Daniel B | 31 Oct 22:49 2014

smtp with password authentication

Dear all,

I am trying to configure the SMTP of a  mailbox in Alpine 2.0.

The server of my mailbox does not support TLS authentication, only 
password authentication. i.e. the SMTP server requires entering the 
username and password.

I could not find any option in alpine where I could set smtp 
authentication to password mode. is there such an option?

I am using: smtp.domain.com/user=USERNAME/ssl to set the smtp address.

Thank you for your help.
Baron Fujimoto | 31 Oct 01:40 2014

(no subject)

Can anyone suggest a workaround for the following problem?

I'm using Alpine 2.0.3 as my MUA. Alpine is configured to use IMAP for
an ISP account that Gmail provides mail (MX) services for. I have other personal
domains with email addresses configured such that they forward email to
this Gmail-handled ISP account.

Gmail only keeps one copy of each message, as determined by its Message-ID.
If Alpine is configured to save its Fcc to a Gmail IMAP folder (e.g., Gmail's
standard "[Gmail]/Sent Mail"), Alpine apparently writes directly to this
folder via IMAP, with only the set of message headers generated by Alpine,
including Message-ID. The problem arises when the forwarded message finally
gets handed off to the Gmail for delivery. Gmail sees that it already has
a copy of the message based on its Message-ID, considers it a duplicate, and
does not deliver it to the Inbox.

If I disable Fcc by setting the Fcc folder to "", this doesn't happen since
Alpine is not storing the copy directly via IMAP, but then I also don't get
an archive of Sent Mail, so this is undesirable as well.

Institutions outsourcing their mail services to Gmail are increasingly
prevalent, so it seems unlikely I'm the only one in this situation. Or
am I missing something here?
Beartooth | 19 Oct 16:36 2014

attaching contrarily

	alpine-2.11-1.fc20.x86_64 asks me, as it should when I tell it
to forward with full headers, whether to forward as an
attachment. I tell it no -- and it creates the attachment anyway. I 
cancelled sending and tried again -- three times. What is wrong??

Beartooth Staffwright, Not Quite Clueless Power User
Remember I know little (precious little!) of where up is.

Thomas Gramstad | 17 Oct 15:40 2014

Expunge without mailcheck?

Is it possible in Alpine to x(punge) deleted messages without
triggering mailcheck and filtering? I can't seem to find a
config setup choice regulating this.

Thomas Gramstad
Karen Lewellen | 14 Oct 22:58 2014

odd alpine access error?

Greetings list,
My name is Karen lewellen, and I have a question regarding an error I 
experience with alpine.
My nonprofit organization curtain up distribution INC.., has a hosting 
account with dreamhost.

As a part of our account we have shell access which I use via ssh TELNET.
Included on the shell is Alpine 2.02 (1266)  Which they provide since 
their hosting structure is rooted in <spelling error coming> ubintu.
Actually the error existed when they were still using debian squeeze, but 
it continues after the upgrade as well.
Here is what happens.
Once in my inbox, I may be reading mail or writing one when I will get the 
Folder "inbox" closed due to access error.

No other information is provided, and the team at dreamhost is frankly far 
from aware of how alpine works.  In fact I joined this list at their 
Any ideas about what might be causing this problem?

Porcelain Mouse | 9 Oct 06:12 2014

Account Temporarily Unavailable-->Password Deletion

Hi All,

When Alpine gives me the error message "Account Temporarily Unavailable" 
it immediately deletes my saved password for that (IMAP) account and I am 
forced to retype it.  I don't know what causes this error, but I wonder if 
there is away to prevent this reaction.  I looked in configuration, but 
didn't see anything obviously related.

I don't think I've ever experienced this before, but I only started using 
.pine-passfile a few years ago, so I probably didn't notice if it did 
happen.  But, I'm pretty sure it is particular to this IMAP 
server/service.  Alpine actually deletes the password on file, so even if 
I quit Alpine and restart it, it still asks me for the password.

If I give the password, it will give a different error (invalid password) 
and repeats the prompt.  Sometimes this continues only for a few minutes, 
but then connects.  But, this can happen repeatedly:  I will take 
reconnect with the password I type, then when I hit TAB to go to the next 
folder, it can recur. It's clearly related to *something* on my providers 
end, but, it is also new to the service as I've used them for about a 
year.  The first time this happened there was an upgrade that didn't go 
smoothly.  But, obviously, I don't want Alpine to react this way when 
there is just any kind of server trouble.  I tried contacting my provided, 
again, but they didn't recognize this as related to anything specific on 
their end.

Does anyone recognize this behavior?  Is "account temporarily unavailable" 
a standard IMAP server message?  Perhaps not; seems like something you 
might get if you had a load balancing front end, doesn't it?  It's trying 
to be helpful and trick your client into "simply" reconnecting if the 
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Tatar Kolos | 3 Oct 12:21 2014

filtering based on email address isn't working


I'm using Alpine at work to connect to my email through IMAP.

I'm trying to set up filtering rules based on email, but it appears if I 
specify bits of the email addresses before the ' <at> ' sign, it works, once I 
add the ' <at> ' sign, it doesn't (ie - full email addresses don't work in 

Anyone any idea what I might be missing here?

