stef_204 | 3 Oct 18:49 2015

Flowed Text

Alpine 2.20 on Linux x86_64
(with all patches)


I have switched to a new external editor to use with Alpine, called 
mcedit, which meets my requirements, _except_ for soft wrap which I 
believe it cannot do.

I have tried several wrap setting to "simulate" flowed text, basically 
setting the wrap to 230, thinking I won't write longer than lines than 
230, in any event and that is my approx. screen width although my 
recipients will have  a totally different screen width.

Is there anything I can do in Alpine, and settings/tweaks which could 
help getting flowed text?

I've seen this but not sure how it applies to my case, using an external 


stef_204 | 30 Sep 14:20 2015

changing field view in Sent folder + stop selecting first unread email

Alpine 2.20 on Linux x86_64
(with all patches)


Is there a way for me to see the "To" instead of the "From" in the index 
but only in my Sent folder (IMAP) when using Alpine?

Also, is there a way to prevent Alpine from selecting the first 
(earliest) unread email when opening an account's inbox (IMAP)?


Larry Gagnon | 29 Sep 23:12 2015

Save password not working

Using Alpine V2.20 under ArchLinux with imap to GMail. All working
fine, however, I am unable to get my password saved. I have tried the
trick or "touch .pine-passfile" but when I relaunch Alpine it asks for
the password again and does not ask whether to save it or not, so that
method does not work for me.

Is there any way to say create an md5 or whatever, of my password, and
save it to that file? Or any other way around this problem?

stef_204 | 22 Sep 19:23 2015

[OT] highlighting for external editor

Alpine 2.20 on Linux x86_64
(with all patches)


A bit off-topic but I figured users here have experience with this.

I use "nano" as the external editor in Alpine.  That's not set in stone, 
I am flexible--but so far nano has proven to be a simple editor, easy to 
use with Alpine, capable of sending flowed text (no wrapping) and spell-
checking.  AND I can use it in linux terminal without being logged under 
X, as well.

So, I need to stick with a pure console editor as opposed to editors 
which run only under X.

I'd like to get some color highlighting into nano for emails, when there 
are several quote levels and have not been able to do it so far.  Alpine 
itself does that quite well for reading emails; however, using an 
external editor, as soon as I go to Compose, it switches me to nano, and 
that's pure monochrome, white on black background, at the moment.

I did see there is an email.nanorc provided supposedly for color 
highlighting in email (mostly for mutt) but it does not work for me in 
this context.

I have other console editors like Dex and Joe but have not really been 
able to get the simple combo of flowed text (no wrap) and spell checking.

To use with Alpine, I certainly don't need anything fancy....
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stef_204 | 21 Sep 23:04 2015

Add account without having it be checked at startup

Alpine 2.20 on Linux x86_64
(with all patches)

Is it possible to add account to the Incoming Folder Collection without 
that account being checked when pressing "L", IOW, only checking that 
account manually when entering folder (or similar)?

I imagine not...but just wanted to check.

Matthias Rieber | 21 Sep 11:33 2015

S/MIME and bounce command


it appears that Alpine tries to sign bounced emails with the certificate 
of the From of the original mail, which is usually not available. I can 
reproduce this behaviour with the following steps:

0. Alpine is configured to sign all mails
1. Start Alpine
2. M S M and watch some certificate details (without doing this or 
'touching' a signed/encrypted mails, mails won't be signed. That's another 
minor issiue)
3. Send a signed mail.
4. Bounce a mail with a foreign From.

-> Mail won't be sent. There's no possiblity to disable signing for this 
particular mail.

Kind Regards,
Matthias Rieber
Peter Koellner | 19 Sep 14:30 2015

Alpine save attachments, new history feature


I just installed alpine 2.20.9 from git, because reusing the storage location when saving attachments
comes in very handy with my upcoming trimestral tax declaration preparation ritual where I have to copy
lots of invoices from my mail archive to my accounting backup storage device. Just right on time, and I am
very happy about it. There is just one little thing: When going 'up' in history, not only the directory
location is replaced, but also the file name. Would it be possible to just change the directory in the
default case to not accidentally overwrite existing files?
And thanks again to Eduardo for the great work..



peter kollner <peter@...>
Stefan Goessling | 19 Sep 00:51 2015


Dear list, dear developers

I have a request to make my life easier when attaching files while 
composing a message and when saving attachments from a received message.

