Mark H. Wood | 28 Jun 22:02 2016

Configuring S/MIME when crypt_use_gpgme = yes?

I need to use PGP/MIME and S/MIME with different correspondents and I have
crypt_use_gpgme set.  This works fine for PGP/MIME but has broken
S/MIME.  I've set local-user in gpgsm but it seems to be ignored in
Mutt:  "error signing data: End of file?".  If I set
smime_default_key it always says "secret key SOMETHING not found".  (I've
tried the key ID with and without leading 0x, the key fingerprint, and
my email address.  'gpgsm -K' understands all of these.)


What am I missing?


Mark H. Wood
Lead Technology Analyst

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Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
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Bastian | 28 Jun 15:26 2016

tag-delete messages in collapsed thread?

Hi all,

I am used to have macro to move an entire thread to my trash folder:

--- paste ----
macro index \cd "<tag-thread><tag-prefix-cond><save-message>=trash<enter>" "move thread to trash folder"
--- eop ---

This works perfectly unless the thread is collapsed. 
When collapsed, all messages in the thread are tagged (great), but only
the visible, first message is saved/deleted. 

So <tag-prefix> does not work on collapsed messages with my config.

I failed to find it, but is there a config option to change that

Many thanks,


Peter P. | 28 Jun 00:59 2016

syscall(getrandom) not supported

When sending encrypted mail from mutt using gpg I do get the following
error message from gpg:

gpg: DBG: syscall(getrandom) not supported; errno = 38

The mail is sent nevertheless, but I am wondering why the error message
is there. A quick online search did not bring up something and I was
womdering if this list could help me, or tell me where to ask next.

thank you for all ideas!

Claus Assmann | 27 Jun 19:48 2016

BAD signature: mutt, signer, something else?

mutt/gpg gives me a "BAD signature" for some recent mails on the
openssl users list, one example message is attached. Can someone
else reproduce the problem (the author says it verifies for him)?
If the signature verifies for you, which mutt / gpg version do you
use? (and any hints what might be broken in my setup?)

Mutt 1.5.24+24 (4de4b3635140) (2015-08-30)
gpg (GnuPG) 1.4.19

Attachment (mc1.gz): application/x-gunzip, 2336 bytes
Xu Wang | 22 Jun 08:08 2016

[SPAM?] mutt deletes temporary HTML file before I can view it


I would like to be able to do
'v' and then 'm' to open an HTML email in my browser. I can succeed in
this regard by having the following entry in ~/.mailcap:
text/html; chromium-browser %s; description=HTML Text;

However, mutt will be unresponsive until I exit the browser. This is
not my work style. So I added & to detach. This is good in the sense
that mutt now does not wait for the browser. However, by the time my
browser opens, mutt has already deleted the .html temporary file
because after adding & the command returned immediately?

Has any one come across this situation and has a similar desire?

Is there a setting I can choose to ask mutt to not delete the
temporary files? They are stored in /tmp and space is cheap so I would
like to ask mutt to not worry about them.

Kind regards,


Matthias Beyer | 20 Jun 14:01 2016

How to color diffs in a patch-mail?


can someone tell me how to color diffs in a PATCH mail when viewing 
the mail contents with mutt?

Is it even possible?


Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Kind regards,
Matthias Beyer

Proudly sent with mutt.
Happily signed with gnupg.
Peter P. | 15 Jun 22:27 2016

Re: strange characters in lbdb file make mutt throw "standard input <Binaryfilematches>"

* Marcelo Laia <marcelolaia <at>> [2016-06-15 21:00]:
> Em 15 de jun de 2016 15:41, "Peter P." <peterparker <at>> escreveu:
> >
> > I found out that the way lbdb collects the addresses from mails I send
> > from mutt via lbdb-fetchaddr will create an iso-8859-15 file unless
> > specified differently using the (-c) flag.
> > Please excuse the noise, and thanks.
> > Peter
> Hi,
> Have you solved the problem?
> Please, coul you share the solution?
Well I add the -c flag to lbdb-fetchaddr.

When I send mail from mutt I do it as follows:

In .muttrc I have
	set sendmail="~/.mutt/"

and that script holds the line 
	tee >(lbdb-fetchaddr -a -c utf8 -x "to:cc")|/home/peter/bin/msmtpq -a account $ <at> 

which lets lbdb save all to: or cc: addresses to its database in utf8
encoding, which is the default locale on my system.

Peter P. | 15 Jun 19:26 2016

[SPAM?] strange characters in lbdb file make mutt throw "standard input <Binaryfilematches>"

Hi list,

as the subject says, I am trying to query the little brother database
(lbdb) for an email address that contains a german umlaut in its
realname. While querying the database from bash works somehow (using the
lbdbq command) and only replacing the umlaut with a question mark
symbol, the query function from within mutt throws
"standard input <Binaryfilematches>".

This error message sounds a lot like grep, and I suspect mutt (or lbdb)
to just grep the database file when searching. Now grep has flag (-a)
that forces it to treat the input file(s) as ascii whatsoever and I am
wondering if mutt could at least use that one to query lbdb?

Nevertheless, if someone has an idea how lbdb could handle non-standard
characters in realnames of email addresses I would be delighted to know.

best, Peter

Eric Smith | 5 Jun 13:55 2016

NeoMutt: highlight messages with attachments

How do I do this?
My old `color attachment black red'
does not seem to work anymore.


Xu Wang | 3 Jun 07:35 2016

Convert ascii UTF8 code (in mutt "to:" header) to real UTF8


When I pipe email I see the following header:

To: Jeri =?utf-8?Q?Ker=C4=B1ko?= <jeriko_zhuzhu <at>>

I would like to get the name with the UTF8 character, without special
code, which in this case is: Jeri Kerıko (note that the last i has no
Is there a Linux command that can convert the special code to actual
UTF8 character which my terminal know how to display and actually
display correctly in mutt, but not when I pipe to custom script.

What is the name for that special code? is it encoding? I see also header
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
but does that refer only to body or does that mean that the above
special code is us-ascii and I must look for ascii to utf8 converter?

Kind regards,


Xu Wang | 29 May 08:33 2016

Lines beginning with From are not escaped in $record

Dear all,

When I send a message, it is appended to a big file called ~/sent. I
would like to get the last email in that big file. I'm trying to
understand the format. I thought I could just get everything starting
with From:. But if there is a line in the body that starts with
'From:", the F is not escaped like I have seen it before. So my regex
would match that.

Why is
not escaped for the ~/sent folder and how can I change that?

Kind regards,