Alexis | 21 Oct 12:22 2009

Evolution-Brutus no communication with server


I'm trying to get access to the 2007 server in my office network. There
is no firewall between brutus server and my evolution client and the two
machines can ping/telnet themselves.

Now, Brutus server is installed on a windows box in the domain, lorica
is configured with the external address and everything (seems) to work
all right as I see the port (4082) open in netstat and can telnet to it
from my linux box.

The evolution-brutus plugin and the brutus-keyring stuff is compiled ok
on my linux box (gentoo) and everything is configured in evolution.
But, when trying to connect to the brutus server absolutely nothing is
happening. I check with tcpdump there is nothing going on between my
client and the brutus server when I press Send/Receive.

So I'm telling to myself, just compile lorica on the client box and it
will speak between proxies. And here comes the nightmare : ace/tao does
not want to compile (log included).
 By the way ace/tao compile fine when I am emerging it from portage
(dev-libs/ace-5.7.2 with tao flag set).

So how can I compile lorica ? Is there a way to tell the
bootstrap/configure script to use the ace/tao build I did manage to
compile ?
I tried to compile with gcc 4.3.3.

Help please !! 

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Mykhaylo Stefanyuk | 18 Jun 16:14 2009

How to use Brutus server ?

Hi, All

Let me inform you about my investigation of Brutus Server.

Results of investigation:

1) It works as Windows service good on Windows box machine, but only in pair with Lorica CORBA firewall which received inbound traffic
from Exchange clients (Evolution) on its "external" port 4082 and then transmits this traffic over "internal" port 4080 to Brutus server listenned
on port 2003 (local for Brutus!!!).

2) Evolution-brutus plugin has been installed successfully by me on my working station from repository (Fedora 10).
But must say that it configured (by developer) for using preinstalled port 2003 (as you remember it`s local for Brutus server!) which not allowed
for clients remotely - only over Lorica ports ("external" 4082 ----> "internal" 4080 ----> "Brutus" 2003). Netstat on Windows box machine show it like

Seems it signifies that this Evolution plugin need local Lorica "proxy" for its work (on Linux station).

3) I was found in Google cache next information
- building Lorica procedure on Linux host from sources

also found
- git repository of Lorica sources.

  Must say that building of Lorica on my Fedora station (second part of Lorica firewall working schema) was failed,

because its ACE+TAO "bundle" build from sources too needed.

Can you show me the straight  way for Brutus using if I am not right in my conclusions ?

Thanks in advance.

-- ############################################################# Best regards, Mykhaylo Stefanyuk IT Infrastructure and Operations team SoftServe, Inc.   52 Volodymyra Velykogo St., Lviv, Ukraine Tel: +380 32 240 9999, Int. 1118, Mob. +380 50 5538693 Mail: XMPP: ICQ: 176869510 This email may contain confidential and privileged material for the sole use of the intended recipient. Any review or distribution by others is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient please contact the sender and delete all copies.
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Thomas Thompson | 16 Jun 20:13 2009

brutus server and evoution connector

Hello all,

First off, many thanks to Jules for creating and maintaining a MAPI solution.  

I've been trying to get the brutus server and evolution connector to work properly, and I'm running into a
bit of a snag.   I obtained the latest brutus server from the download link provided to the list (2.0.6
according to the log), and am using the connector version 1.2.35-2 from the Fedora 11 repository.  I'm not
sure if the connector in the fedora repositories is built with debugging option enabled (I added a
.brutus-do-debug file in my home directory and did not receive debug outputs when running evolution and
setting up the brutus account).  In any case, the connector asks for my pasword when first enabling the
account.  From that point on, if I try to do anything with the account in evolution (like expand the folder
tree for example), it prompts me for a password again without takin
 g the action.  No errors are reported through evolution.

On the server side, the log file seems to indicate everything started correctly on the server, and I can see
logs were my client attempts to connect:

< 10:31:32.750000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:708 - Entering BRUTUS_BrutusLogOn_i::GetVersion()
< 10:31:32.750000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:726 - Leaving BRUTUS_BrutusLogOn_i::GetVersion()
< 10:31:57.625000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:708 - Entering BRUTUS_BrutusLogOn_i::GetVersion()
< 10:31:57.625000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:726 - Leaving BRUTUS_BrutusLogOn_i::GetVersion()

Is there a version mismatch between the server and the client (should I be using an older brutus server build
or upgrade the connector)?  

