Bill Wohler | 6 Mar 02:24 2006

MH-E 7.93 released

Project home page at:

* Changes in MH-E 7.93

Version 7.93, the fourth 8.0 beta release, fixes a handful of bugs in
searching and limiting exposed during continued beta testing.

** Variables Deleted in MH-E 7.93

*** mh-show-use-goto-addr-flag

This flag was redundant and inconsistent with
`goto-address-highlight-p' at the same time, so we removed it. Please
customize `goto-address-highlight-p' if you wish to turn off email
address and URL highlighting.

** Bug Fixes in MH-E 7.93

*** `/ s' Can Miss the Original Mail

The command `/ s' failed to include the message with the "Re:" in the
Subject. This has been fixed (closes SF #1438369).

*** XEmacs -nw Fails with number-char-or-marker-p Error

Hopefully, this is the last we'll hear of problems associated with
XEmacs' incompatible `device-color-cells' function (closes SF

*** Pick-based Searches Fail
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Bill Wohler | 6 Mar 02:28 2006

MH-E manual 7.93 released

The second draft of the MH-E manual for MH-E 8.0 contains several fixes
from reviewers, is dual-licensed under both the GFDL and GPL, and the
Makefile produces PDF output using texi2pdf. Read on for more details.

Project home page at: 

2006-03-05  Bill Wohler  <wohler <at>>

	Release MH-E manual version 7.93.
	* mh-e.texi (VERSION, EDITION, UPDATED, UPDATE-MONTH): Update for
	release 7.93.

2006-03-04  Bill Wohler  <wohler <at>>

	* mh-e.texi (settitle): Change to The MH-E Manual.
	(EDITION): Add, since VERSION is used for software too.
	(Copying): Add dual license, GFDL (with no Invariant Sections, no
	Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.
	(titlepage): Change title to The MH-E Manual and drop The Emacs
	Interface to the MH Mail System subtitle.
	(Top): Rename to The MH-E Manual.
	(Preface): Add "mail system" to the first utterance of MH.
	(Copying): Split into two appendices: GFDL, which is new, and GPL.
	(GPL): Update FSF address.
	(Getting Started): Added old error message you get when running an
	old version of MH-E when MH isn't installed.

	* Makefile (TEXI2DVIFLAGS): Rename to TEXI2PDFFLAGS.
	(mh-e.pdf): Use texi2pdf instead of texi2dvi. Remove leading -
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