Bernard Massot | 29 Nov 17:55 2015

sending mails readable on small screens


I'm struggling to build mails readable on small screens, ie mails whose
lines wrap correctly even when there are few columns. I'm indeed
thinking of smart phones.

I thought format=flowed would be the answer. However the first mailer I
tried – K9 mail – doesn't support f=f. I guess Android's native app is
no better. So f=f isn't the universal solution.

What do you suggest? It seems HTML is the only widely supported format,
which doesn't have line wrapping problems. So should I make Mutt
creating automatically an HTML part of a multipart/alternative, using an
empty HTML page template and wrapping paragraphs in <p> tags? Is there
something more clever to do?

Bernard Massot

Danny | 27 Nov 14:18 2015

Move old messages

Hi Guys,

How can I have Mutt move messages (to another folder) automatically after 5 days when I go into a

I am subscribed to many mailing lists and like to keep old messages for archival
purposes. However, after a few days these folders are getting just too big.

For example: When I open up the FreeBSD folder I want Mutt to automatically move
the older messages to FreeBSD-OLD folder.

Thank You


felix | 25 Nov 21:21 2015

Do not load attachments until asked for

Occasionally I get emails with multi megabyte attachments which I don't need to see; an old email whose
attachments have already been saved, attachments I know I don't need to see, etc.

Is there some configuration setting which prevents automatically loading attachments when reading an
email, deferring it to the 'v' view-attachments key (probably not the real name)?


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Tomas Nordin | 23 Nov 22:34 2015

Re: Default action on new mail invocation

On Sun, Nov 15, 2015 at 07:15:13PM +0000, Christian Ebert wrote:
> * Tomas Nordin on Sunday, November 15, 2015 at 18:19:48 +0100
> > What do I put in my muttrc to change
> > 
> >    Recall postponed message? ([yes]/no):
> > to
> >    Recall postponed message? (yes/[no]):
> > 
> > upon invocation of a new mail.
> set recall=ask-no

Thank you, that was easy.

Xu Wang | 23 Nov 16:41 2015

Open postponed menu on startup

I would like to have mutt open postponed when I first start mutt. Is
there a way to do this from the .muttrc? I suppose I could do that
"push R" trick, but I would prefer a .muttrc solution.

Kind regards,


Luis Mochan | 16 Nov 06:04 2015

Re: Is there a tool I can use to convert a whole email to webpage or something alike?

Maybe a script calling mhonarc (though I haven't used for some time).

On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 12:03:46PM +0800, Magicloud Magiclouds wrote:
> Hi,
> Using Mutt, one pain is dealing with multi-media emails. Yes, with
> w3m, I could almost read the email. And I could save the pictures then
> view them. But this is too much work if I repeat it too many times.
> So is there a way that, I could press a hotkey in Mutt, it would pipe
> current email to some converter then open browser with the result
> webpage?
> -- 
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Wim de With | 19 Nov 22:51 2015

Author's name in index from address book

I configured Thunderbird to override the name in the From: header with the
name associated with that email address in my address book. I would like to do
the same in Mutt. Is there any way to replace the author's name in Mutt's
index view with a shell script instead of using the options of the
index_format configuration option? 


Xu Wang | 19 Nov 08:03 2015

Change to group reply from compose map?

I often press 'r', write my message, and then realize on compose map
that I should have done 'g' for group reply. Is there a way to switch
on compose map (other than doing manually editing)?

Kind regards,


Peter P. | 18 Nov 21:33 2015

viewing attachments with identical filenames

Hi list,

I came across an annoying issue when viewing attached files in mutt.
In order to view attachment "A" Mutt saves the file to /tmp/mutt and
launches the appropriate viewer. When I want to see another attachment
"B" which has an identical filename as "A" and ask mutt to display it,
mutt will not overwrite the already stored "A" file in /tmp/mutt, and
hence display "A" while I would expect to see "B".

Is this a known issue, and could there be a workaround to this?

Thank you so much!

Tomas Nordin | 18 Nov 20:43 2015

Previous match (new mail)


On my mutt, <tab> takes me to the next new mail. In the index, I
sometimes want to <tab> myself to the previous new. I have then tried
<shift>-<tab> and I get a message saying that key is not bound. Which
seem to me like an excellent opportunity to bind it for doing just that
-- take me to the previous new mail.

Any suggestion how to fix that?

Best regards

Magicloud Magiclouds | 18 Nov 06:55 2015

Re: Is there a tool I can use to convert a whole email to webpage or something alike?

Thanks for the hint. I know this. But I sure have not checked if I
could block them without manual intervention.

On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 3:29 PM, Mick <michaelkintzios <at>> wrote:
> On Monday 16 Nov 2015 07:00:05 Magicloud Magiclouds wrote:
>> Gary, very nice. Thank you.
>> Ian, Cameron, sorry I did not make myself clear. I need to exact the
>> rich-formated html as w3m not only does not display the pictures (and
>> viewing the picture files individually lost their position related to
>> text, either), but also hide some links if I need to click the button
>> in the page.
> You understand that opening complete HTML messages with images linked from
> remote servers and also clicking on links without knowing where they may take
> you, is potentially unsafe?
> --
> Regards,
> Mick



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