Barry A. Warsaw | 7 May 18:24 2001

ANNOUNCE Mailman 2.0.5


I've just released Mailman 2.0.5 which fixes a problem with stale lock
files that can occur under certain situations when the user hits the
`Stop' button on their browser.  These stale lock files can cause
mailing lists to be inaccessible for long periods of time (until the
stale lock file times out or is manually removed).

As usual, I'm releasing this as both a complete tarball and as a patch
against Mailman 2.0.4.  You /must/ update your source to 2.0.4 before
applying the 2.0.5 patch.  Since the patch is small, I'm including it
in this message.  To apply, cd into your 2.0.5 source tree and apply
it like so:

    % patch -p0 < mailman-2.0.4-2.0.5.txt

Currently both and
are updated, and I expect the site to be updated soon as
well.  The release information on SF is at

See also

My thanks to those of you who gave the 2.0.5 pre-release a try!

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