,^dmarkman <at>,/home/kremels/.readlist"
procmail: Assigning "READIT="
procmail: Assigning "MATCH="
procmail: Matched " bbedit <at>"
procmail: Match on "^To:(.*\<)?\/.*"
procmail: Assigning "TO= bbedit <at>"
procmail: No match on "X-spam-status:(.*\<)?\/.*"
procmail: No match on "From:(.*\<)?root <at> (mail)?"
procmail: No match on "^Subject:.*\["
--->> procmail: Executing "spamc"
procmail: [22400] Wed Oct 22 19:29:37 2014
procmail: No match on "Subject.*New List Mail$"
procmail: No match on "^FROM_DEAMON"
procmail: Assigning "READLIST=/home/kremels/.readlist"
procmail: Executing "grep,-i,^dmarkman <at>,/home/kremels/.readlist"
procmail: Assigning "READIT="
procmail: Assigning "MATCH="
procmail: Matched " bbedit <at>"
procmail: Match on "^To:(.*\<)?\/.*"
procmail: Assigning "TO= bbedit <at>"
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Chris | 21 Oct 04:00 2014

formail recipe that queries

I've a formail recipe embedded in my .procmailrc file that it's purpose
is to parse out the senders ASN and CIDR. The output of looks like this:
X-asn: ASN-21789

Here is the recipe:

RAW_ASN=`host -W 6 -R 10 -t txt $ |
sed -e 's/.* text //' -e 's/"//g'`

ASN = `echo $RAW_ASN | cut -d ' ' -f 1`
ASN_CIDR = `echo $RAW_ASN | cut -d ' ' -f 2`/`echo $RAW_ASN | cut -d ' '
-f 3`

Then the procmail recipes that add this to the message header:

# Add X-SenderIP header.
:0 fhw
* ! ^X-SenderIP:

# Add X-ASN header.
:0 fhw
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Bernard Schoenacker | 7 Jun 16:17 2014

spamcop and spamhaus with procmail


I'm looking for some rules that can be used with
procmail and rbl sbl and lists (spamcop and spamhaus)

thank you for your kind attention

Bernard Schoenacker | 7 Jun 08:24 2014

rblcheck rule for procmail


i seek one procmail rule bether as this :

    TCPREMOTEIP=`origip || echo`
  * ! ? if [ -n "$TCPREMOTEIP" ]; then rblcheck -q "$TCPREMOTEIP"; fi
      # EXITCODE=100
        LOG="Filter: RBL-filtered address: \"$TCPREMOTEIP\"

best regard

Dale R. Worley | 4 Jun 16:50 2014

Improvement to the manual page for lockfile

lockfile is a program that can "succeed" and "fail" in a number of
distinct ways that the caller may want to distinguish.  As it says in
the manual page, "WARNINGS ... When testing lockfile's return value,
shell script writers should consider carefully whether they want to
use the -!  flag, simply reverse the test, or do a switch on the exact

Unfortunately, the manual page does not describe the exit status
values, or how to distinguish the two success cases (ordinary success,
and forcing the lock).

So I propose to add this section to the manual page:


    Success is indicated by an exit status of 0.  Success after a
    timed-out lockfile was removed by force is indicated by an exit
    status of 0 with output to standard error including the text "Forcing
    lock on".  Failure because the number of retries was reached is
    indicated by an exit status of EX_CANTCREAT from sysexits.h (usually
    73).  Other failures are indicated by other non-zero exit statuses.
    All failures produce specific messages to standard error.
    If the -! flag is in effect, success is indicated by EX_CANTCREAT and
    retry failure is indicated by 0.

I believe that this is correct and complete.

procmail mailing list   Procmail homepage:
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Bernard Schoenacker | 4 Jun 13:58 2014

procmail: Lock failure


i have this error :

procmail: Lock failure on "/var/spool/mail/bernard.lock"

what is the solution for MH ?

kind regard

Bernard Schoenacker | 3 Jun 18:31 2014

junkfilter rules for MH


I have installed junkfilter and it appears to be tagging the headers
in the emails correctly but the recipe in the procmailrc.sample file
doesn't appear to move the message to the corresponding junkmail box
any suggestions?

Below is the recipe...

# Call junkfilter

# Take action if junkfilter caught a junkmail.
* JFEXP ?? .
# This is for the whitelist. The message is tagged with an
# X-Spammer: header, but is not filtered away.
:0 f
| formail -i "X-junkfilter: $JFVERSION" -i "X-Spammer: $JFEXP"

# Non-whitelist messages are tagged and sent to a junk
:0 E :
| formail -i "X-junkfilter: $JFVERSION" -i "X-Spammer:

    >> junkmail

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Arthur Dent | 30 May 13:13 2014

From root to users

Hello all,

For reasons I won't bore you with I am forced to collect mail for all
three members of may family from an unsorted source.

I therefore run procmail as root on this Fedora 20 server and, in
the /etc/procmailrc file I sort the mail into messages for my wife, my
son and for me. (While it's in there I also do some spam / virus

It then gets delivered (using the dovecot-lda) to each of our mailboxes
such as:

:0 w
* ^TO_some_checks_to_identify_my_wife
| /usr/libexec/dovecot/dovecot-lda -d wife

:0 w
* ^TO_some_checks_to_identify_my_son
| /usr/libexec/dovecot/dovecot-lda -d son

# Anything else falls through to me:
| /usr/libexec/dovecot/dovecot-lda -d mark

I do not currently have $DEFAULT set to anything.

All this is fine for my wife and son - stuff just goes into their
mailbox and they can read or file it as they wish.

I, on the other hand, want to do a lot of filtering first using the
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Bernard Schoenacker | 26 May 19:55 2014



	how to user spambouncer with procmailrc ?

	kind regard


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Christopher P. Lindsey | 14 May 16:42 2014
Picon down?

Does anyone know the status of 

I wanted to download the source last night for a new mail server, but
couldn't get to either the web or FTP version.  Web is trying to redirect
to but failing.

I ended up getting it from one of the mirrors listed in the Google
cache for the site.

LuKreme | 12 May 20:20 2014

Issues with formal and cut?

I have this line at the start of my .procmailrc

SMSTEXT=`/usr/local/bin/formail -I "" | /usr/bin/cut -c1,140`

The output I get from an email is:




The message has three paragraphs, the first two start with “I” followed by a space and the third starts
with a T in “The”.


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