Thomas Thompson
Senior Software Engineer
Mechdyne Corporation
757-456-5500 ext 6110
Mykhaylo Stefanyuk | 27 Apr 11:08 2009

Brutus Server install

Hi, All

Brutus Server (brutus-install.exe - release 2.0.7) was downloaded by me 
and installed on my Win XP host. Also  Extended MAPI from your 
recomended link

was installed before. Now I can see Brutus service in my "System 
Services" but can`t start it.
Can you provide me short userfriendly instruction how to start Brutus 
service because  I can`t find it in your site?

Thanks in  advance.


Best regards,

Mykhaylo Stefanyuk 
IT Infrastructure and Operations team
SoftServe, Inc.

52 Volodymyra Velykogo St., Lviv, Ukraine
Tel: +380 32 240 9999, Int. 1118, Mob. +380 50 5538693
Mail: mstefan@...
XMPP: mstefan@...
ICQ: 176869510

This email may contain confidential and privileged material for the sole use of the intended recipient. 
Any review or distribution by others is strictly prohibited. 
If you are not the intended recipient please contact the sender and delete all copies.
Jules Colding | 22 Apr 12:24 2009

New permanent download link for Brutus Server and an inconvenience

Hi all,

Please use:


as your future permanent download link for Brutus Server. This edition  
of Brutus Server is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero General  
Public License version 3. The sad news is that this binary download of  
Brutus Server will see small or no updates in the future - e.g. no bug  
fixes and no feature enhancements. The reason is that we have very  
limited resources, and maintaining a binary download of Brutus Server  
for the FOSS community is straining at these resources.

We do therefore encourage the FOSS community to maintain a binary  
download of Brutus Server themselves. The source for Brutus Server  
will continue to remain available from our public subversion  
repository at:


Our future binary releases of Brutus Server, except for the download  
link mentioned above, will also be build from this subversion  
repository, only with license control compiled in. The README:

explains in great detail how to build Brutus Server from scratch  
without license control enabled. The FOSS community, if sufficiently  
motivated, will therefore be able to maintain a Brutus Server which is  
functionally identical to the one with license control which we will  
be distributing as of now.

I'm sorry for this inconvenience but we really have to focus our  
resources where the revenue is, and that has unfortunately not been in  
distributing a FOSS build of Brutus Server.

Best regards,
Luis Correia | 20 Apr 15:35 2009

Brutus + Lorica, best configuration options

Hi Jules,

can you write up a very simple HOWTO for configuring the very minimum
configuration options for both the client and server?

This is with or without Lorica, althoughI got the impression that now
Lorica _is_ mandatory.

Luis Correia
Hegner, Travis | 17 Apr 20:11 2009

b-s error: "Failure when trying to send AMH reply; EFAULT"

Hi All,


I apologize if this has been covered already, but I have been unable to find a solution. I have installed brutus-server 2.0.5, and compiled the latest brutus-keyring, and evolution-brutus from svn. I have configured e-b but when I try to connect I get the following message on the brutus-server log:


< 13:49:10.748000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:630 - Entering BRUTUS_BrutusLogOn_i::GetVersion()

< 13:49:10.748000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:648 - Leaving BRUTUS_BrutusLogOn_i::GetVersion()

< 13:49:15.436000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:677 - Attempting logon for MAPI profile "0e4543c2-2b78-11de-af4e-00044b02fbac"

< 13:49:15.436000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:704 - Validating LifeLine object reference

< 13:49:15.436000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:705 - IOR:010000002600000049444c3a6f6d632e6272757475732f4252555455532f427275747573436865636b3a312e30000000010000000000000070000000010102000a0000003132372e302e302e3100f00f2700000014010f004e555436a3e849150f0b0002000000010000004c5243410149180d02000000f402000a00020000000000000008000000011e3501004f41540100000014000000011e350101000105000000000901010000000000

< 13:49:36.567000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:714 - system exception, ID ''

TAO exception, minor code = e (Failure when trying to send AMH reply; EFAULT), completed = NO


