Dale | 20 Nov 05:58 2014

where I am at with line wrap

I have been looking through mutt, nano and vim docs
and web pages for about 8 hours and I can't get this
any further than before

this is what was suggested and I added to my ~/.muttrc

set wrap=72
set smart_wrap
set editor="nano -r 75"

my terminal is set at 80x24

if I type less than 80 chars nothing is wrong

if I paste something that is already wrapped less than 80 chars,
nothing is wrong

if I type pasted 80 chars, nano has this weird dollar sign thing going
on, and when I post it says the line is more than 80 chars and is
not wrapped, I have to force send

when I read the forced send in mutt it displays a plus sign
in front of each wrapped line, not a big deal except for URLs

when I read the forced send in thunderbird, it is not wrapped,
just one big line

didn't do anything to my ~/.nanorc file yet, but was thinking
I should since I use nano for slrn too

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Dale | 19 Nov 21:15 2014

mutt/vim line wrap configuration

read in the docs and on google

this line in my ~/.slrnrc
set editor="vim +':set textwidth=0' +':set wrapmargin=0' +':set wrap'"

seems to wraps when I type or copy/paste into vim

but when I read the message, Mutt has a plus sign in front of each wrapped line

I will check the docs for line/word wrapping further

but if any one can help me keep what I got and just get rid of the plus sign I would appreciate it



(my whereabouts below)

Tom Fowle | 19 Nov 06:06 2014

sending to fastmail with mutt

Havn't been able to send mail through fastmail.fm from mutt for a year,
went through it all on list back in august, nothing worked.
Gave up as don't need to send much, and can just barely manage the
web mail.

Recently looked at the smtp settings and problem again, and notice that
I attempt
to send I get
"connecting to fastmail.fm"
"could not connect to fastmail.fm, connection refused."

Below are I hope appropriate lines from my .muttrc.

Should it not be sending to mail.messagingengine.com?
and if yes, what may be wrong with my configuration?

This is a package installed with debian wheezy
has all the appropriate compile options.
Am I correct that with smtp server specified, I don't need to point at

Sorry with -d3 command line option set, I don't appear to get debug

libsasl2 is installed.
snip from .muttrc

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Gerard ROBIN | 19 Nov 00:17 2014

see the attached files pdf with atril

when I install evince, the file /etc/mailcap is updated automatically
and I can see the pdf files attached to an email, but if I remove evince
and I install atril instead, the file /etc/mailcap is not updated.
Of course I configure it by hand. But I would like to know who is
concerned by the problem : atril, Debian, mutt ?



*  Created with "mutt 1.5.21-6.2+deb7u2"  *
*  under Debian Linux WHEEZY version 7.7  *
*  Registered Linux User #388243	  *
*  https://Linuxcounter.net		  *

Dale | 18 Nov 20:12 2014

line wrap with editors

seem to have line wrap problems with
nano and vi(vim?)

how can I fix this or use gedit,emacs



(my whereabouts below)

M. Fioretti | 15 Nov 17:50 2014

again on mutt "sasl" problem with isp


almost one year ago, I had a problem with mutt, so I asked for help
here, describing it in detail, see (1) below. It received one answer
(2), but:

I don't know why, honestly, I NEVER saw it last year. I have no memory
of it at least, sorry!

Besides, for many reasons not relevant, the need to do what I had
described in my message "vanished" a couple of days later and never
came back until this week. So only today I have seen message (2)
below, and immediately tried what Mick suggested. No luck. If I add
port 587 I only get a different error message, and nothing more
because that mutt was not compiled with debug support and I can't
change it on that machine:

DEBUG was not defined during compilation.  Ignored.
gnutls_handshake: An unexpected TLS packet was received.

so, sorry again for not realizing for one year I had left this
thread hanging and... any more suggestion on how to fix this, or
at least understand exactly what is happening?


