David Sewell | 27 Mar 19:27 2015

Contributing a print/reminder sending filter?

Alpine users,

Some years ago I wrote a Perl script for my use as a sending filter in Alpine 
(i.e., an optional program that message text can be piped through before 
sending). It prompts me, before sending, to say whether:

1) I want to print out a copy of the outgoing message, and
2) Whether I want to schedule a reminder message asking whether the email was 
ever replied to (if "yes", enter number of days or hours to wait).

It relies mostly on standard Unix/Linux/BSD commands and requires that a cron 
daemon be running (in order to use "at"); it uses "enscript" for a print 
command, although that could be modified as desired.

If this is something that would be useful to others, what's the best way to 
share it? I could just attach it to an email to this list but that's a one-time 
thing. Also, although the script is robust and I use it all the time, I'm not an 
expert Perl coder and someone else might be able to improve upon it.



David Sewell, Editorial and Technical Manager
ROTUNDA, The University of Virginia Press
PO Box 400314, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4314 USA
Email: dsewell@...   Tel: +1 434 924 9973
Web: http://rotunda.upress.virginia.edu/
James Freer | 25 Mar 22:22 2015

delete/expunge with gmail account

[using Alpine ver 2.10 installed from xubuntu 14.04 repos]

I find occasionally that when deleting in alpine a message will have the 'D' 
flag but will then not expunge.

What is the cause of this? I thought if the message was in a conversation then 
that could be a logical cause. So I stopped using conversations in both 
accounts but it seems that's not the problem. In the gmail UI any message 
deletes as expected.

Peter Koellner | 8 Mar 15:35 2015

problems with connection timeout again


With 2.20, I have some interesting new variant of alpine blocking on connection problems.
This is what happened while I was composing a mail:

No reply in 60 seconds from server pek00.hostsharing.net. Break connection?
[1]+  Detenido                alpine -p "***.remote_pinerc"-----------------------------
peter <at> kropotkin:~$ 
peter <at> kropotkin:~$ 
peter <at> kropotkin:~$ 
peter <at> kropotkin:~$ 
peter <at> kropotkin:~$ fg
alpine -p "***.remote_pinerc"

[1]+  Detenido                alpine -p "***.remote_pinerc"
peter <at> kropotkin:~$ fg
alpine -p "***.remote_pinerc"
[1]+  Detenido                alpine -p "***.remote_pinerc"
peter <at> kropotkin:~$ kill %1
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Bob Bernstein | 2 Mar 19:57 2015

dump passfile to plain text?

I am mired in such a mess of passwords that I want to see what is in 
my alpine passfile. Is there some handy ssl command line that will 
dump the encrypted passfile to plain text?



Bob Bernstein

Freda B Birnbaum | 25 Feb 00:10 2015

was it something I said? :-)

Right after I sent Eduardo Chappa a long and heartfelt private thank-you 
note for all his help with my massive email-moving project including 
preserving the message flags, I stopped getting any emails from Alpine! 
I finally checked the archives and see that there actually has been no 
mail since around February 9 or so.

I would like to publicly thank Eduardo (and everyone else who chimed in) 
for all the help in safely and fairly speedily getting my email off of my 
Columbia account and into what I suppose is one of the few remaining Pine 
platforms easily available, Panix.

I will shortly be changing my subscription, even though forwarding from 
Columbia to Panix is working (but of course I want to post also!), but I 
would like to say publicly what a great group this is, with special thanks 
to Eduardo for all his patient and detailed help.  I know I've spent my 
share of lunch hours helping terrified secretaries learn how to use their 
email because their bosses couldn't be bothered, but this was more than 
repayment for all of that.

Live long and prosper!

Freda Birnbaum,
of late fbb6@...>, soon to be birnbaumsssj@...

