Matthew Parnell | 13 Feb 02:07 2016

Autocomplete globbing over folders containing dots

Hi fellow mutt users,

I have recently switched from mutt's native IMAP+SMTP to using 
OfflineIMAP+Msmtp, via the Maildir format.

My mail is organised in nested directories, however these are not within 
the Maildir format, and OfflineIMAP changes them to be a top-level 
directory with dots; i.e., physics/admin --> physics.admin

This makes little difference to me, however now I cannot autocomplete 
with a glob. For example, I used to type: =*main<tab> and it 
autocompleted to =physics/SNO+/main, using the native IMAP support. This 
does not seem to work with dots in the name. I would have expected 
=*main<tab> to expand to =physics.SNO+.main, however this isn't the 
case, and I get a nop beep. However autocomplete works up until the next 
dot. =ph<tab>.S<tab>+.m<tab> will expand, but it's got a lot of manual 

Any thoughts on how I can allow dots into the glob expression for folder 


Matthew Parnell
m.parnell <at>

Sam Burk | 11 Feb 16:31 2016

Configure quote-level when replying

Hello, first time posting to the mutt mailing list.

Is there a way to configure mutt to only quote the message I'm replying to? 
That is, just the first quoting level?

I searched through the muttrc manpage to no avail, so I set up a vim mapping 
to remove any secondary quoting levels when I'm editing the message, but it 
would be nice if I could configure mutt to do this automatically.

Patrick Shanahan | 11 Feb 13:58 2016

Re: unsubscribe

* Dominik Vogt <vogt <at>> [02-11-16 03:24]:
> approve RVyQ2s unsubscribe mutt-users vogt <at>

from the headers of the mail *you* posted:

  List-Unsubscribe: send mail to majordomo <at>, body only
  "unsubscribe mutt-users"


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Tom Szilagyi | 5 Feb 13:51 2016

query_format config: undocumented but working

Hi list,

I was looking for a way to increase the display width of address lines
in the query menu, because some of the email addresses and names in my
directory are quite long and got truncated.

I was looking for a format specifier similar to index_format,
alias_format etc. that I could configure. I searched the manual and
the web but found nothing. By looking at the latest source (init.h)
I discovered that there is a query_format configuration parameter that
is just what I need. I set it up and voila, it's working! Already in
mutt 1.5.32, that is, which is what I have installed, so it's
certainly not the latest addition...

Which begs the question: why is this parameter not documented in the


Matthias Apitz | 4 Feb 16:36 2016

misterium in Index view


When I start mutt, the Index is presented and the highlighted item is the 1st 
unread mail, in this example the mail number 298:

q:Salir  d:Sup.  u:Recuperar  s:Guardar  m:Nuevo  r:Responder  g:Grupo  ?:Ayuda                     
 298 N   feb. 04 Brandon J. Wand (  32) Re: Is alacarte ever going to be fixed ?                    
 299 N   Feb 04 David Jones     (  39) Re: how to fix this issue-spam                               
 300 N   Feb 04 krad            (  42) Re: Migrating ZFS on Linux pools to FreeBSD 

Now I move the bar on mail down (with cursor DOWN key) and the number 299
gets now higlighted:

q:Salir  d:Sup.  u:Recuperar  s:Guardar  m:Nuevo  r:Responder  g:Grupo  ?:Ayuda                     
 298 N   Feb 04 Brandon J. Wand (  32) Re: Is alacarte ever going to be fixed ?                     
 299 N   Feb 04 David Jones     (  39) Re: how to fix this issue-spam                               
 300 N   Feb 04 krad            (  42) Re: Migrating ZFS on Linux pools to FreeBSD

Have you seen how the line for the number 298 changed? The date changed from
'feb. 04' to 'Feb 04'.

This always the case with mutt 1.5.24. Why is this?


