Ken Moffat | 2 Sep 19:47 2015

BADSIG with 1.5.24.

I do not have a lot of use for encrypting my mail, but it is
(sometimes) interesting to look at the signatures of signed mail on
the lists - and using signed git tags for anything which I release
sounds like a good idea.

From time to time I have seen mails on lkml which gpg reports as
BADSIG, but not been too worried about it.  But today I tried
sending myself (at a different address) a signed mail.  The sent
copy shows:

[-- PGP output follows (current time: Wed 02 Sep 2015 16:25:09 BST)
gpg: Signature made Wed 02 Sep 2015 15:42:35 BST using RSA key ID
[GNUPG:] SIG_ID W56zzth79uXoGGJlCnNbs4NSh70 2015-09-02 1441204955
[GNUPG:] GOODSIG 78930DB93043C26D Ken Moffat (ntlworld address)
<zarniwhoop <at>>
gpg: Good signature from "Ken Moffat (ntlworld address)
<zarniwhoop <at>>"
[GNUPG:] VALIDSIG 08AA8A7D1D980359F39DACEA78930DB93043C26D
2015-09-02 1441204955 0 4 0 1 2 01
[-- End of PGP output --]

But when I received it (via a .forward file) it was unimpressive:
[-- PGP output follows (current time: Wed 02 Sep 2015 16:25:39 BST)
gpg: Signature made Wed 02 Sep 2015 15:42:35 BST using RSA key ID
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Matthew Phillips | 2 Sep 14:19 2015

Archived messages, where do they go?

I have a FastMail account and have set up a macro to send messages to
the Archive:

macro index,pager y "<save-message>Archive<enter><enter>" "Archive"

However when I do this and then check in the webmail they are not in the
Archive (and not in the Inbox).  Where are they going?

Joe | 2 Sep 12:23 2015

[Macro] Control index menu with arrows

Hi, all

I asked some question yesterday about how to redefine the same key
using a macro. Subject title was:

[Macro] Redefine the same key (<right> key)

Finally I had found a way to make it work "almost" as expected:
my not working old macro needed sequence to be enclosed in single
quotes instead in double ones.

Now I've upgrade yesterday macros to control index menu better.
So I decided to share them here so that you can comment, add ideas
and so on...

Expected behaviour when arrow keys are pressed:

1. When I enter in a mailbox I'm in front of mutt index menu:
   I've configured it to show one thread per line, all threads
   collapsed whit %M flag in index_format, so I can distinguish
   single message by multi message threads.

2. I want to close current mailbox by type "left" key and return
   to browser menu with all mailboxes listed one per line.

3. When I'm selecting a multi messages thread I want to view it
   expanded in a clean screen by pressing "right" key. The other
   threads will be hidden.
   If I'm selecting a single message thread I want that same "right"
   key just display that message (so entering in pager menu).
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Brendan Cully | 1 Sep 21:08 2015

mutt 1.5.24 released

Hi Mutt Users,

[Editor's note: this release is thanks to the perseverance and effort
of the indefatigable Kevin McCarthy]

We've just released 1.5.24 to

Note that the URL directory is slightly different from before, and
that this release is signed with Kevin's key [1].

1.5.24 contains several new features in addition to bug fixes, perhaps
hinting it's past time to release 1.6.0.  At the very least, the Mutt
team would like to encourage everyone to consider this release as
"very close to stable" and suggest anyone still using the 1.4 series
please upgrade.

A few changes were made to the suggested GPG and S/MIME configuration
settings.  Please take the time to review the UPDATING file, as well
as the sample gpg.rc and smime.rc files under the contrib

We'd like to thank everyone who contributed patches, bug reports,
translation, feedback, documentation updates, and testing.  We're
grateful for all of your help in making this release happen.

-Kevin [2]

    GPG fingerprint: 8975 A9B3 3AA3 7910 385C  5308 ADEF 7684 8031 6BDA
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Alan Leoni | 1 Sep 21:26 2015

How to display old messages (unread) in browser menu

Hi everybody,
I'm writing to ask how to display old messages (unread) in the browser

In my .muttrc I've:
set folder_format = "%4C [%d] %2N %2t %2f "

I've no idea if it's possible and about which "code" I've to add.

