Matthias Apitz | 5 Aug 08:16 2015

Fwd: Re: broken strings compiled-in into mutt

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Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2015 08:15:29 +0200
From: Matthias Apitz <guru <at>>
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Subject: Re: broken strings compiled-in into mutt

El día Tuesday, August 04, 2015 a las 09:48:24PM +0200, Kurt Jaeger escribió:

> Hi!
> > Hello Udo (as maintainer),
> > 
> > Maybe it's a FreeBSD issue, rather than a mutt one?
> I see similar effects on 10.1-amd64.
> Mutt 1.5.23 (2014-03-12)
> Copyright (C) 1996-2009 Michael R. Elkins and others.
> Mutt comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details type `mutt -vv'.
> Mutt is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
> under certain conditions; type `mutt -vv' for details.
> System: FreeBSD 10.2-RC2 (amd64)
> ncurses: ncurses 5.7.20081102 (compiled with 5.7)
> libiconv: 1.14
> libidn: 1.31 (compiled with 1.29)
> Compiler:
> F
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Matthias Apitz | 4 Aug 16:54 2015

broken strings compiled-in into mutt

(sorry, if this comes twice; I used the wrong From addr)


I have compiled on FreeBSD CURRENT some 1660 ports, among them my
beloved mutt, and all went fine. I wanted to check mutt if it has used the
correct compiler options and configure value and have run

$ mutt -v

The output is broken as you can see in the attached file and the strings
are like this broken in the binary itself, i.e. it is not only an
display issue. mutt itself starts. The string contains a \r where it
should have 'r' and a \t where it should have a 't', ...

Any ideas? Let me know if you need the log of the make engine poudriere
for this.



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$ mutt -v > /mnt/guru/mutt.err
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John Niendorf | 3 Aug 19:23 2015

IMAP Folders - Mutt Patched

For what it's worth, I use Mutt Patched from the Ubuntu repository.
It gives me a side bar that lists all of my IMAP folders.
Ctrl+n moves to the next folder and Ctrl+p moves to the previous folder.

I have this in my .muttrc file:

# Sidebar
set sidebar_width=30
set sidebar_visible=yes
set sidebar_delim='|'
set sidebar_sort=yes
color sidebar_new brightblue black# b toggles sidebar visibility
macro index b 'toggle sidebar_visible'
macro pager b 'toggle sidebar_visible'

bind index \CP sidebar-prev
bind index \CN sidebar-next
bind index \CO sidebar-open
bind pager \CP sidebar-prev
bind pager \CN sidebar-next
bind pager \CO sidebar-open*/0B05fj21T_0AtMndZZjlxSjh2V2c?e


Joel Dahl | 1 Aug 14:33 2015

mutt and mailboxes


I've been using mutt with IMAP for many years and I haven't touched the
.muttrc config for ~5 years or so because it's basically working. However,
today I played around with offlineimap because lately I've been traveling a
lot and need access to all my mail while offline, and it seems to do the job
just fine. Changing my mutt config to offlineimap and a local Maildir instead of
the built-in IMAP support was quite easy, but I noticed one annoying thing that
I haven't been able to properly fix yet.

I have lots of mailboxes, and I'm used to pressing y to bring up the list of
mailboxes in order to switch between them. With mutt IMAP, my list of
mailboxes looks like this:

It's very easy to see how many unread mails I have in each mailbox. With
offlineimap and a local Maildir it isn't quite so clear though, this is what
it looks like if I press y:

What a mess. Is it possible to get list of mailboxes looking more similar to
the first example?

Thanks, :-)


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Niels Kobschaetzki | 1 Aug 06:05 2015

About line-breaks


I have two questions about line breaks:

1) Is there a way to have a line break in the subject in the index (?
   the overview of my inbox), if the width of the terminal is not wide
   enough to show the whole subject?
2) When I read a mail, is there a way that URLs do not get line broken
   at all? Otherwise I always have to select the URL manually to open it
   in my browser, since I didn't find yet a terminal-emulator that will
   recognize multi-line-URLs (and I am actually happy with termite)


Ian Zimmerman | 30 Jul 03:39 2015

Reading encrypted mail remotely

Is there any hook or crook by which I could read encrypted mail with
mutt without my private key being installed on the host where mutt runs?
Some agent forwarding magic, pretty please?  I really, really don't want
to put my key on my mail server.  And no, please don't suggest IMAP :-(


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Matthias Apitz | 29 Jul 20:19 2015

scoring top posters


I'm using scoring to mark, auto delete, ... certain mails I do not want
to read. I'd like to auto-score top posters for the next mail. For the
first mail it is not possible due to scoring is based on header lines.
But the sender could be scored with -10 or -20 for the next mail...

Any ideas how to implement this as automagically?



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Peter P. | 29 Jul 19:07 2015

amount of displayed characters of sender name in index view

Hi list,

is there a way to tell mutt to show me more of the sender name in index
view? Currently it seems to be 15 characters regardless of the
(x)terminal dimensions.

thank you!

Peter P. | 22 Jul 17:35 2015

avoid multiple "deletion" of same mail?

Hi list,

I have bound the 'd' key to move mails to a trash folder, and 'D' to
move an entire thread to a trash folder:

 folder-hook . 'macro index,pager d "<save-message>=INBOX.Trash \r"
 folder-hook . 'macro index,pager D "<tag-thread><tag-prefix><save-message>=INBOX.Trash \r"

This doesn't prevent me from accidentally moving these messages twice,
eg when the first mails in a thread are deleted using 'd' (and are
marked deleted accordingly) with a subsequent use of 'D' the entire
thread, including the messages that got deleted already, gets saved to
the trash folder again, causing duplicates.

Is there a way to execute above scripts only on messages and threads
whose status is not 'deleted'?

Thank you for all ideas!


PS: Does anyone know of a simple way to disply identical duplicated
messages with mutt, and optionally delete only the duplicates?

Peter P. | 21 Jul 18:50 2015

not display hostname in References: ?

Hi Muttlist,

I am sending mails using msmtp (msmtp-queue, to be exact). In the
"References:" field of emails that I send back to mailing list using
list-reply, I notice that the hostname of my local box is inserted, and
would prefer to keep it out of there. I am not sure if this a mutt or an
msmtp issue, please excuse me if this is inappropriate here. 
Does anyone know of a way to suppress the own boxes hostname from that
field in replies sent to lists?

Thank you!

Peter P. | 21 Jul 18:43 2015

save email without header but as text?

Hi list,

(Mutt is a amazing client!)

I am wondering how I can save emails to disk as text files the way they
are displayed to me in the pager, ie. without the full header.
If I select the message body from the attachment menu, it is saved as
body only (evidently) without any From: addresses etc. If I save it from
the pager itself, using pipe, that is
 | cat > somefile.txt
It saves the full header, which is a bit too much info for my taste. I
don't want to print mails to a pdf file via muttprint, as textfiles are
easier to parse and edit.

Most looking forward to suggestions!