Lindsay Haisley | 25 Oct 08:17 2014

Strange rejection

I'm moving mailing lists from one server to another using a couple of
scripts which I've used successfully many times before for other such
moves.  On the 3rd list I've moved (second domain name) I've run into a
very strange problem.  On trying to post to the list on the new server
my posts get delivered to the list and discarded with no further
explanation.  The vette logfile just says:

Oct 24 23:15:30 2014 (2180) Message discarded, msgid: <1414210524.38839.9.camel <at>>

The Mailman version on the old system is 2.1.18, and 2.1.18-1 on the new
one.  The working environment is almost identical on both systems.  The
list configurations are completely identical. The two other lists which
I've already moved to the new location are working properly, as best I
can tell so far.  I'm subscribed to the list, which is an open
discussion list, added myself as a list moderator, and am on the
accept_these_nonmembers list (or not - it makes no difference) in case I
should get unsubscribed.

The only thing I see which _might_ make a difference is that the new
server is running Python 2.7.6 while the old one is running 2.7.3.

I backed out the move and posted to this problem list in its old
location, and the post went trough to the subscribers and the archive.
There are no other related entries in the Mailman log files - just
"Message discarded" in the vette file.

Is there any way to turn on more thorough debugging, or tracebacks if
there are hidden code glitches?  What could be causing this?  I'm
Python-literate and can read tracebacks and poke diagnostic code into
Mailman modules if someone can point me in the right direction to get to
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Greg Sims | 24 Oct 17:20 2014

Change Mailman URLs on Subscribe Response

I created the following subscription webpage for list name devotion-chinese:

After clicking "Submit", the user will be transferred to:

I updated subscribe.html so I can control the content of this page.

Is it possible for the user to be transferred to a URL that is under the
control of our CMS?  Perhaps I could use a pattern for all of the URLs
associated with this list like:*

This would allow the format of the subscription page and subscription
response page to have the same format (color, headers and the like).  I
tried to do this with a URL Rewrite in Apache but could not get it to
work.  I also searched the archives and did not find anything.

Thanks for helping me sort this out, Greg
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Andrew Hodgson | 22 Oct 14:13 2014

Mailman Htdig integration with Nginx - Path variables

Hi all,

Wonder if someone could take a look at this for me?

I have moved our Mailman installation to Nginx.  Everything is working correctly, however, I am using the
Htdig patch to get search functionality.

I got the split_path_info set up to work with Mailman, but I am having issues getting a working installation
with the mmsearch script.  The initial page loads up, but when you refine the search or go to the next page, I
get an error with the path splitting which causes the CGI to error.  I tried altering the path variable for
the mmsearch script specifically, but the issue I am having is getting Nginx to split the path in the right
place, since the scripts don't have an extension to work with (like I can use with PHP scripts etc.).  It's
probably a simple fix, and I can set the location for the mmsearch script so it doesn't mess up the path
variable for the other Mailman scripts if required.

My config is below, sorry for the formatting in my mailer.


# HTTP redirects - I had to use separate servers for each domain to stop redirecting to the wrong host
server {
        listen 80;
        access_log off;
        error_log off;
        rewrite ^ https://$server_name$request_uri?$query_string permanent;

server {
        listen 80;
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Charlene Ruell | 20 Oct 23:34 2014

Re: Customizing information required for subscription

Hello all,

Thanks so much for the recommendations regarding my query below!

The plot thickens as we are operating the lists via cPanel, so I am unsure
if the member add-on will work (thoughts?). However, I am also curious if
there is any way for our users to subscribe to multiple lists at once? We
have (or will have) around 9 or 10 on the same server and a large number of
users utilize multiple lists. I'm sure it is a long shot, but we would love
to streamline our process.

Many thanks in advance!

Warm Regards,



Charlene Ruell

Program Assistant

Climate Action Network-International (CAN)

skype: charlene.ruell

cruell <at> <>  
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Ed Ravin | 18 Oct 07:33 2014

AOL screening Reply-To header thru DMARC ?

I'm setting up a new Mailman server to replace an elderly MajorDomo
that isn't DMARC-compatible.

I set up the list to use the list's address as the From address and to
put the sender's address in Reply-To:.  I started playing around with a
test list - in no time at all, AOL began bouncing all my mail.

After researching AOL's error messages, it appeared that my server
had been temporarily blacklisted.  That went away but then I noticed
this error:

   Oct 18 01:01:26 vc18 postfix/smtp[25098]: C77D416B4D9: host[]
said: 421 4.2.1 :  (RLY:SN) (in reply to end of
DATA command)

According to that URL on AOL's site, either my From or Reply-To is using an
address in violation of DMARC.  I had already checked the From address so
it was apparent the Reply-To was at fault.  Aalthough the mail was not
being rejected, given AOL's hair-trigger sensors I figured it would be
better to do it their way.   Changing the  Reply-To: to the list's address
got rid of the 421 error.

