famfop | 6 Mar 23:19 2016

Unread Messages

I've just set up mairix. But still, i could not find anything in regard
to my following
problem (I'm using mutt as my mail client).
Basically after syncing (and [of course] indexing) my mail I want to
have all 'unread'
messages to be linked to my mfolder. So far, this is working well. I'm
doing it by
running '$(mairix F:-s)'.
Now the problem:
When I enter the folder from within mutt and reading messages, I want
the original
message to be flagged as 'read' and after exiting the message to have
the symlink
How can I solve this problem with mairix? Or, is it possible to solve
this problem with
mairix? Right now, the flag of the "real" message is not changed and
this way, when
running the above command, the already read message is again an unread
Btw, I'm only using maildir.

Thanks in advance,

Janusz S. Bień | 29 Dec 08:12 2015

one index for two IMAP servers?

It would be convenient for me to use single search (in Gnus) for the
mail from two servers. Should it be possible?

When I tried to specify both servers in the configuration file

imap_server=[server 1]

imap_server=[server 2]

I've got the message

Finding all currently existing messages...
Message list contains duplicates - check your 'folders' setting

and the index was not created.

Am I doing something wrong?

Best regards



Prof. dr hab. Janusz S. Bien -  Uniwersytet Warszawski (Katedra Lingwistyki Formalnej)
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Nick Drage | 2 Jul 23:34 2015

Is mairix still a "going concern"

I'm planning to build an email indexing script, but was looking for
software that would create a database of the email content for me, so
all I'd need to do was run queries, rather than figure out how to index
the emails in the first place.

So I'm intrigued by mairix, but as the main URL for the software now
points to the author's about.me page, and I believe this is the first
email to the mailing list this year, I'm wondering if the software is
essentially dead?

If so, and you've moved on, can you recommend alternatives?  In
particular for Arch Linux... namazu is the only software that looks
similar, and that's also not been updated for some time.

Thank you.


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 than to curse the darkness"
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Kim Vandry | 5 Sep 16:50 2014

IMAP support in mairix

Hello mairix users,

I have been using mairix as the primary tool for searching my mailbox 
for many years and I have been very happy with it.

Following a Dovecot upgrade on the server where my mail is located, my 
whole mailbox will soon be in Dovecot's proprietary dbox format, which 
of course mairix does not support (my mailbox is presently in maildir 
format). I would hate to give up mairix so...

I have added an IMAP client to mairix so that it supports indexing and 
searching messages found on an IMAP server and placing search results in 
a folder on the same IMAP server. Both features are optional, so that 
you can also index remote messages and store the results locally, or 
index local folders and store the results on IMAP.

My changes are made up of about 8 patches.

I would like to know if you would be interested in accepting this 
feature upstream. Please let me know.



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Victoria S. | 29 Apr 05:42 2014

"And" searches? Remove duplicates in results list? Specify source folder? Extended search expressions?

Hello!  I am a new mairix user!  :-)

I am using Claws Mail 3.9.3 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS; mairix 0.22

I read the guide (http://wfw.de/~ingo/mairix.html) plus various other web posts.

A few quick questions (apologies in advance if these are FAQ, or if I overlooked something in the guide, and
for asking several separate questions in a single post/thread):

1. Can I specify specify the query folder; i.e. if I want to search only my "Sent" mail folder?

2. Re: (from Section 3.5 of the guide,):

  * A disjunction, e.g. `s:pointer/dereference'. This matches all messages with one or both of the words
`pointer' and `dereference' in their subject lines.

  * Each disjunction may be a conjunction, e.g. `s:null,pointer/dereference=2' matches all messages
whose subject lines either contain both the words `null' and `pointer', or contain the word
`dereference' with up to 2 errors (or both). 

... can I do "AND" searches, e.g. (conceptionally stated): s:cancer AND s:stem ?

3. I have lots of copies of messages, saved in various folders.  So when I run mairix searches, I typically get
multiple (identical) results in my output folder ("a_mairix).  Is there any way to parse/remove the duplicates?

