LuKreme | 1 Sep 02:45 2003

Re: Character encoding problems with digest option

On Aug 31, 2003, at 2:29 PM, Guillaume Rousse wrote:
> I'm managing several mailing list with mailman 2.1.2, but one of them 
> is
> especially problematic, since some users use exotics charset such as 
> utf-8.

utf-8 is exotic?


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Tokio Kikuchi | 1 Sep 02:54 2003

Re: Character encoding problems with digest option


Guillaume Rousse wrote:

>   File "/var/lib/mailman/Mailman/Handlers/", line 316, in process
>     t = unicode(t, 'ascii', 'replace').encode('ascii')

Find above line and change to
     t = unicode(t, 'ascii', 'replace')

Encode will be done more safely in later part.


Tokio Kikuchi, tkikuchi <at>

Nils Puhlmann | 1 Sep 06:27 2003

mailman interface with other fields?

Hello all,
Is it possible to change the sign-up interface of mailman to include other 
What I want to accomplish is that people also fill in for example their 
location, age, hobby and so on and that all of that is stored in the list 
Is this possible with the current version or is something planned for a 
future release?

thanks, Nils

Nils Puhlmann <npuhlmann <at>>

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= Michael Aivaliotis = | 1 Sep 07:20 2003

Connection to newsgroup help

I'm trying to connect mailman to a news-server. I entered all the parameters
on the gateway config screen but nothing happens. Nothing seems to appear in
the error logs either. Can mailman connect to any news server or is
something else required?

Michael Aivaliotis

RE: maildir support

Yes. This is a very good question. I do am setting up a mail server using
Maildir/ and would like to know if there are any problems with Maildir/ and

I see that in the that Maildir/ is experiemental...

Anyone care to enlighten a few of us? I am very anxious about this and am
hoping that it does support Maildir/ in a stable environment....



Original Message:
From: Klavs Klavsen kl <at>
Date: 30 Aug 2003 16:05:35 +0200
To: mailman-users <at>
Subject: [Mailman-Users] maildir support

Hi guys,

I'm new to Mailman and I can see from the that it supports
mailman, and from the lists I gather it just started doing so a few
months ago.

What are the experiences with it? Mailman doesn't get new releases very
often (2.1.2 has lasted for quite some time now) so that would seem no
bugs have been found in the maildir support - but ofcourse it could just
be that no one is using it :)
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David | 1 Sep 13:45 2003

Relay access denied Mailman->Postfix

Hi gurus,

I upgraded my Mailman installation to version 2.1.2 and ran into some
problems. I did a fresh install in the new default location
/usr/local/mailman and moved my lists from /home/mailman

My MTA is Postfix 2.0.14 and it works just fine when I  e-mail external
users from my mail client. Mailman works fine when the list member is a
local user on my server.

The problem occurs when I post a message to one of my lists and the user is
an external user. I turned on verbosed logging. This is an example of what I
get in my maillog:

Sep  1 13:31:29 www postfix/smtpd[6530]: vstream_fflush_some: fd 10 flush 52
Sep  1 13:31:29 www postfix/smtpd[6530]: watchdog_pat: 0x8083370
Sep  1 13:31:29 www postfix/smtpd[6530]: vstream_buf_get_ready: fd 10 got 33
Sep  1 13:31:29 www postfix/smtpd[6530]: <[]: rcpt
TO:<user <at>>
Sep  1 13:31:29 www postfix/smtpd[6530]: extract_addr: input:
<user <at>>
Sep  1 13:31:29 www postfix/smtpd[6530]: extract_addr: result:
user <at>
Sep  1 13:31:29 www postfix/smtpd[6530]: generic_checks: START
Sep  1 13:31:29 www postfix/smtpd[6530]: generic_checks:
Sep  1 13:31:29 www postfix/smtpd[6530]: reject_rbl: Client host
Sep  1 13:31:29 www postfix/smtpd[6530]: ctable_locate: move existing entry
Sep  1 13:31:29 www postfix/smtpd[6530]: generic_checks:
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Anne Perrut | 1 Sep 14:40 2003

restriction in posting

Hello !
How can I restrict posting privilege to adresses of type
	Firstname.Name <at>
with Mailman 2.0.6 ?


Anne Perrut
Universite Claude-Bernard, Lyon-1
Domaine de Gerland, bat B
50, avenue Tony-Garnier
69366 Lyon Cedex 07
tel : 04 37 28 76 16

Paul H Byerly | 1 Sep 18:56 2003

Re: htdig error

Richard Barrett  wrote:
> >In my case the permissions for /opt/www/htdig/db are set to drwxrwxr-x,
> >which given that I run the Mailman cron scripts with the 'mailman' uid, is
> >necessary.

      That did it - set it to 775 and no more errors.  Thanks.  I'm really 
liking the ht:/dig searches of my archives - about 10000% better than the 
Yahoo!Groups so called search.

<>< Paul, saying goodbye to Y!G this month!! 

Chris Linstruth | 1 Sep 19:37 2003

Ugh. First month turnover for me.

Just experienced my first "first-of-the-month" running mailman.

How come the monthly password reminders for all lists come from
"mailman-owner" instead of "$list-owner?"

Is there a membership management interface that allows the
mailman-owner to administer all email addresses subscribed to all


Chris Linstruth <cjl <at>>

Christian Schoepplein | 1 Sep 19:33 2003

What went wron with mailman here?


A user of our mailmansystem got the follwoing error..., unfortunatly I 
don't know what she did exactly:



Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/scripts/driver", line 87, in run_main
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/Cgi/", line 96, in main
    process_form(mlist, doc, cgidata, language)
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/Cgi/", line 176, in
    mlist.AddMember(userdesc, remote)
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/", line 806, in AddMember
    cookie =, userdesc)
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/", line 80, in new
    hashfood = str(now) + str(n) + str(content)
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/", line 56, in __repr__
    return '' % (
UnicodeError: ASCII decoding error: ordinal not in range(128)


Can anyone tell me, what went wrong and what I have to do, to eleminate 
this error? Mailman version is 2.1.2.

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