"Call on God, but row away from the rocks"

Kyle George | 9 Feb 20:27 2015

[PATCH] Fix bug with pinerc relative symlink dereference


I'm sending you this patch (below my signature) that fixes an issue in 
Alpine when pinerc is a relative symlink.  Without this patch, Alpine 
fails to save any updates to pinerc when pinerc is a relative symlink.  
Patch is against Alpine 2.20.

Kyle George

Fix bug with pinerc relative symlink dereference

* write_pinerc() does not properly handle a pinerc that is a relative

* write_pinerc() has a code block to handle pinerc when it's a relative
symlink, but it has two bugs:

  1) The calls to snprintf() use sizeof on a character pointer instead
of the length of the buffer.  This will yield the size of the pointer
(typically 4 or 8) -- not the size of the allocated memory -- resulting
in only a few characters of the link target being copied.

  2) There is a null pointer dereference in the case where the link
target ("filename") does not contain a '/' character.  (However, I can't
seem to trigger this block to execute ever.  It seems like "filename"
always contains an abspath to .pinerc.  Maybe this has something to do
with remote config?  It's either dead code, I just don't know how to
trigger it, or the original author meant basep != NULL instead of ==.)
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jason | 30 Jan 22:15 2015

Alpine sources unavailable again?

Trying to download the latest Alpine sources, I'm getting 404s on both the 
latest release version [1] and on the latest alpha version [2].

Also, previous versions [3] are returning 200s, but the downloaded file is 
0 bytes.

Any idea what's up?

Eduardo: can I request that you publish sha256 (or the hash of your 
choice) fingerprints of these source balls when you post them?  That way, 
if folks start caching or sharing the sources through other means, there 
will be a way to trace the trust back to you.


[1] http://patches.freeiz.com/alpine/release/src/alpine-2.20.tar.xz
[2] http://patches.freeiz.com/alpine/alpha/release/alpine-alpha.tar.xz
[3] http://patches.freeiz.com/alpine/release/src/alpine-2.11.tar.xz


Maurizio Paolini | 27 Jan 17:38 2015

RFC 2822 compliance

This is in answer to https://mailman13.u.washington.edu/mailman/htdig/alpine-info/2015-January/006412.html

After an extensive analysis it seems that the SMTP server mentioned in that post
(mx.libero.it) *requires* the keyword "boundary" in the header line:
"Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=<phrase>" to be lowercase, whereas alpine
uses uppercase "BOUNDARY".

Not sure whether alpine is noncompliant or the SMTP server is way too strict.

Maurizio Paolini
Mick Cook | 26 Jan 23:50 2015


Thanks for the replies. The spell check problem is now fixed.

I am a BT customer but they only support a few of the more popular email 
programs, they won't advise on anything else.

I am only trying to see my inbox, I've looked at all the BT help 
information I can find on the web but I'm still not sure of the correct 
path for my Inbox on the BT server. I've tried lots of alternatives 


Some configurations don't seem to connect at all others get as far as 
asking for a password but still don't connect.

I am hoping someone who has 
connected to BT will know what is correct. Another confusion is BT have 
recently moved from Yahoo to BTinternet and a lot of older information 
refers to Yahoo.



Karen Lewellen | 26 Jan 20:13 2015

ssl/tls error?

Hi list,
Granted dreamhost has not reconnected regarding other errors with my mail 
However I got a revisit of an old one just now, so thought I would ask 
here.  Especially s there are some dreamhost users on the list.
The error indicates that there is an ssl/tls failure trying to access my 
I am told that if this happens each time I use alpine, which it does not, 
it means the setup will not work.
The  option for a solution presented is to add the words
  at the end of places in the configuration where the mail server name 

Mick Cook | 24 Jan 20:48 2015



I am new to Alpine and this list.

I have three email accounts with different hosts and have managed to get 
Alpine up and running OK on my gmail Imap account plus the inbox of my 
pop3 Supanet account but I can't get it to work with my Imap btinternet 
inbox whatever I do. Can someone help please?

I also have the same problem with the spell checker not working running 
Alpine 2.20 that temp0reported this morning?