Russell Urquhart | 29 Jun 14:51 2015

Getting urlview to work with mutt on OS X Yosemite


I've been running mutt, for some time now, on my older powerpc based mac. I recently got a new mac, that runs OS
X Yosemite. I compiled mutt 1.5.23, the same as i had compiled it, for my old machine and brought all my prefs
over. I recompiled urlview, and brought over the .urlview file as well.

urlview tries to work, it selects the urls, but when i hit enter, it DOESN'T open a safari window like it
should. I think I've checked everything, can anyone give any suggestions?


Ian Zimmerman | 26 Jun 18:04 2015

Order of hook execution

It seems when multiple hooks exist for the same context (in particular,
multiple folder-hooks matching on ".*"), they're executed in reverse
order of appearance in .muttrc.

From the 1st day I started using mutt seriously I had this in .muttrc:

folder-hook .* "exec collapse-all"

But, this resulted in the last message scrolling up to some apparently
random position when I entered a folder.  So, a couple of times I tried

folder-hook .* "exec current-bottom"

but this seemed to have no effect whatsoever, so I removed it again.

Today I finally had the bright idea of doing an uncollapse in a folder
right after entering it, and I noticed this placed the last message
exactly in the bottom row, where it belongs.  So, it was clear that the
collapse caused the misalignment.  After thinking for a few minutes, I
added the hook with current-bottom again, but this time _before_ the
hook with collapse-all.  And voila! problem solved.

From this behavior it is clear that the "second" hook in fact runs
first, and vice versa.

It would be nice to document this in the reference :-P


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Ben Fitzgerald | 25 Jun 04:48 2015

Mutt on ssl gmail "allow unsecure apps" == off => webalert


I recently updated my google preferences and limited set "allow
unsecure apps" to "off".

Later I tried to login to gmail with mutt and found it no longer
worked as imap attempted AUTHENTICATE PLAIN over port 993 (SSL).

I'm a little confused about why google consider this unsafe. I'd like
to understand this better so if anyone has pointers to reading up do
please post, however my primary reason for posting is to ask if it's
possible to use mutt to comply with gmail security *without* having to
turn on "allow insecure apps".

Perhaps someone will post telling me google are wrong and it's fine to
turn this off. I'm open to hearing this also provided I understand


Ben F

Ian Zimmerman | 24 Jun 18:00 2015

Buffy notification ordering

Continuing with the theme of the last few threads (How can I make mutt
check for new mail more often?  How can I make mutt not check for new
mail at all?)

When there are too many folders with new mail, the buffy notification
mechanism truncates the list and replaces the rest with "...".  But not
all folders are equally important, and it so happens that for me the
folders that make it to the visible list are always the least important
ones :(

So, is there a way to control or influence the order so the important
folders come first, and avoid being chopped off the list?  If this
cannot be done now, would there be interest in a patch enabling such


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Richard Johnson | 23 Jun 04:55 2015

Re: Sidebar in mutt 1.5.23 fails to show first char of folder name

On 2014-10-06 05:49, Richard Johnson wrote:
> In mutt 1.5.23 with the sidebar patch applied, the first character of each
> folder name in my sidebar is being dropped.  "inbox" is displayed as "nbox",
> "trash" becomes "rash", "root" shows as "oot", etc.  It's usable, but an
> annoyance.
> Backing off to an older sidebar patch targeted at 1.5.22 [1] resolves the
> problem.  The full folder names are displayed.
> Have others noticed this?  Is there a better current fix than using the
> sidebar patch targeted at 1.5.22?

(Circling back to this with more info for archive searches. I tested the 
version of the sidebar patch as included in macports' mutt-devel on OS X 
10.9.5 and 10.10.3: .)

A missing first char in the display of folder names in the sidebar is possibly 
triggered when there are '/' and/or '[' chars in the folder name paths from an 
IMAP server.

The easy display workaround for me is, in .muttrc:

	set sidebar_shortpath=yes

This way, the folders display with their first characters intact. However, 
typing the full path is still required after typing a 'c' to change folders.


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Mick | 23 Jun 00:33 2015

Deleting messages in trash creates duplicates

Hi All,

Any idea why when I delete messages in trash, it creates duplicate
messages?  Is there another way to delete a single message in the trash
folder, or empty the whole folder?



Matthias Vallentin | 21 Jun 15:59 2015

read thread and go to next unread (from pager)

I would like to make the following index macro work in the pager as


This works just fine in the index, but fails in the pager if there
exists an unread message directly after the current thread to be read,
because <previous-undeleted> goes back one message and thereby marks the
displayed (unread) message as read and <next-new-then-unread> then skips
the message.

If I remove <previous-undeleted> the problem persists: the message
after the read thread is skipped over directly with

What I need is something like <next-new-if-current-is-unread> that
executes directly after <read-thread>. In the IRC channel, micromar
pointed me to <tag-prefix-cond>, which seems that it could work if I
could query the ~N flag of the current message. However, I failed to put
together a working solution.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.


Xu Wang | 21 Jun 05:53 2015

more than one FCC possible?

Dear all,

My goal is to get the message ID from a message I just sent. One way I
am thinking of doing this is copying a message to a temporary file
(via FCC) and then getting its message ID with a script. Is this

I would like to do this instead of setting "record" because I want to
use record for other things (e.g. setting it to a non-local folder).

Kind regards,


jonas hedman | 20 Jun 13:13 2015

Swedish chars in attached gpg-encrypted message fails

Hi, I have a slightly annoying problem.

I'm from Sweden and I occasionally communicate with other swedish people
using pgp and I've stumbled upon this problem:
If I encrypt a message containg any of the swedish letters "åÅäÄöÖ"
using inline format everythings works just fine but when I encrypt it in
the standard way, i.e sending the encrypted message as attachment the
swedish letters get messed up when the recipient decrypts the message
(not in mutt as for as I know).

For example if I encrypt the message "Secret åäö ÅÄÖ" and send it to
myself and then decrypt it in mutt it shows exactly;

  headers & stuff then:
  "[-- The following data is PGP/MIME encrypted --]

    Secret åäö ÅÄÖ

  [-- End of PGP/MIME encrypted data --]"

but if I save the actual msg.asc file and decrypt it manually from
commandline I get

  "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
   Content-Disposition: inline
   Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

   Secret =E5=E4=F6 =C5=C4=D6"

And this apparently what any recipient gets upon decryption. Any swedish
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David Woodfall | 20 Jun 05:52 2015

Send message as inline using mutt command line in script


I have a script that emails a cover.txt message plus a pdf
attachment, but the message, while being readable, shows as an
attachment too:

[-- Attachment #1 --]
[-- Type: text/plain, Encoding: 7bit, Size: 0.4K --]

Is there a way of having it send inline?

The command I am using at the moment:

 mutt -a cv.pdf -s "Vacancy Enquiry" -- $email < cover.txt

Any ideas would be great, thanks.

Jon LaBadie | 19 Jun 19:14 2015

save and reply

The recent thread on list reply reminded me on one
minor annoyance.

As I'm configured, a save deletes the message and
moves to the next unread message.  This is reasonable
behavior.  But if I want to reply to that same message,
before hitting "r", I must return to the now deleted
message, possibly stepping over other deleted messages.

Not a big thing, but have I overlooked a "save AND reply"
command (or macro)?


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