Has anyone else run into this?  I hate doing this, since now we're going
to see people sending what they think are private messages to the entire

I see from the docs that Mailman can do different behavior on the From:
address depending on whether it is in a DMARC-protected domain - are there
any plans to do the same for the Reply-To?  Looks to me like it will be
necessary given what AOL is doing.
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Tapia, Rene | 16 Oct 23:25 2014

One List Not Receiving Mail

Good Afternoon,

I am new to the Mailman application, but was tasked to migrate the application (data) to a new server. I
completed the task and am now running Mailman version 2.14. Everything seems to be working fine, except
for one LIST. I thought it was due to the migration, but the user reported that the issue has been ongoing for
a few months. Anytime the user sends an email to the list, the email flows correctly all the way to the
POSTFIX on the mailman server. From the logs I see that Postfix executes (delivered to command:
/usr/lib/mailman/mailman listname). That is where any logs for that LIST stops. I check the archives and
pending moderator requests, and nothing is in there. Once again, this is just for one list. All the other
lists work fine.

I have tried to send myself and have verified the person is set to send mail. Everything dies after that
Postfix command. Can someone please help or advise on how to fix/find the issue? Any help is appreciated.

René Tapia
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Dennis Carr | 17 Oct 02:33 2014

Digest feature for pending moderator requests

I have two lists - ffml and ffml-admins - which I've noticed a slight
behavior difference.  On ffml-admins, I get a message once per day that
tells me that I have n>0 emails pending, and no emails on a per-email
received basis.  With ffml, however, every time a pending message is
held, the moderator team and I get an email for each - and there
hasn't been enough time at this point for the digest message. I just
turned this on, and it's going to get annoying really quick, as these
messages are almost invariably the result of spam*.

Long and short, ranting aside, how do I set up mailman so I don't get
an email for each of the held messages, instead getting that sort of
"digest" message?  I've combed through the web ui, but I can't seem to
find a relevant feature....


* I turned this feature on due to a sharp uptick in spam on this server
- my hope is to basically trap these for reporting to Spamcop, and to
reduce backscatter to nil.  At this point, at the current default
setting, backscatter is getting up to about two dozen per day trying to
get to servers that are refusing connection, and I can only imagine how
many are actually getting through.
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Marino Pascal | 15 Oct 21:18 2014

Mac, me, icloud. Many domains one user.

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I have subscribers who subscribed with user <at> and then they try to post from user <at> or
user <at> and their mail bounces off 
course since only subscribers can post.

I know how to add addresses with the "accept_these_nonmembers Option" but I have quite a few .mac users and
I'm wondering if there is a way to 
treat, & as interchangeable.

Marino Pascal
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Dan Watts | 14 Oct 01:30 2014

Any way to add sender email address to subject line or body of email?

Due to many sites now blocking emails that do not come from the defined
list of sending hosts, I've changed the lists I manage to replace the
"From:" header with the list address using "anonymous_list". This works
great for delivery but many people don't bother to sign their emails and
we end up not knowing who is posting. It would be great if I could put
the sender email address in the subject line or as a first line in the
body of each posting. Is there a way to do either one of these things?


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Fabian Santiago | 13 Oct 23:08 2014

importing mailman list archive into google groups for business / google apps

Anyone have any idea how to accomplish this?



- Sincerely,

Fabian S.
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Peter Wetz | 13 Oct 14:03 2014

Re: HTML content from GMX gets scrubbed in archive

On Tue, Oct 7, 2014 at 5:53 PM, Mark Sapiro <mark <at>> wrote:

> On 10/07/2014 06:02 AM, Peter Wetz wrote:
> > UPDATE: lynx was missing on the machine mailman was running on. since i
> > don't have root access (or at least i could not find out on my own, if
> > lynx is running), it was quite hard for me to figure that one out. just
> > after i read that some others on this list had problems with "blank
> > messages in the archive after conversion of html to plain-text mails", i
> > think this was something worth to investigate.
> If you have access to Mailman's logs, you would see errors about this in
> Mailman's 'error' log.

that's good to know. however, in my case, this would not have been possible.

> so now that lynx is installed and running, the html-to-plain-text
> > conversion works.
> Good.
> N.B. I use elinks by setting
> HTML_TO_PLAIN_TEXT_COMMAND = '/usr/bin/elinks -dump %(filename)s'
> in I like the plain text conversion a bit better.
> > one final question: since this requires content filtering to be turned
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