Beartooth | 23 Apr 19:21 2015

Linux AV with Alpine?

	Meseems more and more people are running anti-malware apps on 
Linux. Do any of them (particularly ClamAv) play nicely with Alpine?


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Bob Bernstein | 22 Apr 20:32 2015

Where does an smtp cert go?

I find one of the ISP's I do business with offers 
certs for smtp (and pop, but I don't use it).

I'm guessing that such a cert would obviate the need 
for 'novalidate-cert' in some of my alpine smtp 
configurations, but I do not know where alpine -- 
running in Linux -- would look for such a thing, or 
in what format, der or pem, it should be present.

Any suggestions for this?

Best regards,


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Adrian C. | 9 Apr 20:21 2015

Quote characters and flowed tables


I received complaints from some of my users that text reports coming to 
their mailbox display tables wrong: "if second row of first column has 
no string". They are using alpine-2.10 with all patches from Eduardo 

- Desired
|   Improve alpine | Adrian   |
|                  |     C.   |

- Bad
|   Improve alpine | Adrian   |
|| C.   |

I think this only happens if line is over 80 characters and content-type 
received is format=flowed, and then only because "|" is honored as an 
alternative quote character to ">".

Could I define my own quote characters (I couldn't find such a setting)? 
If not, is there anything else I could configure that you can think of 
to change the display? Thanks a lot.


Adrian C. (anrxc) | | PGP ID: D20A0618
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Dan Mahoney, System Admin | 6 Apr 11:11 2015

Alpine bug in messages with inline images


I noticed recently that someone sent me a message that was a 
Multipart/Mixed message which looked like:

(Apologies for the blah-blah, Eduardo if you need the actual message for 
debugging I can send it).

Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Content-Type: text/plain;

blah blah blah blah blah

Content-Disposition: attachment;
Content-Type: application/octet-stream;

[attachment -- which was also plain text if it matters]

Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Content-Type: text/plain;

more blah more blah more blah

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Jackie M. Young | 6 Apr 05:13 2015

Sent-Mail Folder via GMail?

Hi, just wondering if any of you have encountered this prob before using 
Pine/Alpine and GMail, and if so, what you did to fix it....? ;)

My ISP just told us we weren't allowed to receive mail via the Google Business 
version anymore, so we had to establish separate, new GMail accounts, then they 
would "forward" our mail to us via shell server/Alpine, but we would 
essentially be going through GMail for sending, etc.

When this migration happened, my sent-mail folder started to look different. It 
would be sorted by arrival date as usual, but it wouldn't show the recipient 
addys, only my own sent addy.....??  Previously, the recipient addys would be 
revealed, since it was obvious--in the sent-mail folder--that the sender was my 
own addy.

This makes it difficult to locate past mails because I only have the Subject 
header to sort through, and not the recipient addys.

I've tried going to Config and Setup to change the folder appearance, but to no 
avail.....Any idea what's going on with my sent-mail folder?  I'm sure it's how 
Pine/Alpine interacts with the GMail account, but how to change that....??

The odd thing about it is, in GMail (i.e., the Web version), all the recipient 
addys look normal (I can see them)....??

If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Thanks! ;)

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Eduardo Chappa | 4 Apr 01:32 2015

Git access to Alpine code

Dear Alpine Enthusiast,

   Upon request by many of you, I have uploaded my local git code to the web site. In order to download it to your computer run the 

$ git clone

this command will download the current state of the repository to your 
computer to a directory called "alpine". In order to get future updates 
run the command

$ cd alpine
$ git pull

Compilation is done as usual. I hope this helps.

Thank you.


Robert K. Johnson Jr. | 3 Apr 09:06 2015

charset warning suppression

I'm trying to suppress the following warning which alpine puts on my 

     [ The following text is in the "UTF-8" character set. ]
     [ Your display is set for the "ISO-8859-1" character set.  ]
     [ Some characters may be displayed incorrectly. ]

My google fu, and reading documentation fails me, any suggestions?

Robert Johnson
C*NET: 18219881

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- Thomas J. Watson Sr.
David Sewell | 27 Mar 19:27 2015

Contributing a print/reminder sending filter?

Alpine users,

Some years ago I wrote a Perl script for my use as a sending filter in Alpine 
(i.e., an optional program that message text can be piped through before 
sending). It prompts me, before sending, to say whether:

1) I want to print out a copy of the outgoing message, and
2) Whether I want to schedule a reminder message asking whether the email was 
ever replied to (if "yes", enter number of days or hours to wait).

It relies mostly on standard Unix/Linux/BSD commands and requires that a cron 
daemon be running (in order to use "at"); it uses "enscript" for a print 
command, although that could be modified as desired.

If this is something that would be useful to others, what's the best way to 
share it? I could just attach it to an email to this list but that's a one-time 
thing. Also, although the script is robust and I use it all the time, I'm not an 
expert Perl coder and someone else might be able to improve upon it.



David Sewell, Editorial and Technical Manager
ROTUNDA, The University of Virginia Press
PO Box 400314, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4314 USA
Email: dsewell@...   Tel: +1 434 924 9973
James Freer | 25 Mar 22:22 2015

delete/expunge with gmail account

[using Alpine ver 2.10 installed from xubuntu 14.04 repos]

I find occasionally that when deleting in alpine a message will have the 'D' 
flag but will then not expunge.

What is the cause of this? I thought if the message was in a conversation then 
that could be a logical cause. So I stopped using conversations in both 
accounts but it seems that's not the problem. In the gmail UI any message 
deletes as expected.

Peter Koellner | 8 Mar 15:35 2015

problems with connection timeout again


With 2.20, I have some interesting new variant of alpine blocking on connection problems.
This is what happened while I was composing a mail:

No reply in 60 seconds from server Break connection?
[1]+  Detenido                alpine -p "***.remote_pinerc"-----------------------------
peter <at> kropotkin:~$ 
peter <at> kropotkin:~$ 
peter <at> kropotkin:~$ 
peter <at> kropotkin:~$ 
peter <at> kropotkin:~$ fg
alpine -p "***.remote_pinerc"

[1]+  Detenido                alpine -p "***.remote_pinerc"
peter <at> kropotkin:~$ fg
alpine -p "***.remote_pinerc"
[1]+  Detenido                alpine -p "***.remote_pinerc"
peter <at> kropotkin:~$ kill %1
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Bob Bernstein | 2 Mar 19:57 2015

dump passfile to plain text?

I am mired in such a mess of passwords that I want to see what is in 
my alpine passfile. Is there some handy ssl command line that will 
dump the encrypted passfile to plain text?



Bob Bernstein