Bob Holtzman | 21 Dec 22:07 2014

forgotten commands

After returning to my computer after an extended absence I find I have
forgotten several cli commands for mutt among other progs.

After many searches including the mutt manual I've turned up nothing.

I would like to mark a *lot* of unread messages as read, but can't
find the command(s) for this. The closest I can come is to unflag a
thread using "^t^" but this command yields no action at all.

Any pointers would be appreciated. 	 


Bob Holtzman
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Orm Finnendahl | 20 Dec 16:19 2014

charset in html in external browser


 here is a problem, I'm facing increasingly often recently: I live in
Germany and we use special non-ASCII characters called "Umlaute". In
most cases there are no problems with HTML mails as w3m converts them
pretty well. Unfortunately a lot of webshops these days use HTML Mails
which often have to get viewed with an external browser due to the
extensive use of tables and gui elements. Their deficient shop
software (or their designers) correctly specify the character encoding
in the MIME header, but fail to specify this in the HTML content,
leading to a pretty awkward screen rendering in my external browser as
it doesn't see the MIME Header.

Is there a way to persuade mutt to filter the html content of the
attachment to add the MIME Header's charset specification in the HEAD
tag (using "<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
charset=..." />") in case it is missing or is there some other


John Long | 18 Dec 09:53 2014

Can Mutt detect a missing header?

In the ongoing battle against spammers the latest trick is them not
including a message-id header at all.

Is there a recipe for Mutt to detect this and score accordingly? Going over
the doc and searching the web I haven't had any luck finding any discussion
on this.




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John Long | 15 Dec 17:08 2014

How do I kill these posts?

Yahoogroups mangles the From: headers badly and Mutt doesn't seem to want to
listen to me when I tell him to score using ~f or ~e. Is there a (better)
way to score this? 

Here is a sample From: header

From: "phoney bologna bolognaphoney <at> [bademails]" <bademails <at>>

score '~f bolognaphoney <at>' -100  # doesn't work
score '~e bolognaphoney <at>' -100  # doesn't work

I can't kill everything with the address of bademails <at>
because then I won't see anything posted to the group. 

Any ideas? Thanks.



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Joachim Saul | 11 Dec 16:44 2014

Set time zone from folder-hook?


in one particular folder I collect messages for which I would like
to display the date in the index as UTC. In all other folders I
want to keep my local time zone.

Of course I can set the time zone to UTC globally by using the TZ
environment variable. But I would like to restrict that setting to
a particular folder, thus ideally by using a folder-hook.

Any idea how that might be achieved?


Jon LaBadie | 9 Dec 20:24 2014

save/reply single command

If I want to save a message and reply to the sender
it is a multi-step operation.  "s", which saves the
message, deletes it from the inbox, and indexes to
the next unread message.  Then I have to return to
the deleted message and hit "r".

Does anyone have a way to do this in one operation?


Jon H. LaBadie                 jon <at>
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John Long | 9 Dec 08:15 2014

Stupid regexp tricks

The pron spammers are at it again on a bunch of email lists I subscribe
to. I noticed most if not all of this reprehensible lot is using mail hosts
that use email addresses and also generate a message-id in the form of
Obnoxious Spammer <idiot <at>>

I have tried a few combinations but nothing works properly. I tried scoring
on the email address but couldn't get anything to match so I tried scoring
on the message ID. Also couldn't find the right trick.

score '~f  <at> m.\.*\.com' -9999  # doesn't work
score '~i  <at> m.\.*\.com' -9999  # also doesn't work

I got one magic spell to work but it also killfiled everything from gmail
( I have a bunch of scoring rules and until now I've been
slow but usually get there. For some reason this one escapes me.

Any ideas?



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Chris Green | 8 Dec 16:19 2014

Some fairly simple-minded questions about using mutt with IMAP

I have been using mutt for many, many years with a local (Unix style)
mail spool.  Mail is delivered to my system by SMTP (postfix locally).

At the moment to access my mail remotely I ssh into the server and run
mutt.  This works well in general but there are some disadvantages, in
particular the 'v' command to access and view HTML, PDF and other
graphical attachments doesn't work because, of course, there's no GUI
access to the machine where I'm reading the mail.  It's also a bit
annoying simply saving attachments and then realising they're on the
remote machine.

So, I'm wondering if using IMAP would make my life easier.  I would
run Dovecot I expect.  If I do this do things become more transparent
to a remote mutt?

E.g. if I want to view an HTML E-Mail in Firefox (default browser)
instead of within mutt (using lynx) can I just do 'v' followed by
selecting the HTML attachment as I would when running mutt locally on
the machine where mail is hosted?


Chris Green

Adam Spiers | 1 Dec 16:43 2014

message-hook incorrectly triggered when saving tagged messages?

Hi all,

I'm using this trick to automatically mark a github notification as
read via HTTP whenever I read the corresponding notification email
in mutt:

  message-hook "(~N|~O) ~f notifications <at>" "push '<pipe-message>read-github-notification\n'"

Full details are available here:

However there is a weird issue when I tag multiple (unread)
notification emails in mutt and press ";s" to save them all to a
folder.  In this case, mutt gives me the following prompt:

  Create /home/adam/mail/archive.2014.12pipe-entry>read-github-notification ([yes]/no):

So clearly the message-hook is being triggered even though I'm only
trying to save messages, rather than view them.

Can anyone explain why, and offer a fix/workaround?

Many thanks!

Gilles-Philippe Morin | 30 Nov 03:10 2014

GnuPG error when signing outgoing mail

I'm using Arch Linux ARM on a Raspberry Pi.

Version: 1.5.23-1
GnuPG: 2.1.0-6

When I sign ('p' then 'a') an email, then send (y) the email, mutt
asks for my PGP passphrase. After I enter it, I get this output in the

gpg: signing failed: Operation cancelled
gpg: signing failed: Operation cancelled
Press any key to continue...

How can I determine the source of that error?

Thank you.

Rainer Sokoll | 26 Nov 18:43 2014

Problem with password

Hi mutt users,

I have a weird problem: I have an $ sign in my imap account’s password, lets say word1$word2.
Whatever I put in imap_pass - it does not work. With debugging at level 5, I see:

set imap_pass = word1$word2 -> word1 #I understand this
set imap_pass = word1\$word2 -> word1
set imap_pass = "word1\$word2“ -> word1
set imap_pass = 'word1\$word2‘ -> word1\\ #Really!
set imap_pass = 'word1$word2‘ -> word1

But it worked before, with "word1\$word2“. I wanted to add a second IMAP account, and therefore, I moved
imap_pass away from ~/.muttrc to another file and sourced it in muttrc.

Mutt 1.5.23 (2014-03-12)

I am pulling my hair out… (three
backslashes before $) does not work either.
Any hint is appreciated,