Alpine 2.10 (LFD 1266 2009-07-14) built Thu Oct 31 17:31:10 UTC 2013 on buildvm-19.phx2.fedoraproject.org


Karthik Vishwanath | 24 Sep 17:33 2014

Empty (IMAP) inbox?


I've set up alpine to view my imap (google) inbox. I am able to see messages alright when I open INBOX (under Mail -> Local Folders). However, if I select INBOX on the Folders on imap.gmail.com, I open to a blank INBOX!

The status reads:

[Now in EMPTY directory: {imap.gmail.com:993/ssl/user=vishwak-cngWr7cLLlyVc3sceRu5cw@public.gmane.org}INBOX/]

What am I missing?


-Karthik Vishwanath
<div><div dir="ltr">
<div>Hello,<br><br>I've set up alpine to view my imap (google) inbox. I am able to see messages alright when I open INBOX (under Mail -&gt; Local Folders). However, if I select INBOX on the Folders on <a href="http://imap.gmail.com">imap.gmail.com</a>, I open to a blank INBOX! <br><br>
</div>The status reads: <br><br>[Now in EMPTY directory: {<a href="http://imap.gmail.com:993/ssl/user=vishwak-cngWr7cLLlyVc3sceRu5cw <at> public.gmane.org%7DINBOX/">imap.gmail.com:993/ssl/user=vishwak@...}INBOX/</a>]<br><br>
</div>What am I missing? <br><br><br>
</div>Thanks,<br><br clear="all"><div><div><div><div>
<div>--<br>-Karthik Vishwanath</div>
Beartooth | 23 Sep 21:24 2014

Alpine path??

	I need to copy a huge (twenty or thirty GB) mass of (mostly old) 
Alpine files from a remote location (where my domain is hosted) to a 
local one, so that I can recopy them onto some sort of external USB hard 
drive, and put that away, like in a safe deposit box.

	To do that, by any means I know of, I need to know the full paths 
from / down at least to the various folder-collections.

	Poking around my own local machine (where I do also run Alpine, 
though not for much), I can't seem to hit anything I might recognize. 

	So where should I be looking that I'm not??


Beartooth Staffwright, Not Quite Clueless Power User
Remember I know little (precious little!) of where up is.

Markus Schlager | 23 Sep 15:50 2014

form letter folder and roles

Hi all,

I have a form letter folder configured and several roles set up. I started 
a message using a particular role and postponed it to the form letter 

Now, when I start to compose a message from the form letter folder the 
message will be sent using the default settings but not any role.

How can I use a role, when composing from the form letter folder? Or, how 
can I attach a role to a message when postponing it to the form letter 

The help on form letter folder says:

"You may find that the "Roles" facility can be used to replace the Form 
Letter Folder."

Does this mean I can use different form letter folders for different 
roles? How can I do this?

Jason | 13 Sep 16:37 2014

Re: Wrapping

> For some reason when you read messages they do not adapt to the screen 
> size. Here is a little bit of the explanation of why this could be 
> happening.


1) OP is sending email to/from this list using Yahoo mail.  He doesn't 
care about Yahoo mail.  He doesn't care what his messages to/from this 
list look like in Yahoo mail.  He doesn't care about Yahoo mail.

2) He is sending email to/from his boss at work using Alpine.  He cares 
what his email _to_ his boss looks like when his boss reads it in Outlook. 
He doesn't care what anyone else's email to him looks like in Alpine 
(ostensibly because it looks fine).

OP: you need to get yourself a Windows box and run Outlook and send 
yourself test messages.  Borrow one, dual-boot, use a terminal server if 
your company has one, etc; but somehow, you need to run Outlook yourself 
so you can personally experiment and see both sides of the transaction. 
You need to check the headers and the raw message bodies to see exactly 
what's coming through to Outlook.  Once you know that, you can begin the 
process of trying to make your messages look good in Outlook.

For what it's worth, I also use Alpine in a corporate environment and send 
from Alpine to folks who read theit mail with Outlook.  Flowed text works 
fine for me.  In both native Outlook and the Outlook Web Access client, 
going back at least five years, it has always worked fine.  I use the 
builtin pico editor most of the time, and occassionally shell out to vim 
(with ^_) when I want to selectively disable flowed text (e.g., quoting 
long log lines).  In the latter case, I usually finish composing in vim, 
and then come back to the builtin pico and ctrl-J to justify/re-flow the 
parts of the message other than the long log lines.  Over in Outlook, the 
client can shrink his window tiny, or blow it up huge, and it always looks 
correctly flowed.

So if it's not working for you, either Alpine is setup wrong (double-check 
your config), or else Outlook or Exchange is doing something funky.  I 
have no idea how MS products work, so I can't really help you with the 

Also, as I've said before, I do think it would be useful to have a 
minimal, _optional_ HTML wrapper mode in Alpine, that basically just sets 
the MIME type to text/html and wraps the whole message body in 
<html></html>.  It doesn't have to be the default; it doesn't have to be 
huge and bloated (certainly it should be smaller than the existing HTML 
support for parsing/displaying HTML mails).  And clearly some folks would 
find it useful.

I'm willing to do the work here (coding, testing, maintaining a patch if 
Eduardo doesn't want it upstream for some reason), I just haven't found 
time yet to work on it.  If anyone wants to help -- even just sending 
pointers on the organization of the code base and where this would fit -- 
please let me know.