Antoine Amarilli | 27 Jul 21:48 2014

Honor X-Mutt-PGP with resend-message

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this list, I hope that this is the right kind of questions
and the right place where to ask them.

The short version of my question is: Is there a way for the
resend-message command to honor PGP signature/encryption settings
stored in the target message in the X-Mutt-PGP header?

The reason why I ask: I want to have postponed messages appear in my
inbox, and be able to recall them by selecting them in the index view
and hitting the 'R' key. I accordingly set postponed="inbox", but then
the recall-message commands insists on opening its own prompt to select
the message to recall (in other words, I found no way to recall the
selected message in the index). I accordingly use the resend-message
command (following the manual's description of it as "recall from
arbitrary folders"), but then this command ignores the encryption
settings for the postponed message (and chooses to have no
encryption/signature instead). Indeed, postponing the message stores a
message without encryption or signature, and merely indiates in a
X-Mutt-PGP header what the message setting was, and resend-messages
looks at the message itself to decide whether to sign or encrypt, rather
than using this header.

Hence the question above; but maybe my way to use =inbox as the
postponed folder is not the right way to obtain the behavior I want.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Automate the decryption of inline pgp messages.

Hi mutt users!

Is there any convenient way to automatically decrypt inline pgp
messages? Piping the text attachment to `gpg --decrypt` works, but I
need a simpler way to do the task. Although inline pgp is deprecated,
many mail user agent such as K9 mail is still using it.

In addition to that, is there any way to compose an inline pgp mail
using mutt? A simple way, because I know manually writing a text and
encrypting it using `gpg --encrypt` command works fine to do the task.

Paul E Condon | 16 Jul 03:48 2014

Need help with coloring the indicator line

I'm not sure of the correct but by the indicator line
I mean the black horizontal bar that is covers one entry
in the table of entries in the index display. It is 
intended, I think, to hilight a slngle selected email
but with my current .muttrc , it just makes it impossible
to read. How do I fix this?


Paul E Condon           
pecondon <at>

Chris Down | 15 Jul 05:45 2014

Disable To/Cc/Subject prompts when replying, but not when creating


Is there some way to disable the prompts for To/Cc/Subject when replying
to a message, but still have them appear when creating a new one?

Thanks. :-)

Martin Vegter | 12 Jul 11:54 2014

split-pane index


Is it possible to split the index page into two panes, so that the upper
pane shows the messages, and the lower pane shows the actual text of the
selected message? (i.e. similar behavior as GUI email clients, such as

I know that mutt can display split-pane in pager

    set pager_index_lines = 6

But I would like to have in index


Dave Kuhlman | 9 Jul 04:48 2014

How do I set the time zone from which mutt sends email?

My email server is in a different timezone from where I am.

How do I tell mutt to use my local timezone when sending an email? And, how 
do I tell mutt what my local timezone is?

I do remote login (with ssh) to my email account.

I looked at the mutt documentation on configuration and I also did several 
Web searches, but I could not find this.


Matt Rechkemmer | 5 Jul 23:00 2014

Macro to refresh current mailbox with mbsync

Hello all,

I currently use mutt to read my maildirs that are synced via mbsync.  I'd love 
to have a way to "force" a sync on the current mailbox.  My thought on how to 
do this is to use a folder-hook to change the macro that calls mbsync to refer 
to the current mailbox.

Does that make sense? Is there a better approach I should be taking?

Thanks for the help!



Matt Rechkemmer
mutt-list <at>

westlake | 2 Jul 04:46 2014


I'm having an issue using mutt&anubis. Anybody familiar with anubis?
(works half-way I know I'm missing a setting somewhere)

(there's basically no contact mailing list, I've sent a message, and 
their archives show like 1 message a month with no replies)

John Niendorf | 1 Jul 21:19 2014

Saving attachments (Again)

Hi Guys,

I have a question that I'm sure has been asked before but due to a brain 
cramp I can't find the answer.

How can I save multiple attachments to a specific folder without having to 
type the destination path for each attachment.

Specifically, if I get an email with 20 images attached, what is the 
easiest way to save them all to a specific folder.

I know I can tag them all, but what is the next step?

Thanks Mutt folks!


Mike Glover | 27 Jun 23:05 2014

Re: mutt Applies fcc-hooks Inconsistently

The one you marked as working, doesn't have the dot escaped.  All the 
other ones do?


On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 06:15:22PM +0100, Koralatov wrote:
> I'm trying to use fcc-hooks to disregard e-mails that I'm sending where
> I'll automatically be delivered back a copy (like this one), or when I
> send them to myself as reminders (so xxx <at>, for example).
> I've got some fcc-hooks set that accomplish the latter, but the former
> is completely eluding me.  The fact that it partly works is causing me
> more confusion than if it didn't work at all.
> My fcc-hooks are like so:
>       fcc-hook    .*                              =Sent
>       fcc-hook     <at> googlegroups\.com              /dev/null
>  -->  fcc-hook     <at>                  /dev/null  <-- works!
>       fcc-hook     <at> lists\.alioth\.debian\.org     /dev/null
>       fcc-hook     <at> lists\.sourceforge\.net        /dev/null
>       fcc-hook     <at> mailman\.lug\.org\.uk          /dev/null
>       fcc-hook     <at> reply\.github\.com             /dev/null
>       fcc-hook     <at> six\.pairlist\.net             /dev/null
>       fcc-hook    mutt-users <at> mutt\.org            /dev/null
> The default setting is functioning as intended, but appears to override
> the others, /except/ for the hightlighted line (``-->'').  I've tried
> moving the default to the bottom of the list too, but that made no
> difference.  (And my understanding of mutt's hook operation was that the
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raf | 26 Jun 05:55 2014

autoviewing html gone wrong


i used to have this in my mutt mailcap file:

    text/html; lynx -dump %s; copiousoutput

and it was good. it formatted the html and gave me a list of
referenced urls at the bottom.

for some reason i can't remember, i changed it to:

    text/html; w3m -I %{charset} -T text/html -dump; copiousoutput;

which does the formatting but doesn't give a list of referenced urls
at the bottom so it's less useful.

if i change it back to using the "lynx -dump" command then i see the
raw html instead of the formatted html (as though i'd used "lynx -source"
rather than "lynx -dump").

i suspect that must be why i changed it to use w3m in the past.

anyway, if i save the html attachment and run lynx -dump on it
then it shows me the formatting page with the list of referenced
urls like it used to but that isn't what happens when mutt invokes
the same command when autoviewing the attachment.

does anyone have any idea why this might be the case or what i can
do to make lynx work again for autoviewing html in mutt?

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