Gregor Zattler | 12 Oct 16:51 2015

how to limit/filter on a fixed set of adresses (group)

Dear mutt users,

I would wish to limit/search etc. emails which are addressed to a
group of 6 email addresses.  But %C matches if one of the
addresses in the emails header matches one of the groups email
addresses.  This does not check if all addresses match nor if
there are addresses which are not part of the group.

The limit/search should not be triggered if only one or some of
the addresses match but all of them and none else.  Is this
doable? if so, how?

If it's not doable, is it possible to match:

- if only addresses from the group match (none else)?

- if all addresses of the group match (and perhaps additional

Thanks, Gregor

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John Shea | 10 Oct 12:27 2015

slow scrolling through emails

I have an unusual issue. I have recently had to reinstall mutt
(actually my whole operating system). I had all of my config files
saved, so I relatively painlessly was able to get all of my software
back up to date. However, when I run mutt now (this had never been
a problem before), scrolling through my email is slow, but only for
some emails. I one point I thought that it was an message not marked
with the F flag (i.e. from myself which I sent to test), but occasionally
other emails scroll normally as well. I am completely baffled. I download
the email with offlineimap, which still works well, so I do not believe this
to be the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Xu Wang | 7 Oct 21:14 2015

save to mailbox appends email address


It seems the default behavior of mutt when I press 's' for save is to
put the email address as the folder I want to save to. But I would
prefer to not have this behavior. I have looked for muttrc variables
but I only find the following:




They do not seem to be those that I search for?

How can I change this behavior? I would prefer to just have a simple
'=' when I press 's'.

Kind regards,


Ian Zimmerman | 6 Oct 00:17 2015

[PATCH] alternative prefixes for names in indexview

A while ago [1], I wrote:

> The prefix in the index indicating an address is a destination rather
> than a source seems to be hardcoded to To, Cc or Bcc depending on the
> header where it occurs.  But these take up precious screen space.  I'd
> like them to be configurable, so I can change them to some Unicode
> arrow characters or even to the empty string.

The attached patch _partly_ addresses this.  It allows you to use choose
one of the following:

  1. The traditional behavior, "To ", "Cc " and "Bcc ".  Of course this is
  the default.

  2. A single character, ASCII only (!) prefix for each case.  I find ">",
  "+" and "-" most natural, but this is configurable.

  3. No prefix at all, which can be selected for each case separately.

I couldn't think of a way to use only one new option _and_ safely allow
utf-8 arrow thingies, but this scratches my itch, so here it is.

P.S. I know this belongs on the dev list, but I don't want to subscribe
there.  Don't punish me too severely!



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Ian Zimmerman | 5 Oct 04:38 2015

empty string variables

Hi.  For variables of type string, is there any difference between empty
and unset?  I am trying to add a feature dependent on a new string
option (call it opt_foo), and I contrived to do different things when
the C variable corresponding to the option is NULL, vs. when it points
to the empty string.  But when I run my patched binary and I do

:set opt_foo=""

I get the behavior for NULL :-(

This makes me think mutt cannot separate these two cases, and I have to
use some special non-empty value instead.  Is this right?


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SGT. Garcia | 29 Sep 18:16 2015

mutt importing attached secret keys by default? [Was: unlock keychain with pam authentication]

following is from earlier discussion on gnupg-users <at> i'm wondering if
mutt imports any attached key into gnupg's keyring by default.

On Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 03:33:38PM +0100, Andrew Gallagher wrote:
> On 29/09/15 15:28, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> > On Tue 2015-09-29 08:53:32 -0400, Andrew Gallagher <andrewg <at>> wrote:
> >> On 28/09/15 23:16, SGT. Garcia wrote:
> >>> On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 04:10:10PM -0400, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> >>>>
> >>>> Do you ever import keys that other people
> >>>> send you?  or keys you find on the web?  or keys attached to e-mail
> >>>> messages?  Are you sure the things imported can't include a secret key?
> >>>
> >>> this is the first time i hear about *importing* to be honest. after reading, yes
> >>> just reading, your email a new key was added and on the next run of 'notmuch
> >>> new' i was asked for it by pinentry. i'm guessing mutt imports any key it finds
> >>> in attachments.
> >>
> >> Surely that 'feature' needs removing asap?
> > 
> > I'm surprised to hear that notmuch has this feature, and i haven't seen
> > it happen myself.  I'm one of the people who helped contribute to
> > notmuch's OpenPGP mechanisms.
> > 
> > This sounds like something to be raised on the notmuch mailing list,
> > though.
> I was referring to mutt (allegedly) importing random secret keys that it
> finds attached to arbitrary mails... but yes, a discussion for elsewhere.
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steve | 29 Sep 15:18 2015

About saving outgoing messages

Hi there!

Let's say I'm sending a message to mom and dad and writing it from the 
Inbox folder. Once this message is sent, it is saved in $record=Sent 

Now if I write the message from within the family/mom folder, it gets 
saved in the family/mom folder since I have defined

set record=+family/mom

in a file being sourced when I enter the family/mom folder.

but I don't have a copy of this message in the family/dad folder.

So I have two questions here. First, say I have n recipients in the 
From: line, is it possible to save a copy of the message n times, each 
in the right folder? If so, how can I do that (and as a corollary, is it 
a good policy?)

A second, how can I manage to save a message in the right folder even if 
I'm not writing it in that folder?

I've been playing with folder-hook and fcc-hook but never managed to get 
where I would like.

Thanks for any help.


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Paul Tansom | 24 Sep 13:22 2015

status_format per account-hook or folder-hook

Is there a way to change the status_format when you change folders / accounts?

I currently have lines similar to:

set status_format = "-%r-Mutt: %f [Msgs:%?M?%M/?%m%?n? New:%n?%?o? Old:%o?%?d?
Del:%d?%?F? Flag:%F?%?t? Tag:%t?%?p? Post:%p?%?b? Inc:%b?%?l? %l?]---(%s/%S)-%>-(%P)---"

in my main muttrc, and then my folder-hook and/or account-hook sections, but it
never changes on the display. All the other changes I've got in there seem to
work fine.

All I'm trying to do is put something in there to let me know which account I'm
in, so if there's an easier way to do this I'm open to that too.


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Ian Zimmerman | 21 Sep 06:36 2015

Press any key to continue

Mutt asks me this after any pipe-message command.  I can see how it is
necessary for commands that produce output; otherwise I wouldn't get a
chance to see the output.  But what about commands that produce nothing
on stdout?  Some non-interactive commands may save their output in a
file, so their stdout is empty.  And then there are commands with an
interactive UI loop of their own, like lynx.  For both of these types
the extra prompt to close the output is useless and annoying.  Can I get
rid of it?


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Ian Zimmerman | 19 Sep 01:56 2015

save in current folder?

Is it possible (and safe) to set the record variable, or the Fcc header,
to the folder from where I send the mail?  For example, what can be said
about this .muttrc setting:

set record="~/Mail/inbox"

I don't want to handle archiving my own messages with a Bcc, because
they typically don't have the earmark by which I grab incoming mail and
shove it into the folder where it belongs.

Another question would be if the normal folder shortcuts are available
in this context.  Could the above be written as follows?

set record="=inbox"


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Ian Zimmerman | 18 Sep 01:02 2015

Compressed maildirs possible?

Can the compressed folder code handle the case where the archived file
is something like .zip or .tar, and contains a whole maildir?  From
reading that part of the manual it seems it should be possible, but I
thought I'd check before playing with my precious archives.


Please *no* private copies of mailing list or newsgroup messages.
Rule 420: All persons more than eight miles high to leave the court.