Guy Durrieu | 1 Apr 10:03 2005

[mew-int 02028] Re: remaining mew buffers

From: Kazu Yamamoto (山本和彦) <kazu <at>>
Subject: [mew-int 02025] Re: remaining mew buffers
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 12:00:12 +0900 (JST)

> > I wasn't precise enough, excuse me : the buffer remains in the
> > "Buffers" menu of Emacs, and I would like to automatically remove it
> > from this menu (list) after refiling is done, since its contents is no
> > more required.
> I implemented this on CVS.
> Please test it whether or not side effects are introduced.
> --Kazu

I don't use and I am not familiar at all with CVS.

How can I get the mew version implementing this ?

Thanks for your help.


--Guy Durrieu.

Guy DURRIEU  ONERA/TIS/DTIM                tel    (33)
CERT, 2, avenue Edouard Belin  B.P. 4025   fax    (33)
31055 TOULOUSE CEDEX 4 FRANCE              e-mail Guy.Durrieu <at>
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Kazu Yamamoto | 1 Apr 10:58 2005

[mew-int 02029] Re: remaining mew buffers

> How can I get the mew version implementing this ?

I will release Mew 4.2.50 in the near future.


Etienne Marache | 3 Apr 04:38 2005

[mew-int 02030] mew and news

I am quite satisfied with mew, wich I use to read and write e-mail and I
like to  use it too as newsraeder.  The trouble is I  fail to understand
the explanation given in the mew manual. Could someone explain to me how
to proceed? 
I'd be very grateful. 

At prsent my .mew.el contain this:
(setq mew-nntp-server "")
(setq mew-nntp-user "e.marache")

Kazu Yamamoto | 5 Apr 05:36 2005

[mew-int 02031] domain authentication

Hello all,

As anti-spam technologies, domain authentications (including SPF,
Sender ID, DomainKeys) are now coming. As an evangelist of these
technologies, I have supported them on Mew.

I don't know how many people can authenticate e-mail's domain at this
momemnt but Mew now highlights results of domain verification. For
example, if your receiving MTA verifys DomainKeys, it puts the
DomainKey-Status: filed onto the header.

	DomainKey-Status: bad

If the result is "bad", Mew changes the string to "red".
"softfail"/"fail" of SPF/Sender ID also have the same manner so that
you can quickly recognize resutls.


To accept the PRA(Purported Responsible Address) of Sender ID, Mew now
displays Sender: and Resent-Sender:. Note that PRA is an address to be
extracted from Resent-Sender:, Resent-From:, Sender:, and From: in


Andrew Raines | 13 Apr 20:20 2005

[mew-int 02032] Fcc to IMAP folders

I can't find any documentation specifying the ability to fcc
outgoing mail to IMAP folders.  This message

says that it was forthcoming over two years ago.  Is there a
way to accomplish this yet?  Simply entering a case and an
IMAP folder doesn't work.


    aaraines <at> (Andrew A. Raines)

Kazu Yamamoto | 14 Apr 05:24 2005

[mew-int 02033] old ML archives


Historically speaking, messages posted to Mew MLs are used to be
archived as is. Due to spammer's harvesting, we changed this policy.
That is, domain parts are translated into " <at> xxxx" in the current

In the old archives, domain parts remained as is. We have finally
converted them to " <at> xxxx" today.


Eli | 14 Apr 16:15 2005

[mew-int 02034] Mew and X-Status

Dear Mew Developers,

I have been a Mew user for several years now, and feel
that Mew is simply the best e-mail program available. 
However, there is one feature that I miss from my old
days using Pine.

In pine, when I reply to a message, the program
inserts an "A" in the X-Status field of the email
header (the email file itself is on the IMAP sever). 
This "A" is then displayed as a mark in Pine's summary
mode.  The "A" indicates that I have answered the

For example, the X-Header fields will look like this
before I reply:

  X-UID: 10603

and once I've replied to the email message, the
X-Header fields look like this:

  X-Status: A
  X-UID: 10603

Pine recognizes the presence of the "A" and displays a
mark in summary mode indicating that I have replied to
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Kazu Yamamoto | 19 Apr 05:41 2005

[mew-int 02035] Re: Mew and X-Status


> Pine recognizes the presence of the "A" and displays a
> mark in summary mode indicating that I have replied to
> (i.e., answered) the email.

"R"eplied mark and "F"orwarded marks are a popular topic among Mew

Actually we have finally implemented the "U"nread mark which have been
desired for a long time.

> So, here is my question: Can Mew do this too?  Is
> there anyway to read the X-Status field of the email
> header, and to display a mark if there is an "A" in
> the field?

No way at this moment.

> Ideally, this would be done by marking the X-Status
> field of the e-mail message on the IMAP sever -- that
> way, the "A" marks would show up on any computer I
> use...

This topic is in our mind. But currently its priority is low.

We are planning to concentrate to implement following functionality
for next some months.

	- MIME editor
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Rui Tiago Cação Matos | 22 Apr 04:15 2005

[mew-int 02036] max-header-max-depth?

Hello all,

I have started using M-o (auto-refill) and I'm getting:

Too many values. Truncate values over mew-header-max-depth

It also takes a little while to complete and the console beeps. What does
it mean?

I'm using mew 4.0.65


Kazu Yamamoto | 25 Apr 11:43 2005

[mew-int 02037] Re: max-header-max-depth?


> Too many values. Truncate values over mew-header-max-depth
> It also takes a little while to complete and the console beeps. What does
> it mean?

If a MUA does not have any limit to parse a header and if it receives
a message whose header is very long, it takes much time to parse the
header. This is a kind of security hole.

To prevent this, Mew implements a limit which can be set with
mew-header-max-depth. Mew quits parsing fields over

Its defalut value is 50. If you think it is too small, set it in


	(setq mew-header-max-depth 100)