bergman | 21 Feb 05:14 2007

making lookups from exmh address db smarter

I've got exmh configured to automatically add address to the address database. 
I like this feature very much, but a consequence is that the database is quite 
large (17724 entries at the moment). Lookups are reasonably fast, but it would 
be a huge improvement if the results could be weighted by time or frequency.

For example, I'd like to sort search results with the following algorithm:

	if there's one exact match
		display that

		sort matches in order of preference by:

			matches to addresses with correspondence within the

			matches with number of db entries over

			all other matches

This way, if I enter a name and it's close to someone that I have 
corresponded with recently or often, the addresses of the frequent 
correspondents are shown at the top of the list.

Any suggestions about how I could implement this and contribute it back to exmh-
-or has anyone done anything similar?

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bergman | 21 Feb 05:17 2007

authenticated LDAP, multiple directories?

Has anyone configured exmh to use multiple LDAP directories?

Has anyone configured exmh to query an LDAP directory server that demands 
authentication? I'd really, really, really prefer something like the way GPG 
keys are handled--with a pop-up window for entering the password, and then a 
user-selectable preference for caching the password.

I could configure my LDAP client with a clear-text password stored in a file, 
but that's just fundamentaly horrible.