4. Can I implement extended (e.g. "regex-type") searches: 'find this here and that there but not this
there,' etc.?

Thanks - much appreciated!  This program looks very useful: fast and powerful!  :D

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rfboynton | 11 Apr 20:43 2013

Mairix Question


I am trying to use mairix for the first time and attempting to use Indexing.
However, I am trying find out where the .mairixrc file is located and what the file should contain in order to
find the mbox.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,

Ralph Boynton
CompTIA: A+, Network+, Server+, Security+

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Peter Jeremy | 17 Feb 10:41 2013

Having multiple database files

I am using mairix to index ~17GB of mbox files (the mairix database is
~730MB) and find that rebuilding the database is becoming sluggish
(because the database is completely written from scratch on every
update invocation).

Since the majority of my mbox files are effectively archives that don't
change, having several database files would make updates significantly
faster.  Has anyone looked at adapting mairix to handle multiple 
database files, where each database would only need rewriting if any of
its input files changed.

Alternatively, has anyone looked at using a more traditional database
(that allows incremental updates)?


Peter Jeremy
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Mairix-users mailing list
Mairix-users <at> lists.sourceforge.net
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LP Bing | 20 Oct 21:43 2012

substring search within Message-ID


Since version 0.23, substring search in Message-ID is no longer

 "Do not interpret special characters [~,/=^] in Message-ID queries"

I wonder if it is possible to add a switch to command line options to
enable interpretation of the special characters (default can be
Disabled). I really miss the substring search feature.

I have a program that creates a "URL" of a message based on the
message ID, which I can use point (almost) uniquely to a message. For
example, a message ID <1234567890abc <at> mail.com> will lead to a URL
mail:123678abc because I took the first three chars, last three chars
and three chars in the middle. With this tag, I COULD find the message
by doing

  mairix m:123=,678=,abc <at> =

but no longer so since 0.23. I could use the whole ID, but that would
be too long and not necessary (I use these URLs in my text file).

So my request is, can you consider adding a switch to the command line
to enable interpretation of special chars for message-ID? I know this
will create a problem for message IDs that have special chars in them,
but those cases can be dealt with by guaranteeing that the URL does
not use any special chars. And since the switch is by default off, it
will not affect current users.

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Mark Hills | 11 Oct 23:29 2012

[PATCH] Prefer the local delivery date over the sender's date

I have been using this patch in my own copy of mairix for many years now, 
and rather than keeping it private I thought it worth sharing.

In general, it seems bad to trust the "Date:" header in incoming mails as 
this is set by the sender and is not always correct (eg. spam, incorrect 

But when Exim delivers to my mailbox, it adds a Delivery-Date. So if this 
exists, I use it instead. So inbound mail uses this, while my outbound 
mail only has a "Date:" header but this is trusted as it was set by me.

This makes searching for mails in, eg. last 3 months, work as expected 
Results are no longer polluted by those with a Date in the future, for 



 rfc822.c | 3 ++-
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/rfc822.c b/rfc822.c
index 606b9cf..668acaf 100644
--- a/rfc822.c
+++ b/rfc822.c
 <at>  <at>  -1016,7 +1016,8  <at>  <at>  struct rfc822 *data_to_rfc822(struct msg_src *src,
       cte_nvp = make_nvp(src, x->text + sizeof("content-transfer-encoding:") - 1);
     else if (!cd_nvp && match_string("content-disposition", x->text))
       cd_nvp = make_nvp(src, x->text + sizeof("content-disposition:") - 1);
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David Prothero | 17 Jul 20:40 2012

mairix just exits with "Killed"

I’m trying to run mairix on some very large mbox files and it runs for a few minutes and then outputs “Killed” and exits. Anyone have any ideas?


.mairixrc contents:









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Mairix-users mailing list
Mairix-users <at> lists.sourceforge.net
Mun Johl | 9 Dec 21:56 2011

What does this error mean?


I just started getting this error out of the blue on my Red Had Linux
system (RHEL 5.7).  Any ideas?

------------------------------ Delimiter BEGIN --------------------------------

% /usr/local/bin/mairix --purge
mairix: db.c:481: new_database_from_file: Assertion `mb->n_so_far == msgi' failed.

------------------------------- Delimiter END ---------------------------------




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