Mark Filipak | 18 Sep 22:19 2014

How is mutt with multi-mega-byte mboxes?

How is mutt with multi-mega-byte mboxes? Have you found that having tens
of thousands of messages in a single box is dangerous?

Thank You.

Matthias Apitz | 18 Sep 12:24 2014

display text when a main contains HTML and text


From time to time I'm getting mails having the message as text and HTML
at the same time in the body; ofc this is bad posting style of the sender and
maybe one should not care about and just delete such mails;

to display HTML attachments I have in my .mailcap:

$ fgrep lynx .mailcap 
text/html; lynx -dump -display_charset UTF-8 %s ; copiousoutput; nametemplate=%s.html

Why is mutt presenting the HTML part of the mail and not just the text?
Is this somehow a config issue?



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Óscar Pereira | 13 Sep 20:48 2014

Format flowed equals no space in depth 1

Dear all,

When hitting reply, in the editor the lines of the quoted text are shown
like this: ">foo", but after sending the mail, the content is shown like
"> foo". Furthermore, if when composing the reply, I change from ">foo"
(which is done automatically) to "> foo", the end result still shows
like "> foo". This happens with vim and nano (and, I presume, all other

I thought this might be related with the inner workings of flowed text
(which I'm using), but checking the relevant RFC [1], I still see no
reason to quote the text (while composing) as ">foo" (instead of 
"> foo"). Can anyone shed some light?

---Óscar Pereira

Russell Urquhart | 13 Sep 16:08 2014

SMTP Authentication fails with 1.5.23 on Verizon

I can confirm that i am still having the SMTP Authentication error with version 1.5.23 of Mutt when trying to
send mail on a Verizon network.

I get around it, like I described earlier by explicitly naming all Authications to use.

I compiled my version of Mutt 1.5.23 with the debug option in hopes that i would check various debug logs,
after the error occurred.

Can someone tell me where these log files are/what their names are? I can't seem to find them readily.



John Niendorf | 9 Sep 15:05 2014

Mutt and Exchange

Hello Mutters,

I'm using Mutt to access my personal IMAP account, but was wondering if 
there is a way to use Mutt to connect to my work Exchange 2010 account?

I'm using Thunderbird that has an add-on that allows T-bird to connect to 
Exchange using the Outlook Web Access settings.

Has anyone ever connected to Exchange with Mutt?


Thank you,


Andre Klärner | 9 Sep 11:50 2014

when does re-scoring occour

Hi all,

is there a specific event / command to re-evaluate the message scoring? I
have a set of scores that rely on "~d >2d", but as long as my mutt instance
lives it is never re-evaluated. So as my mutt runs mostly for weeks the
score gets stays at the value that correct days ago, no matter if I change
the mailbox, or resource the whole muttrc.

Also a small side question: why is the minimal date range 1 day, and no
hours / minutes available? And does anybody know a real use for superseded
messages, I think I never saw one in the wild?

Thanks and regards,


Andre Klärner
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Michael Treibton | 7 Sep 13:57 2014

Thread colors

Hi all,

I'm trying to see if it's possible to color threads in a certain way.
At the moment I have this in my .muttrc:

    color index green default "~v"

Which very nicely makes the *top*-level email in a given thread green.

however, is it possible to get mutt to also assign a color to the
other emails in that thread somehow?  Might it also be possible to
give the top-level thread a different color to the other emails in
that thread?

I'm trying to make things easier on the eye in terms of threading, and
am trying to use colors to do it.

i wonder if it's possible to also assign random/different colors to
each thread in mutt?  that'd be cool.



Matthias Apitz | 3 Sep 17:36 2014

message line in black with black background


I'm running mutt-1.5.23 in a terminal rxvt-unicode (ouR XVT, unicode) for
better UTF-8 support. The screen in the URL shows the same (read-only)
mailbox, one in a xterm and the one in forground in uRxvt, both with the
same error message about mailbox is read-only after I pressed 'd' (just
to show some error message, it is the same with all messages).

Why in uRxvt it is presented with black on black, not very read-able :-) ?



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Peter Davis | 22 Aug 15:31 2014

Gnus-like pager?

I've been using Mutt and Gnus to read email on an IMAP server (Fastmail). I generally prefer Mutt in all but
one respect ... Gnus does a better job of actually displaying
text/plain and text/html mails, including highlighting, italics, and clickable links and email
addresses. I've got Mutt set to display HTML via w3m, but it uses -dump mode, which
precludes any text highlighting or links.

So I'm wondering if it's possible to run Mutt in a shell buffer in emacs, and set the pager to be another
buffer/mode that displays like Gnus does. Well, I assume it's possible,
but has anyone ever tried it? Does Mutt automatically hand over the entire screen to any pager but its own?

Thank you.



Peter Davis
The Tech Curmudgeon

Derek Martin | 20 Aug 21:26 2014 down?

Just tried to log into and it seems to be down.  Tried
via web browser also, no juice.


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Matthias Apitz | 19 Aug 11:06 2014

small typo in smtp_url=... gives SASL auth failed


I was debugging a while my SMTP connection to my ISP was failing...
after some time I found that it was caused my a small typo in the
smtp_url setting in ~/.muttrc:

this line works fine:

set smtp_url="smtp://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-guru <at>"

this line gives SASL auth failed:

set smtp_url="smtp://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-guru <at>

the diff is the missing " and a / at the end; mutt is contacting
the server ans asks for the password for the correct
user; then it fails; I think it would be better, if mutt
detects a syntax issue, than failing with SASL; if possible;



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