I use Alpine 2.20 on Mac OS X Yosemite (installed via Homebrew) and am 
missing a convenient way to add files to the attachment field. Some time 
before, I was using PC-Alpine and adding files was extremely easy: simple 
drag-and-drop from the Explorer window and Alpine knew where to put the 
information. This also worked with multiple files.

With Alpine on Linux and Mac OS this is a lot more difficult: I have to 
change to the "Attachment" header field traverse my directories and select 
the files with the limited Pilot file browser. It gives me no info other 
than the file name.


a) Is there an easier way to add attachments? I have tried dragging and 
dropping files while the cursor is in the attachment field, and this 
sort-of-works, but not quite. Alpine in this case adds the path name to 
the field, but not in the right format. I have to manually delete escape 
characters and extra space at the end. Any bettwer solution? Also, it 
doesn't not work with multiple files.

b) Could I use an alternative file browser (possibly within the terminal 
like Pilot) that gives more info on the files? PC-Alpine uses the native 
file browser (Windows Explorer) - why is this not possible on Mac OS 

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Eduardo Chappa | 19 Sep 00:16 2015

Re: Alpine crashes when entering Compose from main menu

On Fri, 18 Sep 2015, stef_204 wrote:

> When I start Alpine and get to the main menu, if I go to Compose, Alpine
> crashes, every time.

Thank you for the report. This problem happens due to an error in one of 
the patches (compose) which adds options to the compose command. The patch 
tries to help you compose by offering you to compose a message to the 
person on which the cursor in the index is on. This makes it faster to 
start a composition to a person. It supports mailing lists too.

Your crash happens because there are no messages in the folder you are in, 
so there is nothing to get information from, which makes Alpine crash 
eventually during this process. I have added code to prevent this crash.

> [...]
> # Configure Alpine
>  LIBS+="-lpam -lkrb5 -lcrypto" ./configure --prefix=/usr \
>  --without-passfile --without-tcl --disable-shared \
>  --with-system-pinerc=/etc/${pkgname}.d/pine.conf \
>  --with-system-fixed-pinerc=/etc/${pkgname}.d/pine.conf.fixed

You should not need the "LIBS" part there. The configure script is 
supposed to figure all of this out. Could you test building Alpine without 
the LIBS part and let me know if the build works?

Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it.


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Matthias Rieber | 18 Sep 17:33 2015

Re: Config Alpine not to ask me to choose between Postponed and Form


On Fri, 18 Sep 2015, stef_204 wrote:

> Hi,
> Running Alpine 2.20 on Linux.
> Is it possible to stop Alpine from asking me WHERE I want to save a
> Postponed message, if I have configured both a remote path to a Forms
> folder (Templates) and a Postponed folder (Drafts)?

I thought you could use Roles to configure the Form folder only under 
certain conditions. The Form folder help says:

> You may find that the "Roles" facility can be used to replace the Form 
> Letter Folder.

Howerver, I can't find that options. Maybe Eduardo knows more.

Kind Regards,
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On Fri, 18 Sep 2015, stef_204 wrote:

> Hi,
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Eduardo Chappa | 18 Sep 17:25 2015

Re: Config Alpine not to ask me to choose between Postponed and Form

On Fri, 18 Sep 2015, stef_204 wrote:

> Is it possible to stop Alpine from asking me WHERE I want to save a 
> Postponed message, if I have configured both a remote path to a Forms 
> folder (Templates) and a Postponed folder (Drafts)?

No, Alpine does not have a way to differentiate if you want to postpone a 
message, or if you want to create a form message with only one command. 
However, you can always delete the value of the variable

Form Letter Folder =

in the main setup configuration screen and only reinstate it when you 
really need to use it.


Eduardo (Web) (Git)