Robert | 27 Nov 06:21 2005

question and some advice

Ok first my question
Linux box running sendmail,   Try to send mail and it wont leave, says cant send mail  any ideas? Ive searched thread and found a few and none work
I also have NullMail installed works like a charm first try but i want neo mail.
Cant write to box /var/spool/mail/user  I chmod the /var/spool/mail/user   to 606  and it works untill mail comes in,  not sure how to make perm yet but it works
bad password error,    have to set   .pl  to  chown root.mail  or  4755.root  for it to work. not sure why.  root.root wont work
this is what ive discovered so far.
Any help let me know.
Saleem Beg | 27 Nov 13:12 2005

Cannot Login.



I am a newbie, and I just installed Neomail on Fedore Core 3 successfully without any problems.


For some reason, Neomail won’t let me login saying:

Sorry, the password you entered was incorrect!


I have double checked all the permissions, and also tested out ./ which shows that login is successful. But for some reason, I am not able to login to Neomail.


Neomail.log shows the following entry:

UNKNOWNUSER - invalid login attempt for username=whatever-username


I have looked through the FAQ and the forums, but couldn’t find anything helpful.


Any help will be appreciated.