Thanks a lot


Alan Leoni

bastian-muttuser | 1 Sep 16:49 2015

mutt mail archives

The mutt homepage [1] links to the mutt mailing list archives for -users
[2] and -dev [3]. Both are not reachable (at least right now). 


The domain seems not to be resolvable anymore.

Are there any other archives available?



Leon Gomail | 1 Sep 15:44 2015

strange behavior on folder list

I am using mutt-sidebar 1.5.23-10 (arch AUR package)

My folder variable is set to some remote imap folder. Assume this
folder contains $folder/{foodir1,foodir2}

Problem 1: with mailboxes set to nothing (default setting), I only
see foodir1 in the folder pane/folder browser. If I want foodir2 to also appear in
the folder list, I must set mailboxes =foodir2 in .muttrc

Problem 2 (probably related to 1): if I hit
c =f TAB
folder2 does not appear as a possible completion (whereas foodir1 does), even when
mailboxes is set to mailboxes=foodir2 

Couldnt find any clue in MuttGuide. Can someone help ?

Joe | 1 Sep 15:06 2015

[Macro] Redefine the same key (<right> key)

Hi all,
I' trying to set <right> key such that when I press it
mutt execute some commands and then it redefines same
<right> key.

Let's take a look closer to my muttrc attempt:
macro index 'alone' \
      "<tag-subthread><limit>~T\n<tag-subthread>" "hide other threads"

macro index <right> \
      "<enter-command> macro index '<right>' <display-message>; push alone"

when I've tried to use an other key instead of <right> arrow that macro
seems to work properly.
Using <right> key I noticed some issue to "escape" <right> key. I mean:
macro index 'alone' \
      "<tag-subthread><limit>~T\n<tag-subthread>" "hide other threads"

macro index L \
      "<enter-command> macro index \L <display-message>; push alone"

In this example I set "L" key:
- I press "L"
- Mutt redefines macro associated to "L" key again
- And recalls "alone" macro executing it (showing a thread alone)
- If now type "L" key again mutt opens message I'm selecting
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Cameron Simpson | 1 Sep 04:13 2015

highlighting *bold* and _underline_ in mutt

In case anyone wants this...

I just had someone highlight some text I'd missed in a quote, *thus*. Now I'm 
using this script "mutt-highlight" in my default display_filter:

Share and enjoy. Use the "Raw" link to fetch. The script contains literal ESC 

Cameron Simpson <cs <at>>

Matthew Phillips | 31 Aug 22:05 2015

Switching inboxes sometimes launches Compose

Newbie question, I have keybindings to switch between configurations
like this:

macro index <f2> '<sync-mailbox><enter-command>source ~/.mutt/<enter><change-folder>!<enter>'
macro index <f3> '<sync-mailbox><enter-command>source ~/.mutt/<enter><change-folder>!<enter>'

Some times when I hit f2/f3 instead of changing inboxes it starts a
compose. I don't have any other keybindings for f2/f3, any ideas what
could cause this?

Ralf Hildebrandt | 31 Aug 13:12 2015

S/MIME from the command line?

I found:

And right now I'm trying to send S/MIME signed mails from the command

Invoking mutt interactively using my custom config:
% mutt -F ~/muttrc
works as expected (mail is being signed, sender is set correctly and
so on)

Invoking mutt from within a script like:

mutt -F ~/muttrc \
     -s "some subject" \
     -a $somefile -- "${addr}" < mailbody.txt

just sends an UNSIGNED mail (but at least it sends an email!)


Ralf Hildebrandt
  Geschäftsbereich IT | Abteilung Netzwerk
  Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  Campus Benjamin Franklin
  Hindenburgdamm 30 | D-12203 Berlin
  Tel. +49 30 450 570 155 | Fax: +49 30 450 570 962
  ralf.hildebrandt <at> |

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