< 13:49:56.166000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:630 - Entering BRUTUS_BrutusLogOn_i::GetVersion()

< 13:49:56.166000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:648 - Leaving BRUTUS_BrutusLogOn_i::GetVersion()

< 13:50:04.105000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:677 - Attempting logon for MAPI profile "295767b2-2b78-11de-a02b-00044b02fbac"

< 13:50:04.199000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:704 - Validating LifeLine object reference

< 13:50:04.199000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:705 - IOR:010000002600000049444c3a6f6d632e6272757475732f4252555455532f427275747573436865636b3a312e30000000010000000000000070000000010102000a0000003132372e302e302e3100f00f2700000014010f004e555436a3e849150f0b0002000000010000004c5243410149180d01000000f402000a00020000000000000008000000011e3501004f41540100000014000000011e350101000105000000000901010000000000

< 13:50:25.408000 > .\BrutusLogOnS_impl.cpp:714 - system exception, ID ''

TAO exception, minor code = e (Failure when trying to send AMH reply; EFAULT), completed = NO


I wasn't sure on the "Receiving Email" tab which "Server" should be configured, so the first log entry is with my exchange 2007 server configured, the second entry is with my brutus server configured. As you can see, the error is the same.


With brutus-server 2.0.5, I had to find an older version of msvcr90.dll, and msvcp90.dll, and modify the *.manifest files accordingly. Two of those files had the wrong version in them anyway, but even after correcting them, lorica would fail to start, stating in the windows event log that the manifest identity didn't match the identity of the component requested. After putting the older dll's in place, and modifying the manifest files accordingly, lorica and brutus started without error.


e-b/b-k: Ubuntu Intrepid AMD64

b-s/lorica: windows xp 32bit

exchange: 2007


I also manually modified the generated configure scripts to allow building from my lsb_release -sc, but I saw that someone already offered a patch for that on the list.


Any help is greatly appreciated!


Travis Hegner

brutus mailing list
Dan Geist | 7 Apr 19:58 2009

EB-features (threaded display, searching)

After getting my Evolution-Brutus setup functional, it appears there are a few features lacking that were
in the OWA client. Specifically, the ability to view the MAPI mailbox by conversation seems not to work.
Also, contextual searching for strings in the subject, sender, etc. all fail. 

What features among these SHOULD be working? How do I find out why they aren't?



Dan Geist dan( <at> )
(33.925643, -84.294115)
Cell: 404.786.6206
Luis Correia | 7 Apr 12:07 2009

[PATCH] Lorica

Add support for CentOS 5.3

Signed-Off-By: Luis Correia <luis.f.correia@...>

Index: m4/platform_adapt.m4
--- m4/platform_adapt.m4        (revision 518)
+++ m4/platform_adapt.m4        (working copy)
 <at>  <at>  -162,6 +162,9  <at>  <at> 
+                    x5.3)
+                       LORICA_DIST_RELEASE="CentOS%205.3"
+                       ;;
                        AC_MSG_ERROR([[Unable to determine CentOS release]])
Luis Correia | 7 Apr 11:13 2009

[PATCH] Evolution Brutus

Add CentOS 5.3 support

Signed-Off-By Luis Correia <luis.f.correia@...>

Index: acinclude.m4
--- acinclude.m4        (revision 334)
+++ acinclude.m4        (working copy)
 <at>  <at>  -163,6 +163,9  <at>  <at> 
+                    x5.3)
+                       BRUTUS_DIST_RELEASE="CentOS%205.3"
+                       ;;
                        AC_MSG_ERROR([[Unable to determine CentOS release]])
Luis Correia | 7 Apr 10:22 2009

[brutus-keyring] compile weirdness


a very short while ago I was able to compile this module, but not now.

Starting off by getting it all out of SVN:

svn up

make distfiles
Processing ./
Running libtoolize...
You should add the contents of `/usr/share/aclocal/libtool.m4' to `aclocal.m4'.
Running aclocal-1.6...
Running autoconf...
Running autoheader...
Running automake-1.6... `automake requires `AM_CONFIG_HEADER', not `AC_CONFIG_HEADER'
make[1]: Entering directory `/opt/brutus-keyring'
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `dist-rpm'.  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/brutus-keyring'

Is there something wrong?

Luis Correia