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Erik Christiansen | 4 Feb 13:22 2016

Re: List reply + group reply combined

On 04.02.16 12:13, Dominik Vogt wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 04, 2016 at 09:51:54PM +1100, Erik Christiansen wrote:
> > OK, as is, "To:" becomes the sender of the post to which we're replying,
> > i.e. the person to whom we actually are replying, and "CC:" is the list
> > and all the other recipients of the prior post, i.e. the CC recipients.
> > The effect of that is the same as your proposed aesthetic variant, AIUI.
> For one this is not just aesthetic, because putting a recipient in
> "CC:" tells him or her "you might be interested in this" while
> "To:" means "I'm talking specifically to you".  I make this
> distinction frequently and may often not read a message thoroughly
> if I'm only in "CC:".

That is precisely why it is correct for the prior poster, i.e. the only
person to whom we _are_ directly replying, to be alone on "To:", as
currently occurs.

We are not specifically replying to every list member, so it is correct
for them to be on "CC:", in the form of the list address.

The group of list members who are listed CC recipients who "might be
interested in this", receive individual "courtesy copies" in addition to
the list copy, which is often more than they want, as it is.¹

As you have defined it, and I am tempted to concur, it is the proposed
variant which would be incorrect, if anything is.

¹ Because the damned "courtesy copy" arrives first, I'm forced to use
procmail to divert that to the list mailbox. Then the list copy is
dumped to "duplicates", so I'm spared the nuisance of needless
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Dominik Vogt | 4 Feb 11:24 2016

List reply + group reply combined

On some mailing lists you're expected to keep people on CC, for
example the gcc lists.  So I need kind of a combination of a list
reply and a group reply, i.e. put the list address in "To:" and
add all other addresses that would be included in a group reply to

Or put in another way:  In a group reply, if there is at least one
mailing list in the recipient list, put all of them in the "To:"
header and stick all non-list-recipients into the "CC:" header.


Dominik ^_^  ^_^



Dominik Vogt
IBM Germany

Peter P. | 3 Feb 11:52 2016

specify time at which mutt sends a precomposed mail?

I am wondering if there is any way during message composition in mutt to
specify at which time (eg. 3pm, 10mins later,...) at which an email will
actually be sent by mutt to the sendmail command? I would like to
draft emails but have them sent out at a later time automatically.

Thanks for all ideas!

Raph | 29 Jan 15:44 2016

pgp_getkeys_command and conditional key fetching


I want to pass custom option to the way unknown keys are fetched
(custom keyring and a couple of `expect` things)

For this I define `pgp_getkeys_command`.

The issue is that as soon as it's defined, it's command
(approximately `gpg --search-keys '<email>'`) is run every time,
*even if the key is already in my keyring*.

If I undefine `pgp_getkeys_command` then the default value behavior
verify the signature using the local keyring as I would expect.

How could I define a custom fetch command while keeping the sane default
behavior of searching key servers only if needed?

Thank you

Michelle Konzack | 29 Jan 00:08 2016

mutt does not more purge deleted messages

Good evening,

I do not know, what I have done, but since arround 6  hours,  mutt  does
not purge deleted messages IF I access a "Maildir" localy without IMAP!

    set delete=ask-yes

is unchanged for ages and it works perfectly with GMail my Intranet- and
public Mail-Server.

"$" does not work anymore for local directories...

Any suggestions what I could have doen wrong?

Note:   I accidentally deleted a backup of mu ~/.mutt/ folder,
        hence no recovery possibel.

Thanks in avance


Michelle Konzack        ITSystems
GNU/Linux Developer     0033-6-61925193

martin f krafft | 28 Jan 03:35 2016

Conditional configuration


I have two machines with mutt, one has the sidebar patch, while the
other does not. I'd like to use the same config on both, but
obviously the one without the patch falls over the sidebar keywords,

  Error in /home/madduck/.mutt/sidebar, line 4: sidebar-prev: no
  such function in map

Short of writing a script to print out the sidebar config depending
on the output of mutt -v (ew!), I was wondering if there's another
way in mutt to support different versions from the same config, e.g.
a soft-fail mode, or a way to test for existence of certain
variables before starting a configuration block?



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