torben fjerdingstad | 10 Dec 12:03 2010

How to do unsecure moderator posting?

Porting mailing lists from ezmlm-idx 0.53 to 7.0.2, I am
stuck on this:

Some lists are set up with posting moderation. At the
same time, the moderator (cron bot) needs to post without
having to confirm. How is that done with 7.0.2?

I am aware of the security issues.

With 0.53 it was accomplished by adding a line 2 in editor, after
ezmlm-reject, like this:
|/usr/bin/ezmlm-issubn -n '/var/qmail/alias/lists/LIST/mod' || { /usr/bin/ezmlm-send
'/var/qmail/alias/lists/LIST' ; exit 99 ; } 

The config flags were -ABCDeFGHIJKlmNOpQrSTUVWXYZ


Bruce Guenter | 4 Dec 00:40 2010

Announcing ezmlm-browse version 0.20

Version 0.20 of ezmlm-browse is now available at:

Lots of big changes, particularly in how it installs.  Check the INSTALL
documentation before upgrading.

Changes in version 0.20

- Ezmlm-browse now properly converts all messages to UTF-8 on output.

- Ezmlm-browse is now set up to build to and install as a single file.

- Switched configuration to use a ezmlm-browse.ini file.  An
  ezmlm-browse-reconfig program is included to generate this .ini file
  from an existing file.

- Added an ezmlm-browse-setup script to simplify installation.

- Fixed handling of messages with no date stamp.

- Default templates now show attached images inline.

- Downloading of images is controlled separately from downloading the
  whole raw message.

- Fixed broken HTML in pager and menu bar links.

Development of this version has been sponsored by FutureQuest, Inc.
ossi <at>
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Bruce Guenter | 19 Nov 03:48 2010

Announcing ezmlm-idx version 7.1.1


I have just uploaded the 7.1.1 release of ezmlm-idx to:

ezmlm-idx-7.1.1, 2010-11-18

- Fixed bug in getln2 function that prevented error handling.

- Fixed bug in ezmlm-cron that prevented parsing of spaces.

- Fixed unclosed file descriptor on error path in ezmlm-cgi.

Translation statistics:

Translation ch_GB is out of date: 6 old texts 168 old messages
Translation cs is out of date: 6 old texts 166 old messages
Translation da is out of date: 6 old texts 166 old messages
Translation de is out of date: 1 old text
Translation es is out of date: 5 old texts 168 old messages
Translation fr is out of date: 5 old texts 165 old messages
Translation hu is out of date: 5 old texts 166 old messages
Translation id is out of date: 3 old texts 3 old messages
Translation it appears up to date
Translation ja is out of date: 5 old texts 168 old messages
Translation nl is out of date: 3 old messages
Translation pl is out of date: 12 old texts 166 old messages
Translation pt is out of date: 6 old texts 165 old messages
Translation pt_BR is out of date: 6 old texts 165 old messages
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Bruce Guenter | 4 Nov 02:37 2010

Announcing ezmlm-idx version 7.1.0


I have just uploaded the 7.1.0 release of ezmlm-idx to:

ezmlm-idx-7.1.0, 2010-11-03

- Added support for SQLite3 subscriber databases.
  Thanks to Mike Tedder.

- Added support for wildcard addresses in all address databases.

- Added support for qmqpservers to all ezmlm-idx programs.

- Added support for decoding sender addresses mangled with a BATV "btv1" tag.

- Added support for custom subject lines to ezmlm-get (for digests).

- Added a new "omitbottom" control file, equivalent to the -B option for
  both ezmlm-get and ezmlm-manage.

- Modified the (un)subscribe procedure to not require confirmation
  before telling the sender they were already on (or off) the list.

- Renamed to "setup" makefile target to the more standard "install".

- Modified ezmlm-split to exit silently if there is not "split" file,
  and added it back into the "manager" file to properly handle subscribe
  and unsubscribe requests destined for sublists.
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Jake Jones | 2 Nov 00:41 2010

using remote administration to create/manage sublists

I'm new to ezmlm and having a difficult time understanding how to use remote administration to create and manage sublists. I don't have direct access to the server or root configuration files since I'm running on a hosted service. is there any way to do this by sending special instructions to my list through an email?  where can I find how to accomplish this?
Glen Stewart | 8 Aug 04:22 2010

old patch to fix Outlook handling of digest attachments

I'm preparing to switch to Ezmlm-Idx 7.0.2 and am reviewing patches I've 
been running for years.

In this thread, some discussion about the Outlook patch:

...that attaches the digested messages with extension '.eml' instead of '.ezm'

Outlook is supposed to understand the former, and treat it as a separate
rfc822 message

I see in 7.0.2 that the code has reverted to using .ezm (or just doesn't 
use the patch I use)

In ezmlm-get.c, change 2 instances of




I'd like to propose this be rolled into the next release, as I'm not 
aware of any harm it does, and it did seem to relieve the problem of 
useless digests for my subscribers.


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AC6 Design | 3 May 23:56 2010


Ola ,

Estou tomando a liberdade de enviar uma pequena apresentação dos meus serviços.

Desde já ponho-me à disposição para maiores informações. 




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Sabahattin Gucukoglu | 9 Feb 22:23 2010


What parts of ezmlm are qmail specific, apart from the QMQP?  Why can only qmail use it?


Tres Melton | 24 Jan 08:31 2010

details of the *-subscribe function

Hi people,	(first post to this list)

I have a few email lists and none of them seem to honor the address:

<list-name>-subscribe <at> host.domain.tld

And I can't figure out why.  My first question is how do I go about
diagnosing this problem in an efficient manner.  Currently I send an
email and wait a week for qmail to give up.  The more specific question
is what is wrong?  I get this back:

        Hi. This is the qmail-send program at host.domain.tld.
        I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
        This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

        <list-name>-subscribe <at> host.domain.tld
        /bin/sh: 060: command not found
        I'm not going to try again; this message has been in the queue too long.

        --- Below this line is a copy of the message.

I do not have a shell in /bin/sh but I have a shell in /bin/bash and a
symbolic pointer from /bin/sh -> /bin/bash so it should work shouldn't
it?  Although it looks like bash is looking for the command "060" and
that makes even less sense.  How can I check for this?

Is the command that is failing qmail-local?  

How do I trace a message through the system?  I really don't need
baby-sitting, just a pointer to a good tutorial please.  

Should there be a .qmail-<list-name>-subscribe file?

Thanks in advance,

RiverRat  a/k/a  Tres Melton,
Believer in Freedom, Crusader for Liberty, Supporter of Dr. Ron Paul
System Administrator of
System Administrator of

Sergiusz Pawlowicz | 18 Jan 11:45 2010

[ezmlm ipv6?]

hello, it looks

$ echo "2001:41d0:1:819c::b:a" > /home/alias/list/qmqpservers/0


ezmlm-send: fatal: temporary qmail-queue error: qq unable to read
configuration (#4.3.0)

of course qmail knows how to deliver it, but not ezmlm. is someone
working on ipv6 patches?


Doruk Fisek | 31 Oct 22:29 2009

per list message body limit


 How can I put a message body limit for the messages sent to a specific
mailing list?