Barry A. Warsaw | 29 Sep 15:10 2003

RELEASED Mailman 2.1.3

I have released Mailman 2.1.3, a bug fix release which also contains
support for four new languages: Ukrainian, Serbian, Euskara (Basque),
and Danish.  This release also contains a fix for a cross-site
scripting vulnerability in the 'create' cgi script, as well as
improved performance of the bounce and outgoing queue runners.  I
recommend all sites running versions of the 2.1.x line upgrade to the
new version.

The full source tarball has been made available from the usual sites
(although the sites have not yet been updated).  Sorry, there
is no patch available, but you should be able to install 2.1.3 over
your existing 2.1.x installation.  See

for links to download all the patches and the source tarballs.  After
installing, be sure you restart your Mailman daemon by doing a
"mailmanctl restart".

See also: (not yet updated)


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