(1) https://www.mail-archive.com/mutt-users <at> mutt.org/msg47293.html

2) https://www.mail-archive.com/mutt-users <at> mutt.org/msg47294.html
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Dale | 15 Nov 16:43 2014

HOWTO Ubuntu/mutt as promised

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and its version of mutt

there is a link in the site in my signature
explaining the details of
how I got it configured to work, the meat of the
solution came on the mailingh list when someone
said I had to include double quotes around the
smtp_url variable

thanks for all the help here and on the usenet group
from all the honorable gurus


(my whereabouts below)

Peter P. | 11 Nov 22:08 2014

Boldness under mutt's indicator line?

Dear fellow mutt users,

I am having a strange problem with different font/color behavior of
two instances of mutt with almost identical configuration files. These
two instances run on separate machines and otherwise have the same

New mail in the index is yellow and bold, as set in muttrc using 
        color index brightyellow black ~N

My indicator is a bar, not an arrow, and is cyan, as set with
        color indicator default cyan

Now in one instance new yellow+bold messages under the cyan
indicator continue being displayed in a bold font (the desired
behavior) while in the other instance their font is not bold.

I checked several variables such as 
and they are identical on both machines.

What could I be missing that affects the 'boldness' of the font under
the indicator line?
This sounds like a minor thing first, but over the last days I have
grown to understand how much more intuitive mail handling is with the
font remaining bold, hence my question here on the list.

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steve | 11 Nov 10:54 2014

Display image in attached html file

  Hi all,

  I'm receiving reports in html containing images. In mutt, those images
  are separated from the html file. For example, when I press 'v', I see
  the html file on one line and the image on another. Pressing 'enter'
  fires up firefox to display the html file. Problem, the image will not
  show in that page (it doesn't find the image's address).

  I've been looking around for a solution but failed until now, so
  that's the reason I'm posting here.

  How could I achieve that?

  Thank you,

Russell Harris | 11 Nov 08:10 2014

Re: Now Pop...

On Mon, November 10, 2014 10:25 pm, beni wrote:
> hello,
> thank you for your answers regarding mutt and pop3 mail in mutt.user,
> they've given me at least a chance of getting everything working that i
> need to get going.  :)
> i'm halfway there (i can get things from my ISP, but i haven't figured out
> exim4 to my ISP connection yet).
> one step at a time...

What distribution are you running?

In Debian, the default Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is Exim4; your
distribution may use Sendmail or some other MTA.

The Debian maintainer of Mutt compiles Mutt to hand outgoing messages to
Exim4 for transmission; no user configuration of Mutt is needed for this

During installation (or afterward, using "dpkg-reconfigure exim4.config"),
one of the details which you as the user specify is whether to use a
"smarthost" for outgoing mail.  The smarthost typically is the SMTP server
of your ISP.  If you specify that a smarthost is to be used, the
reconfiguration dialogue asks you to specify the URL of the smarthost --
something such as "smtp.myisp.com".

And that should be all that is required to configure the system for
sending mail.
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DaleKelly | 10 Nov 23:58 2014

POP? (read some docs first)

read "?" on mutt
read POP in Mutt docs
searched Ubuntu wiki
searched google

I get
Login failed. Command USER is not supported by server.
SSL/TLS seemes to make a connection before the error comes up
SMTP with SSL/TLS works fine
abook is working fine

"?" on my Ubuntu repository version, says "G" launches fetch-mail
Ubuntu version 14.04 LTS
repository Mutt 1.5.21-6.4ubuntu2

grep -v ^# /etc/Muttrc is at the bottom


here is what I added to my Muttrc

set realname="Dale"
set from="dale <at> dalekelly.org"

set smtp_url="smtps://dale <at> dalekelly.org <at> smtpout.secureserver.net:465"
set smtp_pass="mypassword"

set pop_host="pops://dale <at> dalekelly.org <at> pop.secureserver.net:995"
set pop_pass="mypassword"

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