Joe Philbrook | 26 May 03:12 2016

Gmail|imap|All Mail folder| {many expletives deleted}

Hello, I use alpine as my only email client. Have done for years. I also have yet to
find a web mail interface I can stomach. My primary email provider is which
unfortunately Comcast keeps adding to one of their blocklists. Since both my sister
and my brother use Comcast, I decided to add a Gmail account. So I can still email
them when gmx is blocklisted. 

I had no trouble getting the gmail's SMTP working with alpine.

But I was unable to add gmail as a usable folder collection.
Which I only wanted to do as a means of extracting the actual folder names to use as
I define my gmail incoming folders in my existing collection

I've been able to access my gmail inbox with alpine and after much web searching
I was able to add both the spam and trash folders:

That is to say that these work:

"Gmail.com_" {}inbox,
"Gmail-Spam_" {}[Gmail]/Spam,
"Gmail-trash_" {}[Gmail]/Trash,

But I'd like to have IMAP access to my Gmail "All Mail" folder and I can't seem to
find the correct syntax for that folder name so Gmail will stop throwing a "does not
exist" error.

I've tried:
[Gmail]/"All Mail"
[Gmail]/"all mail"
[Gmail]/All\ Mail
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Barry Landy | 25 May 16:43 2016


Does anyone know if Alpine supports a killfile on the 
newsreader interface?


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Riku Virtanen | 20 May 08:50 2016

How to install Alpine 2.20 to Fedora 17


I tried to run ./configure in Fedora 17.
There are several errors, such as a missing ldap.

Currently I use 2.03.

How could I install?

Thomas Gramstad | 11 May 16:24 2016

Possible to open .ict files in Alpine?


Is it possible to open and read .ict files in Alpine?
It is these pesky Microsoft calender format files that Microsoft 
users for some reason allow to automatically modify their 
calenders. I certainly don't want to allow that, but I would like 
to be able to read those files, since they contain times and 
places for meetings, and often the Microsoft users do not write 
those times and places elsewhere in the posting.

Ideally, Alpine has/would have a configuration setting to display 
the information in .ict as plain text, but I can't find such a 

Thomas Gramstad
superaorta | 9 May 19:03 2016

Suppress "To:" field

Is there a simple way to suppress or limit the "To:" field in pine?

I regularly get emails sent to several hundred people and it is getting very 
tedious scrolling down to get past this.

However - I do not want to suppress in usually - ideally it would be limited 
to X lines and I'd use a simple key stroke to reveal the entire list.

It isn't so bad on a proper computer with a fast network but I increasingly 
use a mobile device over a slow net and simply scrolling past the list is 

Stefan E. Mueller | 9 May 15:22 2016

S/MIME certificate expired


finally it happened - my S/MIME-certificate expired, and my local CA 
issued me a new one.

Of course, now I also have a new private key, which means that I can't 
read archived emails that were encrypted with the old private key. If I 
want to open such an email, I get the message "Couldn't find the 
certificate needed to decrypt", and if I press Ctrl-E, the information "No 
certificate capable of decrypting could be found." is printed - without an 
option to eventually select an appropriate key myself...

There was some discussion about this in the mailing list about two years 
ago, but I don't know what the actual status on managing 
different versions of certificates and private keys is in alpine.

I think it should be possible to have a way to point alpine to a certain 
key in order to read archived encrypted messages with older keys, even if 
they are expired (but the key in principle doesn't expire, only the 
certificate, or do I get this wrong? Unfortunately my CA issues also a 
new private key with the renewal).

Contrary to the discussion in the aforementioned thread ("About those 
S/MIME "CA" certificates"), I also observed that alpine stored my new 
certificate (overwriting the old one) without asking whether I allow this. 
I understood that this should not happen automatically (unless alpine can 
somehow tell that my new certificate really supercedes my old one...can 

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Marco Tulio Ávila Cerón | 5 May 13:13 2016
Mark Peveto | 2 May 16:48 2016

draft folder solution

If you've been following my posts about the trouble I've been having with the gmail drafts folder, this'll
be a continuation of that post.  I figured if
I was going to post a growl, I'd also post the solution.
In short, after properly directing the postpone command in alpine to use my drafts folder, alpine wanted to
kill the folder if it was empty.  That, my
friends, is a short explanation.  The only solution I've found thus far is to keep two dummy messages in the
drafts folder.  Then it won't complain.
Interesting fix, but hey, it works!
Thanks to everyone for their help on this issue.
If a better fix comes along, let me know, as I'd be interested in it.
Mark Peveto | 29 Apr 23:42 2016

following up on my gmail issue, continued

Hi all,
Tried setting up the alternate compose menu, and actually postponed a message to see if it would help the
issue, but when I decided to go back to the
postponed message, I still got the error.  Seems my best option is to not use the gmail drafts folder at all. 
That isn't however, my most favored
option, but I'm not sure there's a better one.
Mark Peveto | 29 Apr 20:59 2016

folloowing up on my alpine issue with gmail

Well, we've got the folder right, but now I havew another problem.  I was trying to figure out how to explain
it, but then I found this post that
explains it best.
Basically, pine always thinks I have a postponed-message. I am not sure if this happened as soon as I set the
folder, or if it didn't happen until I
saved a draft and then removed it. The details are:
I set my postponed messages folder to:
postponed-folder={ <at> gmail/ssl/novalidate-cert}[Gmail]/Drafts
When I go to compose a new message, I am always prompted to continue my postponed composition (which no
longer exists). If I answer yes, I receive the
following errors:

[>Empty folder! No messages really postponed!<]
[>Internal folder cannot be deleted. (Failure)<]
[Can't delete {"username@..."}[Gmail]/Drafts]

I can then continue, and cancel the message without error, however the next time I go to compose a message I am
asked if I want to continue the

I don't know if their folder in the post is exactly the same as mine, but close enough.

Mark Peveto | 28 Apr 12:36 2016

using alpine with gmail and imap

Hi all,
New to the list, although I've been using alpine for quite a while.  I'm totally blind, and access the console
using speakup and the espeak synth.
Here's my question.  I have alpine configured to work with gmail using imap.  I want the postpone command to
use my gmail drafts folder, so that if I
commit a message to drafts in alpine, I can still access it from the drafts folder on another machine if I need
to.  So far, nothing I've found on
google has helped.  I'm also getting message shrank warnings when I try to save messages.  I know there's a way
to make that go away, but again, not
enough info on google to help me get rid of it.  Figured I'd check in here, and see if anyone could help.