Thufir Hawat | 10 Feb 16:57 2016


to connect with teranews, just use "" for the nntp 
server field?

I've tried a few variations:

leaving the port off, specifying another port:

What is the settings for the public server that doesn't need an account?

     Configure your client to use the server and port 
119 or 443. You can also enable SSL and use port 563 or 80. No user name 
or password is required. This is basicly the same server as our pay 
servers, with the exception that you can not post and there is a speed cap 
in place that will make downloading articles much slower than our pay 

from the FAQ:


Clark I Anderson | 8 Feb 19:31 2016

RESOLVED: INBOX ==> read-messages ?

Thank you all for responding, especially Eduardo  from   Alpine Info 
<alpine-info <at>>

I think this completes my configuration if Alpine working with the new 
IMAP email server.

I have incorporated some recommended simplifications and achieved 
automatically moving INBOX messages to the read-messages folder.

   (C) Config:  ==>

User Domain  =

SMTP Server (for sending)  =

Inbox Path  = {}INBOX

Default Fcc (File carbon copy)  = {}sent

Read Message Folder  = {}read-messages
   [ Advanced User Preferences ]
       [X]  Auto Move Read Messages

All of the others on the first screen are left with:  <No Value Set>
   (N.B.: I had to erase several entries from my earlier faltering 
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thufir | 3 Feb 09:31 2016

IMAP maildrop for gmail

Where can I find an example for configuring an IMAP maildrop with gmail? 
Or, by its nature, is maildrop POP3 and cannot be IMAP?


Swithun Crowe | 1 Feb 15:51 2016

patch to modify Message-ID header


My institution uses Office365. Recently all my messages sent from Alpine
were being marked as spam and going into my colleagues junk folders.
Emails sent from my home Alpine got through, so it only seems to apply to
email originating within the institution. Other Alpine users were also
reporting the same problem.

Rather than stop using Alpine, I took a guess that it was the Message-ID
header which was causing Exchange to mark the messages as spam. Other
email clients just use a timestamp and a salt.

Below is a patch which modifies the code to not add the 'alpine.LNX.2.20.'
to the Message-ID header. I hope other people might find it useful, or
have some more information on if/why this works. Perhaps a fuller patch
would be to make this a customisable feature, rather than something
compiled in.

diff -aur alpine-2.20.orig/pith/reply.c
--- alpine-2.20.orig/pith/reply.c	2016-02-01 12:15:58.294020792 +0000
+++	2016-02-01 12:16:35.863817259 +0000
 <at>  <at>  -3230,8 +3230,8  <at>  <at> 
       hostpart = cpystr("huh");

-    snprintf(idbuf, sizeof(idbuf), "<alpine.%.4s.%.20s.%02d%02d%02d%02d%02d%02d%X.%d <at> %.50s>",
-	    SYSTYPE, ALPINE_VERSION, (now_x->tm_year) % 100, now_x->tm_mon + 1,
+    snprintf(idbuf, sizeof(idbuf), "<%02d%02d%02d%02d%02d%02d%X.%d <at> %.50s>",
+	    (now_x->tm_year) % 100, now_x->tm_mon + 1,
 	    now_x->tm_mday, now_x->tm_hour, now_x->tm_min, now_x->tm_sec,
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Clark I Anderson | 28 Jan 22:03 2016

INBOX ==> read-messages ?

In an earlier configuration on another email server, after I had opened a 
message, the default action was to transfer it to the read-messages 
I am not sure but I think that, once read, the messages in the INBOX were 
marked for deletion.

With the new configuration with an IMAP server, this does not happen.

It is possible for me to [Save] individual messages to the read-messages 

Are there some settings to achieve the earlier behavior?

                 Clark Anderson
David Sewell | 28 Jan 17:40 2016

Best timeout settings for connecting to Exchange server?

My university is in the process of abandoning its former mail server, which 
worked beautifully with Alpine, and replacing it with MS Exchange Server. My 
account was shifted to Exchange today.

I have the correct settings in .pinerc to access the server, so that's fine. But 
now I am getting the dreaded message "[MAIL FOLDER "INBOX" CLOSED DUE TO ACCESS 
ERROR]" when I have had the inbox open past a certain length of time. I know 
that the solution is probably to adjust one or more timeout values in .pinerc, 
but I don't know which ones.

Possibly the optimal results depend on server-side settings, but if anyone has 
settings that are workign well with Exchange and could share them, I would be 
very grateful.


(For what it's worth, my coworkers who do not use Alpine are having a harder 
time with the transition.)


David Sewell, Editorial and Technical Manager
ROTUNDA, The University of Virginia Press
PO Box 400318, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4314 USA
Email: dsewell@...   Tel: +1 434 924 9973
Stephen Casner | 27 Jan 09:55 2016

Macport install of alpine 2.20 fails on El Capitan

I'm attempting to install the macport for alpine 2.20 on my MacBook
Pro running Max OS X El Capitan (10.11.2).  I get the following error:

--->  Fetching distfiles for alpine
--->  Attempting to fetch alpine-2.20.tar.xz from
--->  Verifying checksums for alpine
--->  Extracting alpine
--->  Configuring alpine
Error: Failed to configure alpine, consult /opt/local/var/macports/build/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_tarballs_ports_mail_alpine/alpine/work/alpine-2.20/config.log
Error: org.macports.configure for port alpine returned: configure failure: command execution failed
To report a bug, follow the instructions in the guide:
Error: Processing of port alpine failed

