Peter Davis | 22 Aug 15:31 2014

Gnus-like pager?

I've been using Mutt and Gnus to read email on an IMAP server (Fastmail). I generally prefer Mutt in all but
one respect ... Gnus does a better job of actually displaying
text/plain and text/html mails, including highlighting, italics, and clickable links and email
addresses. I've got Mutt set to display HTML via w3m, but it uses -dump mode, which
precludes any text highlighting or links.

So I'm wondering if it's possible to run Mutt in a shell buffer in emacs, and set the pager to be another
buffer/mode that displays like Gnus does. Well, I assume it's possible,
but has anyone ever tried it? Does Mutt automatically hand over the entire screen to any pager but its own?

Thank you.



Peter Davis
The Tech Curmudgeon

Derek Martin | 20 Aug 21:26 2014 down?

Just tried to log into and it seems to be down.  Tried
via web browser also, no juice.


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Matthias Apitz | 19 Aug 11:06 2014

small typo in smtp_url=... gives SASL auth failed


I was debugging a while my SMTP connection to my ISP was failing...
after some time I found that it was caused my a small typo in the
smtp_url setting in ~/.muttrc:

this line works fine:

set smtp_url="smtp://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-guru <at>"

this line gives SASL auth failed:

set smtp_url="smtp://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-guru <at>

the diff is the missing " and a / at the end; mutt is contacting
the server ans asks for the password for the correct
user; then it fails; I think it would be better, if mutt
detects a syntax issue, than failing with SASL; if possible;



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Tom Fowle | 18 Aug 05:25 2014

mutt can't send to fastmail and others.

Several months ago I upgraded mutt to v from the previous
I compiled from the tarball using the
-enable pop  -enable imap with sasl
After this upgrade and using my previously working .muttrc files both
fastmail and another private email server, mutt returned
"SASL authentication failed" upon sending.

The previous version worked.
The sasl libraries were installed. 
this was on fedora 7

Struggled with this problem making small changes to the rc files, even
removed mutt and re-installed previous version, no luck.

I then changed to latest debian wheezy migrating the .muttrc files for
fastmail and the private server.

Same results, sasl authentication failed on both while sending.
Here are I hope appropriate lines from my .muttfastmailrc file, some of
supplied by a helpfull person on this list a year or more ago.
Removed my password of course.

I'm tempted to dump the rc files and start with the new sample from the
install, but before I do that maybe somebody has a more productive
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Russ Urquhart | 17 Aug 20:59 2014

Disabling specific SMTP authenticator


I have Verizon and have been using mutt to send email without problems. As I understand it, as of 8/1, the
Verizon SMTP servers are "advertising" that cram-md5 is available when in fact it isn't and this is
causing me to recently start to get an authentication error when I try and send mail out. 

Is there a way to disable mutt from trying to do this authentication? I know the smtp_authenticators is a
list of methods to try but does someone know the entire list mutt enabled SMTP tries? I could maybe list all
BUT the cram-m5. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. 



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Jon LaBadie | 15 Aug 18:11 2014

change recipient on mailing list

A mailing list I subscribe to is changing their host.
For a while messages will be received from both servers.

I would like that any replies I make automatically go
to the new server even if I'm replying to one from the
old server.

I tried a send-hook.  I already have others for setting
my sender's name and signature.

send-hook  'foolist <at>'  'my_hdr To: foolist <at>'

This either has no effect or adds the new server to the
already existing To: line.  I.e.

To: foolist <at>, foolist <at>

I also tried adding an alias:

alias  foolist <at>  foolist <at>

But that had no effect on my replies.



Jon H. LaBadie                 jon <at>
 11226 South Shore Rd.          (703) 787-0688 (H)
 Reston, VA  20190              (609) 477-8330 (C)
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Ulrich Lauther | 31 Jul 21:23 2014

mail box vanished

Sorry, this message may not directly be mutt-related, but maybe somebody
can point me to better place to ask.

Within a time span of (probably) some weeks the file /var/spool/mail/≤my account>
for the second time suddenly has size 0.
Of course, without myself doing anything evil, probably without doing anything at all,
other than starting mutt.

The sytem is precise1-Ubuntu SMP.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,


| 31 Jul 20:42 2014

use mh format? how?

I'm experimenting with different ways to handle email. I configured procmail to deliver email in mh format
by appending '/.' to the folder name in a few of its delivery specification. And it worked as verified by
looking with xterm/bash and seeing the directories with expected names and files with numeric names inside.
But when I attempted to open the folder (by typing 'c', and then '=' followed by the name of one of the new
folders) Mutt announced that it was not a folder. How do I convince Mutt to recognize MH ? The only thing I
have found is mbox_type which sets the DEFAULT for NEW folders according to my reading of the manual. I don't
want willy-nilly creation of MH, but just that if there is on in the mail directory, it is treated according
to its natural kind. ;-)

Paul E Condon           
pecondon <at>

Antoine Amarilli | 27 Jul 21:48 2014

Honor X-Mutt-PGP with resend-message

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this list, I hope that this is the right kind of questions
and the right place where to ask them.

The short version of my question is: Is there a way for the
resend-message command to honor PGP signature/encryption settings
stored in the target message in the X-Mutt-PGP header?

The reason why I ask: I want to have postponed messages appear in my
inbox, and be able to recall them by selecting them in the index view
and hitting the 'R' key. I accordingly set postponed="inbox", but then
the recall-message commands insists on opening its own prompt to select
the message to recall (in other words, I found no way to recall the
selected message in the index). I accordingly use the resend-message
command (following the manual's description of it as "recall from
arbitrary folders"), but then this command ignores the encryption
settings for the postponed message (and chooses to have no
encryption/signature instead). Indeed, postponing the message stores a
message without encryption or signature, and merely indiates in a
X-Mutt-PGP header what the message setting was, and resend-messages
looks at the message itself to decide whether to sign or encrypt, rather
than using this header.

Hence the question above; but maybe my way to use =inbox as the
postponed folder is not the right way to obtain the behavior I want.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Automate the decryption of inline pgp messages.

Hi mutt users!

Is there any convenient way to automatically decrypt inline pgp
messages? Piping the text attachment to `gpg --decrypt` works, but I
need a simpler way to do the task. Although inline pgp is deprecated,
many mail user agent such as K9 mail is still using it.

In addition to that, is there any way to compose an inline pgp mail
using mutt? A simple way, because I know manually writing a text and
encrypting it using `gpg --encrypt` command works fine to do the task.

Paul E Condon | 16 Jul 03:48 2014

Need help with coloring the indicator line

I'm not sure of the correct but by the indicator line
I mean the black horizontal bar that is covers one entry
in the table of entries in the index display. It is 
intended, I think, to hilight a slngle selected email
but with my current .muttrc , it just makes it impossible
to read. How do I fix this?


Paul E Condon           
pecondon <at>