Sun Zoom Spark | 1 Jan 11:01 2010

NEWS: Monthly Reminder (January 2010)

===================== ACCMAIL Monthly Reminder =======================

Posted 01 Jan 2010
This message tells you how to use accmail`AT`
the mailing list discussing 'Accessing the Internet via Email'.

 1. Purpose
 2. Conventions
 3. The ACCMAIL FAQ: a guide to offline internet access
 4. Usenet
 5. Posting to ACCMAIL: language
 6. Posting to ACCMAIL: subject lines
 7. Posting to ACCMAIL: off-topic
 8. Posting to ACCMAIL: netiquette
 9. Receiving ACCMAIL: digest and single postings
10. ACCMAIL topics
11. ACCMAIL archives and search
12. www4mail at


This list exists as a forum for communicating news, comments and
questions about email-only methods of accessing the Internet.

This is the place to find out about new versions, ask questions
about the current version, make suggestions for additions/deletions,

ACCMAIL is a moderated list, which means that all postings will be
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