The config.log file shows this:

configure:13721: checking for GNU gettext in libc
configure:13741: /usr/bin/clang -o conftest -pipe -Os -arch x86_64 -I/opt/local/include
-L/opt/local/lib -Wl,-headerpad_max_install_names -arch x86_64 conftest.c  >&5
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
  "__nl_domain_bindings", referenced from:
      _main in conftest-aa9191.o
  "__nl_msg_cat_cntr", referenced from:
      _main in conftest-aa9191.o
  "_libintl_bindtextdomain", referenced from:
      _main in conftest-aa9191.o
  "_libintl_gettext", referenced from:
      _main in conftest-aa9191.o
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
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Olaf Skibbe | 26 Jan 10:43 2016

Signature separator

Hash: SHA1

Hello all,

when receiving an e-mail composed in the web front-end SOGo, in alpine 
the signature separator appears only as "--". Consequently, the 
signature is not excluded from the citation in the reply (as is would be 
if separated with "-- ").

Looking to the same message with Thunderbird displays the separator as 
"-- "

The header of the e-mail in question includes:

MIME-Version: 1.0
content-type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"
User-Agent: SOGoMail 2.3.2
content-transfer-encoding: quoted-printable

My question: is this an alpine issue or should I ask the SOGo people?

Thanks for replies,

Version: GnuPG v1
Comment: «|»

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James Freer | 25 Jan 08:20 2016

Settings for yahoo mail

I would be grateful if someone could correct me on settings for Alpine used 
remotely (i.e. reading the server directly) with yahoo. At present I retrieve 
fine and sending works but does not leave the email in the Sent folder. On 
replying to an email I do get a copy in the Inbox from the Cc which seems to 
happen automatically. With Gmail that didn't matter as it has one box 
for all mail with labels but with yahoo I would prefer to use the Sent box.


It is a long time since I first set up Alpine for Gmail. But I am not so keen 
on the 'Google way' these days and have decided to change. Also now have a 
smartphone and yahoo seems less heavy on resources than Gmail.

Clark I Anderson | 11 Jan 14:25 2016

Help Needed To Configure Alpine for Zimbra IMAP Email Server, Please

I have been using Pine and, more recently Alpine as my primary (90-95%) 
email browser since 1995.  Recently my Internet Service Provider 
transferred me to their new Zimbra IMAP Email Server.

I have been working with my ISP's Technical Support Staff.  Using Alpine, 
I have access to my INBOX and I can send email.

Before the cut-over, they were able to move the content of my Alpine 
[read-messages] and [sent-mail] folders over to the Zimbra email server.

Zimbra Email Server uses some folders that I am unable to 'see' with my 
configuration of Alpine.  These folders are: [Sent], [read-messages] and 
[Junk] aka SPAM.

My ISP's Technical Support Staff cannot help me any further to configure 
Alpine.  I have tried on my own, but am unable to improve my Alpine 


In hopes of getting some clues, I asked how they configure Thunderbird to 
work with Zimbra.  This is their response:

Zimbra is has standard POP and IMAP interfaces in addition to the web 
I believe you're currently configured to interact with your  Zimbra email 
box via IMAP in pine from the command line.

For modern mail clients, it's as simple as entering the following 
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Paolo | 28 Dec 13:09 2015

message order

Is there some trick to order messages by full email address instead that only 
by the left  <at>  side like seems to do by default?
Now, I have this situation:

    N 3008 15-12-04 Groupon Sho  (141K) Giacca in pile Nebulus
    N 3009 15-12-04 Assicurazio   (14K) La tua polizza Auto a
    N 3010 15-12-04 Mondadori S  (7776) Cerchi il regalo perfe
    N 3011 15-12-04 Job Informe  (9885) Hai voglia di una sett
    N 3012 15-12-04 Groupon Pad  (125K) Ancora per poco! Corri
    N 3013 15-12-04 Groupon Udi  (124K) Ancora per poco! Corri
    N 3014 15-12-04 Groupon Bre  (124K) Ancora per poco! Corri
    N 3015 15-12-04 Groupon Ver  (124K) Ancora per poco! Corri
    N 3016 15-12-04 Groupon Tre  (128K) Ancora per poco! Corri
    N 3017 15-12-03 Groupon Via  (135K) Italo Treno: un biglie
    N 3018 15-12-03 Mondadori S   (25K) Regali d'autore: scegl
    N 3019 15-12-03 Ristorante    (49K) Cenone di Capodanno a
    N 3020 15-12-03 Groupon       (22K) Allena il risparmio! P
    N 3021 15-12-03 Groupon Sho  (140K) Climatizzatore digital
    N 3022 15-12-03 Wind Busine  (4685) Con Wind e il nuovo Lu
    N 3023 15-12-03 Groupon Udi  (125K) Scopri la bellezza di
    N 3024 15-12-03 Groupon Pad  (125K) Scopri la bellezza di
    N 3025 15-12-03 Groupon Ver  (125K) Scopri la bellezza di
    N 3026 15-12-03 Groupon Bre  (125K) Scopri la bellezza di
    N 3027 15-12-03 Groupon Tre  (128K) Scopri la bellezza di
    N 3028 15-12-03 Giovanni P.  (9366) Cerchiamo Collaborator
    N 3029 15-12-03 SosTariffe.   (26K) Minuti illimitati, reg
    N 3030 15-12-02 Groupon       (96K) Ai tuoi regali di Nata
    N 3031 15-12-02 Groupon Sho  (140K) Regali per Lui: iPhone
    N 3032 15-12-02 Mondadori S   (27K) Ultime Ore: Spendi e R
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