Joubert Nel | 6 Mar 04:53 2007

Araneida: request-authorized-p (implementation of generic function to yield authorization status)


I'm trying to create an authorization scheme in Araneida. Basically
whenever a location in my URL space is called I want to check whether
the user is authorized and redirect to a login page if he isn't.

I found this post on usenet:

According to this post, the generic function "request-authorized-p" is
called for every request to determine whether a client is authorized.

To test this, I've got:

============= snip ==================
(defclass root-page-handler (araneida:handler) ())

(defmethod request-authorized-p ((araneida:handler root-page-handler)
method request)
  (format t "not authorized"))

(defmethod request-not-authorized ((araneida:handler root-page-handler)
method request)
  (araneida:request-redirect request

(defmethod handle-request-response ((araneida:handler root-page-handler)
method request)
  (araneida:request-send-headers request)
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Patrick X | 16 Mar 05:46 2007

web development with lisp

Hey this is Patrick, from Pippen Enterprises LLC.
Our company is starting up a web development company, using Common Lisp
of course :-)

We wondering what tools do many lisp developers, use that support
Versign SSL, and other
technologies for commercial use.


knot in cables caused data stream to become twisted and kinked.
Patrick Pippen
Henrik Hjelte | 25 Mar 23:27 2007

[cl-json-announce] [ANN] cl-json 0.3.1

A new version of cl-json is now available. 

JSON is a language independent text format for data-interchange. JSON is
especially convenient in web applications, since it is a subset of the
literal object notation of ECMAScript. It can also be an alternative to
XML. JSON has good open-source support in many languages.

Some new features in cl-json are json-rpc and json-bind.

Get it by darcs:
darcs get

Or you can also get it by asdf-install.

cl-json now depends on parenscript.
darcs get

cl-json homepage:

/Henrik Hjelte

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